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Comment Re: Binary Page Delivery (Score 1) 215

The page has to be decompressed so that the browser knows what else to fetch. This won't affect either ad blockers or host file based blocking, nor will it affect proxies that decode the original page and strip out references to anything that sucks bandwidth, such as images and tracking scripts so no attempt is made to download them. More aggressively, write a browser in java that does page rewriting. Or an app (such as Simply Slashdot) that only downloads the headlines and comments.

Comment Re: Next up: China tells Google to censor results (Score 1) 381

Google is most definitely a media company, and like many media businesses, makes money from advertising, same as radio and tv and print media. So Google should enjoy the same exemption as other media companies operating in France. Now what I want to know is what action France is going to take against windows 10 being extremely intrusive and ignoring people's privacy rights. Probably the same as Facebook - almost nothing.

Comment Re: The world needs the U.S. more... (Score 1) 381

Canadians have continuously thumbed our noses at the Cuban embargo. It's a nice vacation spot to escape from the long winters, prices are good, and it's the morally right thing to ignore an embargo that was stupid. And Canadian businesses trade with Cuba. And Canadians who vacation in Cuba have no problems entering the USA.

Comment Re: Programming (Score 1) 616

And by using the first thing she saw, which described how to do it with hex values, she didn't find out that you can use colour names as CSS properties instead of hex values in her example. And before she read the example, she didn't know you can do it with hex values either. Expect much more of this as people continue to try making coding a skill for the masses and dumb down so that everyone gets a gold star.

Comment Re: not even a lil LED ? (Score 1, Interesting) 155

I've had to do it for weeks at a time when my eyes become extremely photosensitive, and my family thinks I'm crazy, so maybe you're right. But if he thinks eating ravioli in the dark, he should try baking biscuits from scratch without a timer. They were good, but it was kind of messy.

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