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Comment Nope (Score 3, Interesting) 24

It didn't stop developing this. It never started.
The "Quality of Life" shit has been teased by Nintendo for years and nothing had ever come of it, and nothing ever will.
It was simply a buzzword bandied about to tease investors along with in order to prevent them from demanding that Iwata step down.
Iwata died, so it's not longer needed.

The mobile shit is going to be quarter-assed at best, as is their My Nintendo and Miitomo shit (register your account names if you give a shit on the 17th, but it's just another abortion of an account system to replace the existing abortions of Miis, Club Nintendo, NNID, etc.).

Nintendo's job right now is stringing along investors until they can reveal their next console, which is codenamed "NX". Nintendo swears up and down that this won't be a console/portable hybrid, so you can bet your ass it'll be exactly that. Nintendo is a very Japanese company and in Japan consoles are dead, dead, dead. Portables are dying as well. The only games that sell in the Japanese market today are trashy mobile games. Nintendo of America has absolutely zero say in what Nintendo does, so despite the western markets being where Nintendo can make money they will continue to chase after a market that has largely given up gaming.

I expect the NX to be nothing more than a handheld like the 3DS (dual screen or not, who knows, but probably without the 3D) that you can connect to your TV like the failed version of the Vita or the nVidia Shield things. Nintendo's mobile efforts will be side-games and shitty apps no one will care about. You won't be playing a proper mainline Pokemon on your phone unless you're emulating one of the classics, despite the fact that Nintendo would make obscene amounts of money if they let it happen (Pokemon is made by The Pokemon Company, but Nintendo has control and oversight). Instead you'll get an app where you can have your Mii store notes for you, you'll get a Pikachu-themed calendar that does 10% of what your current Google / Outlook shit already does, and you'll get a Pokemon-skinned game like Pokemon Shuffle.

I'd love for the "X" in "NX" to stand for x86, meaning that Nintendo is:
1 - Developing a traditional console based on x86 hardware
2 - Giving 3rd parties even less reason to not port to their platform
3 - Cutting off backwards compatibility with the Wii U / Wii / GameCube (yes, the Wii U can run GameCube games since it's inherently the same architecture as the 2001 console, it just lacks the controller ports and ability to load the smaller discs - homebrew lets you get around both limitations)

But I'm used to Nintendo's ways, and I know whatever they trot out will be a disappointment overall, but worth it for the few stellar IPs you can only get from Nintendo.

Comment Re:Not a USB 3 problem (Score 3, Insightful) 126

You should never be able to permanently damage a grounded device by connecting something to its ground line. The ground line should be safe for all sane voltages (all bets are obviously off with lightning). On laptops and phones and shit this is a problem because they aren't grounded and have to dump out to the case or something. Even when plugged in, many laptops aren't grounded.

Modern motherboards advertise physical USB port protection for such bullshit precisely because it's becoming a more common issue with shitty USB devices and cables. It's not a USB 3 problem it's a USB and shitty implementations problem, but that's what happens when you commoditize so hard that all anyone ever does is buy the cheapest item listed that ships with Prime.

Comment Re:Stupid design (Score -1, Flamebait) 126

Yup, USB is a joke, and the rapid shitfest of OTG, 3.0, 3.1, C, etc. doesn't help.

This "issue" only came about because said Google "engineer" and "hero" cheaped out and bought a POS cable from a POS company and hooked it up to a POS device that doesn't have fuses protecting the USB ports (the Pixel), then proceeded to hook it up to several other devices only to fry them as well. He's now waging a war about it so publicly because of the shame he feels for frying not one (could happen to anyone), not two (understandable, but not for an engineer), but three (lol) separate devices with the same bogus cable.

And this is old news even for Slashdot's standards. Poor timothy.

Comment Re:So what? (Score 2) 389

RTFA ass-hole. No one serviced the fucking iPhone, it stopped working after the update. Person dropped phone, screen had hairline crack but phone still worked, phone got update, error 53. Phone still under warranty, no one touched it, but Apple will not repair or replace. Some customer service there.

“I was in the Balkans covering the refugee crisis in September when I dropped my phone. Because I desperately needed it for work I got it fixed at a local shop, as there are no Apple stores in Macedonia. They repaired the screen and home button, and it worked perfectly.”

Zoom in.

RTFA ass-hole. No one serviced the fucking iPhone

I got it fixed at a local shop


No one serviced the fucking iPhone

fixed at a local shop

Pan left on the suspect and zoom again.


There we go!

Comment Re:Damned if you do, damned if you don't (Score 1) 389

In the "land of the free" the state does this sort of shit daily to people they don't like. Automated hacking tools (connect to USB port, press button) and turn key procedures for the techs (remove part and replace with this part) are much more reliable and much faster than having to physically lift and recreate a print. They also have the benefit of requiring far less expertise, so you can have dumber goons doing the work. Dumber goons are less likely to question what they are doing or care about fucking over someone else's rights.

Comment Re:Open Source (Score 1) 166

The Play Store and other Google core apps are not free, not open source, etc. They're to be bundled with Android, the locked-down, not free, not open source mobile OS. OEMs have to pay Google to get access to these apps as well as pay Google to get access to Android.

You have the option of downloading it illegally from someone who dumped it from their own phone, got it from "somewhere, wink wink", etc. Alternatively, you can download a custom ROM with it baked in from someone who did that step for you. I DGAF about downloading it illegally, but let's not claim that AOSP+Google's apps are a free and open option.

Comment Re:Even Eich has abandoned Gecko with his (Score 1) 400

Brave is an advertising platform first and foremost.

Brave replaces ads the page / 3rd parties deliver with ads Brave delivers, while promising that the ads Brave delivers are safer and less invasive, as well as better targeted.

However good it may be as a browser it's a non-starter for me. It's core purpose is to put its own ads in front of my eyeballs.

A truly honest browser would refuse to load ANY content from a separate domain by default. That means going to will not allow you to load up an embedded youtube video, a referenced font, an externally-hosted jquery, or even's content on a generic CDN. ALL content should come from, plain and simple. Otherwise, the user should have to manually allow to load content from, *, or, or, or whatever.

Yes, this would "break" much of the current web and most users would never switch to a browser that enforced these things. And most sites would never respect these things. But the web would be a much better place if connecting to a host meant you received content only from that host by default. We're currently at a point where blocking third-party content breaks a huge chunk of the web, but blocking third-party cookies doesn't. I'm afraid that in a few years I'll be forced to accept cookies from "" before being able to access most sites.

Comment Re:WaterFox? (Score 1) 400

WaterFox doesn't make changes aside from being a 64-bit build, as far as I know. It's basically a 64-bit build using the Intel C compiler with the optimizations flag turned up to 11.
It will eventually get this "update".

I'm currently evaluating as my personal Firefox replacement. The workstations I'm responsible for will get Chrome by default, and not Firefox. (Along with IE/Edge/Safari.)

I'm 100% done with Mozilla, and I expect the organization to go under by the end of 2018.

Comment Re:Fuck Mozilla (Score 5, Insightful) 400

And in true Mozilla fashion, my post to the mailing list, where Mozilla told people to discuss the issue, was rejected by the moderator:

Subject: Cookies in Firefox 44

The recent change to how cookies were handled in Firefox 44 should be reverted.
Stifling discussion on the bug tracker is also bad form.

Your request to the firefox-dev mailing list

Posting of your message titled "Cookies in Firefox 44"

has been rejected by the list moderator. The moderator gave the
following reason for rejecting your request:

"Bugzilla is for tracking technical work, it's not a debate forum.
Firefox-dev is the proper place to discuss such things, but as your
message isn't adding substantive to the discussion I'm rejecting it."

Any questions or comments should be directed to the list administrator

Bye, Mozilla.

Comment Fuck Mozilla (Score 4, Insightful) 400

I built a new Windows image for our workstation PXE deployments, this time without Firefox.
If you're going to be just another trash browser you're no longer getting installed on the systems I'm responsible for.

In true Mozilla fashion, the discussion on the bug tracker has been censored, so people can't even effectively complain about it.

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