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Comment Not insurance, but lawyers (Score 4, Interesting) 231

My sister is a lawyer who is semi-famous for defending car accidents, particularly drunk driving cases.

Her industry may not exist in 20 years.

In fact, all traffic based lawsuits may vanish as people find it makes more sense to move to a no-fault insurance system when most cars are driven by computer.

Comment Re:Ha, lower rates lol (Score 5, Informative) 231

Not equivalent. Traffic deaths have dropped but monetary damages per accident has gone up.

One of the major reasons traffic deaths went down is we redesigned cars so that instead of being able to withstand a crash without injury to the car, they absorb the crash in a 'crush zone', meaning the car itself takes the damage instead of a person.

In addition, the value of cars has risen over that time, as we put in a lot more features on them. So damages went up

Comment Re:magic unicorn wipe public information law (Score 1) 330

You have failed to understand the law or it's purpose. The law is not about solving the problem. Instead it's about making it better.

It's the difference between making things worse and making things better.

Google is entirely right to refuse to let France rule the world's internet.

But at the same time, France is entirely right about making Google listen to real people who's lives have been damaged by Google and taking reasonable steps to LIMIT the damage, even if they can never make it perfect.

In a world with cars driven by people, there will always be a car accident. Requiring the driver to stop and render minimal aid after an accident won't end accidents, but it will make the world a better place.

Similarly, Google can't put the information genie back in the bottle, but it can take steps to limit the damage. This is a great law, that help prevents the evils of Rule By Rumor, without punishing people for spreading them.

Comment Re:I agree with the shooter (Score 1) 1182

You are entirely incorrect.

Every day in the middle east, their are armed drones carrying explosives hovering over someone's yards watching young women.

Those young women are sometimes wearing clothing their particular culture feels is appropriate to go publicly swimming int.

The fact that those drones are owned by the US government and are looking for terrorists from high altitudes does not change the fact that is EXACTLY what they are doing.

Granted there has only been ONE case of a drone armed with a pistol, in the US, flown by a civilian, does not matter.

When someone illegally enters your property, and is carrying an unknown device, it is totally reasonable for the victim of the crime to assume the unknown device is a weapon. Police do it all the time. The same applies to an unaccompanied drone.

Comment Re:We should replace the key with... (Score 1) 687

What makes you think I was talking about the address bar? I want to be able to use that when I type in my email/login id into fields.

And the existence of those control characters prove we need the character key.

What - you think that something that we DON'T already have a control character for sure get it's own key???

Comment I agree with the shooter (Score 3, Insightful) 1182

The drone person was illegally trespassing on the shooter's property.

In addition the shooter had no way to know with any reasonable degree of certainty that the 'drone' was unarmed. It could have been carrying an explosive device - and not just a gun as was recently seen, but actual c4 explosive.

Finally, even if it was only containing a camera, it was still illegal violation of the shooter's rights and the shooter had the right to destroy the object.

Comment Need to start including USB keys (Score 4, Interesting) 85

Every secure wireless device - such as a router or NEST etc, should come with a cheap USB drive - 1 GB drives go for less than $2 now, in quantity.

When you get the device, plug the USB into the device and press a button. It would randomly generate a key and save it to that USB drive.

Now to connect anything to that device you have to plug the USB drive into it, transferring the password key,

Comment Re: They are fools (Score 1) 601

On something out of the public eye? No.

On a story that CNN, Al Jazeera, and the BBC follow? No.

Doing so would be giving their political opponents way too much ammunition.

Again, the main thing gained by the US giving Snowden a pardon is to remove the political chip that Russia has. If you betray your word, you show yourself to be a tyrannical government worse than the Russians.

Right now, any offer of immunity would be valid. Now, if I were him, I would be extra sure to not only pay his taxes, but to also be extremely conservative about what he claimed.

Comment They are fools (Score 4, Insightful) 601

The question is not right vs wrong, but instead who benefits and who suffers.

The United States and the Obama administration are the ones that suffer from having an American claim Asylum in Russia. Right now, Russia benefits from the situation more than anyone else. Snowden himself suffers minor inconveniences relating mainly to lifestyle and the ability to see friends and family.

A Snowden Pardon will not in any way encourage people to do what he did. He did what he did out of patriotism - though some may consider it misguided. Martyrs - whether they are heros or villains - do not concern themselves with such minor punishments.

Such a pardon would benefit everyone except Russia. Russia would lose a major political/moral chip (Look we protect an American from the evil USA - wait a second, where did he go?).

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