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Comment Because lawsuits aren't for justice (Score 1) 114

they're to put money in a lawyers pocket and a $5 off your next phone coupon in yours. It'd probably be too hard to sue over something like this. It's too hard for a jury of 50 somethings (who are the only folks that could take 6 months off for the trial) to understand. How's that joke go? 10 people too dumb to get out of jury duty...

Comment Um.. have you actually _read_ anything (Score 1) 173

written by Marx. The only thing he gave a shit about was who owned the means of production. You can still own crap. It's OK. Nobody's coming for your BMW. They're after the factories that make the BMW. Marx saw all this automation shit coming. It's a logical extension of the factory system. He also figured out that capital (ownership) was going to pit labor against each other in an endless race to the bottom. And finally he figured out that a smaller and smaller group of assclowns would end up owning all the capital. Seriously, what the fuck difference does it make to regular joes like you and me? We're screwed either way, either the state owns everything and abuses it or the 1% own it all and abuse it, right?

There's another way you know. It's called Democratic Socialism. Instead of bothering with all that messy ownership crap (and the shitstorm that comes with the Revolution of the Proles) you just regulate ownership and prevent people from abusing it. Wanna say you own the fuckin' earth? Go right ahead. Fat lot o good it'll do you when we tax you 99% and use Basic Income to distribute it so that nobody's dependent on you for daily bread.

Comment I need nontechnical managers (Score 2) 152

to protect me from other non-technical managers so I can get work done. It's just the way things are and they way people are. I need someone watching out for me and my departments well being (and the well being of the company as a whole). That's a full time and surprisingly difficult job. It'd be nice if it wasn't. It would also be nice if we lived in a Star Trek style socialist Utopia. We don't.

Comment Um, lots of kids choose (Score 3, Insightful) 250

You just don't realize it. You're not anywhere near as in control as you think you are. Like it or not advertising works. Not always, but lot and lots of times. It's especially effective on kids. Out of spite you might personally block your kids from consoles if you become aware that it's the advertising that makes them interested, but if so you're very much in the minority. Your opinions, beliefs and desires were heavily shaped while you were young and vulnerable, and so are your kids. The advertisers are more interested in iPad games because they're cheaper to make and just as profitable as an aggregate whole. We'll all do as we say because as kids we literally can't think for ourselves. That's why in the 60s and 70s Mr Rogers and others fought against advertising directed at children, and it's also why they lost.

Comment School isn't there to enrich lives (Score 5, Insightful) 246

it's there to get people ready for the workforce. That's why we have bells and it's why we start it early when research shows kids need more sleep. I always find it annoying to see people who can't or won't acknowledge that virtually everything in our society exists to serve the ruling class. You'll never get anywhere with reform until you acknowledge and deal with that basic root problem. It's why FDR was so successful and it's what Eisenhower was afraid of when he talked about the Military Industrial Complex...

Comment I'll play devil's advocate (Score 1) 126

Cars have a variety of sensors to warn you when you breaks don't work, emergency breaks, and improperly installed breaks usually just screw up your rotors, not prevent the car from stopping. A seat belt is hard to install wrong, and you're not going to hurt yourself installing it unless you're really dumb. And I suppose Honda might have cut corners somewhere on safety to get weight down or some such and be afraid of lawsuits.

But yeah, you're probably right and it's bullshit.

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