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Comment Re:Which is why you don't let this stuff connect.. (Score 1) 98

When I talk about legal action, I'm not talking about inter-company issues. Your records could be subpoenaed because your boss stiffed a supplier, or even something as stupid as a co-workers divorce. That puts your information out of control.
I personally use a company phone for everything, but I also manage security on it to MY standards, they don't always sync up with corporate standards.

Comment Re:The world needs fewer sysadmins. (Score 1) 98

Your not understanding my argument. In physics, or math, often a problem will be stated as such, "find the velocity of a cow falling 100 ft down a shaft, assume the cow is falling in a vacuum and is a perfect sphere."
This greatly simplifies the problem. This is what alot of the security arguments do, in my experience. They ignore human nature, and often business needs. There is a right way to do things, but there is always a balance. Even ignoring that balance, and insisting everything is done right, will often get bad results due to ignored externals.

Comment Re:Wasn't the beancounters (Score 1) 160

Most people aren't aware how many very competent engineers and technicians are out there, who don't know jack about security. It's never been an issue for them, but all of a sudden, here comes the internet.

Even these systems that are not connected to the internet suffer the internet effect. How hard would it be to publicize an exploit like this in 1984?

Comment Re:Which is why you don't let this stuff connect.. (Score 1) 98

Let's not pretend their aren't security implications when you use a corporate phone. You cede alot of information to your employer, and they can misuse it. Even if they are disinclined to use it, your phone records could easily become part of a legal discovery process and be misused by someone else.

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