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Comment Re:Merkel.... (Score 2) 333

What exactly did you want to say? Taking down "Fake News" from your web site is ... hm, wrong? Being forced to do it by law is ... wrong? Is something wrong with your mind?

The problem here is that, similarly to DMCA takedowns, the default action is going to be to take it down as soon as a complaint is filed, not perform some sort of investigation to make sure the complaint is legit. So if you're a party bent on suppressing unfavorable or inconvenient news, it'll be in your interest to gin up complaints to get it removed. The only thing that would act to ameliorate this would be fines for illegitimate complaints, and what are the chances of that happening?

Comment It's not the carrier's problem (Score 2) 295

Not the seller, the courier. Leaving a package on a doorstep is no less negligent than leaving it on the side of the road and telling someone to go get it before it's stolen. This should be covered under existing law.

The consumer has the power to fix this already: when ordering, request a "signature required" delivery. If the seller doesn't offer that, order elsewhere. Whatever you decide, it isn't the carrier's problem if you elect to assume the risk.

Comment Brilliant (Score 1) 173

The letter sent on Monday by the Internet Association, a trade group whose 40 members also include Alphabet's Google, Uber and Twitter, represents an early effort to repair the relationship between the technology sector and Trump


We loathe you with every fiber of our being. Here's a list of what we want.

Comment Re:Great news! (Score 1) 231

No more mining jobs means less voters having a stake in the mining industry, much of which is the mining of coal. Less mining jobs also means less rural mining boom towns which inevitably turn into ghost towns.

That implies the people who get their power from coal-based plants can't make the connection between coal and inexpensive electricity. People rather quickly notice when their monthly bills rise to unaffordable levels.

Comment Going by complaints, job loss is a good thing (Score 2) 231

Isn't it universally acknowledged that mining is dirty, dangerous, difficult, and a threat to worker's health? I'd think eliminating as many mining jobs as possible would be seen as a good thing. Same for all the other industries where the work itself is said to be bad for workers: fishing (dangerous), truck driving (dangerous, deleterious to health), fast food (poorly compensated, demeaning, dead end), etc.

Comment Free stuff! (Score 1) 170

"Society said it did not matter if you could pay for electricity; we wanted everyone to have it. Society said we would not limit dial tone to those who could pay the most, we gave it to all," said telecommunications lawyer Gerard Lederer of Best Best and Krieger LCC in Washington, D.C., in an e-mail.

I didn't realize that I could have electricity and phone service even if I don't pay for them. Like an idiot, I've been paying those bills each month. Tell me more.

Comment Environmentalists are control freaks (Score 1) 275

Of course environmentalists hate carbon sequestration. They have an agenda that includes telling you how to live and carbon sequestration defeats it. If you can mitigate the damage, real or imagined, without resort to their remedies of deprivation, mandate, and punishment, you slip from their control, and they cannot abide that.

Comment Re:Yup (Score 5, Insightful) 319

Bad law bring it to the Supreme Court and get it overturned. IMDB probably has mega money from all that advertising they run on their site. They have plenty of money for a lawsuit

There's something wrong when you need "plenty of money" in order to assure your rights aren't violated. We need to modify the system where, if you challenge a bad law and prevail, you get your legal costs reimbursed.

Comment Wonder what the RNC is doing about now? (Score 1) 333

You've got to know that a lot of left-leaning hackers must be targeting the RNC for this same sort of info in order to balance the scales. If the RNC is smart they'll have taken all of it off of internet-exposed computers and limited access to it for even trusted employees. Or, probably better, destroyed it completely. I think this represents the full emergence of cyber warfare for retail political means. What a strange new world awaits.

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