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Comment: Re:Does the job still get done? (Score 1) 677

by pnutjam (#48618717) Attached to: Economists Say Newest AI Technology Destroys More Jobs Than It Creates
We have at least a cultural instinct, possibly a genetic instinct, to think that people who work a lot deserve to have a lot of possessions and status, while people who work a little or don't work at all deserve nothing.

I disagree. We are trained to think that those who have a lot of possessions or a high status do more work then us. This is almost never true. They might not be doing nothing (might), but they aren't working harder then us.

Sometimes you can see this in new wealthy, or newly promoted. They think they should be working harder, so they make a bunch of decisions they don't know anything about and micromanage people around them. They usually learn better after awhile.

Comment: Re: This is not the problem (Score 1) 677

by pnutjam (#48618637) Attached to: Economists Say Newest AI Technology Destroys More Jobs Than It Creates
100k is well off anywhere in the country. It's enough money that you can choose to live in an expensive area and make do with less. I guarantee there are people in that same area getting by on $8 - $10 / hour.

When i say well off, I mean historically. I'm talking about someone who can afford to buy a new car, take a vacation, and come up with a couple grand if an emergency comes up.
That's out of reach for a wide swath of the "middle class".

Comment: Re:In IT, remember to wash your hands (Score 1) 153

by pnutjam (#48616589) Attached to: In IT, Beware of Fad Versus Functional
Depends on the minivan. Mileage is not worse then CUV's, it's better in most cases. The ones I've been i are much roomier internally and way easier to get in and out of when you have multiple people. CUV's seem like getting a bunch of people in and out is an afterthought, not purpose designed...

I have one that handles like a car and one that handles more like a small truck, with an incredibly tight turn radius.

Comment: Re:Hilarious! (Score 1) 187

by pnutjam (#48600625) Attached to: Last Three Years the Quietest For Tornadoes Ever
Well, three years is not a really long stretch of time. If you read the article you'll note that casualties from tornadoes have remained stable around 50 per year, down from the over 500 in 2011. So it sounds like there was increased activity in 2011, but we've had afew slow years.

It's moronic to equate that to, "so much for climate change..."

Comment: Re:Fucking Hell, Harper needs to go! (Score 1) 122

by pnutjam (#48595209) Attached to: Canada Waives Own Rules, Helps Microsoft Avoid US Visa Problems
I was pondering this very topic during my morning shower. How easy it is for someone to say, skip lunch, don't get cable, live on beans and rice, walk to work, etc...

It's simple to make a temporary sacrifice, when you can see the light at the end of the tunnel and your probably coming off a pretty nice existence.
It's not so simple to make a sacrifice that leave's you treading water, in the same miserable existence. Human nature makes it seem better to enjoy yourself while you can.

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