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Comment Re:Australia can get it right (Score 1) 145

The UK moved to a fully online vehicle registration system yesterday, can't you read? They are just having some zero-day issues, as most large-scale sites do.

As other posters have already explained, online payment for your tax disc nor the website are new at all. It is also not "fully online" as you can still pay at a Post Office, with cash even, if you wish. The only change that happened on the 1st of October was that you are no longer required to display a tax disc in your windscreen.

The problem appears to be a surge in users trying to use the website for some inexplicable reason; probably a complete failure to comprehend on their part, and there are a bunch of confused people trying to renew when they don't need to.

Comment Re:No, no. Let's not go there. Please. (Score 1) 937

as an atheist, I can't imagine dating a theist. How could I respect someone who believes obvious nonsense?

My ex-wife was Mormon. You learn to get over it. I'll still invite missionaries into my house if they knock; they're usually very nice and interesting people and there's no need for me to be an ass.

Comment Re:No, no. Let's not go there. Please. (Score 5, Insightful) 937

Like hell there isn't! To belong to any atheist community, you need to align with their dogma, have read and agree with their favorite authors, and "other thingamajigs" or you'll be ousted as a troll or worse.

Can I make a guess? You're American, aren't you?

Can I just point out that American Atheists are, uh, weird? They are not representative of 99% of the worlds Atheists.

I once met a nice girl, who had just moved to the UK from America. She told me that on her first few weeks here she wondered where all the atheists were, and it took her to little while to figure out that unlike the states, atheists did not seek out other atheists, congregate into groups, and spend all their free time discussing atheism. In fact it was quite a relief to her when she realised that atheists were everywhere but as nobody a) gave a shit b) talked about religion or lack thereof, she could just relax and go about her day without interference or having to form Atheist Defence Leagues.

For the record. Myself, personally, as a life long atheist, have never read Dawkins (because that's who you meant, isn't it?) and think he's actually a gigantic cock. I've never knowingly been a member of an "atheist community" (do they build Yurts?) and I really don't care if other atheists can agree on anything, or even if they're having pitched battles in the fucking streets. The only "dogma" I'm aware of is the rather good Kevin Smith film.

You are right about one thing: as an atheist it's not just "lack of belief in God". It's also a lack of giving a shit what you or other people think, or caring when you project your own biases and religious frameworks in a desperate attempt to make sense of it. You're wrong and I simply don't care.

Comment Re:a blip on the way to slow death (Score 1) 35

Your post would carry more weight if HP hadn't already been in public cloud for nearly three years now, and weren't the largest single contributor to OpenStack. Buying Eucalyptus isn't some desperate attempt to get into the cloud market; it's a smart move to consolidate their existing position.

Don't let facts get in the way of giving HP a good kicking though. This is Slashdot, after all.

Comment Re:not big in UK (Score 5, Interesting) 120

Unsurprising after the Windscale Fire that nuclear power is unpopular in the UK

Windscale was 60 years ago, in an air-cooled open loop pile who's only purpose was to produce plutonium and other nuclear isotopes as quickly as possible and damn the consequences.

Most people now don't even remember what Windscale was or even recognise the name. Out of those that do, a lot of them understand the different between Windscale and their local nuclear power station.

To the best of my personal knowledge, nuclear power is not unpopular in the UK, Windscale or otherwise. If anything the attitude appears to be "Get on and build the damn things!" and "Why are we letting the French/Chinese build them, I remember when the UK used to build things!".

Comment Re:Cloud needs server huggers (Score 1) 409

Should nobody be hugging THOSE servers either?

As a former cloud administrator: no. When you have 2000 physical servers, why do you care that 50 of them are currently broken? Why would I care that the hard drive failed in one and I had to re-install it (with an identical image and configuration to the other 1999 servers)

Hell, we had servers that never worked from the day they were delivered and no one gave a shit: it went on the backlog for the DC guys to diagnose and RMA. Some of them got fixed after 6 months.

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