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Comment Re: The death of common sense (Score 3, Interesting) 220

He knowingly falsely accused a teacher of having sex with a minor. Tweets live forever. A suspension is more than appropriate, as is transfer to another school so the victim (the teacher) doesn't have to run into him at her job

If the school hadn't taken this action they would have been liable for the unhealthy work environment for not removing someone who has basically admitted to the school that he sexually harassed her.

Comment Re: So.... (Score 1) 222

Canadian copyright law allows for the use of clips, photos, etc by news organizations without either permission or royalty provided attribution is made. If they had known that their license from CNN was invalid, they would have just attributed the video to the source. Actual damages for an unregistered work are all he's allowed either way, so he'll get nothing from the CBC.

Comment Re: Intersting video, shame about the Flash (Score 1) 111

Uber jobs won't be helping the poor make a few bucks for much longer. They're researching self driving cars for a reason. Then both taxi drivers and uber drivers will be SOL.

And job displacement and an ever growing class of people who cannot get jobs no matter how educated they are and how much student debt they take on, and increasingly useless job retraining programs that just give false hope and let the politicians claim they're doing something ... that's the dystopian picture painted in many sci-fi stories, the only mistake they made was thinking it would take longer to happen.

Comment Re: false premise (Score 1) 38

Even if everyone were educated to become a programmer, doesn't mean they will have jobs. There simply aren't enough jobs to employ everyone. And just look at the churn in the industry, where what's hot rapidly becomes unimpressive. Coding as a career is dying it's up or out, and there are only so many management positions.

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