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Comment Re:Well (Score 1) 136

I gave up swearing years ago, along with a few other choice words, in the real life world. Took only a week, no big deal. You'd be amazed at how many people go "really?" like they couldn't do it. Or maybe they can't.

At least people know that when I'm with them, they might have to apologize for something I say, but NOT the way I say it. Plus, people are more likely not to get distracted from your point if you're swearing like you could blister the paint off a battleship.

Comment Re:Interesting. (Score 1, Troll) 136

Someone can't take a joke. It's funny because it's about the "New and Improved Glorious Leader of the DPRK".

So here's another one to offend you:

Three women are standing in a row. The first on is 5' tall, the second one is 5'6, the third one is 6' tall.

Q. Which one's the transsexual?

A. The one with the turtleneck.

Does posting that joke make me a transphobic bigot?

Comment Re:Not only am I bothred by the phone-home, (Score 1) 223

Most versions of 10 won't let you turn everything off - and that's being backported to previous versions as well. Additionally, people are reporting that stuff they turned off gets turned back on in the next update. Facebook's mobile app does the same thing if you restrict background data - when it updates, it's back on. Kind of annoying if you don't even use the app.

Comment Re:I don't understand this (Score 1) 91

Or try the same result on 200,000 wallets - odds are high that after a while, you'll hit several wallets with the same key phrase. You don't have to crack any specific one - it's like trying your car key on every car door at the shopping center - eventually another one will open (had that happen twice by accident).

Comment Re:Not only am I bothred by the phone-home, (Score 1) 223

8.1 was not *free* on this laptop (which will, of course, get wiped in due course). The whole bit about microsoft forcing manufacturers to include windows was to make sure that people thought like you - "why should I pay to switch to another OS when this one is free?" If they had gotten bitch-slapped for that the first time, we would have plenty more OSes (paid and free) than we do today.

Also, there are plenty of users who are reporting that they tried the update, went to revert back to their old version within the 30-day period, and *poof*.

Comment Re:Not only am I bothred by the phone-home, (Score 1) 223

Microsoft Windows is not sold at a heavily subsidized price point. The cost of each additional copy after the first is almost nothing. They only had to resort to the free-to-tablets oem pricing for 10, and free-for-7-8.x to get it accepted because they know the lock-in will continue to generate revenue. Otherwise people would have just stuck it out with 7, same as many did with xp.

Comment Re:Not only am I bothred by the phone-home, (Score 5, Insightful) 223

And what business is of theirs what software I'm running and how often I'm using it? It's not their computer. Also, the article writer attempted to minimize the consequences by saying that you can greatly limit the amount of requests in Windows Enterprise. The majority of users are not using the Enterprise edition.

What an obvious apologist/shill.

Comment Idiot (Score -1, Flamebait) 223

Just the fact that it it phoning home is enough to reveal some information, such as that the device on the other end is running Windows 10. Looks like it's also trying to discover any other machines on the local network.

If it's suspicious activity that wasn't disclosed ahead of time, it should be considered nefarious until proven otherwise. Your machine is not under your control ... that's a serious problem.

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