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Comment Re:Advertising Bubble (Score 0) 220

You gave a bad example. Twitter is a service that is still trying to establish a real revenue stream.

A far better example is AMAZON.

Amazon, which put large Book sellers out of business (Just as they put small book sellers out of business). has never established a truly profitable business. They want to own the market, so have profit margins of less than 1%.

It's a great success in terms of internet companies, but a total failure from any reasonable business perspective.

Comment different purposes (Score 1) 84

Look, the idea of a computerized hammer or screwdriver makes no sense for a home tool kit. But for a construction robot programmed to deliver X newtons of force and Y torque, it makes a ton of sense.

Most of this stuff isn't going to be useful for most people, but I am sure there are people that it will be actually helpful. For example, if you are in a wheel chair, I could see how wanting a remote control built into the wheel chair that controls lighting, heating, air conditioning, locks and unlocks your door, shows you what's in the fridge, etc. etc. etc.

And yes, it should control your TV/Cable/Netflix as well.

Comment Planned danger? (Score 1) 582

Instead of Planned Obsolesce, we now have planned danger where we intentionally create a dangerous situation in the hope that people will therefore drive slower?

If you want to make people drive slower, there are several effective methods that do not increase danger.

1) Large bumps in the road.

2) More and sharper turns in the road.

3) Jagged lines painted in the road.

4) Curb extensions/road narrowings.

5) Rumble strips

6) Traffic Islands

None of which make it physically harder to drive, they just make you pay attention.

Comment Pre-software roll back (Score 1) 71

What they do is put the ATM machine on wheels and push it really hard. This "rolles back the ATM" hard enough till the machine's back breaks open, where upon they steal all the cash.

Really people, don't use abbreviations, or ambiguous terms. No matter how 'cool' you think you are, there are less technical people out there that still want to know what you have to say. Using that kind of crap without explaining it doesn't make you see knowledgeable, it just makes you seem like a fool. Nor is it that hard to put an actual LINK in the article.

Comment Re:So much bull, so little space... (Score 1) 350

Well now, that was a very interesting link you sent to me. If I had not seen that the link was for the RESULTS of the 2014 Senate race, I would have been convinced. But as it is, your link simply demonstrates total ignorance, rather than any of my predictions being wrong.

The information I gave was taken from the following page:

Please note that it is for the year 2016, not 2014

Submission + - Real Superbowl vs fictional Dystopia? (

gurps_npc writes: io9 has a great little quiz asking if you can tell the difference between Super Bowl 50 and a fictional Dystopia. I failed miserably, as I am the typical nerd more interested in the advertisements than the game. Or maybe the world has become a dystopian nightmare?

Comment Re:So much bull, so little space... (Score 2) 350

That is patently false. They will almost certainly keep the House. But the Senate is another matter.

There are 34 seats up for vote, 2/3 of them being GOP seats (They won a ton of seats 6 years ago after the Democrats voted Obamacare into effect).

The GOP has a 4 vote majority in the Senate now. But ignoring the seats that are basically locked in, the GOP has a 3 vote lead, 47 to 44. That leaves That leaves nine seats that are too close to call - Colorado, Nevada, Florida, New Hampshire, Pennslyvania, North Carolina, Ohio, Wisconsin and Illinois.

Obama won all of those states except for North Carolina. Worse, the GOP has a crisis of faith right now with 'outsider' candidates meaning the GOP can NOT get the assured turnout. Assuming Hillary wins, the well known effect of the president increasing senate and congress wins, It is likely that the Democrats will win at least 6 out of the 9 senate races in doubt. That puts them in charge of the senate again.

Granted, 2 years from now in the mid year election, that is likely to revert back to the GOP.

Comment So much bull, so little space... (Score 4, Insightful) 350

Security Fundamental lessons of 9/11/2001: 1) Shoot down any plane if terrorists take it over. 2) Do not ignore notifications that known terrorist are in the states and taking flying lessons. 3) Communicate between agencies. 4) Bolt shot airplane cockpits.

Security lessons in the post 9/11 world: 1) Airline metal detection is worthless. 2) Espionage is more useful against Congress than against lone wolf terrorists. 3) It is very easy to use the threat of terrorism to get elected.

Also, throw in some bull about a 'new GOP dominated Senate' on the ridiculous belief that you will win, when the majority of polls continue to show the Democrats leading, and that the GOP would rather vote for crazy people like Trump and Cruz than elect a competent person.

Comment Re:Still more than minimum wage. (Score 1) 84

Not really. flipping burgers has major advantages in terms of future consequences. Doing crimes has a higher chances of death, imprisonment, and similar issues.

Flipping burgers had a much higher chance of career advancement - having a criminal record severely limits your options, while burger flipper can end up owning their own shop. The higher you go in the criminal enterprise, the worse the consequences - most die before they hit 40.

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