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Comment Re: Without government... (Score 1) 466

Not really. As big as VW is, it's nowhere near big enough to cause more than a small dent in European economy.

Remember this is the region which had the power to actually do something that even US didn't dare to do - actually fine microsoft for illegal monopolistic actions after finding them guilty.

That said, it's fairly obvious that this is not going to "bankrupt" VW even at it worse. Get a grip. The company is huge and will be able to absorb the costs. The problems are the long term damage to VW brand, long term damage to "made in Germany" brand (big subject of debate right now in Germany) and generally having to take a harder look at how multinationals like VW operate in EU.

Comment Re: Without government... (Score 3, Interesting) 466

Problem with VW, is that it doesn't play by European rules either. No shiny knight BS here. It's going to get nailed for its shenanigans in Europe just as much as it will in US.

Here in Finland, customer protection laws are so strong that they may require VW to actually buy relevant cars back from customers if they cannot provide appropriate compensation.

Comment Re:Without government... (Score 4, Insightful) 466

I'm European, specifically a Finn. I've never had taxi miss a reserved time. Their responsibility if they do is in fact written into the law, and I have a right under customer protection legislation to demand recompense if they clearly accepted the order.

Of course, around here taxi companies are considered part of public transit infrastructure, and are also tasked with things like driving children in sparsely populated rural areas to schools, ferrying elderly and disabled and so on. They're expensive, but you get the quality you pay for.

I suspect the reason why you have these complaints is because there isn't enough regulation on taxi services in your country.

Comment Re:Politics of homeopathy (Score 4, Insightful) 414

To be fair, if you get your "placebo ~20% effect" from [treatment that does nothing other than convince you that it does something], that's great for health.

I completely agree with her statement that supporting it with public money is completely different from acknowledging that placebo effect can indeed provide help to some people.

Comment Re:Naw, it's Doctors (Score 2) 696

That is incorrect. There are several features on the bike that make it much easier to get to high speed even with less musculature driving it. I'm talking about things like thinner wheels and tyres, less air drag causing posture setup, lighter frame, higher quality moving parts and gearing and so on.

Those have a direct impact on your driving speeds. I myself am in decent shape, riding a "normal" steel frame 26" wheelbase mountain bike, I go about 15-20km/h average speed. On my 28" alumimum one with better handles and proper suspension under the saddle and on the front fork, I push 25-30km/h average. The few times I got to try out the road bike with carbon fibre, I could easily go over 35km/h average.

Bike matters. A lot. Steel frame sitting on fat 26" wheels that makes you sit upright means that once you actually manage to get all that mass accelerated to about 20km/h, air friction, rolling friction on wheels and heavy mass of the bike is just going to get nasty if you want to go faster. Carbon fibre road bike means that you have bike that weighs almost nothing, so much better acceleration, and your completely different posture combined with thin, large wheels means that air friction and rolling friction on wheels starts to get noticeable at much faster speeds.

Additionally lower posture means that controlling the bike is much harder, as it's less ergonomic.

Comment Re:To be expected (Score 1) 246

So you just drew a comparison between a device that costs above 600EUR to a free piece of software that was semi-automatically pushed on the current massive user base of windows 7/8?

How much alcohol did you have to ingest for that analogy to make any kind of sense?

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