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Comment: Re: Minivans useful (Score 1) 205

by pnutjam (#47506811) Attached to: New Toyota Helps You Yell At the Kids
You often have to pull your seat forward and sit the back ramrod straight to get a rear facing car seat in. My experience is with a 2006 hyundai elantra, so I can't speak to other vehicles, glad you can afford something newer. This was several years ago. We also chose carseats that we could afford and were rated highly for safety. They were very wide. There was absolutely no way to get a person, even a child, in between the car seats in a 3 rear seat sedan. That's when we decided we needed a minivan.

Comment: Re:Local testing works? (Score 2) 778

by pnutjam (#47494845) Attached to: States That Raised Minimum Wage See No Slow-Down In Job Growth
Those guys aren't making less then minimum wage. The hard part is finding workers for one day projects for low pay.
Having worked at a work today, paid today temp place, I can attest to this. There are afew people who are legitimately in a tight spot. Most of the other workers are either ex-cons who can't get hired, people who can't pass a drug test, or hard core functional alcoholics who go on three day benders every time they get some cash.

Once again for the slow people, these are social issues, not legal issues. I do think pursuing the people hiring is a better answer. Maybe the should have to pay a fair day's wage in addition to whatever they already paid (undocumented).

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by pnutjam (#47494655) Attached to: Dealing With 'Advertising Pollution'
Imagine you are reading a book in the park and I come by and jam a flier in your face telling you your too ugly, your dick is too small, and/or your kids are stupid. This is the state of web advertising today.

I have over 500 items in my google promotional folder, that has save me from 500 stupid interruptions when my phone beeps that an email has arrived. That is priceless too me. Those are advertisers who are convinced they are legitimate, don't even talk about my spam folder.

Aren't you glad you're not getting all the government you pay for now?