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PC Games (Games)

Submission + - Boston Game Devs Make 8 Games in 36 Hours

Darius Kazemi writes: "This past weekend, a bunch of Boston-area game developers got together and did a 36-hour Boston Game Jam, inspired by the Indie Game Jam. We made eight games in 36 hours based on the theme of "shift" for platforms as diverse as PC, GBA, and cell phones. The games range from a surprisingly complex behavioral sim to a game where you have to squish your opponent in a 2D physics deathmatch. Most of the games are available for download right now, and some of them even include the source code. In days to come, we'll be adding developer diaries and other goodies."

Submission + - Wii Owners: Wii Update Time has arrived again

fhage writes: "The word is out that the Wii News Channel Update is available. See s [] They claim the news feed is scheduled to start on Jan 27th, but indicate the update for the Wii is available now. Perhaps it's time to update our Wii's before the masses hit the big N's servers after they see the wonderful Blinking Blue Light of New Toys tomorrow morning.

The New channel is said to have a GUI similar to the Weather Globe, and organizes the news by selected category (sports, politics, etc) and geographic region. An alternate setting allow the news to be shown as a slide show, with a running ticker along the bottom. The adults in my family love the Nintendo Weather Globe. It sounds the the Nintendo News Globe will be a bit hit too. I think I'm going to tell my boss we need a "News and Weather Server" for the office."

Submission + - iPhone name already used in canada

antoinebf writes: After Cisco in the US, a firm from Toronto claims to already use the iPhone trademark, marking an additional hurdle in Apple's quest for global recognition of that name. No formal legal actions have been initiated, yet... According to the article: "The dispute expands Apple's legal woes over the brand, which Cisco Systems Inc. claims to have trademarked in the U.S. The spat also may lead to delays in getting the phone to Canadian consumers."

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