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Comment Autonomous robots do MORE attrocities (Score 3, Interesting) 180

Look, do you know how hard it is o convince a solider to commit an atrocity? They don't just start doing it. It takes years and years of training and exposure to the horrors of war before soldiers are willing to do those things.

But robots could be turned on and ordered to do atrocities that no human would agree to do.

If a rogue general wanted to convince US soldiers to kill everyone in the White House, or to kill everyone in Congress, he would find it very difficult. It would take almost nothing for a rogue General to convince a squadron of drones to do the exact same thing.

Comment Re:Some people don't get it either (Score 1) 141

All sarcasm is an insult, but it isn't always a passive aggressive method of expressing disapproval.

It can be an active means of expressing disapproval - when used to do disapprove of people not present.

For example. When I say, "The quality of the Republican Nominees for President is YUUUGGE, why they have the best, the highest quality they have ever had."

Clear sarcasm, expressed not passively in any way shape or form, focused not on the listener but on the republican candidates.

Comment Some people don't get it either (Score 2) 141

And I'm not just talking about autistic people. Some studies say that the act of saying "I do" in front of a priest significantly reduces the ability to detect sarcasm.

All jokes aside, this is a real issue because it is incredibly complex. First, you have to have enough skepticism to disbelief a statement. Then you have to enough confidence to acknowledge that you don't believe that statement. Third, you have to know enough about the speaker to realize that the statement they gave is not consistent with their own internal beliefs. This is made more complex because good sarcasm requires that someone somewhere in the world actually believe the. statement.

Those are all very high level thought processes. You are not just judging a statement as true/false, but judging what others believe. Any child psychologist can tell you how hard that is.

Comment Left out the big one - (Score 1) 1

Certain humans are incapable of detecting Sarcasm as well. And I'm not just talking about husbands/wives or autistic people.

All sarcasm relies on making a statement that both the listener and the speaker do not believe is true, yet a sizeable number of people might believe to be true. It requires a solid skeptical nature to detect a probable falsehood, high confidence in your own ability to detect that falsehood, an intimate understanding of the speaker so that you have an accurate map of the speaker's own internal beliefs/skepticism, as well as the ability to appreciate an implied insult of those that believe the sarcastic statement to be true.

Comment Re:Advertising Bubble (Score 0) 286

You gave a bad example. Twitter is a service that is still trying to establish a real revenue stream.

A far better example is AMAZON.

Amazon, which put large Book sellers out of business (Just as they put small book sellers out of business). has never established a truly profitable business. They want to own the market, so have profit margins of less than 1%.

It's a great success in terms of internet companies, but a total failure from any reasonable business perspective.

Comment different purposes (Score 1) 88

Look, the idea of a computerized hammer or screwdriver makes no sense for a home tool kit. But for a construction robot programmed to deliver X newtons of force and Y torque, it makes a ton of sense.

Most of this stuff isn't going to be useful for most people, but I am sure there are people that it will be actually helpful. For example, if you are in a wheel chair, I could see how wanting a remote control built into the wheel chair that controls lighting, heating, air conditioning, locks and unlocks your door, shows you what's in the fridge, etc. etc. etc.

And yes, it should control your TV/Cable/Netflix as well.

Comment Planned danger? (Score 1) 599

Instead of Planned Obsolesce, we now have planned danger where we intentionally create a dangerous situation in the hope that people will therefore drive slower?

If you want to make people drive slower, there are several effective methods that do not increase danger.

1) Large bumps in the road.

2) More and sharper turns in the road.

3) Jagged lines painted in the road.

4) Curb extensions/road narrowings.

5) Rumble strips

6) Traffic Islands

None of which make it physically harder to drive, they just make you pay attention.

Comment Pre-software roll back (Score 1) 72

What they do is put the ATM machine on wheels and push it really hard. This "rolles back the ATM" hard enough till the machine's back breaks open, where upon they steal all the cash.

Really people, don't use abbreviations, or ambiguous terms. No matter how 'cool' you think you are, there are less technical people out there that still want to know what you have to say. Using that kind of crap without explaining it doesn't make you see knowledgeable, it just makes you seem like a fool. Nor is it that hard to put an actual LINK in the article.

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