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Comment This is what I hate about Conservative Politics (Score 2) 61

sooner or later they win, because they have unlimited money and can just wear everybody else down. Here in the states the corps are salivating over Obama exiting the White House so they can bring back all those profits tax free without contributing a cent to the civilization that made it all possible. They win, and we all lose (schools, health care, food banks, etc).

Comment Unity also kinda stinks (Score 1) 56

and I don't say that lightly. There's something off with the Cameras in every Unity game I've played. My bro thinks it's because they've written their code to be easy to port to mobile and there are too many limitations with that. Got me. But even Unity games I like (Wasteland II comes to mind) feel a tad clunkier than Unreal based equivalents. Unity space sims tend to feel more like first person shooters. That's more to the physics though but stil...

That said if my bro is right then Lumberyard might have the exact same problems. Unreal has it's share of problems too. I'm a console gamer at heart so I"m interested to see what the Japanese do with Unreal tech. As for Crytech, nice engine but like Idtech5 the dev tools suck for artists and if you're buying an engine then your artists probably have the toughest job on your team.

Comment Vote left (Score 1) 219

I see what you're saying, which is that it's hopeless. They'll just buy everybody. The way I see it, Vote Left. Vote for the most left leaning, pro-worker candidate you can get. The right wing of America spent 40 years shifting us to the right. It didn't happen overnight, and undoing it won't happen overnight either. Vote Left every chance you get and you'll start to see a change. It's not like you've got anything to lose, right?

Comment I don't think it's being abused (Score 1) 219

The article says that so long as they pay the prevailing wage ($60k/yr in Connecticut, which IIRC is a pricey place to live) they can now legally replace you. Not sure when that changed (probably shortly after the pro-Corporate Republicans took the Senate) but assuming the article isn't lying there's no abuse. It's all nice and legal.

This is what we get for pushing 40 years of pro-corporate politics since Reagan. The .com boom and housing bubble hid the worst of it but it's starting to catch up on us. That's also why Trump & Bernie are doing so well in the polls. Too bad polls don't matter...

Comment File a grievance with who? (Score 1) 219

The article points out that as long as their paying what's been called the "prevailing wage" (just $60k/yr in Connecticut) it's all nice and legal. Not sure when congress snuck that in but assuming the article isn't lying we're all basically up shit creek in the IT world. Last I checked the only thing holding back the flood was a cap of 300k/yr visas, and every Prez candidate except Bernie and _maybe_ Trump wants to lift the cap.

What I want to know is why the hell more /.ers aren't worried. Don't tell you you'll just polish your resume and move on. You can only run so far for so long. If nothing else you'll take a pay cut in your new job when all the other displaced tech workers apply for it...

Comment Your simple solution doesn't work (Score 5, Interesting) 219

They'll hide it all in a web of contractors, which is exactly what they're doing now. If all else fails they'll fall back on the 'gig' economy and just move the goal post.They'll win, you'll lose. Because you play the game a few yours a day on /. while they do it for a living.

It's like Wargames (if you're old enough to know what that is): The only way to win is not to play. What you really want is tariffs and protectionism, but after 50 years of the right wing (economically speaking) press vilifying them nobody can bring themselves to say it. You will note that China and India both rely heavily on tariffs. They've worked for hundreds of years at their intended purpose of purpose.

Eliminate the H1-B program. For the few real geniuses we want have a lengthy peer review process to prevent the diploma mill graduate loophole. Raise taxes on import goods made with slave labor. Redistribute the wealth in the form of socialized medicine, free education, infrastructure programs and basic income. Lather, rinse repeat. These things work. That's why the 1% is frightened of them; and it's why they want you to be frightened too.

Comment I'm not so sure you're right (Score 1) 576

what's normal is what's defined in society. I remember a story about some Africans who migrated to the US to escape persecution. They were used to very little privacy because of their living conditions. When they moved to the US they suddenly had lots of the stuff. So much they had mental problems from the disconnect with people.

A lot of American obsession with privacy is brought on by puritan style shaming. E.g. we do have stuff we want to hide, even if we don't really need to. Yeah, there are really good examples where our privacy can be infringed (the stuff their doing with license plate readers is downright scary) but you can definitely take it too far, and there's a case to be made that America has.

Comment Why would Nintendo do that? (Score 1) 51

You're right about stringing along, but they're just waiting for hardware prices to drop. Nintendo normally makes money on their hardware. Hardware sales for both the 3DS & 2DS are profitable for them. Even the WiiU has passed the break even point.

Nintendo can count on selling DSes and NX Consoles, so why collapse the two into one platform? They'll wait for Microsoft/Sony to drive down ram/cpu prices and crank out a decent box they can sell for $250 at launch with $200 worth of hardware in it.

Comment Oh Lord, can we stop spreading that myth (Score 1) 176

Reagan was lying by omission. He did that lots. It was a technique invented by Karl Rove then implemented and perfected by Reagan. He neglected to mention that 91% tax rate didn't kick in until the 2016 equivalent of $20 million dollars and only applied to income _over_ that amount. Hell for your first $200k you paid the same rate as I do, and I don't make squat. Someone who cleared $30 mil would still make $990,000 a year more that year. This is what marginal tax rates are. They're to prevent run away income inequality and all the horrible things it entails (like the 1% buying up everything under the sun and forming monopolies like we're seeing with today's Mega Mergers and the billionaire's stranglehold on politics through money).

And besides, let 'em take a 9 month vacation. I'm sure somebody else will pick up that $10 million in slack. If there are no volunteers I'll take it.

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