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Totally 31337 Quickies 155

bigstripes sent us a couple of websites that game chairs: The RocknRide and the Simcraft for people for whom strapping a subwoofer to your chest just isn't enough. Curious what the MST3k guys are doing? bill notes that most of the guys are working on a website Timmy Bighands, although Joel is doing his own thing. QuasEye sent us a link to a review of The Matrix: The Musical. I need footage of this, but it sounds frightening beyond measure. Frank Martini pointed us to a VinylVideo who are hawking a kit that lets your old record player play video. Sun Tzu pointed us to a list of milestones in a programmers life, while jamesoutlaw sent in a site that caricatures common discussion group personalities in Usenet ... and surprisingly enough Many of the stereotypes apply just as well to Slashdot. Schmam notes that Stevie Case, one of the designers for Quake II, now working with Ion Storm, famous for being Romero's GF, and for beating him at Quake, as well as being hot ... well she's in playboy, but you're only allowed to read the article or else I'm telling your mom. Hey, its nice to note that Slashdot took 2 People's Voice Webby Awards one in the Print & Zines and the other in Community. I'm not exactly sure what it proves tho (besides the fact that you guys like us enough to fill out a form) but thanks to those who voted us. May peace and prosperity follow you (and may the Webbies not sell your e-mail address to people bent on selling you toner). And now for the strang(er) part of the quickies, HelLfiRe leads us towards The Stinkymeat Project which is, well, a photo documentary of a plate of rotting meat. Read only on a settled stomach. Richard Stevens sent us an Amazingly Strange cartoon strip: This guy draws inane pictures based on the idiotic titles people send him. If you want something slightly better drawn, mkoscica sent us plif which is really twisted, but funny.
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Totally 31337 Quickies

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  • I guess so. But if they didn't they would be "infringing on free speech". The implied law overrides ethix. Cool! :=[
  • by LordNimon ( 85072 ) on Tuesday May 16, 2000 @03:32PM (#1068044)
    The Stevie Case Web Ring []

    The last link in the ring contains all the pictures from Playboy. Frankly, her breasts look so fake that I think they're ugly. Not only that, but she looks a lot like Madonna in those pics.

  • Is there something wrong with the After Y2K Slashdot Gladiators poster []? Or this classic pool shot []?

    Anomalous: inconsistent with or deviating from what is usual, normal, or expected
  • by Bowie J. Poag ( 16898 ) on Tuesday May 16, 2000 @07:29PM (#1068046) Homepage
    While Romero's girlfriend IS hot, I can't help but wonder what her motivations were for doing a spread (no pun intended) in Playboy.

    A few months back, Playboy visited the U of A campus here in Tucson in search of some fresh meat. Everyone thought it was great, there were flyers in every window of every shop downtown advertising it...hooray-hooray, 10 lucky girls will end up in Playboy. Then, the shit hit the fan, and they became the laughing stocks of the whole campus..An article in the Wildcat (our school paper) managed to interview one of the representatives from Playboy. It turns out these girls were paid a measly $100-300 each to bare all in a national magazine. Poor sluts, I thought, to be taken for a ride like that.. You've gotta be pretty hard up for booze money of you'll get nekkid for that cheap. Dumb girls just don't do it for me.

    Then again, this is Playboy, not Scientific American. Being smart wont exactly land you in the centerfold. ;)

    Bowie J. Poag
  • washboard-like pectorals muscles would look pretty bizarre.
  • Having seen these, I'd say it's bad lighting on the part of the photographers.

    She looked damn hot when she posed as a schoolteacher for PC Accelerator.

  • No thanks! But Nitrozac knows what a geek-girl wants: Linus! []

    Oh yes, Nitrozac knows []...

  • I guess Playboy doesn't know anything about finding hotties...

    The best description of Playboy models I've heard is "Nice body, shame about the face."

  • I'd have thought the "exposure" in a national magazine could well be worth a lot more than the fee. Laker girls (LA Lakers BB cheerleaders) get paid next to nothing (or actually nothing?), but all do it for the publicity.
  • <HORN ACTION="TOOT">You forgot There is no spoon. </HORN>
  • by Anonymous Coward
    Here's a directory with 30+ photos of that nutty Stevie Case babe that we have come to know and love.

    And here's another:

    Someone posted the first link as part of another Slashdot article discussion yesterday.

    If I recall correctly someone else opined that the photos made her look like a "$5 crack whore." I would tend to agree with that assessment.

    Join the discussion in the Official Stevie Case Hot & Spicy Photo Critique Forum [].
  • by cr0sh ( 43134 )
    Here's some more links! /~czesanne/pcm.html

    I had another link with a circuit and such from some guy in Germany, but I am not sure where it is now - but between all of these links, you should be able to do it yourself pretty easily anyhow...

    Not Germany - the Netherlands...
  • Alright.. I admit it.. I'm really a 62 year old retiree from Flint, Michigan.. I didn't have much to do after the plant shut down, (I used to assemble the plastic seat subassemblies on the GM full size) so my late husband George bought me a brand spanking new IBM 386 and a SprintNet dialup. I heard about Slashdot from Rob's parents (They are such dears!) who thought he was wasting his life with 'all of that technical gobbledygook'.

    There are a few of us on Slashdot. I went to high school with Wah (Milford High class of 59! Go Redskins!) and I got OpenSourceMan into it after meeting him at the local Knights of Columbus casino night. (Watch out girls, he's taken. The hair is not all his, but the teeth are!!)

    Oh, Rob. Tell your mother that carbonated soda will take the stain you left out of her white rug. I didn't have time to call her back today, what with the hairdressers appointment and all the running around over my granddaughters wedding..
  • Has anyone else noticed that /.'s quickies are rapidly becomming like reading last week's [] Memepool [] ?
  • Obviously they were short a couple fingers or soemthing, because that sure as hell seems like seven words to me =)
  • Damn, that looks like it would've been good if they hadn't taken themselves so seriously. Heheh, now I'm wondering about musicals of Episode I. Or any other sci-fi for that matter (X-Files, Star Trek?). Anyone know of any other modern sci-fi that's had this done?
  • Ok, maybe I just didn't notice it before, but this is the first time I've seen the vacuum-cleaner icon for the quickies.

    Why a vacuum cleaner? Is that implying that the quickies suck? I find most of them pretty funny.

  • There was one they missed (although you might cover it under the expert... but Its a bit diffrent).... They need a zealot...

    Zealot: A user who believes the product they support is always better and will throw meaningless benchmarks out onto the newsgroup in order to confuse and win people over to his/her particular product. When two zealots with opposing views enter a war they suck everyone in with them.

    just my $0.02

  • At this point, regardless of the circumstances, I wouldn't eat the meat. -- Day 7

    Hah.. does anyone find it amusing that he only makes that comment on Day 7? I mean, it's good to know that he definitely wouldn't eat it from Day 7 on..but I was just operating under the assumption that maybe after Day 1 he had given up thinking about that..

  • I don't care about being moderated down.

    but what about geek girls? Hey taco don't you think that if you're going to post articles(sic) from playboy that maybe you should do a little something for us? I bet you don't realize how many of us actually read /.

    Watch out you never know, you might find yourself competing against a site that doesn't market itself to the lowest common denominator.
  • Not exactly the same, but there's always the Simpsons equivalent [], starring Troy McLure.

    The Matrix musical sounds dire. I saw the film on Sunday for the first time (yes, I know, I'm very slow) and the thought of it being a musical fills me with dread.

    Ford Prefect
  • by cr0sh ( 43134 ) on Wednesday May 17, 2000 @09:54AM (#1068065) Homepage
    Pretty cool - I liked the SimCraft better, because he was at least offering plans - but the Rock n' Ride is a clean design (though I can't say much about the web page).

    It appears to be a German built product, so it will probably be a quality device - does any of our German /.ers know of the source company?

    They do give assembly instructions, so it might be possible to "roll your own" from that - maybe build some PVC air cylinder's ala SimCraft, attach it to a 2x4 frame, a bucket seat and some steel - one PIC - whammo! - instant homebrew Rock n' Ride!

    So, for those who would like more sim plans, etc - here are some links:
    http://www simpson/jhbc~1.html

    Last but not least, my favorite - Omniscience Futureneering's [] JoyRider Plans [] - a homebrew 3-axis flight simulator.

    Be sure to check out their other offerings - like the radio controlled, vid-cam rocket...
  • The T.W.I.N.K.I.E.S is archived at The T.W.I.N.K.I.E.S Project [] or it is linked at Horrible-Web [].
  • L: Hugh
    P: Hefner

    no lie :)

    now gimme some damn Kharma for that biotch!
  • Looks like microsoft wasn't the first to come up with the name x-box. Gizmonics X-box is a huge stage designed for live action, 'in camera' special effects. Supercool. According to the site:
    The goal of "X-box" was to move away from the overprocessed images of television.
    A noble goal.
    Microsoft is clearly infringing on Gizmonic's branding with their new console, and will have to change the name immediately:-) I suggest a variation with something hip and GenXish - like take mega, giga, super, or something like that, then make it a even hipper pseudoname by dropping a few letters. MeX, or GiX, or wait...I've got it...the SuX Box! Has a nice ring to it, dontcha think? It has a certain 'Chevy Nova in Mexico' feel.`
  • "Hey, buddy, my eyes are down here!"

    Don't criticise someone who is attempting to use free software for not using enough free software.
  • here's tip, as i just saw them all, go to and fill out the trial form. It's free for a month. Better yet here's the url:

    Free Boobs []

    just click the free month offer at the top and fill the bogus info in.

    "I like /. but you can tell it was designed by programmers..."

  • No shit..Stupid is as stupid does. I'll bet you every single one of these women has at one point in their lives, complained that men view women only as sex objects.

    Showing your snatch to countless millions of guys for a whopping $175 is what, a political statement? A career move?

    If a girl's "self-esteem" is so low that she feels she has to put herself on display to amount to anything in life, that's just plain sad. Keep your $175 or give it to a shrink to fix your thinking at least.

    Bowie J. Poag
  • Is this the first time /. has linked to Playboy?
  • Mahlon Smith is a god! Go Stinkymeat!!!

    Your pals from


  • Silly me. I happen to be of the opinion that any woman willing to show her bush to a few million people for a measly $175 puts herself at the same level as a prostitute. See, the 90's are over..For 15 years or so, we've been bullshitting ourselves into believing that crap like "The Girls Of Hooters" constitutes "art". Sorry to disappoint you, but I call it like I see it. it. And, as I see it, any woman who takes money in exchange for getting a guy off == a whore. What do you call them? Entrepeneurs? Artistic Collaborators? Quick! Find a politically correct term for "slut"!

    See, I doubt many people buy Playboy to read their thought provoking editorials and in-depth sports coverage. They buy it to look at one thing: tits & ass. Now, if you're reading Playboy for the articles....well, then I 'd be worried. But until then, its for men to stare at, and for women too stupid to know any better.

    My $0.02
    Have a swell day,

    Bowie J. Poag
  • It is not just the really bad boob job (though I have unforutnately seen worse), she has this, well vacant look in all those Playboy photos. Kind of disturbing. Either the photographer was an idiot or she was wasted during that shoot. Just a theory of course. :)
  • Leave it to the art community to ruin a geek movie. Bastards. Although I would like to hear that "Whoa" song poking fun at Keanu. Anybody got an mp3 bootleg? Wha, wait. WHO'S THERE?!? OH GOD, JAMES HETFIELD AND LARS ULRICH! PUT ME DOWN YOU PANSIES! PUT ME *thud* Sharkey
    Music Pirate []
  • by Lx ( 12170 )
    Hehe, yeah, that would be what i'm thinking of. Sorry.

  • by BlueCalx- ( 59283 ) on Tuesday May 16, 2000 @03:07PM (#1068078) Homepage
    As a parallel to last week (or whatever was the last round of quickies)'s Pay Lars [], now you can Sue Lars []!

    Fight the Man!
  • Does anybody remember the Spam Cam []? These guys wanted to know whether Spam (the meat-flavored lunch product) was organic. So they opened a tin, set that Spam brick out on a plate, and posted daily pictures. I'm not entirely sure what, if anything, that they proved. Gray and green mold grew all over the thing, and it appeared to change shape somewhat. Also, according to the Spam Cam operators, it was extremely stinky.

    Later they set out other food products to rot, but never again did they achieve the touching poignancy of that wonderful mold-covered brick.

  • Ok, I know I'll get flamed for this, but, hey, it's on-topic for a change (not that I post off-topic or anything...). Perhaps the "anonymous coward" is a combination of the "Anonymous" and the "Weenie" Flame-Warriors? And how about adding "troll" to the list?

  • Proof once again that being 'beautiful' is simply a matter of professional makeup and photography. It's amazing how different women look after that kind of makeover - check out Asia Carerra's made up look as opposed to normal. I don't get down on women for getting augmented, because that's their own choice, and I get sick of people being trendy by insulting women who have it done, but I have to say that fake tits and wig-like hair just doesn't do it for me. Conforming to fucked-up beauty standards just perpetuates them further and messes up people's self esteem. That said, I'm off to work on getting some washboard pecs.


  • Here I am minding my own business when I find out that none other than Stevie Case aka KillCreek has been in Playboy! This is weird, because it means that someone who's beaten me in a Quake Tourney (QuakeCon '97, baby!) is in pr0n. That's just f'ed up. I guess it means I have 2 degrees of seperation to Hugh Heffner, though, huh?

    aka "Nectarine_Man", the Fruits of War
  • Good looking, gamer, and intelligent isn't that rare of a combination... and I, frankly, don't see where the other one matters ;)

    -- Dr. Eldarion --
    It's not what it is, it's something else.
  • What's more interesting is the guy who offered him $200 to eat one of the hot dogs, before they went away... makes me wonder about the crazies on the net sometimes. :) Hope his neighbor doesn't have net access, after all, one person from his town is checking his backyard, as of day 15.. :)

    bash: ispell: command not found
  • Here's a directory with 30+ photos of that nutty Stevie Case babe that we have come to know and love.

    Dammit. I went there, brought up the first picture, and did my eyes linger on the partially exposed chick? Nope. All I could think was, "Damn, that's a pretty Mac she's got. Custom paint job?" I mean, the case really is gorgeous. Rivals my ATC-200-MX [].

  • FigWig wrote:
    I am thinking of getting forehead implants so I can look really brainy.

    I don't think having enormous breasts on your forehead would make you look brainy.
  • by aok ( 5389 )
    Stevie "Killcreek" Case looks completely different than her older pictures that I saw of her (I think it was in an interview shortly after she beat Romero at deathmatch a long time ago).
    I don't think she needed to go blonde and get breast surgery, but that's her decision.
  • Yeah, I don't doubt it. I just thought it was interesting how when she didn't have all the makeup on, she just looked like a normal, reasonably attractive girl. There was a HUGE difference.

  • After seeing this [], I have to agree with you *g*
  • But if he had breasts on his forehead, I'd date him.

  • With a body like that,he can take over the internet any time he want to, as far as I'm concerned.

    Oh, wait, that's *Stevie* Case ;)
  • Why not setup a special quickies page, where all submitted quickies will be posted, if they have an unique url?
    Most quickies don't make it to the Slashdot page, but I think some of them would be worthwhile visiting as well.

  • If I ever meat the guy who's been leaving beef in my garden I will KICK HIS ASS!
  • A friend went to see the live presentation of this. A must see if it comes your way. Its a cross between a art show and infomercial. The device is so cool, you can even scratch the vinyl and get warped visuals.

    Move over DVD, vinyl will always rule.

  • NOPE:

    They linked to a retro-article of a review of the Sinclair.

  • by pnevares ( 96029 ) on Tuesday May 16, 2000 @04:24PM (#1068098) Homepage
    The Onion has some stunning social commentary [] on how mp3s can affect the recording industry. =)

    Pablo Nevares, "the freshmaker".
  • It sucks up all the crusty bits and combines them in the bag?

    It's possible! That's the way I interpreted it.

  • Yikes, what is up with Slashdot?!? First, it's not accessible for days due to the DOS attack, and now I go to the main page and it's blank! Repeatedly! And the formatting is gone on other pages. (I must admit however, that my comment previews were loading a lot faster without all that extra crap.) What's the problem?

    How are we supposed to waste time if Slashdot isn't up? All the more reason to go waste time at GeekPress [], as was suggested during the DOS []. After all, Slashdot doesn't have this rich story: Zero Gravity Sex Film Up For Award [].

    -- Diana Hsieh

  • WARNING: You must be 18 years of age or older to read this comment. If you are not at least 18 years old, you must leave now []. Sorry, I'm pretty sure Playboy does NOT qualify as XXX material. Playboy is not just nude women posing in soft glossy actually contains (+1 insightful) articles, (+1 interesting) interviews, etc. Plus, the pictorials themselves are generally very tasteful. XXX is usually crap. Do a search for XXX, and I guarantee you won't get anything remotely resembling Playboy. (I take no responsibility for the content you might stumble over by doing this search. Ugh.)

    -- Give him Head? Be a Beacon?

  • Has anyone considered that linking to that Playboy article, with the nudie pics, might open Slashdot to prosecution under those laws that say you can't let people access prurient material without verifying that they're over 18?

    Or am I thinking of the wrong thing?

  • Did anybody else notice that all the other Webby winners listed on CNN were hyperlinked, except for []? I guess Microsoft gave up the direct censorship, and now they're leaning on other sites...
  • Okay who's got some playboy membership passwords? Err, the funding is low on my "Geeks turned Strippers" thesis.

  • What they all look like that? I'm moving out there man.. I never saw her before.. but she's damn fine..
  • by Anonymous Coward
    I hope one of the "dumb sluts" tracks you down and kicks your ass. They are adults and can pose for nude photographs if they want. The fact that you seem to have a problem with it reflects more on you and your sexist attitudes than it does on them.
  • Realise the truth; there is no deadline.
  • Ok, I dont see anyone posting a password to see the full pictorial of Stevie Case.. Whats wrong with you??

    Post, and then moderate up, so we can all see it.


  • I followed the link to, and was amused by the latest comic, so I clicked for a random comic ten times, and was laughing hysterically at each one. So I trolled the entire archive, and can attest that every single one of those comics is either incredibly funny, or so random to be above reproach.

  • Just have, theres some briliant stuff in there. A lot of very good social commentry in there too.
  • "Slashdot. Schmam notes that Stevie Case, one of the designers for Quake II"

    No, Stevie Case had nothing to do with Quake II, nor id. Well, she had a thing going with "Xian" "Disruptor" "Anktow" there for a bit, but not quite the same thing.

    Fellow Lawrencite Brandon James did have something to do with Quake II, but has since moved on to Rogue Entertainment. I guess hanging out with people like Paul Steed really does get to you after awhile.

  • Yeah, they look about as nice as that Apple mouse she's holding in one of the pictures. A little ironic considering Daikatana's single platform choice.
  • but what about geek girls? Hey taco don't you think that if you're going to post articles(sic) from playboy that maybe you should do a little something for us? I bet you don't realize how many of us actually read /.

    I don't think you really want CmdrTaco to post links to nude pictures of himself, do you?
  • I mean, Steve Case owns a bundle of AOL and soon will own a bundle of Time-Warner.

    What's that?

    Stevie Case?

    <click> <click> <click>

    Never mind.

    Anomalous: inconsistent with or deviating from what is usual, normal, or expected
  • Stevie Case was never a Quake 2 designer.

    Case also isn't well known because of being Romeros girlfriend (hell I hope not). Case was one of the first really good female Quake players and was in a lot of tournaments. She also used to hang on IRC a lot with the Quake guys.


  • July 1995 Playgirl magazine. They pay like CRAP! And yes, I'm guessing it's about as rare. :)
  • Um, first off, was this just a poor attempt to spam Slashdot with a link to your own site?

    Either way, it's obvious nobody cares. Out of the 20 last stories you've posted on the site, there are a total of *3* comments between them, with each posted in a different story. Not even a single reply. It's worth noting that if you reply to this message, we'll have matched in one thread the total messages posted on GeekPress in a span of three days.

    If you're going to spam Slashdot with links to your own site, at least make it a decent site to visit. Ripping on Slashdot for whatever reason (note: it works perfectly for me, and has for weeks) is one thing, but doing it for free advertising is quite another.

    I'm sure I'm not the only one who finds it slightly amusing that you've used 'ihatespam' to obfusctate your email address, either.

    - Jeff A. Campbell
    - VelociNews ( [])
  • by sigsegv ( 90 ) <pete+slashdot&toscano,org> on Tuesday May 16, 2000 @05:51PM (#1068123) Homepage
    ...naked pictures of _Steve_ Case. *shudder*


  • I'm no ashmed to pose for PlayGirl if some /. geek females wants to take a look so, how about it? :o)
  • by Zico ( 14255 ) on Tuesday May 16, 2000 @06:01PM (#1068139)

    There's always been a big link between nerds and enormous breasts. Haven't you ever seen Eric S. Raymond before? :)


  • by FigWig ( 10981 ) on Tuesday May 16, 2000 @05:10PM (#1068140) Homepage
    Conforming to fucked-up beauty standards just perpetuates them further and messes up people's self esteem.

    I've never gone out with a girl who regularly wears makeup. I've always found that there's an inverse relationship of intelligence to concern with looks. Sure you should get haircuts and try and dress nice, but people who look in the mirror every 5 minutes have problems.

    I am thinking of getting forehead implants so I can look really brainy. I think it will give me an advantage in job interviews and will help me intimidate my chess opponets.

  • Schmam notes that Stevie Case, one of the designers for Quake II

    Killcreek never worked for id. She worked for Ritual/Hipnotic for a while as a tester, and then she went on to Ion Storm as a level designer working on Daikatana. I believe she was/is in the CPL as well?

    Jason Pollock
  • I do, ranked right up there with the fish cam. Lame, but somehow I couldn't look away.
  • OK, I know that I'm gonna be moderated down for being off-topic, but I have a quickie submission that didn't get accepted, even though I know the slashdot readers will enjoy it:

    Build Your Own Brain-Wave Machine []!
    Humans have been using light and sound to achieve altered states of consciousness for thousands of years. Primitive cultures used flickering fires and rythmic drumming to induce these altered states. Today, you can choose from a wide variety of electronic brain-wave machines which use light and/or sound to alter brain-wave activity. Brain-wave activity ranges from fully awake to deep dreamless sleep. This activity is categorized into five primary groups: Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta, and Gamma.

    .- CitizenC (User Info [])
  • You cliked on the wrong link: her name is "Stevie Case" :)


    Freedom is Slavery! Ignorance is Strength! Monopolies offer Choice!
  • by Raleel ( 30913 ) on Tuesday May 16, 2000 @03:19PM (#1068150)
    No, that is not real. No way in hell. Smart, Gamer, Beautiful, and in Playboy? Come on, what kind of fools are we? Next thing you know we'll be talking to Jesus on the frozen plains of hell, commenting on the flying swine. ;)

    Seriously though, how rare is this combination? Oh, about as rare as handsome, gamer, intelligent geek guys who have been in Playgirl. I know one guy who has 3 (no playgirl yet, but he could be).

    Geez. I hate impossibly perfect people ;)
  • Posted above some people wanna see geek girls
    (and even guys)I had a lovely idea.Every year
    G.Gordon Liddy has a photo contest for his
    "stacked and packed calendar"in which girls submit
    partialy clothed,underwear and nude photos of
    themselves posed with firearms.
    How about geek chicks posed with cool hardware you and the boyz at andover could judge
    the photos and put out a calendar.Better yet
    post them online and let us judge.
    Of course some of the women will want to see
    some geek bulls.I suspect this will subside when
    they see the first few entries of guys who spend
    their time on their butt in front of a terminal.
    (priapic conditions optional)Then there will be
    complaints from feminists,but who has ever cared
    what those hairy-chested manhaters thought?
    C'mon dont just think about it,do it!Have
    faith,Bob will rain golden showers of Slack on
    all involved,making this a sure thing.

  • But then I realized, wait a minute... Stevie makes a boatload of cash doing the programming she loves, and she's not some dumb bimbo hoping that somehow nude modeling will get her into an acting career. I don't think that I would ever pose nude (even if I had her measurements) but I realize I shouldn't bag on her for her choice.
  • by Rupert ( 28001 ) on Wednesday May 17, 2000 @04:09AM (#1068156) Homepage Journal

    Next month ...

    Full frontals of John Carmack!
  • .
    I can't believe it... the usenet profiles include CowboyNeal [].

    ( I love you dude... can I have a hug? )


  • by Fractured One ( 142243 ) on Tuesday May 16, 2000 @05:27PM (#1068165)
    Theres no 31337 quickies there.. theres a max of 20 maybe less..
  • Dude, she ain't smart or beautiful

    Sure thing, man. I guess Playboy doesn't know anything about finding hotties to put in their magazine. But hey, I guess you know beauty better than they do, right? Mind if I ask about your qualifications are for thinking you could do a better job picking out women that millions of guys would pay to see? Her old pics were very cute, but they definitely wouldn't be selling any magazines or web hits.

    'Sides, you're not fooling anyone -- we all know that when it comes to nerds like you, your atrophied little pud would be spraying in your shorts so fast if she ever came on to you.

    Next Katz article: Blonds with implants are dummies -- good stereotype. Outcasts in black trenchcoats are a ticking time bomb -- evil stereotype.


  • Oh, and if you want badly drawn comics, Friend Bear [] looks like it's entirely drawn in MS Paint.
    Hilarious, twisted stuff.
  • I thought Killcreek looked a lot better [] before the boob job, bleached hair and troweled-on make-up.

    But then, I've never liked the plastic look. I like a more natural look.


  • by SMN ( 33356 ) on Tuesday May 16, 2000 @03:23PM (#1068176)
    heh, get this - quoted word for word from the CNN article on the webby awards:

    There was one longwinded speech. It ran a total of six words: "Just remember, technical innovation means class war."

    Obviously they were short a couple fingers or soemthing, because that sure as hell seems like seven words to me =)

  • I want to know just how many toxic grannies [] there are posting to Slashdot.

    Come out, come out, wherever you are!

    -- Diana Hsieh

  • Why should the boys have all the fun!!! I already have a substantial collection of CowboyNeal pinups already, though.
  • Dude, get your Richard Gabriel quotes straight before you start putting Scheme and UNIX in the same category.

    UNIX goes with C in "Worse is Better" (not "Small is Better")

    Scheme belongs with LISP in "The Right Thing"

    And for people who have no idea what I'm talking about, check out the following link [].

    (yes, there was once a time when UNIX was looked down upon as a hack. truly we did not know how low things could get...)
  • It turns out these girls were paid a measly $100-300 each to bare all in a national magazine. Poor sluts,

    Don't you know, man? They do it for the ART, not for money!

  • Not in this case. If anyone could be prosecuted, it'd be Playboy. They're hosting the material and they control who gets access to it.

  • Jenny Mcarthy and Pamela (then Anderson) Lee certainly parlayed Playboy spreads into a few bucks. My friend's girlfriend was a Girl Of The Big Ten. She just did it for some attention and self esteem.


  • That Matrix: The Musical is some sort of a cruel joke, isn't it?

    Please, please take a look at Platrix []! ( It's what happens when you cross The Matrix with South Park.

    A 25MB MPEG, but well worth the time...

Basic is a high level languish. APL is a high level anguish.