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Comment: Re:It's not really about the code... (Score 1) 82

just write a program to slightly underbid and slightly overprice from your company's stream of bid and ask prices

yeah, that's what caused the "flash crash"...to many people doing exactly what you suggest

it became a tech war...who can have the fastest shortcut?

on other /. threads some commenters examined the code that Goldman-Sachs used as reported in the lawsuit and it was deemed "spaghetti"

it was all a hacked together mess...**at one of the top places**

Comment: it's all code (Score 1) 82

Open source isn't the issue. The issue is that, as a programmer for hire, the code he produced during his employment period was not under his own copyright. Any working computer programmer knows this, or if not, should.

that is the issue, i'm glad at least a few people are talking about it

it's not as simple as you make it out to be at all, however

if i have a modified version of a standard codebase that i use as a template on many jobs, if someone used then modified that template for a client, by your logic that template itself would be the company's copyright, because it was used

it's the "modified" part that is causing the problem...it's virtually impossible to do not modify code when...um...coding...

there has to be a rational limit...i don't know the specifics of the case, maybe you do...i'm interested to hear what you think the limit of the application of your principle would be in daily work

Comment: Re:Use the software (Score 1) 190

by globaljustin (#49458627) Attached to: How do you contribute to open source projects?

i see what you're saying, but i have a different perspective

compare to music

if i listen to an album alot, eventually my friends/family will hear it...if they like it, that's one more listener/customer/concergoer for the band

same with FOSS, imho

if i use GIMP and Audacity to make pixel/art for an Instagram to promote my graphic design side job, that's the same thing

"all images made by GIMP"

now, if you want to be over-litteral, i guess you could say that it's not *the act of using* but the "evangelism" that happens *when it is used*

so in that sense i guess we could agree

Comment: it's just a label for the "highest skill" (Score 1) 220

by globaljustin (#49406127) Attached to: How would you rate your programming skills?

What can be defined as an expert in programming skills?

we could have nitpicky, obtuse discussions about this question for infinity

we all know what the word "expert" means...and in this quiz it's the highest of many other options

if we ditch the semantics and just look at the math "expert" is just a label for the highest skill level

there's always a "highest" and this is the chosen word...it fits the common usages of the word, so it's a decent choice

Comment: all a "script" (Score 1) 220

by globaljustin (#49406103) Attached to: How would you rate your programming skills?

he distinction between a "scripting" language and a "real" language is quite arbitrary, and the lines are very blurry.


all code is instructions excuted by a machine in real time

the "scripting" disctinction is used to differentiate *within* that closed system...it's a type of command and over time users have found the distinction useful linguistically...

sort of like an animal trail that gets worn in...coders have to distinguish between functions of languages so that's how it evolved

Comment: intermediate == intermediate (Score 1) 220

by globaljustin (#49406057) Attached to: How would you rate your programming skills?

i'd rate you as Expert.

i put myself as Intermediate but what's funny is, even by your criteria i'd probably still be intermediate

i'm at that point where it's all just semantic differences between languages i use...the text is like a forrest i have to hack through to get the machine to do what i want

Comment: "social media" = text/images (Score 3, Insightful) 394

by globaljustin (#49393105) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Living Without Social Media In 2015?

tl:dr - use whatever internet system that has the functions and control of your data that matches your requirements

First, employers are not demanding LinkedIn pages or broadly looking down upon applicants without a facebook...and the idea that they mentioned it in an employment situation, with all the laws in place about fair hiring, *multiple times*...it seems like exaggeration...

However, the question of what kind/how much of your life to share on the internet is definitely a worthy question.

The answer is the understand the function and complexity of the system, the internet in this case. Facebook is one system of many. It has characteristics. One is the default to "sharing".

Instagram is another system...it has less information and simpler controls on "sharing"

**your instagram or twitter can hook into your facebook**

so, a person could use exclusively Instagram, Twitter or even a blog of their own creation, and have it **auto-post** to facebook...thereby having dynamic content on their page without ever going to facebook.com regularly.

the answer is CONTROL

what "social media" internet system should you use?

the one that has the FUNCTIONS you need and gives YOU the CONTROL over your data at a level you are comfortable with

Comment: turning an aircraft carrier (Score 1) 85

if IBM can make a value proposition in China with PPC, they actually have a chance at getting some market share outside embedded.

yes i agree

from TFA summary: "because the government has been actively pushing homegrown solutions over foreign technology, "

China is serious about this.

They are wise to the level of embedded spyware and also the way companies will lock you into proprietary everything.

Also, it's a wise move from an IT perspective. Especially for something as huge as China, pushing "homegrown solutions" on that economy of scale is a major change and it will have a noticalbly positive effect.

"Like turning an Aircraft Carrier"...that's China's IT infrastructure...it's so huge, it takes a long time to turn, so your criteria for deciding to change course is different...also the consequences of when you do change course are orders of magnitude different

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