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Comment Re:Its always been like this (Score 1) 205

You are pretty wrong here. First, you forget that people adjust to the conditions they are born into. Second, you forget that social interactions, not material wealth provide the largest part of happiness. An third, you vastly overestimate how well somebody "fully unemployed" (i.e. living on the street, no health-care, etc.) is living today.

Comment Re:Scalia, RIP. Leaves a large family and legacy. (Score 1) 212

I love doing therapeutic massage for people in pain.

That's interesting. I have a friend who's a really successful jazz bassist and makes a really good living doing session work. He went to study massage (shiatsu, etc) for the same reason. He says it has given him a renewed sense of purpose and has made his hands stronger and more dexterous, which is good for his bass playing. I was initially puzzled when he told me he was going to massage school, but now I get it.

Comment Re:More and more cores? (Score 3, Interesting) 56

That's guaranteed.

Surely you weren't saying sizes shrink by half every two years is guaranteed. Intel is already saying they won't be able to reach the process shrink goal in 2 years this time around. Around 5nm the shrink will turn into a research project just as challenging as the clock frequency issue. You can't pack carbon atoms closer than ~0.2nm nevermind features. A small protein molecule is 3nm in diameter. A significant drought of Moore's law is coming.

They could simply go back to the larger die areas we had only 10 years ago. It just means performance won't be "free" as time goes on. If you want a better chip you need a bigger chip and it'll cost more because you get less out of a wafer. There's plenty of fucking room on ATX boards and micro ATX boards and even mini ITX boards. And if you want to stick with tiny footprints like the Intel NUCs or the Google/Amazon/Intel "stick it in your HDMI port" shits, you can stack vertically or incorporate your RAM into the die.

I have a suspicion AMD will produce a part with HBM 2 incorporated into the APU die, resulting in a product that is literally a system on a chip, and finally realizes the shit they've been harping on about with regards to HSA. The GPU and the CPU have buckets of memory and all live together holding hands, sharing resources, talking to each other openly, helping each other build a deck or patch some drywall or whatever else the program asks them to do. Mayb we'll see something at E3 2017.

Comment Re:Dead Wrong (Score 3, Interesting) 205

People are not fact-oriented in their beliefs. That means they ignore solution that keep staring them in the face if they do not fit their restricted view of the world.

Hence it is quite possible that while capitalism loses most of its ability to sustain the population, it will get practiced to the bitter end nonetheless.

Comment Re:Its always been like this (Score 2) 205

Some cultures 1000 years ago or so needed to work 2-3 days a week and everything was taken care of. Seems to me we have massively regressed from that state. The problem is not that work is getting less. The problem is that work loses what remaining little use it still has as metric on how to distribute wealth.


Brown CS Department Hiring Student Diversity, Inclusion Advocates 78

theodp writes: Brown University's Department of Computer Science is seeking to hire student advocates for diversity and inclusion as part of its new action plan to increase diversity. The new hires, who will also serve as members of the CS Diversity Committee, will support students, plan inclusion activities, and educate TAs on issues of diversity. Also on the diversity front, Brown touted last weekend's Hack@Brown, the school's annual student hackathon, as being "unlike any other hackathon" -- welcoming, inclusive, and inviting to students of all experience levels." A cynic might point out that Hack@Brown's tech giant sponsors boast track records that are quite the opposite. By the way, Brown@Hackathon certainly upped the ante on conference Codes of Conduct, warning that those anonymously-charged with making others feel uncomfortable on the basis of "gender, age, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, or religion (or lack thereof)" will be "expelled from the event without travel reimbursement at the discretion of the event organizers." Brown explained that travel reimbursements were provided to promote "economic diversity", ensuring that students who couldn't otherwise afford to get to and from Providence could attend the Ivy League event. Hey, what "economically diverse" kid wouldn't want to go to a conference where rubbing someone the wrong way could leave them stranded in Rhode Island!

Comment Re:windturbines are not the solution (Score 1) 190

Erm ... links from "wordpress"? You know that this is a "blog site"?

Simple fact you seem not to know: in Germany we are dismantling coal plants continuously. Because they can not compete on the market with wind.

If every wind plant needed a coal plant to back it up, we would not do it.

Good luck with your crusade, though ...

Especially your last paragraph is so laughable :D

As a matter of fact: And if you're still not convinced ... which part of I work in that business and know basically everything about it and you don't (neither work nor know anything) did you not get or grasp yet? How do you want to "convince" a surgeon that he is doing his surgery wrong when he in fact is the surgeon and you are, frankly, only: a moron?

The last link ... did you actually read it? I relink it for you:

Why are people so dumb, brain dead idiotic, that they google for something, read the first introducing paragraph (which is worded in a rhetorical question phrase) and then post it as proof of their idiotic misunderstandings is beyond me. If you would have had the patience to read that link, I post it again: you had figured: wow, angel'o'sphere is right. All what he is saying is plainly written in that article.

Idiot. And please don't blame me: you dug out that link.

Last paragraph, as you are likely not going to read your own link:

Though this option seems the best in terms of technology, it faces a financial challenge: wholesale power prices are now so low on the power exchange that investments in additional generating capacity would not be profitable. Not only are Germanyâ(TM)s four biggest power firms abandoning plans to set up new gas turbines; there have also been rumors that some of the existing turbines might be taken off-line because they are no longer running for enough hours per year.

So, in your words: Again: it is CLEARLY stated that gasturbines are _not_ needed as backup. Fixed that for you. It is clearly stated in the last link of yours that all the things you claimed in this /. story: are wrong. And you are even to stupid to realize that because you did not read the link but copy/pasted random links you found via google without reading them: IDIOT!

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