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Comment Re:For uninformed, article title is disingenuous (Score 1) 69

The ground line gives you a true ground, isolated from any shit that bad devices (or bad utility power) might shit out onto the neutral line, making it NOT a neutral line. And anyone who's ever dealt with audio equipment knows what hell it can be when you can't get a real ground. Do you like audible 60 Hz sine waves? Because improperly grounding shit is how you get them.

There are plenty of reasons we added the third prong, and it's not because Khyber is smarter than the dumb scientists, engineers, and electricians.

Comment Re: So what should we do? (Score 1) 562

With no power and the door closed, you cannot open the door in a Corvette without knowing about a small latch near the bottom of your seat.
The average person expects a door handle to be on the door where you use your hand to push the door open. The average person also expects levers hidden away near your seat to be for adjusting the seat.

There are dumb users and then there are dumb designs. This is a case of dumb design. It's like Apple and Google's shit where scrollbars and control icons are invisible until you mouse over them. It's super simple once you know about it, but there's zero indication of it otherwise, and you absolutely cannot expect someone to find it on their own without instruction, especially when they're elderly and baking to death in the hot car.

Comment Re:Here we go again (Score 1) 120

Plenty of people submit worthwhile things that just sit at the firehose, while plenty of shilled crap gets front paged.

I dare you to explain how it is decided which things are front paged, including the names of the people who make the decisions.
And I defy you to directly state that you still work for Slashdot and that advertising or other promotional deals do not affect what is posted to the front page.

Comment Re:So what should we do? (Score 4, Interesting) 562

Corvette owner dying in the car because he didn't know about the mechanical release levers on the floor, the targa latches on the roof or the hatch release in the rear...

To be fair the most recent case I heard about involved an elderly man and his dog. The man was found with the owner's manual in his lap, trying to find out how to open the door without a functioning electrical system. The mention of the latch location is buried somewhere on page 67 or some shit. It should be in the first few pages.

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