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Comment Re:Screw the space elevator... (Score 1) 138

Go lie on an elevated bed of nails.
Then let someone fire a gun at at the nail heads beneath you.

When the material is so thin, instead of it spreading the force out to support your meatflesh, your meatflesh ends up supporting the material (by being sliced and diced). You need to carefully weave these materials in layers or apply some other layer to actually distribute the force before it gets to you. Both options make them heavier, thicker, and less flexible. Making the material thinner and stronger is WORSE for armor.

Comment Re:Problem with the definition of a planet (Score 0, Troll) 71

What I don't like is the arbitrary, vague, and changing "definition" of a planet being used by people (who are not authorities on the matter) as a weapon. The most obvious example is it being rigidly enforced to change Pluto's status while simultaneously being conveniently ignored for other planets. Of course, Neil Tyson is a proponent of arbitrarily kicking Pluto out of the planet club and treating anyone who disagrees as an undoctrinated^w uneducated idiot, so the internet morons who consider themselves enlightened (because they have a "Stand Back, I'm Going to Try Science" t-shirt) fall in line and march against anyone who dares to question the arbitrary rules, their unequal enforcement, or their unsanctioned enforcers.

Comment Starting An Important Debate (Score 0) 105

this is not about ad blocking, but about starting an important debate

No, it's about ad blocking. No one ever wants to "start a debate" or "have a conversation" or "open a dialog".
Everyone saying those things simply wants to do their thing and ram it down your throat while getting tards to parrot their talking points in the guise of "debate", "conversation", or "dialog".

I'm 100% against ads and 100% for blocking them. I'm just sick of asshats using the phony debate/dialog/conversation bullshit to pretend they haven't already taken a hardline stance on a subject.

Comment Simple (Score 1) 138

There hasn't been a Black Friday deal worth getting out of bed for since the late 1990s.

As soon as the media latched onto Black Friday as an "event" it started going downhill.
    - Earlier hours
    - Worse deals
    - Fewer store exclusive deals
    - Larger crowds (worse odds of getting a deal)
    - Larger crowds (better odds of getting stabbed or trampled)
    - Pervasiveness of deal sites facilitating hoarders and resellers

I've personally never found "Cyber Monday" to have anything worth getting, even in the 90s.

The proper way to shop is to know what you want and set up a deal alert on a forum like slickdeals (or even ask in the "find me a deal" forum).
If by chance you want something, such as PlayStation 4, you'll likely find a deal on it. If you can wait til Black Friday, buy it a couple of weeks BEFORE Black Friday and then use the price protection feature on your credit card (Discover IT and some others cover Black Friday prices, while others don't). You get it earlier, you're guaranteed to get it, and you don't have to fight anyone for it.

If you're looking at Black Friday ads to see what good deals there are, my advice is to look at some pornography instead. You'll save money and you'll be happier. For the past 15 years the bulk of Black Friday "deals" have gone through each of these trends:
    - Cheap and shitty digital photo frames that are cheap because the market collapsed
    - Cheap and shitty standalone GPS units that are cheap because the market collapsed
    - Cheap and shitty net books that are cheap because the market collapsed
    - Cheap and shitty eReaders that are cheap because the market collapsed
    - Cheap and shitty Windows RT tablets that are cheap because the market collapsed (or never existed)

The next thing will be cheap and shitty Android tablets that are cheap because the market collapsed. Yes, Black Friday is filled with cheap and shitty Android tablets already, but the market hasn't collapsed yet.
These guys make up the next biggest portion of the deal space - cheap devices that are cheap because they're last year's model (or older) and they need to GTFO. From phones to tablets to GoPros to routers to whatever. A big chunk of the "deals" are wasted on shit that would have been sent back to the warehouse in a couple of months as unsellable.
Do you really want that 18 month old video card or that "new" 802.11n wireless router? Sure it's a bit cheaper than the current model's MSRP, but if you can wait a week you can probably get a deal on the current model to split the difference in price.
How about that printer? You just know that ink in the tiny starter cartridge is dried up and buying new ink will cost more than buying the current printer model.

The last major category of Black Friday "deals" are the turds. And boy do they polish these before they splash them all over your screen / newspaper inserts.
These are the fucking stripped down, Black Friday versions of popular brands. I'm talking about Samsung TVs which aren't made by Samsung and for which you'll never find a review because the SKU is unique to Best Buy.
These are the fucking off-brand pieces of shit you normally wouldn't touch with a 10 foot clown pole. I'm talking about 50" 720p Vizio TVs at Costco.
These are the "shoot yourself in the foot" old models like the XBOX 360s that are guaranteed to RRoD when the latest model is only $50 more.
These are the unsupported corpses that are barely functional in the modern world like old Rokus and DLNA boxes that can't handle 1080p or talk to your "smart" devices.

The next of the notable categories are smaller than the rest, but still deserve to be mentioned.

Trash. Near-literal fucking trash like fucking 4th world USB chargers, cases for phones nobody owns, U-Value DVD-R 16X (50-pk.), or an ancient plastic tub of red vines. These things are trash and people hoover them up like they're gold. I'm not sure if it's the idiots or the resellers (or both), but they fly off the shelves.

Actual deals. Ah yes, what we're actually looking for. $100 off a console (or $50 off + a game or two). A good, current model TV a few hundred bucks off. The current tablet model $50 off or the previous model iPad $100 off. (Never buy old Android - you'll be fucked for updates and security.) These are few and far between, and if you have a credit card with price protection you can skip the bullshit, buy early, and get the discount later. For smaller items like clothing, you can always find an equivalent or better deal some other time in the year. It's not worth lining up at Old Navy no matter how much Julia Louis-Dreyfus wants you to.

The smallest category is door busters. Back when stores had to compete for holiday shoppers, they offered great deals to the first X in line, or had 10 of a certain item and sold it for a great price, or had an exclusive item they straight out gave to people. My mother used to collect the Christmas ornaments that Macy's or JC Penny's used to give out. I believe they were free, then free with $X in purchases, and later $X to straight out buy. Some of the older ones were pretty nice looking, but they of course devolved into junky crap along with everything else. (I'm not sure when she stopped getting them.)

Today, door busters more accurately refers to the thronging maniacs willing to trample others to death or get into a cat fight while their 2 year old is strapped to their chest (half dead from hypothermia) over the "deals". "Door buster" items are now just highlighted picks from the other categories. Again, it's mostly crap you don't want (that Toshiba LCD TV, for example) at a price that entices idiots and resellers. There are a handful of actual deals, but again, use your credit card price protection and save your sanity.

The bottom line is that Black Friday started out as a day when stores competed for people. You had to entice people to go out after Thanksgiving, in the cold, to buy your shit. The stores had to compete and they did so on prices, products, freebies, and even contests. (To be fair I think Old Navy is giving away $1,000,000 to someone in line this year.) Now, people compete with each other, and the stores have no reason to put out good deals OR good products. They put out ads and the people will come regardless of what they're selling. Even when shopping online people have to compete over limited (restricted) stock and crashing web servers.

Skip Black Friday or make a list of items you want at prices you want and use your credit card's price protection if you can't find a deal at other times in the year.

Comment Re:Coming soon in Windows 11 (Score 5, Interesting) 92

No chance.

This "install your own root CA" trick is being used widely in corporate environments to allow proxies to snoop your HTTPS connections ; caused no end of trouble with clients using independent Firefox installs (Chrome uses the system certificate store, Firefox has it's own) navigating to our pages (with properly signed certificates) and being told they were a security risk.

Firefox told them it's an untrusted cert and a security risk because it's an untrusted cert and a security risk.
What you are doing is bad, evil, and wrong. And it's technically illegal under the DMCA as well, because you're breaking encryption. No, an employee agreement that says you can monitor their computer use doesn't get you past the DMCA.

Fuck you and all the places that do this. If I were asked to implement such a thing at my job I'd raise all hell and strike.

Comment Re:native USB 3.1 is not that big of a thing (Score 3, Insightful) 115

2 video cards will take 32 of them, a high end SSD will take up 4, if you've got a wireless card, a sound card, or some other shit you're eating a couple more. And then you've got all the legacy SATA ports and whatnot that may eat up some of those lanes opportunistically.

40 is by no means future-proof. I'd like to see 48 or 64 for a pro/enthusiast rig,

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