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Submission + - Google+ divided into Photos and Streams, with new boss

An anonymous reader writes: It seems Google+ will see some significant changes under new boss Bradley Horowitz. Coogle+ will be seperated into different products: Photos and Hangouts will be split out, and the social part is now called "the stream". From the article: "Google+ has taken a lot of criticism — notably the infamous 'ghost town' knock that it's devoid of users and concerns about Google's attempts to force its relevance by tying it in with functions like search results and YouTube comments. But Google executives have denied the 'ghost town criticism over and over. In part that's because the company used Google+ to describe more than just its Facebook-esque service for posting and commenting — the part now called Streams. For Google, Google+ also has been the "social spine" that unifies Google users' activities under a single unified identity."

Comment Re:Jury of your peers (Score 1) 303

There are plenty of people such as retired army and other law enforcement personnel, antiques dealers, pawn brokers, etc that would have extensive knowledge of guns and not necessarily have a strong political opinion on gun rights for or against.

I guess you didn't understand what ledow meant when he wrote, "think of the worst-case scenario".

Comment Is Tomb Raider sexist? (Score 2) 642

Some people would say the Tomb Raider games are sexist, because of the way Lara Croft is modeled. But she's a strong, indepedent, intelligent, and very capable individual. I think she's a great role model for my 12-year-old daughter. If I buy the next Tomb Raider game for her, will I be labeled sexist?

Comment Re:I live in the Northeast part of Austin... (Score 1) 88

I feel for you, dude. I lived in NE Austin for 12 years, but last year I moved to NW Austin. We just got sick and tired of being ignored by the city. I hope the new district plan will improve things for you. My suggestion is that you really pester your district representative as much as you can to improve things.

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