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Comment Yes Amtrak's better (Score 2) 525

For domestic travel anyway. I've traveled with Amtrak in California & across the South, coast to coast, no complaints at all. Actually I think there are still trains between Montreal & NY. What about Windsor & Detroit, Seattle & British Columbia, etc? From what I understand only freight trains run between Mexico & the US, but I assume there was passenger train travel between Mexico & the US in the past, say the late 1800s to the 1950s?

Comment The normal australian experiance of church (Score 1) 1121

is checking out old cathedrals while backpacking through Europe, & that's about it.

BTW how come hardly any Yanks take a year or 2 off after leaving school, or deferring a year or 2 of uni, & go backpacking around the world? Gez in the average youth hostel one is more likely to find more Kiwis even than Yanks, & it's seems when one does find backpackers from North America, virtually all of them turn out to be from either British Columbia or Quebec.

Comment eh beer doesn't contain lactose (Score 1) 325

WTF lactose intolerance among Asian has got to do with evidence that Asians weren't into beer drinking in neolithic times?

All Asian lactose intolerance seems to indicate is a big gap between past transhuman migration/herding & modern dairy products in their diet, without a long culture/history of settled dairy farming in between.

What this has to do with beer is beyond me.

Comment Israelis are water wasters (Score 2) 228

The fact is that the 500 000 Israeli settlers in their colonial outposts in the occupied West Bank use about ten times the water that the millions of Palestinians do in the West Bank. Fact is it's the gardens, farms, pastures, groves & orchids of West Bank Palestinians that are the most efficient Water wise - they have no choice, the Israeli settlers steal 95% of their water.

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