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Rubber Band Machine Gun 334

stdenisg writes: "From the website: '...a fully functional machine gun with TWELVE rotating barrels and a live action trigger. Loads 12 bands per barrel for a whopping 144 rubber bands that shoot off as fast as you can turn the handle!' This article gives some background info. Impressive..."
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Rubber Band Machine Gun

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  • yeah, feels like a hoax, but i could be wrong...
    • by k2enemy ( 555744 )
      not a hoax. my friend built one of these in elementary school for a 4h project. it was pretty impressive, but not too effective. the rubber bands that you have to use are so big they don't hurt much when they hit you.
  • Well well.. (Score:5, Funny)

    by gatesh8r ( 182908 ) on Wednesday March 13, 2002 @01:12AM (#3154733)
    I remember back in the olden days when we had one rubber band for the ammo and the trigger was top-mounted on the gun as a clothespin! Damn kids; they've never have had it rough...
    • by itwerx ( 165526 )
      Let's see you speed-load 144 rubber-bands!!!
    • by sinserve ( 455889 ) on Wednesday March 13, 2002 @01:26AM (#3154797)
      No one will EVER blieve me, but I was ROBBED with a rubber band gun.

      I am not sure if giving the details of a home made gun is legal or not, but
      those things were able to shoot a real bullet (a pistol, or an Israeli Thompson usually.)

      This was back in africa, some of you might know what I am talking about, I will
      just give you some hints, and see if you can picture it.

      1) a cable of tire tube (American cars no longer have this, but back in africa, car tires were
      hollow, and they have a balloon like tube that goes between them and the rims. The tube
      is the black thing that some poeple swim with, if you ever been to a latin american or african
      You just cut an long stripe off of the tube, and this is a very hard rubber.

      2) wooden skeleton (your favorite gun shape, we had ones that even had the curvy magazine
      of a Kalishnikov.)

      3) a metal pipe. The longer, thinner, the more accurate.

      4) an L shaped piece of steel, with a pointy end.

      5) a long hard nail (this is curved on the wood, and used to hold the bullet.)

      If you arranged the above in some special way, put a bullet in the nail loop, and
      some how used the L shaped steel like an arrow and a bow, you would be able to shoot
      a real amu.

      The bullet will fly straight, and the left over "butt" (what do you call it.) would be
      left in the nail loop (sometimes, if the nail is too weak, it would jump and hit you right
      between the eyes.)

      This is ALL finctional, and figment of my imagination. I bare no responsibilty for anything
      that results from following it. Grow up, and enjoy it as fiction.

      • Re:Well well.. (Score:2, Informative)

        by itwerx ( 165526 )
        Also known as a zip gun []
        • I LOVE YOU parent.

          Thanks SOOOO much for telling me the exact name and submiting a link.
          I was about to shit in my pants, after I hit submit. Totally forgot about
          the current climate in the US.

          Now that they have seen it elsewhere, EVEN Phrack (/.ers are geeks, ya know.)
          I can sleep well tonight and not worry.

          Glad to know I am not corrupting any kids :o)

      • So happy my subscription isn't wasted!

        Big-ass rubber bands were all the rage in my old IT department, several years ago. We used to get this monster rubber bands, a foot long at rest, binding 9-track reels. Nothing promotes an arms race like the sudden discovery that one of the other programmers has a box of rubber bands in his desk drawer. These babies brough about detent and eventually peace returned to the office. Once again proving, the best defense is the threat of a massive welt.

      • by flacco ( 324089 ) on Wednesday March 13, 2002 @01:56AM (#3154908)
        No one will EVER blieve me, but I was ROBBED with a rubber band gun.

        I'll bet he said: "Gimme your wallet, and make it snappy."

      • If you arranged the above in some special way, put a bullet in the nail loop, and some how used the L shaped steel like an arrow and a bow, you would be able to shoot a real amu.

        Also known in 1950's and early 1960's on the streets of the USA as "zip guns". Pretty popular with the gangs back then. Basically a tube that you put a bullet in, then use the rubber band to power a makeshift firing pin.

      • (American cars no longer have this, but back in africa, car tires were hollow, and they have a balloon like tube that goes between them and the rims. The tube is the black thing that some poeple swim with, if you ever been to a latin american or african

        American automobiles may not use innertubes any more, but American tractors and many American trucks still do. Nothing better than grabbing an innertube, a case of good beer, and floating down a river. (you hang the beer under the innertube so it keeps cold in the river)
      • Hey, you discovered a zip gun. I can simplify it for you too:

        1 metal pipe (diamter of a bullet)
        1 metal ball bearing
        1 strong rubber band
        1 bullet

        bullet goes in the pipe, bearing rests aainst the firing pin, rubber band gets glued/ducte taped, attached in some way to the bearing and also to the pipe on either side of the bullet.

        pull back the band to "cock", let go to fire, and hope the shell casing doen't hit you in the eye and make you blind.
    • Stinking rich kids, all I had was my hand and a prayer.

  • Legit.. (Score:1, Informative)

    I've seen similar models on websites, as well as demonstrations at craft shows. These things are AWESOME. Though it does take some time to load them, the payoff is worth it. I've been contemplating one of these bad boys for the defense of my desk area to keep people I don't want to talk to out of my office..

    Just havn't gone through with it, for now the automatic nerf gun I've got works just as well..

  • Good to see some real hardwork being put to work for the playground. Of course for $395 most people will just go for the twisted elastic on the fingers and rolled up paper.

    But, the advantage of getting rid of pesky kids far outweighs the cost....

    It's a bird, it's a plane.... no its elastic shooting man!!!

  • ...three-hundred ninety-five dollars for something that can't even kill someone? Yikes!
  • looks like being slashdotted didn't RUBBER right (the server)

    ...nobody appreciates good puns these days :)
  • I saw one of these at a gun show a while back, and it wasn't as cool as I thought it would be, but 144 rubber bands on one gun...I was still amazed.
  • by Anonymous Coward

    It's all fun and games until someone gets their eyes poked out with 144 elastic bands shot out of an elastic chain gun in under 3 seconds!

  • by brad3378 ( 155304 ) on Wednesday March 13, 2002 @01:18AM (#3154755)
    Wow Man!
    Have you seen the price?
    $395.00 !!!

    I seriously doubt anybody could find a use for thi....

    Wait a minute....

    Here Kitty Kitty!!!
    • Animal cruelty is just plain wrong. Shoot a lawyer instead.

      And the best part is, wooden guns won't trip the courthouse metal detectors. 8-)
    • Better yet, I want one next to my desk:

      $luser:I can't get to www.$, is the INTERNET down?
      Me: Say hello to my new friend!
  • Oh My! (Score:2, Insightful)

    Heaven forbid that kids in gradeschool ever learn to make these!! I remember getting showered with rubber band bullets fired from the traditional one-shot thumb & finger rubber band launcher. Some of the really hardcore guys would bring hundreds of rubberbands wrapped arounds their wrists and ankles, plus canisters of these little paper ammo things that they spent hours making. But this would bring a new meaning to lunch hour warfare.
    • Btw, I am not a soccer mom (... like you'd ever find many of them on /.)

      The parent comment [] was made in an effort to be funny.

    • I was one of those hardcore kids, in middle school.

      I wouldn't say "hours", but I sure knew how to make a good wasp. There were difference sizes for different occasions (range, wind if you were outdoors, allowable noise level)... rubber bands and wasps had to be concealed, because the teachers really didn't like them.

      It was fun, though. Nobody ever got more than a sting, as there were certain rules. Paper ammo only, not even foil. If you inked your wasp, you were really gonna get it. No firing if it would get you or your target busted. No face shots, for the love of God no face shots! No firing at close range. No firing on declared noncombatants. There was no rulebook, but we weren't complete assholes, so those were all understood.

      And it was constant warfare. In the halls, in class, on the bus... the only time a truce was implicitly understood to be in effect was at lunch or during tests.

      Yep, wasps thoroughly kicked pencil-fighting's ass.

    • Since I seem to recall that a kid in elementry school was once suspended (expelled?) for the small crime of making a gun shape out of his hand while trying to play cops and robbers under that school's zero tolerance policy, I don't think many kids would be able to bring this gatling gun shaped item to school. (Sadly, this is not a joke: this really happened)

      By the way, zero tolerance and mandatory sentencing rules suck. What ever happened to allowing the elements of the crime dictate the punishment?
    • Re:Oh My! (Score:3, Interesting)

      by Mars Saxman ( 1745 )
      I built myself a rubberband machine gun when I was in my early teens. It started when we found a bag of rubber bands at the local park, probably dumped by some newspaper delivery person. We couldn't just leave hundreds of thick rubber bands sitting there, so we hauled them all home and began shooting each other with them. I got tired of snapping them against my thumb and decided to build a gun. My dad had a decent wood shop in the garage, so I got some wood together and built myself a single-shot rifle.

      This of course gave me a competitive advantage, and pretty soon everyone wanted guns. I built up a pretty little arsenal, and things were good. But I was ambitious and wanted to see just how cool a gun I could make. So I designed and eventually built a machine gun.

      It was a crude weapon compared to my original gracefully sanded and curved rifle, but the results were dramatic. It was a length of two-by-four with a firing mechanism in back and a row of pegs at the business end. The mechanism was a thick dowel studded with a spiral of half-inserted wood screws, mounted on an axle perpendicular to the gun's line of fire. A small crank and ratchet controlled the dowel's spin. You loaded it by hooking rubber bands, one at a time, from the pegs at the end to the screws on the dowel, then advancing the ratchet one click. It took more work to load the more rubber bands you put on, so I was never able to load more than a couple dozen onto it.

      To fire it you simply released the ratchet, and WHAM! The dowel turned in a blur, the rubber bands went everywhere, and it made this cool thrumming and clacking noise. Accuracy sucked, but that was fine; in fact once I loaded the rubber bands crossways, so that instead of being parallel to the gun's "bore" they angled back and forth across it. No need to wave the gun around that way - it would "spray" its shots automatically, a nice feature considering the gun would dump its entire ammunition load in a couple of seconds.

      The gun was very impressive and frightened the other kids but I abandoned it shortly because it took too long to load. It's not much good blowing off all your ammunition in the first few seconds of a firefight when the other kids can pick up the rubberbands you've just plastered all over their clothing and fire them right back at you while you stand there for ten minutes getting ready for your next shot.

      Anyway, I remember seeing this guy's Gatling at the California State Fair a few years back. I could have sworn it was the 144-shot model even then, so either I'm remembering wrong and it was actually the 72-shot model, or there's some other nutcase out there building 144-shot rubber band machine guns with a similar design.

  • It's all fun and games til someone loses an eye.
    Seriously though, i'd be dangerous with one of those things. I've almost put out eyes with my safe lil koosh ring gun!
    But damn it looks like it'd be a blast around the office.
    "You wanted what? Before I leave today? Step over there please..." (glorious sounds of pinheaded clients demanding the impossible being riddled with rubber bands, welts sprouting.. ahh.. stress relief)
    Wonder if I could reverse engineer this thing? *goes off in search of woodworking tools...*
  • by red5 ( 51324 ) <gired5@gma[ ]com ['il.' in gap]> on Wednesday March 13, 2002 @01:20AM (#3154764) Homepage Journal
    Get one of these. When you see a student not paying attention in class fire one at him.
    When he complains fire another.
    He'll duck the second one.

    Now say to him. "Why did that second one not hit you?"
    He'll say :"I ducked".
    Now say: "And why did you not duck the first one".
    He'll say: "I was not paying attention".
    End with: "And who's fault was that?".
    • by Danse ( 1026 ) on Wednesday March 13, 2002 @01:25AM (#3154786)

      And then get a good lawyer :(

    • My biology teacher will Throw as hard as he can (mind you, this is the Wrestling and football coach) chalk erasers are bad or sleeping kids.
      • That reminds me of Calculus 101 and Dr. Spenceley's room. Dr. Spenceley had been the math department head for 30 years and had always been complaining that the chalk boards were too small, so when a new building was constructed, they made a class room just for him: it sat 50, had two doors and one small window, and all the rest of the space on all four walls were chalkboards.

        Spenceley was a pretty good teacher, but still, it was calculus, and some people had been partying the night before... So eventually someone was snoring, leaned over against chalkboard on the side wall. Spenceley took an eraser and fired it 30 feet down that little ledge at the bottom of the chalkboard, smack into the guy and pushing a great cloud of chalkdust ahead.

        He had an awake and alert class for the rest of the term.
    • I had a science teacher who, among other things, would wake up a sleeping student by swooshing the fire extinguisher under their feet. Woke them up quickly enough :)

      Back then, paddling was still accepted in my high school. He had the symbolic "two jap flags" flag hanging in the corner (two big red circles, get it?)

      Ahhh...if only educators could get away with that stuff these days.

    • learn to teach in a way thats not boring as hell.
  • Beacuase this site will be soon slashdotted, the google mirror is here. []
  • Load it with condoms, take it to populated starving countries, and perhaps it can solve some over-population problems.

  • I actually own one of these, it came as a demo when I purchased a variety of equipment from the manufacturer (to resell). It is by far the coolest rubberband gun ever, and while loading it does take a lot of time, it's well worth the pay off. For those of you who think this is a hoax, let me assure you, it's not.
  • by spacefem ( 443435 ) on Wednesday March 13, 2002 @01:23AM (#3154782) Homepage
    Last time I started a cubicle war with a good stock of rubber bands I ended up with a bruise on the top of my back that was an exact outline of the continent of Australia. It lasted three days.

    So see, they're not only fun, they're artistic.
    • Hmm, and all I got was the chance to duck a pencil and a bouncing ball the size of my fist, judging from the sound it made... damn cubicle walls.
    • by Anonymous Coward
      I recomend Nerf weapons for Cube Warfare.

      Read these pages. Remove the space from the links. ht ml 2. html
  • ... but hardly new or original. I remember seeing stuff a lot like it in high school, 25 years ago.
  • Authorities today installed new 'Rubber detectors' at local airports, saying that terrorists armed with new rubber band technology could have enough firepower to capture a plane...
  • better guns (Score:4, Informative)

    by oo7tushar ( 311912 ) <> on Wednesday March 13, 2002 @01:26AM (#3154793) Homepage
    this place [] ( sells some really nice products.
    Of course, at work we have battle grouping for our elastic band wars and we've found that a good piece of card board works well as a machine gun...we've also found a hand technique which stings from 10 yards away. In fact, we did some studies of it in our friendly neighbourhood campus engineering department, and found that it has an inherent spin which stabilizes it (gyroscope).

    Make a C with your index and thumb on your left hand. Hang the elastic loosely on it and then grab the bottom inside of the band and push towards your target (with your thumb). One side will be more tightly wound than the other. When you release your thumb it'll fire. No wear and tear as it doesn't hit your brace finger or cause redness (you newbies will find out what we mean when you use the two hand technique).

    Perfect sniper fire in a cubicle environment.

    • OK mabye I'm stupid (perhaps thats a foregone conclusion since I can't fire a rubber band) but can you explain a bit more? Like what part of the C am I supposed tohand it loosely off...

      Well actually I think I got it but sometimes it hits my right thumb
    • Re:better guns (Score:5, Informative)

      by McVerne ( 38715 ) on Wednesday March 13, 2002 @02:07AM (#3154946) Homepage

      The C method of rubber band shooting is quite impressive, however the description in the parent post is a little hard to follow.

      For those of you interested, here is a page describing the C method in greater detail: dom/discussions/shooting_rubber_band.html []


  • ... it seems to be down already, or at least vastly slowed.

  • meh (Score:3, Funny)

    by darthBear ( 516970 ) <hactar.hactar@org> on Wednesday March 13, 2002 @01:26AM (#3154795)
    wait until I get my potato cannon running linux
  • Wow (Score:1, Troll)

    by NiftyNews ( 537829 )
    I'm impressed...a lame link and it's already two weeks old on "underground humor" pulse.

    Then again, I guess that is a little fast for slashdot. I wasn't banking on seeing this until June at the earliest.
    • Re:Wow (Score:5, Funny)

      by Sinfamous ( 522772 ) on Wednesday March 13, 2002 @03:13AM (#3155111) Homepage
      I'm impressed...I had to scroll down more than half the comments section to find the "i'm so fucking great for knowing about this before slashdot" post.

      Then again, I guess that's a little slow for slashdot. I was banking on seeing this as the third comment.
  • by Anonymous Coward
    There is a $299 one that looks the same at
  • by Danse ( 1026 )

    It shoots fast, but I bet reloads are a bitch :)

  • I'll say it now and hope that Charlton Heston will say it later:


  • Wonder how long I could hold off the feds with a couple of thes? Course, one DOES cost about the same as the taxes I owe, but this plan comes with free room and board!

    --my .sig can beat up your .sig
  • "The first time I loaded one, there was two of us working on it and it took us 20 minutes," said Mr. Toms, who lost his job a year ago as an executive in a Los Angeles-based dot-com firm.

    "I applied everything I knew about running a dot-com business and merged it with my passion for fun artillery. I'm making a fraction of what I used to make as an executive, but I'm having a hell of a lot more fun."

    Now that's brilliant, he uses all his business knowledge from a failed dot-com! What next? A rubber band gatli...oh my, yes, I think that was a pig.

  • by Typingsux ( 65623 ) on Wednesday March 13, 2002 @01:39AM (#3154847)
    Shooting 12 rubber bands each?

    Damn. I think that's gross.

  • by kbonin ( 58917 ) on Wednesday March 13, 2002 @01:40AM (#3154849) Homepage
    I built something similar to this Lego Machine Gun [] once, though his is far prettier than mine was! Self-loading from a gravity-fed magazine of bricks, crank power, internal rubber band.

    Quote from page: "I can empty the 17-round magazine in about 1.9 seconds, which translates to a rate of fire of over 500 rounds per minute."

  • Cool, but not new (Score:4, Informative)

    by Daniel Rutter ( 126873 ) <> on Wednesday March 13, 2002 @01:42AM (#3154854) Homepage
    The Gatling rubber-band gun has been around for a while. It's now sold by the same most excellent people who made this trebuchet kit [], but the rubber-band machine gun isn't actually something those guys make, any more than this catapult watch [] is.

    Surefire Products [] are the makers of the Gatling rubber-band gun; it's their flagship product, and they (and their resellers) don't actually expect to sell many (or any) of them.

    Surefire's far cheaper rubber-band handguns, on the other hand, are excellent :-).

    • Wow, I almost forgot that I had one of these more than 10 years ago (one of the Surefire pistols). That has got to be one of my funnest toys... but it would have been funner if I had like two or three of those, so that my sister or parents could have stood a chance against me. :(
    • The company claims that it's star wheel that loads 12 rounds per barrel is new. Yes, I have seen gatling style rubber band guns before, but they only fired one shot per "barrel", so you got nowhere near 144 rounds. But what this company really sells, after people get done ooohing at the $395 machine gun, is 12 and 24 round "pistols" and "shotguns" at somewhat affordable prices.

      Still, it would be damned nice to smuggle one of these into the courthouse and cut loose at a gaggle of lawyers...
  • I have seen many other rubber band machine guns. (Although none this nice, none that fire a full gross of bands, and none that are priced as if they were built by defense contractors.)

    Here is another brand of rubber band machine gun. [] You can only load 24 bands at a time, but the clips make it rapidly reloadable. And at less than $20, you can afford to arm your entire skirmish line.

    On the other hand, most rubber band fights are won or lost in the first few seconds. Brief controlled bursts are more effective than spray and pray.

  • Give me a couple days, I can probably crank out a Lego prototype for less. Just as soon as I'm finished with making a Lego CVT(which also uses rubber bands).
  • by BrookHarty ( 9119 ) on Wednesday March 13, 2002 @01:48AM (#3154886) Homepage Journal
    3 hours to load.
  • by cybermage ( 112274 ) on Wednesday March 13, 2002 @01:52AM (#3154897) Homepage Journal
    These guns should come with protective eyewear for managers/clients who come within range.
  • For that price, I'd buy myself another airsoft gun...
    For those who don't know what airsoft guns are: think highly detailed replica guns that shoot 6mm plastic BBs at 200-300fps. Mine looks something like this [].
    Full auto capability (600+ shots per minute) powered by a rechargable battery similar to those used for radio controlled cars.
    I play with a group called PSAC []. Beats the snot out of paintball on the fun scale... and much more affordable (once you make the initial investment). Anybody who might want one: please, please, please don't do something stupid with one and get them banned. You'd be ruining a great hobby for a lot of people.
  • by Triv ( 181010 ) on Wednesday March 13, 2002 @02:12AM (#3154959) Journal
    My 8th Grade music teacher was an oddball. One day, close to the summer, he decided he'd had enough with the drummers in the orchestra. They didn't do anything but bang as loud as they could on the snares and tympani. They didn't listen to anybody - they were probably all deaf at that point anyway.

    Well, J.B. (the music teacher) decided to get even. He took a huge rubberband (about three or four feet long unstretched) and a six foot pole with a hook on the end. You know the kind - they're used to open high windows. He added the band to the hook, held the pole with one end and the free end of the 'band with the other.

    Thus equipped, he swaggered out of his office, took aim, and winged the band full force into the side of the bass drum. It was like a thunderclap. He looked at the instigators over the top of his half-moons, said "You're next" and grinned like a maniac.

    It shut 'em up for a whole day. :)

  • This should be interesting.. Sure it's pricey, 395$ for one of these bad boys. Hell, if I had the money for one, I'd do it... I'd happily wait the 4-6 weeks of delivery time.

    But can you imagine what would happen if this Slashdot article is a success for them? I read the article late and the server was peppy and responsive, so lots of geeks are going to have time to see this.

    If things go Right/Wrong for these guys that 4-6 weeks could turn suddenly into 4-6 Months.. Better order yours now ;)
  • The use of elastic bands as the projectile usually escallates to the slingshot variant pretty quickly. In which circumstances, the bottom couple of centimetres of Mum's washing up gloves made an excellent spring for the elastic (and tech drawing compass if you had to "camofkage" the frame) powered slingshot. I understand this to be pretty universal.

    However due to some of the native fauna in Oz, specifically bottlebrush whose dried up flower casings and their orientation in clumps on the branches made for easy harvesting for an excellent, and abundant,source of ammunition. They are hard and woody about 3mm "opened spheres". However the slingshot had to be upgraded to a "glove gun" as we called it. the finger of the same washing up gloves (much harder to acquire undetected) securely fastent to a piece of narrow guage PVC pipe (8-12mm). Load up a few (less than 10) of the seeds, draw back the finger tip of the glove and let rip.

    That all involved still have their eyesight is somewhat of a miracle.

    Of course this is all fiction and one would never suggest that anyone should try something so stupid.
  • I've got a gatling gun rubber band pistol that was about $15; it's a blast, but it takes forever to load all the rubber bands, and about 5 seconds to make a huge mess ;-) It's kinda clever: a cylinder with 8 splines on it. You wrap a string around once, then stretch a band over each spline, repeat until you get bored or run out of string. The string is attached to a crank, and as you turn the crank, it pops off bands as it turns the cylinder. They're hard to find, but they can be had here [].
  • "This should be OK to bring into the country. It shouldn't be a problem. We all agree it is not a firearm," said Colette Gentes-Hawn, spokeswoman for Canada Customs.

    Wow. Imagine the paperwork U.S. Customs would bring if the thing was made in Canada, and had to be imported into the U.S.

    I mean, golly, you could shoot your eye out.

  • I would have them confiscate any cubicle warfare weapon should someone try to board a plane with one.
  • aptly titled [] they also have a gatling gun called the devestator [] (sic)

  • Calahan: I know what you're thinking, punk. You're thinking, did he fire one hundred forty four shots or only one hundred forty three? Well to tell you the truth, I forgot myself in all this excitement. But being as this is a 144 Magnum, the most powerful rubberbandgun in the world and will blow your head clean off, you've got to ask yourself a question: "Do I feel lucky?" Well do ya...punk?

How many NASA managers does it take to screw in a lightbulb? "That's a known problem... don't worry about it."