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Comment Re:Paranoia amongst the minority. (Score 1, Insightful) 181

The most logical reason is so that people who buy the laptop to run windows don't break their laptops when they go messing around in the bios. There are tons of options in the BIOS that are not always exposed to the end user. If you need one of those option, then buy the system that gives it to you.

Comment Re:I don't want to say it's not serious (Score 1) 539

Bzzzt. You can live "off campus" no problem, if you want to.

Bzzzt! that is not what the human rights report says. Workers are not allowed off campus except during specified hours, so unless they can find alternative housing in the plant, which they can afford, yes they have to live in the dorms. Are you being paid to spread misinformation?

Since they point out the need to buy a mattress when Chinese don't even use mattresses I would say this report is suspect.

Comment Re:GATTACA (Score 1) 268

Wow, this is a new argument I haven't heard.

I don't see how people who elect premium heathcare plans are penalized? The general idea is everyone is provided a base level of healthcare, if you want more you can buy it, the premium should just be the cost over and above the baseline.

Young people have equal consideration, everyone gets the same base level of care. doesn't matter if they necessarily need it. Keeping the populace healthy is not really "free" stuff. It is pretty essential to a functioning society.

Comment Re:Safety Critical (Score 1) 913

Someone went out and tested this themselves with a Lexus ES350 which is the car that was involved in the fatal crash due to stuck accelerator. You CAN stop the car, but you only get one chance, if you let up on the brake and try again your braking power is dramatically reduced. If you do it a third time you have no brakes. The brake fade to nothing.

This is most likely what happened in that crash, the driver noticed the car accelerating, braked to slow down to 70 then let off, it happened again, braked then let off at 70. Then the panic set in, he probably had little braking power left at that point.

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