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Comment: Re:Double Dragon Neon: Damsel in Distress? (Score 1) 1229

by Luckyo (#47809799) Attached to: Anita Sarkeesian, Creator of "Tropes vs. Women," Driven From Home By Trolls

I may have. I typically post on slashdot before going to bed, or during insomniac period. At that point, I have in the past confused different posters. If so, I apologise.

Regardless, Sarkeesian, and a couple of others are know to be scam artists preying on gullible people. If you are looking for a debunking of a specific claim in a specific video of this particular scam artist, you can search youtube for a dosen. There are quite a few people, men and women alike who spent a significant amount of time debunking her arguments through use of logic and research.

I will readily admit that I simply don't want to bother to do the same just to participate in the discussion. I apologise if that feels like a cop-out on my part - it probably is. But making arguments that others already made for me does sound like a waste of time.

Comment: Re:What if you tilt your head in headphones? (Score 1) 88

by Luckyo (#47795529) Attached to: RAYA: Real-time Audio Engine Simulation In Quake

That's not going to happen fast enough. Our hearing is exceptionally sensitive to timing, far more so than sight. As a result, the only way you get this is with speakers.

I strongly recommend getting a good 5.1 speaker setup if you're into gaming and enjoy positional audio. Vast majority of games nowadays have a proper directional sound implementation in software, so you'll get what you pay for.

Comment: Re:Aureal Technologies (Score 1) 88

by Luckyo (#47795511) Attached to: RAYA: Real-time Audio Engine Simulation In Quake

To be fair, EAX, while not actually calculating sound based on geometry, approximated close enough. I tested both Aureal's and Creative's cards back in early 2000 and difference was only noticeable if you really, REALLY focused on it in games that supported both A3D and EAX.

And most modern games use a full 3D positional audio with echo, reverb and other functions in software that sound almost as good as real ray traced sound on almost any decent sound codec. Though I still run audigy2 in all my gaming rigs (it keeps migrating into new one as I upgrade and the card is still supported drivers wise!) which still supports EAX in games that use hardware sound over software sound.

Comment: Re:*attempts to shed light rather than heat* (Score 1) 1229

Several hours of work is more like it.

She even called out one game "misogynist" when game's ending was about a huge muscular guy falling down and landing on a female character executing a punch upwards. She nails him straight in the balls.
Instead she spent about half an hour droning about muscular men dominating women in that game.

Must've taken quite a bit of effort to conclude her work quickly enough to miss moment like that in the game.

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