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Comment Re:Been there, done that (Score 1) 217

I recently bought a 60" LG Plasma TV.

I get headaches when watching it.

I can also hear a high pitched sound coming out of it when its on. A bit of googling told me this is the transformer it uses to power the plasma with.

I'm a bit concerned the two are related.

Kind of mad I just spent $900 on a TV that gives me headaches.

Comment Re:That's cool, but my one grip still (Score 1) 309

You can blame HTC and Verizon for that and not Android.

My wife has the same phone. MISERABLE battery life.

Last weekend I rooted it and tossed Cyanogenmod7 on it, which is about as vanilla a rom as you can get.
Her battery life has improved drastically. From dying around noon every day, to having 70% battery life left at dinner time.

Its because Verizon just loves to load your phone up with useless crap. Same reason Windows used to come preinstalled with MSN, AOL, etc.

Comment WD Live (Score 1) 697

For the last 2 years I've been using a WD-Live.

It connects to my home network, then I run a program called "PlayOn" on my PC. This shows up as a upnp server on the WD Live, and lets me watch Hulu, CBS, netflix, Amazon VOD, MTV, and a crap ton of other networks for free. I think playon costs like $20 a year.

The WD-Live will also play .mkv and .avi files up to 1080p off network shares.

Comment These are college age students (Score 1) 804

I can tell you exactly what I would have told someone if they told me my computer use bothered them. And it wouldn't have been nice.

I know I surfed through a lot of boring lectures. Probably shouldn't have done it, but it was mostly either filler classes, or classes I cared nothing about. Do wish I would have paid a bit more attention on the class on regexs.

Comment Keyboard (Score 1) 715

My microsoft natural keyboard (hey, I have carpal tunnel) had the "n" key quit working. I took it apart and cleaned it out, but it stayed dead.

Called them last week, and after getting the run around for about half an hour (Took forever to find where to find the warranty info online, then had to punch in S/N, then got an 800 number to call, which directed me to another 800 number) I finally talked to someone. They replaced it free of charge, and I didn't even have to send the broken one back in.

Comment Re:Personally I think recruiters are worthless (Score 2, Interesting) 207

My mom ran a very profitable business for about 20 years, from before I was born until I was 16 or so.

When I was 16 my parents got a divorce, long story short, my dad was to blame.

She had a hell of a time finding a new job, because the only job she'd ever had since highschool was as the office manager for her own business. At times they'd had up to 10 employees, she did all the payroll, bid on jobs, everything on the office with the help of one secretary, etc etc.

No one wants to hire someone when they can't verify their employment. She finally found a job (which was was laid off from 2 years ago) as a phone answerer / secretary for a small business. Took her forever to even find that.

Comment Yeah... (Score 1) 100

I've played around with Quake Live now and then.

Its crazy buggy and the java in it slows my computer to a crawl. I have a fairly modern machine, and Quake 3 was making it bog down. Seriously?

Not only that, but I wanted to play with a friend of mine who lives about 100 miles away. Neither of us could figure out how to start a game that was just private for the two of us.

Comment Re:I just finished my Masters online (Score 1) 428

Yes, I feel like I got my moneys worth. The degree took 10 classes to complete (33 semester hours), and each class cost about $2,220. So $22k total. My work picked up about $15k worth, so it really didn't cost me all that much. The loans are lumped in with about 60k in undergrad student loans, and they all go to into repayment here in a few months. It works out to about $350 a month.

I chose walden because I liked the sound of the Information Systems Management degree, thats essentially the job I want to try to go into. I have a bachelors in programming, but I'm really not a great programmer. I figured this out too late to change degrees without being in debt up to my eyeballs and another 3 years in school. I enjoy technology, I just get bored and frustrated with programming.

I also like Walden because its not as well known. It only comes up that I went to school online when people notice dates don't match up. IE, in an interview it was noticed I went to school in Baltimore (where walden is located) while living in Ohio. A simple explanation of (oh, the school offered that degree online) was all that it took.


Comment Its unfortunate (Score 4, Insightful) 878

Its unfortunate that he will most likely win (atleast, we all hope) and will probably end up getting some money out of the state for his trouble. But the thing is, the people that made those decisions won't be punished, its the tax payers that will be punished because now the defecit due to the lawsuit has to be made up for.

Comment I just finished my Masters online (Score 2, Interesting) 428

I just finished my Masters degree with Walden University in "Information Systems Management". couple of cents:

What I didn't know when I signed up was that I would be in the first class through the program. A lot of the classes were very badly layed out, as in what we would be doing one week would not match up at all with what we'd done the prior weeks or would be doing in the next weeks. It was very obvious the courses had been built by a bunch of outsourced educators in possibly another country, right down to the spelling errors or idiosyncracies in the language in the project descriptions. If we had problems with any of the assignments, or were unsure of the wording, we'd bring it up with the professor and it would be fixed quickly. I think they all understood that some bugs were still being worked out, and I received a nice discount ($600 a semester) for being a guinea pig.

I do feel like I got a decent education for what I paid for and it being an online school. We never learned anything specific about any one product, ie IBM cognos, or MySQL or anything like that, but we learned in general what products like these were capable of, how to shop around for them, etc. Same sort of thing I learned in undergrad, we never got any certifications but I could easily pick up a CCNA, A+, etc because I've had all the ground work laid out for me and understand computers, networking and programing very well.

I was kept fairly busy with the assignments, in an average week I would work on 2 papers, usually 4-8 pages in length, and a group project usually around 6-8 pages, as well as group discussions, reading discussions and some classes required we keep a blog of what we were doing. We had quite a bit of group work, which was some what challenging. Its kind of funny, I had no idea what my group members looked like until in the last class we all found each other on facebook. Nothing like what I expected. I was also the only male, and am fairly young (24) while everyone else was in atleast their mid-30's it seemed.

I did have one really bad professor. I emailed him prior to the class starting and explained I would be on my honeymoon the first 2 weeks of class. I asked if he would rather send me the material early and I turn it in before I leave, or if it was ok if I did it when I got back. He said when I got back was fine. Well, I turned everything in the week I returned, only to get really bad grades for it being "late". I email him and am told "well I had to give you a bad grade for it being late, its only fair to everyone else.", and of course he stuck to his guns when I brought up the email where he said it was ok to turn everything in after I returned from vacation. He graded erratically throughout the class, never offering explanations for grades he gave. The class was badly laid out, and expected us to have a deep knowledge of Java in order to get an Apache Ant (I believe, its been a year and half) project built from the ground up, which I did not, and Java was not on the requirements for the entrance into the degree nor did I expect it, the degree was "how to be a programmers boss" not "how to be a programmer". The professor refused to help fix any of these problems, and I had to get in touch with the dean, who took care of everything for me and apologized for the problems we'd been having. After I got in touch with the dean, examples were added to the assignments involving Ant, so that instead of creating a project from a ground up, we had something to work with in order to get what we needed done.

All and all, it was a pretty good experience.

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