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Comment: Re:Disturbing. (Score 2, Informative) 106

This appears to be more of a bringing "internet way" closer to how things are done in real life.

As in if someone anonymously puts up a poster on private land that defames you, you actually get to challenge it in court and if it's found to be libel it's taken down.

This is censorship in the same way as "not allowing libel" is censorship.

Comment: Re:Great (Score 1) 105

by Luckyo (#49435801) Attached to: Bell Labs Fighting To Get More Bandwidth Out of Copper

My VDSL2 connection is sold as 100/10, which according to my router is currently connected at 86552/10000 kbps. It's very common around here to have fibre to apartment complex and then VDSL2 over telephone lines for last mile.

And this is indeed my personal connection, not shared with everyone on the same cable loop.

Comment: Re:Slow (Score 1) 106

by Luckyo (#49397225) Attached to: World's First 1 Megawatt All-Electric Race Car

Honestly, modern Pike's Peak race is kinda lame. Full tarmac start to finish, sadly boring grip driving.

Tip your hat to the old pre-2011 Pike's Peak which was mostly gravel road with some tarmac when driving was far, FAR more intense. Here's the legendary Ari Vatanen run in the 405 T16 from the 1990.

Featuring some crazy stuff like driving that monster of a car with one hand while shielding eyes from the sun glare with another through turns at high speed.

Comment: Re:Boo hoo (Score 1) 247

by Luckyo (#49383825) Attached to: NSA Worried About Recruitment, Post-Snowden

Depends on your personal ethics.

If you find that pursuit of personal wealth (many refer to this as "pursuit of happiness") is the most important aspect, Wall Street is the better option.
If you find that pursuit of hegemony of your state (many refer to this as "patriotism") is the most important aspect, NSA is the better option.
And if you find that things like human rights actually mean something, you find both to be unacceptable options.

Unfortunate reality however is that all three aforementioned aspects are in fact idealistic. World is anything but, and we find ourselves balancing between different aspects of those things among many others to find our paths in life. As a result, I would not straight up make the claims as extreme as yours. They're far too hyperbolic. While many people working at wall street to end up as thieves, many do not start as such. Same goes for people working for NSA.

That is the other side of this coin. The less good people join these structures of power, the more power those who are corrupt gain within them.

Comment: Re:Ironic headline (Score 1) 57

by Luckyo (#49381195) Attached to: EU Commission Divided Over Nation-Specific Content Blocking

And this demonstrates the utter ignorance of EU. EU is a carefully defined political construct. Only an utter idiot would suggest literal interpretation of the word "union" when talking about "European Union". It's extremely obvious that member states are not united politically, nor economically.

But I suppose I should not expect even basic intelligence from someone who uses "get wreked, twit" as a finisher for his rambling.

Comment: Re:I dunno...maybe you could check the LAW? (Score 3, Interesting) 57

by Luckyo (#49379255) Attached to: EU Commission Divided Over Nation-Specific Content Blocking

It's not as simple as you think.

The argument against a factual one rooted in reality - European movie making is a fairly small business, but important for each local culture. And they do indeed need protection to survive, because they are not commercially as strong as the big players who tend to dominate. And big players are well known for making deals that would destroy local movie makers by squeezing their money flows.

This isn't so much of a "feud" as beginning in the standard process of European decision making. That is seeking consensus between "common digital market" and "how do we keep our cultural producers alive in a world where their output is increasingly important to national identity".

Comment: Re:Ironic headline (Score 1) 57

by Luckyo (#49379229) Attached to: EU Commission Divided Over Nation-Specific Content Blocking

Do explain the irony, as there is none from any educated person's point of view.

The only thing there is, is a clear demonstration of utter ignorance on part of anyone finding any irony in the headline, because that would imply they think EU is a nation, rather than a union of nations each of which has its own interests.

As the name itself, European UNION suggests.

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