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Comment Easy solution (Score 1) 313

Unions organize labor into voting blocks like the AARP. Workers vote tariffs to level the playing field like they do everywhere else this is a problem. This is a problem that was solved hundreds of years ago you know? And for all your bitching tariffs work. At least for protecting workers. Sure, your economy doesn't grow as far, but WTF do I care how big the poor l pie is when my slice can be measured in microns.

Comment Where the hell are you? (Score 1) 313

San Francisco? I can go on Craigslist in Phoenix right now and get a plumber for about $30/hr. That $150/hr might be if you're completely renovating your kitchen, but they're over charging because board rich housewives like spending a lot on that sort of thing. That kind of work is also hard to come by. For every 'owner' there's a ton of juniors. But it's hard to be an owner because without a few juicy contracts you'll never make enough money to keep a business going. Didn't you ever work in a computer shop? It's the same damn thing. You need a few nice big commercial contracts to keep you going through the lean times or you have to go out and get hourly work. You get those kinda jobs from friends, family and dumb luck.

As for General Practitioners, we treat 'em like shit in America because our health care system if literally FUBAR'd (yes, I know what literally means). They'd do a lot better if we were single payer, but we can't stop being scared 'o the big bad communist long enough to do that :(...

Comment How's that going to play out (Score 3, Interesting) 313

with modern militaries and information control? Also, if you look at history it's really only happened once when FDR and a few others broke ranks among the 1%, and even then it took the loss of life after WWII trimming excess population plus an irrational fear of communism to get the 1% of open up their coffers. They're over that fear and they're not bothering with large scale wars anymore. Hell, back around 2000 a bunch of Pakistani terrorists attacked India's capital, there was strong evidence the Pakastani gov't knew about it (maybe bullshit, but still) and there was _still_ no war.

I don't see us throwing off the yolk of oppression with violent revolution ever again. If there's any hope it's male birth control and a general lack of interest in having children that'll do it (queue /. jokes). Seriously, about the only thing that makes the bastards in our ruling class treat us well is if there isn't enough of us. That's why the chruches say no to birth control. They've long since noticed the drop in happiness that happens after childbirth for all but the richest and they'll be damned if we're gonna stop giving them fodder for their factories...

Comment 100% surge pricing (Score 1) 245

What you just described is exactly what we have now. Prices are regulated so that they average out over a period of time to avoid this kind of gouging. We do this so cabs are always available, and we do that because they're a quasi public resource. They're the closest to public transportation we can get in this country. Maybe if we had a real bus and train system I'd be willing to humor you, but as it stands I wouldn't trust Uber as far as I could throw their drivers with their carts included.

Comment Communism doesn't work (Score 1) 245

Because it involves transfer of ownership. Any attempt to do that on a country wide scale will end in a dictatorship when one ass hat manages to steal it all. This is why I'm a socialist. Let people own whatever the hell they want so long as I'm not made to suffer for the sake of their whims.

Comment Trump will not be president (Score 1) 494

And I wish people would stop acting like he will. As soon as the GOP clown car empties we'll be left with Jeb and Walker because those are the candidates the billionaires want and we are not a Democracy. Then the billionaires will decide amongst themselves out of those two and the Democrats will lose because Hillary had all the charm of a ball python and Americans vote with their feelings...

Comment You haven't been keeping up (Score 1) 378

With advancement in hardware. Most encryption schemes are cracked because they're implemented on underpowered hardware. This is changing rapidly. More's law might be at a dead end but we've only just started making processors cheaper and more power efficient. Give Xerox ten years and their carts will be uncrackable. I know it's fashionable to day the hackers always win, but in the real world they don't..

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