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Comment: Re:... Driverless cars? (Score 1) 299

That's where we disagree. It's inevitable, but I don't think you can speed it up. It's already the holy grail of transportation, with numerous real world and regulatory hurdles. It might even end up like the flying cars of the 50's, unworkable without drastic infrastructure changes. This sort of negotiations are a drop in the bucket to all but the most rabid anti-union types, and they'll be pissed no matter what, right?

Comment: Re:Inquisition (Score 1) 384

by pnutjam (#49153769) Attached to: Lawmakers Seek Information On Funding For Climate Change Critics
I know that I'm not worried about it, because every time I am bothered to check on it, it is progressing in a meaningful manner. I'm certainly not obsessed with it and I'd rank it's importance somewhere under whether my turd was brown or brownish green during my last bowel movement.

Comment: Re: Split Shifts (Score 1) 299

So your solution is to hire a never ending stream of short timers who want to be in the city to look for work? Not make this job desirable to cut down on training and retention costs while insuring you will have a consistent experience for your customers? You honestly don't see how short sighted your proposal is?

Comment: Re:That is okay (Score 1) 299

I'm an employee of a company. I provide a service, in exchange for compensation. That's it, and that's that. I have no business whatsoever to tell the leadership how to run the company. If I want to run a company, I'm free to start my own.

That's partially true, but you are taking a risk by linking your employment to that company. You absolutely deserve some say in how it is run, even if it is just your department or your checkout line. Your confusing employment with contract work.

Comment: Re:That is okay (Score 2) 299

Your whole comment is predicated that software guys should make more then bus drivers. Nobody is arguing that. It's true and it will continue to be true. These guys are making $27.50. If you make that much as a software dev in NorCal, you did something wrong. Maybe that fits the midwest, but even there you should be at least 30% higher.

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