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Election Wrapping Up 360

I'm posting this so people have a place to talk about election results as they come in. The major news sites are all covering the results, but they are also really bogged down. Feel free to post mirrors and links and updates in the comments so we can all try to get the information around. And meanwhile, I'm gonna watch The Daily Show's Indecision 2000 coverage on Comedy Central. When the election is final, we'll post one more story, and kiss politics good bye for a few years. Nobody will be happier then me! (One nice thing is that many places are reporting extremely high voter turn out. At least people care). Update by CT : as of 9:30 eastern, CNN reports things very close: 185 electoral votes for Bush and 182 for Gore.
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Election Wrapping Up

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  • when he lies to congress..

    That's what got Nixon in.. He lied to congress. But, that's not important anymore.

  • Whoohoo! It looks like my precinct (Cambridge, Massachusetts, Ward 11 Precinct 2) had close to 100% voter turnout.

  • I've heard from my friends who went and voted that "Hemos" and/or "CowboyNeal" weren't anywhere on the ballot?

    What gives?
  • by NMerriam ( 15122 ) <> on Tuesday November 07, 2000 @05:08PM (#640858) Homepage
    anyone wanna tell me why Clinton didn't run again.. or did he and just no-one voted for him?

    If you're serious (saying you're outside the USA), the reason is that we have a constitutional limit of two terms for the president (made during FDR's 4th term in office!), and Clinton has just served twice in a row...

  • by imac.usr ( 58845 ) on Tuesday November 07, 2000 @04:51PM (#640862) Homepage
    It would be fascinating to prowl through these pages in a few years, especially the polls (which aren't normally viewable on slashdot once they're off the main page). Hey Rob, how about setting up a permanent archive of the election stories?

    Personally, I'm happy with my choice of Gore. I'm also quite pleased that I didn't have to kill or be killed for my chance to vote. Those of you reading this who served or serve in the armed forces, thanks much.

  • Gore just got Pennsivania...Game over!
  • I intend to watch Comedy Central, unfortunately my bastard of a college has classes today.

    In the mean time, I've been hitting:

    All Praise Al Gore!

  • Drudge is up, just very slow.

    Funny thing though, in the last 3 'updates' there has been less and less up:










    (Don't blame me for the caps, that's all Drudge)
  • by jhealy ( 91456 ) on Tuesday November 07, 2000 @04:52PM (#640868)
    Is anyone else out there just really scared? I think the world is coming to a pretty dismal end, and I'm not kidding. We've got armed U.S. forces in over 100 countries, we're putting harmless marijuana smokers in jail. The FBI, CIA, NSA, DEA make me wanna SMP (shit my pants). That post from that kid that got his computers and code taken away? That sucks! The FDA irradiating food without long-term testing, and telling people that they can't use drugs to help them ease they're pain because they're not 'approved'. I'll tell you what, if I was dying, I wouldn't care what the [enter 3-letter anacronym here] thought about what medicine I was taking.

    And woah! doesn't the U.S. remind you of the British Empire back in the day? sure, a lot of 3rd world countries aren't colonies of the U.S., but the people there sure are our slaves, making pennies a day to make cheaper clothes for us. Thank god they're children are working there miserable little lives until the day they die so our children can have a plastic toy with their happy meal.

    You can't even drink your water, go swimming in the local lake because of pollution. Nuclear power plants lied about how much radiation is leaking into nature. Chemical plants lie about how much pollution they're leaking. If you think about it, EVERYONE is lying, they refuse to tell the truth when they fuck up!

    Carnivore. AHHHHH!!!

    This is just the tip of the iceberg, I could go on and on... about how my Dad's friend got his family farm of 100 years taken away by immenent domain, only to get it back later through a long and expensive lawsuit. Or about how people in my city complained that the parking meters were overcharging, and the city refused to believe it... until an organization tested them and found that 60% were overcharging people! Then the city said that they would fix them, but it would be VERY expensive, so it would take a year or so and at a huge cost. Christ!

    Speaking of Christ, don't get me started on fucked up religious people that think you should run your life like they run theirs, even though if there was a hell, THEY would most certainly be going to it. And they've spawned this whole other group of people that hate anyone that is part of any religious group, even if they're totally cool.

    I'd better stop now before this starts turning into straight cussing, but holy shit am I scared about the future when technology combines with all this BULLSHIT.

    We have the chance to have this kik-ass world where everyone is a part of this very loving society, but it's looking like that's not gonna happen.

  • I checked ahead. Since my state isn't close, a vote for Nader isn't a vote for Bush. Last I saw, Vermont was going for Gore. If Gore lost Vermont by 1 vote, and Bush won the Presidency by 3 or fewer electoral votes, then you could blame (or thank) me.
  • No, Chretien will win it. Although Canadians want lower taxes, lower government spending, toughness on crime, an end to the Young Offender's Act and real teeth to the Immigration Act's enforcement (e.g. no selling visas to Triad gangs in Hong Kong) they show an absolute inability to actually vote anyone into power who will put this into effect. Chretien will call Day a Nazi and his camp will say fundamentalist Christians are too dangerous to have any position of authority, and the electorate will agree. The CBC is doing a fine job of spewing almost non-stop Liberal propaganda.

    My prediction is: CA will go 29% - 35% support, and it'll look like the minority government might happen, at which point just before the election, Jean Chretien will show up on TV (which the CBC will broadcast endlessly thereafter) with P.E.T's photo behind him in a huge backdrop with "Pierre Elliott Trudeau - 1917- 2000 (or whatever)" in gold lettering on it and a red rose, and say "Pierre, hi know dat you wan dat just society.. hile work for dat for sure on dat. Gad bless you Pierre." and sob quietly. Election's over.

    All the sensible people have moved to the USA anyway - check out the exchange rate right now. Canadian dollar at 64c and dropping...
  • by 1010011010 ( 53039 ) on Tuesday November 07, 2000 @05:36PM (#640876) Homepage
    I especially like how, at the moment, CNN is estimating Gore and Clinton victories. How nice of them to wait for the polls to close and votes tallied to declare a winner... oh wait... they're the fourth branch of government! No, that doesn't sound right... we only have three branches. Lemme see... civics book... civics book. Ah! Here we go. The three branches are "money, "television," and "bullshit."

    It also give me electoral college chuckles that Bush has more than a million more votes and a few extra states than Gore, but is losing.

  • Well, the limitation is why he isn't RUNNING for president, not why he can't ever be president again. Of course he could, but he can't RUN for the office...

  • Presumably they're relying on exit polls. But can't they at least have the decency to wait until a significant number of votes are counted? And in such a very close election, might they not consider that a very small error in the exit polls can make a huge difference in the result? Typical exit polls sample only about 1200 voters statewide; surely with things so close this is not a sufficient sample.
  • by FFFish ( 7567 ) on Tuesday November 07, 2000 @04:52PM (#640885) Homepage
    I watch less than a half-hour of television a week. As a result, it came as a shock when I discovered that the election is happening in the last week of this month.

    I mean, didn't they just call it? Shouldn't it take a few months? I thought the CRAP (Combined Reform and Alliance Party) just elected their leader -- how's he supposed to compete when he hasn't even had a chance to settle into the job?

    It's all happening way to fast for me, and I haven't found (well, I haven't looked for) a good, independent web press site to get informed. I'm going into this election much more ignorant than ever before. It's scary.

    I sure hope there's been good television coverage, for the rest of the Canadian electorate, who's probably all too likely to spend their life in front of the tube.

    I did overhear something about Stockwell Day saying he was going to legalize marijuana. I'm not a drug user (save caffeine), but I'll vote for him without hesitation if he really means it. I'd really like the cops to go back to doing something more useful than busting small-time users.

    Anyone have a web resource where I can get informed about my choices in this election? Thanks in advance!

  • on ABC about scare tactics being used on voters:

    click []
  • they do exit polling...
  • Okay. I agree that it's irresponsible to call Florida a Gore state before the polls are closed. But, at that point, anything goes. I can't quite understand why the popular vote shows Bush up about 9%, and they're calling it Gore. Oh, wait, exit polls. But those ignore the absentee votes! I'm not at all sure Florida is going to Gore.
  • Couldn't agree with you more.
    Tweedlelyingstiff and tweedleilliteratemoron are not much of a choice...

    Bradley is a personal hero of mine and McCain is by all accounts a decent guy and a hero in his own right. And they had more than just real (not to mention relatively well thought-out) positions on the issues; they had character.

    BTW the fact that Bradley recently signed on as a spokesperson for and advisor to UPromise - the company I work for - has nothing to do with my opinion.

  • never though of mnyself as a prognosticator. But here are the rest of the battle ground states.(as found on CNN.COM)

    Maine New Hampshire
    Deleware Pennsylvania
    West Virginia Ohio
    Michigan Wisconsin
    Illinois Iowa
    Missouri Arkansas
    Louisianna Tennessee
    Florida New Mexico
    Arizona Nevada
    Oregon Washington

    The more of these states each Candidate takes will put them closer to winning.

    The ones most likely to be taken by Gore in my view are. Florida, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Missouri, Tennessee, Illinois, and Wisconsin.

    the rest are to close to call. But with these electoral votes (121) along with the 150 he was predicted to get anyways should put him over the top.

  • Yes, but the US electoral system means that votes cast with "integrity" can mean that a person who the majority of voters dislike can get elected over somebody who would convincingly beat him/her in a two-horse race.

    Given such a broken electoral system, I see nothing morally wrong with voting tactically.

  • ...if you don't vote with integrity. If you feel that Nader is the candidate who has the best ideals, policies, attitude and ethics, then vote for him.

    Voting for an undesirable candidate because he's less undesirable than the alternate isn't democracy in action: it's a perversion, a mockery, an abomination of what democracy is meant to be.

    Get out there and vote for the *best* candidate! It's the only hope you have for saving your nation!

  • Yup, you heard it here. This Green Massachusetts liberal voted Libertarian because Ten Kennedy is a dufus. He didn't deserve to win that election, but he won by default. Still, I'm glad Howell won some votes. I voted Nader in the general election and have promised myself I'll vote for Greens, Independants, and Libertarians in that order... screw the Democrats and Republicans.
  • Well, I thought I found it here [] but wouldn't you know the 11th district is the only one that doesn't appear to be updating.

  • by phutureboy ( 70690 ) on Tuesday November 07, 2000 @05:48PM (#640944)
    Yahoo is good for that sort of thing:

    US overview here []

    State-by-state breakdown here []

  • by CaptainCarrot ( 84625 ) on Tuesday November 07, 2000 @05:18PM (#640952)
    Apparently, the pundits are so confident in their exit polls that they're declaring winners before any votes have even been counted! Such states are invariably projected for Gore. CNN [] is tracking results here []. In New York, they gave the election to Gore (and Clinton) the minute the polls closed. Even as of this writing, they're projecting the vote for Gore with only around 20,000 votes counted. In some states, such as Michigan and Florida, they gave the election to Gore even though Bush is ahead -- well ahead -- in the count!

    What bullshit!

  • It's not over yet. California is really, really important, and so is Washington.

    (And pardon me for shouting.)

  • All the education tax credits we have now came in the last 4 years. 99% of open source software is made possible by those education loans and tax credits.
  • "This is the first time I've actually paid attention to a presidential election, so I'm not sure what this means exactly. Is exit polling usually accurate?"

    With cnn (and others) changing their mind about florida I would have to say no.

    WTF is up with that?
  • even if you don't watch TV, surely you pass by newspaper boxes!? (no, wait, depends on where you live...)

    As for web resources, just use a dang search engine.
    IMHO, the only reason Chretien called an election 18 months before he had to was to derail the Alliance before they gained power. of course, it'll probably backfire, but that remains to be seen.

    Gomberg for mayor! []


    Freedom is Slavery! Ignorance is Strength! Monopolies offer Choice!
  • I think the reason the voter turnout is so high is because A LOT more people wanted to be a little more cautious so we won't get another Clinton. Or they are really wanting another Clinton. It goes both ways. Clinton unintentionally put a lot more veiws in peoples minds on what happens when you vote, or don't vote. That's why more people really researched thier candidates this year! That is also why it is much closer.
  • by laborit ( 90558 ) on Tuesday November 07, 2000 @05:24PM (#640981) Homepage
    The Texan voter's dilemma is an interesting one... do we vote Bush out of office, or take one on the chin for America by keeping him here?

    - Michael
  • by The Sith Lord ( 111494 ) on Tuesday November 07, 2000 @06:14PM (#640982)
    Hello everyone. I have been fanning a slight interest in the current US presidential elections. I am from Australia, and our electoral system is very different to the scheme currently running in the US. For starters, it is actually compulsory to vote. Though some may see this as somewhat un-democratic, it is actually very beneficial from the societal perspective as it gives us the right to complain, or congratulate our polititions. In a system where you don't have to vote, well you really don't have the jurisdiction to complain if the outcome is not in your favour.

    Another interesting thing is the type of candidate we get. Our federal elections, though on the outside may appear to be a personality conest, in the end, our citizens do vote for the person who can get the job done. Our current Prime Minister (John Howard), is deemed by many to be pretty much a joke. Gosh knows how many times he's embarrased himself, yet he gets the job done. The opposition leader (Kim Beazley), on the other hand, is the most cuddly, adorable person in politics, yet, in the end, he lost an unlosable election (the main issue was tax reform, during which the opposition campainged a whole lot of FUD, yet when the system came into place this year, the general verdict was, 'hey, it's actually pretty good!').

    I think it's a shame that the US elections are a personality contest. Clearly Gore is the right man for the job. Though he may appear robotic in exterior, he doesn't seem to be the sort of person who'll muck things up. Being the most powerful country in the world, the US simply cannot afford having a person with little expertise at the helm. I also think that it's an even bigger shame that there will be some people who won't take advantage of the opportunity to vote simply because the weather may not be in their favour, hence potentially jeapordising the outcome. if I'm not mistaken, the average turnout is about 50%. That really is an appalling figure. For a nation of people renouned for their patriotism, it is quite sad that half of them don't care who's in charge.

  • My Friends! Ahahaa! The end is near... As of theis moment (Tue. Nov. 7, 2000 9:49pm east.) Gore is winning! 192 electoral votes to 185!! Whether you like Gore, Nader or (shudder) Bush, you need to look at our site!!! Its an awesome site with links quotes, and more!!!!
  • The best map I have found would be this one: index.html

    If you update it regularly, it seems to be faster than CNN!
  • as long as the economy is strong (even if growth slows, as long as it doesn't stop) i'm happy. i don't care if the president kills every baby he sees, as long as the stock market goes up.
  • How insipidly vacuous can you get? And this was rated as insightful. How sad.

    The system is so messed up, it will never be fixed until we all live in a totalitarian state. Of course, by then the guns will be all locked up, but that's OK because we will have all voted for it every step of the way.

    We are so incredibly stupid. Watch the media circus and vote for the choices presented. Ignore the men behind the curtain. It's so stupidly pointless I don't see why anybody bothers.

  • What's REALLY important....

    What sites aren't handling the load of the election crush...

    So far, I can't get into except for once in the past three hours. -- been humming along without any problems. -- a real mess. 90% of the time I try, it won't load...

    Slashdot .. er, still going! :)

  • Hmmm... using Netscape 4.x of Linux, the ABC informs me that Bush has 73569556% of the vote, Gore has 56601243%, and Buchanan has 43180%. Talk about an exciting race!

    Or maybe it's just a formatting and/or math problem...

  • Try clicking the "Polls" link in the slashbox (next to "Results") []
  • by twjordan ( 88132 ) on Tuesday November 07, 2000 @04:17PM (#640998) is providing a really nice map here [] complete with mouseover election results. It updates every few seconds and is really nice.


  • My mistake. take all of my references to house and change them to senate. Thanks to sneak241 for the heads up...
  • The 1993 election was 7 weeks.
    The 1997 election was 6 weeks.
    The 2000 election is 5 weeks.

    At the rate this is going, in 2016 (or 2012, or 2020 for that matter) we'll be voting the day after the Governor General dissolves Parliament.

    But at least our vote counts for something, unlike the Electoral College, in which the popular vote can mean, quite literally, nothing at all.
  • So is she lying?

    What part of the "sex" in "oral sex" does she not understand? Does she need a dictionary?
  • Typically, major media outlets rely on exit polls to predict elections, rather than the counted vote. Not 100% accurate, but pretty close, and it allows them to predict the result well in advance of when the vote count is complete.
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  • who are you to question their business model?

    Yeah, I wonder if they've patented it.

  • by 1010011010 ( 53039 ) on Tuesday November 07, 2000 @05:32PM (#641021) Homepage
    Whaddayamean, "no choice??!?!"

    We've got a rich white guy in his 50s vs. a rich white guy in his 50s, debating about whether we should cut taxes, or whether taxes should be cut; whether there should be a prescription drug benefit as part of Medicare, or whether Medicare should pay for prescription drugs; whether the military should get bigger, or whether the military should be increased in size, etc.

    There's lots of choice! Just not according to the news!

    I personally voted libertarian. ;)

  • Well, in Michigan the Detroit results aren't in yet (long lines still at close). Detroit -> heavy minority Democrat precincts.

    They might be just expecting these results to give Gore the win.

    I don't really agree with these premature calls, but I understand why they're doing it.

  • I just heard, the voter turnout in Missouri is so high tonight that a judge ordered the polls be kept open past the normal end of voting because so many people were lined up waiting to vote. This is outstanding! I'm very impressed so many people cared and got out to vote.

  • The same thing happened in florida, but CNN fixed that one.
  • "much better than the cheesy laser pointer that was on fox."

    I'll have to take your word for it. I didn't notice that earlier, and now my Fox affiliat seems to be having "Newsradio" cover the election. I'll watch for a laser pointer on the radio.

  • by SEWilco ( 27983 ) on Tuesday November 07, 2000 @06:26PM (#641036) Journal
    Okay, why is NBC using a whiteboard on someone's knee to show the latest tally? It is kind of retro...
  • it looks better thatn a John Madden yellow x's and o's and much better than the cheesy laser pointer that was on fox.
  • by Code Archeologist ( 128429 ) on Tuesday November 07, 2000 @04:20PM (#641045)
    Keep your eye on the Battle Ground states that are won like Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Missouri. These are states that are to statistcally close to call but were leaning slightly towards Gore.

    You will notice that most of the Strong Bush States are going Bush but the first of the needed Battleground States (Florida) has been taken by Gore.

    It will be interesting to see how this turns out because I was doing a little math and if the Really close gore Leaning states go Gore instead of Bush... the Gore Finishes with 280 Electoral votes... but not necesarily a majority of the popular vote.

  • When the election is final, we'll post one more story, and kiss politics good bye for a few years.

    Right... Napster, Copyrights, Patent laws, all that political stuff is behind you for the next four years until the next opportunity to put a mark on a piece of paper....

    I'm Canadian, so our election is still a few weeks away.

  • I didn't watch the lower channels on Satellite and I never once saw a political ad. :) I stayed on the sci-fi channel, the Cartoon network, and the History Channel, etc.

    Of course I did vote. But I'm gonna find a way to pass the time while waiting for Hawaii to get done voting. :)
    63,000 bugs in the code, 63,000 bugs,
    ya get 1 whacked with a service pack,
  • Ha, Vermont beat ya- Nader got 8% by some reports. :)

    Also, I voted the Progressive Anthony Pollina for Governor- he got 10%! That's damn good- that's about 10X any of the other third party candidates.

    By all means go to sleep for another 4 years, CmdrTaco- that sounds nice. Us third party loonies are not going to go to sleep- the Presidential race in particular is a Pyrrhic victory no matter who wins, and we need to do better than that next time, assuming we _get_ a next time. I for one am _sold_ on Voting For (and will never 'vote against' again). Who knew? It looks like every third party candidate I voted for (Progressive/Green in Vermont) got a _big_ chunk of the mainstream, easily enough to swing an election. It's about being noticed. You ask Gush or Bore, "You wouldn't want, oh, 7% of an edge in your race?" You ask the Vermont gubernatorial candidates from the major party if they are paying attention to the _10%_ neither of them got because Pollina grabbed it. A lot of the third party results are like "Baz Foobar, 0% (27 votes)"... but NOT all of them.

  • don't get me started on fucked up religious people that think you should run your life

    A lot of them do think they should be able to run your life. But at least they don't have the power to actually do so. Every other case you mention either involves direct government action against you (Carnivore), or government explicitely allowing criminal acts to occur (chemical plants).

    It's perfectly okay for people to tell you what to do. It is NOT okay for them to FORCE you to do what they tell you to do. Don't direct your anger at the wrong people.
  • First off, bookmark Canoe [] and visit it once a day. Stay plugged in, your Canadian damnit.

    Second, Day is a redneck facist. I live in Alberta, and trust me, he blows goats.

    Finally, I said it before, and I'll say it again... If those Yanks vote Bush into office, we are gonna burn your WhiteHouse again.
  • Actually, a few basic statistical principals show that once you have even a few thousand votes the chances of the winner being different from the one predicted is incredibly small

    That only applies if the sample is unbiased, i.e. it is equally likely to pick any particular member of the sampled population.

    But like-minded people cluster. For instance: voters in inner city neighborhoods may vote almost entirely Democrat while those in rural districts vote almost entirely Republican. (Or vice-versa - NOT! B-) ) Selecting a couple PRECINCTS at random is NOT an unbiased sample of VOTERS.

    Further: The first precincts to report are the first ones to get their data to the counting operation. This may be small rural precincts that closed early after everybody registered had voted. Or it might be inner-city urban precincts that happened to vote at, or near, the place where votes are counted.

    So early returns don't tell you anything - unless you compare them to the demographics of the precincts in question and correctly extrapolate them to the demographic mix of the entire state.

    The reporting operations do - which is why you'll sometimes see early returns massively in favor of one candidate and the news services calling the election to go to the other.
  • ....if He was a democrat.

    Seriously, you have to wonder about a state where the split is 87% Bush - 8% Nader - 3% Gore?!? - 3% Buchanan.

  • took Florida away from Gore, and shows Bush ahead by about 3%.. uh oh :(
  • gore takes the lead with a win in california.

    i'm still pulling for George though...
  • by Sawbones ( 176430 ) on Tuesday November 07, 2000 @04:22PM (#641070)
    Discussing the general election here at work over the last few days a lot of us seem to conclude one thing. This race would have been a heck of a lot more interesting had it come down to Bradley/McCain rather than Gore/Bush. Two candidates with divergant views and values and positions as compared to the slightly right centrist and slightly left centrist choice we have right now.

    *sigh* Sadly, I wish I could have voted for Skull [].
  • But continued voting for the "Big 2" only encourages continued political structuring that resembles the bipartisan politics of today. Our current two party system certainly isn't written into the Constitution nor was it intended by its drafters. The problem with the system today is the American public's general apathy toward politics. I think most people vote for a Republican or Democratic presidential candidate simply because they feel a vote for an "off-party" candidate is a wasted vote. "Voting tactically" is a perversion of the intended voting process. Only when Americans vote for the best candidate (regardless of his or her party afiliation) will our political system truly work.
  • I proudly wrote in Naked Dancing Llama [] for president!

  • So get off your butt and get to work! You think politics only happens every four years?

    I just helped a Progressive candidate for governor pull roughly 10% in a _close_ and hard fought gubernatorial race. (The Libertarians, in Massachusetts, damn near beat the Republican candidate for Congress- though the race predictably went to 'Teddy'. In that race the _Republicans_ were damn near the 'third party')

    Get up tomorrow, read the final results for the elections and then go to whatever organizations genuinely represent you (Greens, Progressives, Libertarians, Socialist Worker Party, _whatever_) and ask them, "Now what should I do?" Start building it into your regular life that you're going to put a certain amount of effort into supporting politics you can LIKE- and you're going to see who else you can find who feels the same way.

    I don't know what's more impressive, pulling 10% in a hard fought race, or nearly whipping the Republican candidate in a race where it's a foregone conclusion- but either way this illustrates the people are out there.

    Let's see to it that it's ten times as many people next time- always assuming we get a next time! It must be great to roll over and go back to sleep politically, but whether it's Greens on environment issues, Libertarians on government spending or Progressives on corporate rule and correlation between work and wealth, a LOT of us just do not have that luxury. Don't just be scared- organise!

  • Right now, the Shrub is ahead. Does this mean we're going to be getting a run on the Canadian border by all the smart people in America?

  • Utah. Even though I don't like Nader (Voted Browne this time and hope to vote Ventura in 4 years)I am proud to be in the state where Gore is a third party. hehehehehehe But that Bush number does sicken me. Oh well.
  • actually, if there were some way to inject the data from the CNN website into my cache network, then my customers would have up to the second pages with very little cache corruption...
  • We gave him 7% in Vermont...
  • witness the huge amount of people voting strictly along party lines, even though that really shouldn't mean very much

    I disagree. Voting along party lines makes sense if you believe one party represents your values better than the other party. If, on the other hand, you think the two major parties are "tweedledum" and "tweedledee" (to paraphrase Nader), then party distinctions don't mater. But for many people there are real differences between the two parties.

  • CNN has taken Florida [] out of the Gore column, for a big hit in his ev count. Apparently they're losing confidence in their polls.
  • by citizenc ( 60589 ) <> on Tuesday November 07, 2000 @04:30PM (#641108) Journal
    .. but not because of issues. Rather, it is because he is the tallest candidate, and has the best hair. (He invented hair!)

  • They say they are going to carry 5 or 6 of the last 10 states.

    Does anyone else think that the electoral college needs to be axed?
  • by joeboo ( 5182 ) on Tuesday November 07, 2000 @07:16PM (#641122) Homepage
    has anyone noticed that CNN reports Gore at 231 EVs when the website reports 230?

    Ok, who has the off-by-one error?
  • by AdamHaun ( 43173 ) on Tuesday November 07, 2000 @04:26PM (#641127) Journal
    On behalf of the State of Texas, I'd like to apologize for George W. Bush. We promise we won't do it again.
  • The the electoral vote is insufficient to pick a winner, the decision goes to the house. The president of the house can veto any decision by the house. It just so happens that the house president is Gore.

    So, to answer your question, if no candidate is selected via the electoral college, then Gore votes himself in.
  • Okay, so I see this headline on CNN or MSNBC,(I don't remember which) that FL is keeping its polls open later, but both media bastards have GORE as the winner!? But now, the unofficial vote count has Bush in first. Its very annoying, the networks should wait till 100% of precincts in a state report in before it jumps the gun and awards a state to the possibly wrong candidate!

  • by xjesus ( 231140 )
    I was kinda pissed. I had figured out which candidate that nearest fit my views, which was Dr. Hagelin. I go to the polls here in Austin, TX to find that i can't even write him in because Buchanan took the independant slot (in otherwords if i had written him it really would be throwing the vote away because they wouldn't even keep track). So i voted for my second choice Gore, though it doesn't mean a damn thing here in republican central... aka TEXAS

    For those who don't know, the position of Governer here in Texas has less to do with control of the local Govt compared to position of Lt. Govn. (Rick Perry) which does all the decision making [].

    /end rant
  • The CNN results [] get updated every few minutes.

    What happened to Drudge Report [], who swore on reporting election results throughout the day (before the polls closed in each state)? It's been down all day.
  • At this time(2030 EST), the race is still too close to call.

    In the next few hours, a President will be elected. It'll be George W Bush or Al Gore.

    No matter who it is, let's not make the same mistakes we made last time.

    Let the new guy do his job. Let's not pick through his sexual past. Let's not drool over blue dresses, and piccadilloes that no one really cares about.

    Congress, stop playing like a bunch of whiny crybabies. Work positively, not negatively. Don't investigate the President. Leave him be. You blew too much money on absolutely nothing. Let it go.

    If your party gets defeated, take it. Deal with it. Work to make the country better. Five year olds hold grudges - not the men we put in office.

    This time, let's come behind our President. He really is OUR President. He may belong to one party or the other, but he is ours. Support him as much as you can. You can disagree, but he is our symbol.

    Good luck to all.
  • by John Jorsett ( 171560 ) on Tuesday November 07, 2000 @04:36PM (#641140)
    If bush wins im movin to cuba!

    If Gore wins, just announce that you'd like to stay in Miami with your uncle and Janet Reno II will send you to Cuba for free.

  • Ack- s/New Hampshire/Massachusetts/. (In New Hampshire, the strongest third party was in fact Independent)

    But still- good job! Also, I think we can boast that we fought a harder fight- Vermont is _split_ by our pioneering Civil Unions law (allowing marriagelike legal status for gay and lesbian couples) and the governor's race was fought brutally. There are 'Take Back Vermont', 'Take Vermont Forward' signs _everywhere_. By contrast, the reason you Libertarians kicked the Republican's butt so hard is he was running against Ted Kennedy :)

    Still, it gives you a warm feeling to see either Dems or Reps taking third place or desperately struggling to avoid that fate. Keep it up, and beat the Republican next time- when Teddy gets old and too vague for politics you can pounce :)

    Meanwhile, it looks like it's going to be like armwrestling here in Vermont, and that's cool too...

    • I did overhear something about Stockwell Day saying he was going to legalize marijuana. I'm not a drug user (save caffeine), but I'll vote for him without hesitation if he really means it. I'd really like the cops to go back to doing something more useful than busting small-time users.
    He simply said that he would allow a free vote (that is, not bound by the party line) in the HoC to legalize marijuana. Since he won't get elected prime minister, this won't happen, since if Day becomes PM, it is quite unlikely that his hordes of unwashed cavemen would vote YES to that...

    But this is just cheap campaign strategy for him, and possession is likely to be decriminalized, since:

    So, anyway you vote (except for Day), you can pretty well expect to see Imperial Tobacco joints at the cornerstore before long...

    Americans are bred for stupidity.

  • Yeah, what's funny about it is that -- as much as people bitch about Clinton in the US -- if he could run again, he'd probably mop the floor with both of these guys...

  • nader has 2% right now. You can see the election stats here [].
  • Now this isn't my words, but someone who wants to remain anonymous.

    With the election of a figurehead used by the American senate to attempt the facade of caring for the American people in both local and global affairs...

    May take this time to say, our saintest candidate is FICTIONAL, I refer to the Duke2000 campaign...

    If he had a body of a substance of any material, besides pen, paper, and creativity... he would be our safest bet to send into office, now, I'm not going to go into the cons and cons of the two main candidates this year, or the pros of any third party, because lets face it, our main candidates have both contributed to the least socialy apealing election in a long time if ever. And for those of you who say "what about a third party?" Well its time you face it America is a two pary system with a couple Media-whores along for the ride.

    Back to the subject at hand though, I encourage all you poor souls to read the back strips of a comic strip known as Doonsbury, and tell me with all honestey that Duke does not have a sane case... Anyone that can campaign through rural USA and completely pass up the small towns because they just aren't noticable, anyone that can atempt to crash politcal conventions Mission Impossible style, anyone that can come up with that clever of media hooks and scandals to grab atention in the 11th hour, it takes a noticible candidate like that to grab the attention, of the average citizen... also, to encourage the younguns, by explaining taxes in a family sense, nothing grabs the future voters like explaining taxes as billions of dollars put away for little billy...

    Now the point has been made, any candidate of any genus able to formulate words, of any gender: male, female. 80/20*, anyone with ideals like this, can easily run and sway the masses, to become our next scandal-ridden figurehead to the entire free-world... With politics like this, why even stop at one large Super-Power, use it as a springboard to launch a attempt at becoming the evil overlord, for a NWO that rules the entire world, exactly as every conspiracy theory details.

    and yes, this is just boredom, if anyone has been offended I humbly apologize.

    [Name Removed]

    Duke for Pres, them Evil Overlord of the world, and finaly CEO of the illuminati!!!

    *A reference to a link on the Portal of Evil [] awhile back ago. After all, transgendered bunny girls have rights too!
  • is providing a really nice map ... complete with mouseover election results.

    Unfortunately the mouseover doesn't give the percentage of the vote counted in that state. OOPS! Makes it useless.

    It's especially annoying because they HAVE the percentage available! They show it on the grand totals - where you can't tell how solid the electoral votes are.
  • IT's been inundated with traffic.

    He has been posting early, and he's been right on almost every call.


  • Woohoo! *highfive* good going, NH!

    We in Vermont voting Progressive did almost as well for the governor's seat:

    Democrat: 53%
    Republican: 36%
    Progressive: 10%
    (from the Burlington Free Press site)

    I'll concede we didn't split the opposing vote half as well as you guys did, but you've also answered one question of mine- in Vermont, Libertarians made an awful showing, very little turnout. I wondered what happened to them. Clearly they were all in New Hampshire! And doing themselves proud- good job :)

    Tip of the hat from one third-partyite to another!

  • The major news sites are all covering the results, but they are also really bogged down.

    You think the majors are bogged?

    Matt Drudge [] promised to break the embargo by reporting exit poll data before the polls close. But I haven't been able to get his site to respond with a page for more than 6 hours. (Last success was at 11:15 PST, or 2:15 PM EST.)

    Site responds to pings, though. (Paranoia strikes: Maybe somebebody doesn't like Matt reporting results before poll closing. B-) )
  • The Libertarians didn't get enough press. I saw Harry Browne on TV *once* this whole campaign.

    CNN's election results for the 11th congressional district in Virginia don't even show the Libertarian candidate. Come on! There were only 4 candidates for that seat. You don't have enough space to show 4 lousy candidates? I know he's not going to win, but if people saw the names of 3rd party candidates, and saw how many votes they got, it might make them curious.

    Does anybody know where I can get ALL the results for VA 11th district?

  • by Segfault 11 ( 201269 ) on Tuesday November 07, 2000 @04:40PM (#641168) Homepage
    And what's so wrong about felons being able to vote? This whole subject would be pointless if the U.S. had an incarceration rate up there with the former Soviet Union.

    Of course, the Soviets had zero tolerance for "crimes" against the Communist party, while the U.S. has zero tolerance for "crimes" against the self, namely drugs. I have a friend who can't vote because he committed the "felony" of giving $20 worth of marijuana to an undercover cop -- there was no violence, and no sale ever actually took place. Did he deserve to lose his right to vote and do jail time? I think not.
  • no, that's totally wrong. Gore is prez. of the Senate. The president of the House doesn't really matter unless they neither candidate can't get a mojority in the House, in which case the HOuse majority leader becomes president until they make up their minds. And voting for the President of the US in the House is by state, whi means 4 Rs and 2 Ds from CO means one vote for Bush. If the state delegation deadlocks, they lose their vote. The Senate picks the VP in a deadlocked Electoral College.
  • Bush has it for sure because his daddy's old buddies at the CIA certainly wouldn't allow daddy's kid to lose. That's why the Florida race was projected for Gore, then suddenly got switched to Bush. Bush Sr's old CIA operatives got to the voting machines in West Florida in time to switch the values (no graveyards needed if you can just switch the totals on the tote sheets!).

    (Sorry about that, was working on the plot for a paranoid novel and it just came out :-).


  • by TheDullBlade ( 28998 ) on Tuesday November 07, 2000 @06:48PM (#641182)
    Sure, with the chick vote making the difference, usually it's the taller guy, but Al Gore has the personality and charm of a wooden plank.

    Let's say roughly 90% of people are too dumb to follow the issues. The 45% dopey men are influenced by a variety of factors, but mostly it's pack-think and they vote for the man they'd like as the captain of their football team; the important thing here is that the male candidates understand these factors, and the Democrats and Republicans are about equally good at fighting over them. The 45% dopey women judge the men as members of the opposite sex, and vote for the one they'd rather mate with, which usually means the better looking one, but they must be able to have some sort of emotional connection, and Al Gore has no warmth. The candidates don't understand the women's vote as well, which is why it tends to be the deciding factor.

    Don't laugh, I'm not joking: Clinton got in last time on "bad boy" sex appeal.

    As for the 10% of men and women bright enough to form a reasoned opinion based on the issues, they are irrelevant when the other 90% are voting Gore or Bush (who are pretty much the same). They are bright enough to recognize that there aren't enough of them to bring in another party, and try to shift the balance; once you decide that you have to choose the lesser of two evils, there's so little to recommend either one that this vote is split, too (and a significant number end up just saying "to hell with it, I'd rather pretend it's meaningful and vote for who I really want", or just choosing not to vote).

    Democracy just doesn't work.

  • Naw, too cold.

    Though I did take a run by the Canadian immigration site to see what it would take. Turns out I have enough points (profession, education, etc.) that it'd be almost a given :-).


  • by tetrad ( 131849 ) on Tuesday November 07, 2000 @04:45PM (#641193)

Man is an animal that makes bargains: no other animal does this-- no dog exchanges bones with another. -- Adam Smith