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+ - American success story or Worst CEO not in Prison->

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pnutjam writes "One of McCain's top advisers and a "possible" running mate is the infamous CEO Carly Fiorina. My favorite part is: Fiorina, who asked to see the senator in his office, left impressed that he was savvy to technological innovation. "He just got it," she said.

I for one am excited to see the republicans represented by two people who so clearly "get" the internet and todays economy. :("

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+ - oops, no backups this month...->

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pnutjam writes ""an unfortunate and very rare combination of hardware problems and backup configuration settings.", per IBM, causes school district to lose a months worth of grades.
I can't imagine this being acceptable for any systems I manage. Does anybody see a scenario where this could be acceptable?
What horror stories have you witnessed?"

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+ - blows the pants of

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pnutjam writes "I remember the first time I saw google maps. It was spectacular the way they combined satellite imagery with maps. It was a true breakthrough, IMHO.
Well, the bar has been raise...
I'm no MS shill, but I am truly impressed by MS's new They have 3d imaging with a firefox plugin, satellite images with map overlays, and best of all is their birds eye view option which really lets you get a close view of things. You can also rotate N, S, E, or W angles to view things.
I do find it interesting that they seem to intentionally pixelate some locations."
Data Storage

+ - SAN's and disk utilization

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pnutjam writes "I work for a small to medium mental health company as the Network Administrator. While I think a SAN is a bit of overkill for our dozen servers it was here when I got here. We currently boot 7 servers from our SAN and all their disks are also on the SAN. Several of them have started to show excessive disk load, notably our SQL server and our old file, print, & domain controller server. I am in the process of seperating our file/print server from our domain controller, but right now I get excessive disk load during the morning when people log on (we use roaming profiles). I think part of this is because the disks need to be defragged. I get different answers from everybody when I ask if I should defrag on the servers (windows 2003), or the SAN (xiotech), or both. I also get conflicting answers when I inquire whether I would get better throughput from newer fibre-channel cards (ours are PCI-x, PCI-e is significantly faster), or mixing in some local disks, or using multiple fibre channel cards.

I would like to know if anybody else has dealt with a similar situation or has some expertise in this area."

+ - The speed wars continue

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pnutjam writes "It looks like Insight Cable is showing up all the other cable provider's I have seen. They are upgrading their users to 10mb up and 1mb down. I believe this is ther first large scale roll-out of standard cable internet with more then 768 up. Here's their crappy flash page allowing users to check when the rollout will occur.

I wonder how well this roll-out will go, and if this will trigger any competing offers from SBC or Comcast."

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