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Comment: Disproportionate funding (Score 1) 309

by rsilvergun (#46829253) Attached to: Skilled Manual Labor Critical To US STEM Dominance
Infographics like this sorta ignore that in the US (unlike Finland) funding is not evenly distributed. By Design in the US funding for schools comes from property taxes. So the Lion's Share of that funding is going to rich kids.

That said, large sectors of our school system are being privatized for profits, so is it any wonder the numbers are going to hell? If I'm running a school and getting $2k per kid it's in my best interests to keep as much as I can. Coincidentally private schools have a much higher proportion of "Administrative" costs (too lazy to google the Study, do it yourself).

Comment: Because you want to make games? (Score 1) 309

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and the only way you can make a living is to live somewhere the cost of living is low enough you can survive off your meager sales? In the 3rd worlds they mostly leave you alone if you maintain your citizenship in the origin country. There's several developers that left London for Eastern Europe.

Comment: Anyone else notice (Score 5, Interesting) 189

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that you can go from jack squat to worlds largest producer in a few years? I'm not saying they aren't gonna do it, I'm just saying it's crazy how fast their doing it. 50 years ago this would be a massive undertaking with a whole town built up around it. Now? I think the factory's gonna have a couple hundred employees. It's just nuts how few people you need in manufacturing anymore...

Comment: Let 'em (Score 1) 199

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Canada can build their own export facilities and deal with the environmental mess when their pipeline bursts (and their taxpayers can pick up that bill.

The problem isn't just that it's not _benefiting_ America, the problem is that it's not benefiting America AND there's a substantial risk that there will be a large scale environmental disaster that the company who owns the pipeline will never pay to clean up.

We have no reason to OK it and every reason _not_ to OK it.

Comment: Government is a tool (Score -1) 240

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It represents mass organization of a group of people in order to achieve a common goal that otherwise wouldn't be possible.

I sincerely hope you're trolling and that you don't really believe what you just wrote.. Blacks never had a chance. Ever. You seem to forget that until 1865 Blacks were barely considered human, and had no rights whatsoever. Go read "A people's History of the United States" for a start, and google about the gangs of roving private citizens that terrorized the Black majorities in the 1800.

You are right about one thing, slavery was going away for economic reasons. Slaves where slightly less disposable than immigrants. But racism in the South Was about more than money. It was about oppressing the _white_ man too. Rich Southern Landowners uses the Blacks as a lower class for the poor whites to look down on. It created a class system similar to what you have with India's "Untouchables". It kept White Southerners from asking "Why do I have so little, when they have so much?".

Comment: Lots of people care (Score 4, Insightful) 240

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what are you going to do about it? Remember Occupy Wall Street? It was systematically put down using the anti-terrorism tools from 9-11 that everyone pinky-sweared wouldn't be used on Americans.

Don't get me wrong. I'm in favor of _more_ federal gov't. Civil rights for Black People in the Southern American States only happened because the Federal Government stepped in with the National Guard. Hell, we had outright terrorism in the south up until the late 50s early 60s. Mega corps are just too powerful to be reigned in with any less than a National Government. It's a double edged sword. But it's the only sword big enough...

Comment: Ug... (Score 2, Insightful) 199

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Keystone is at best a waste for America and at worst a natural disaster waiting to happen. It's a pipeline down to Mexican refineries so Canada can sell cheap tar sands oil to China. The problem is it's a _long_ pipe line, and they have a history of breaking and nobody noticing (since it costs lots of $$$ to monitor them) until after a community's ground water is heavily contaminated. If it happens in a mid sized town or city where it's too expensive to buy everyone out those people are just screwed.

The problem is these sorts of things are only a matter of time. With current tech maintenance costs more than allowing the disaster to happen. If the companies were severely punished for the spills that wouldn't be an issue. But if BP had to clean up their last mess they wouldn't exist as a company, and the owners would be broke. Those guys just buy off politicians until their in the clear. Heck, the CEO of TEP cried a little on Camera and got away with giving thousands of people cancer because he wouldn't pay to upgrade the safety on his factory. It was called a "Once in a 100 year event", but there were records showing it had been 100 years since the last one. That's some Mighty fine work there, Lou.

So to summarize my rant: You're asking me, as an American, to take a big risk that sooner or later is practically guaranteed to end in an etiological disaster in exchange for at best a few thousand jobs and a bit of cheap oil for China? I think This just about sums up my feelings.

Comment: No, just no (Score 1) 234

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I hardly know where to begin, but I'll say this:

If socialist policies don't fix everything, we'll try again. And again. We'll pay attention to what we did right, and what we did wrong. We'll do better. We'll make progress. That's why we're called 'progressives'.

What we will _not_ do is stick our heads in the sand and pretend some mythical 'invisible hand' is going to make it all better. Name me one complex problem that was made better by doing nothing about it?

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