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Comment: Re: Internet without evangelicals = Win (Score 1) 278 278

The fact is that war is inherently brutal and ugly and hurts lots of people, and therefore we should wage war only when not doing so would have dire consequences. It's all too easy to argue in favor of war when one forgets how bad it really is. IIRC, the first war covered extensively by the mass media was the Crimean War of 1854-55, and that caused a lot of controversy in Britain.

Comment: Re:My Plans for Firefox (Score 1) 113 113

Thanks for the offer. And yes, in a couple of cases I've reported a URL via the Firefox made me sad feature.

I'm torn about doing more. On the one hand, of course I'd like to see the issues fixed and in principle I'm happy to help. As a software developer myself I understand the usefulness of detailed technical information and test cases.

On the other hand, every time I go near Bugzilla I seem to spend 15-30 minutes trying to figure it out, before sometimes getting to the stage of actually submitting a useful issue but more often just giving up. I'm sure it's great for people who use it regularly, but for an occasional contributor it's awful. And unfortunately the reality is that I can't justify spending a client's money like that every time I find a bug in a browser if I have four other browsers available to me within 10 seconds that can load the site just fine, and as selfish as it sounds, there's only so much income that I'm willing to give up by working on non-billable activities.

So again, thank you for the offer, but if you have any pull with Mozilla I would encourage you to spend it on either improving the reporting systems so we can all contribute more effectively in the future, or on improving the built-in diagnostics in Firefox so if I come across a site that does hang there is still a mechanism available to capture what was really going on internally at the time and report it back.

Comment: Re:Internet without evangelicals = Win (Score 1) 278 278

There aren't that many outspoken atheists around (Slashdot is not a typical sample of the population), and there's lots of outspoken Christians around here. I don't think Jesus wanted his disciples to turn irrational at the least criticism.

Besides, the opposition to evolution has historically been heavily driven by religion (not all religions, obviously), and that was well before atheists were normally outspoken.

Comment: Re:Living Wage is mandated for, and desired by idi (Score 1) 80 80

Hyperbole makes a good point, with fictitious examples, so that I can say things without being called "hater" or other kneejerk term the left drags out when they are actually losing a discussion on facts.

In this case, the fake person is part hyperbole, but examples abound enough to make the point. The Hyperbole part doesn't negate from my point, because it is semi fictitious. My point was, and still remains.

Because, if we talk about why a woman has three kids of unknown paternity at all, it reflects badly on her life choices and since that is her choice, we as a society must accept it. Anything else is "hate".

You see, if we start talking about the families (or lack thereof) and the lack of structure and the other poor life choices, and look at the facts of why these people are in such bad shape, the only conclusion will be, Socialism failures have destroyed the Black Families and three generations of the "great society" as done exactly what Johnson said it would, create a voting class that is enslaved to the status quo of voting for white liberal men and Uncle Tom blacks who perpetuate that enslavement.

But I am a racist white person who thinks black people are a lot more capable than liberals think they are.

Comment: Re:Living Wage is mandated for, and desired by idi (Score 1) 80 80

The three kids from multiple fathers can be talked about all you want. As a catholic, i let God judge and try to help my fellow humans.

Our demand is that, however you badmouth someone, you deal with the reality that exists. If that means three innocent kids need to eat and their caretaker needs assistance to give them the stable environment that will allow them to thrive and make better choices; we would like t o deal with that situation.

Comment: Re:My Plans for Firefox (Score 1) 113 113

In that specific case it would be understandable. Frankly I'm expecting Perl 6 and Half-Life 3 before Electrolysis ships anyway, but if it ever does, I think most people would understand that it's a significant architectural change and there are very good reasons for making it.

It's the frequent breakage of useful extensions just because someone felt like rearranging the UI or some superficially unrelated APIs that winds up a lot of users and extension developers, I think.

Comment: Re:No hardware or software fault? (Score 1) 77 77

That is probably what actually happened. It got some command, it knew it was garbled, so it did not execute it. Then what? More commands are sure to follow. Ground control would assume the command has been executed. It can wait to check status, it takes 5 hours for the status to be reported back. The ground control thinks the machine is in some state, but the machine knows that is not true due to one skipped command. So it probably sends out a status update saying, "Need to synch everything up. Going back to safe mode, known state". It takes 5 hours for ground control to know this. Another hour or so of procedures to restart from the known state safe mode. Then 5 more hours to send more commands to the probe, 5 more hours for confirmation that it is back to normal.

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