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Comment: Re:Is that really a lot? (Score 1) 259

by gurps_npc (#49139643) Attached to: Drones Cost $28,000 Per Arrest, On Average
No the 28k does not include agency overhead. It only include drone overhead. There is a difference. Drone overhead means only charges related to the drone - repairs, service, etc. Agency overhead, includes things like the janitor,

You are correct that they need to reference things, but a simple bit of googling reveals enough reference to show that 28k per arrest is a ridiculously expensive number. The agency averages $12k/ per person DEPORTED. That means to arrest, hold them in prison, charge, convict and fly/bus them back across the border costs less than HALF the cost of just arresting them using a drone.

Comment: Re:Wrong kind of metric... (Score 1) 259

by gurps_npc (#49138049) Attached to: Drones Cost $28,000 Per Arrest, On Average
Yes, they presented it in a poor way. But no it is not meaningless, if the article had been written well. You are correct they need to give comparison, but not just that one.

Specifically, it could have said:

Drone cost to apprehend: $28,000

Piloted aircraft cost to apprehend: $15,000

Piloted Boat cost to apprehend: $10,000

Land Vehicle cost to apprehend: $1,000

Foot agent cost to apprehend: $1,500

If the article had done this then we could have easily said no drones, piloted aircraft only AND limit the # of pilots to the bare minimum, while increasing the land vehicles.

Comment: Re:Is that really a lot? (Score 1) 259

by gurps_npc (#49137961) Attached to: Drones Cost $28,000 Per Arrest, On Average
Whoops, in my other reply I left out the other stuff. The Border Patrol does not merely apprehend. It builds and maintains the fences. It supports custom agents. It runs undercover operations. It pays people to investigate claims. It also holds people prisoner, pays agents to testify, has lawyers to try prisoners, as well as a bunch of other fixed costs.

In fact, the cost is NOT simple, you are simply too ignorant to realize how complex the calculation is. Your math is way way off.

The drones are ridiculously expensive for the very little they do.

Comment: Re:Is that really a lot? (Score 1) 259

by gurps_npc (#49137905) Attached to: Drones Cost $28,000 Per Arrest, On Average
Your math is comparing apples to oranges.

Specifically you are comparing the cost to apprehend PLUS all the fixed costs of the agency vs the cost to apprehend with a drone.

IN reality, the cost per deportation is estimated at LESS than 15,000 per deportation - including apprehension costs. Clearly the fixed costs of the agency are far greater than you realize. Effectively, the drone program more than doubles the cost to apprehend.

Comment: Re:Is that really a lot? (Score 1) 259

by gurps_npc (#49137295) Attached to: Drones Cost $28,000 Per Arrest, On Average
You are correct that they SHOULD have listed that information.

But the actual cost per arrest to deport is about less than $1,000, from what I understand.

The average cost to arrest, try and deport an illegal immigrant is only $12,000 (source = http://blog.chron.com/immigrat... )

So the cost of $28k is ridiculous.

Comment: Real problem (Score 2) 344

by gurps_npc (#49129391) Attached to: The Groups Behind Making Distributed Solar Power Harder To Adopt
is that they are trying to maintain a badly formatted pricing system.

What they they be doing is admit that there are two separate features of their industry - the maintenance/connection to the grid and the supply of power. It costs a lot of money to maintain the grid as well as to supply the charge.

What they should be doing is to charge a set amount X dollars per month to connect to the grid and in addition a per kilowatt charge - that is of course smaller than the existing one. And that charge must be reasonable - based on their actual costs to maintain the grid.

These charge changes must go to ALL their customers - both those that sell power back and those that don't.

This gets rid of their only valid objection to selling power back to the grid - the cost of maintaining the grid.

Comment: Do all the major ones (Score 1) 679

Giver her advice on lifestyle issues - picking the right spouse, dating, breaking up, marriage, childbirth, child-rearing advice, divorce, and dealing with death.

Not to mention some career advice - get fired, get promoted, work -life balance.

Probably talk about other health issues that she might inherit, and at least mention some of the major mental ones - addiction (drugs, alcohol, and gambling).

Lastly, I would talk not just about advise, but about the things you value. Talk about your own personal views, what you believe in. Let her know who you are rather than just advisign her how she should live her life.

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