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Comment Re:Not using laugh tracks (Score 1) 303

It's still a live studio audience.

There is no laugh track other than what the live studio audience supplies. Any editing to that track is for overall volume and timing, just as is done with every other show. This has been standard practice since Married with Children, where episodes frequently had botched run lengths due to the actors having to wait (and sometimes even restart a line) due to the audience reaction.

Comment Re:BLEACH! (Score 1) 117

Bleach doesn't work every time.
Bleach, alcohol, etc. need to be applied at specific concentrations for a specific period of time to be effective.
If you don't follow these procedures, all you do is breed stronger shit.

Some retard is lining up right now to say "NOOOOOOOO THEY NEVER BECOME RESISTANT TO BLEACH OR ALCOHOL!!!!".
Plenty of organism have on outer wrapper, or "skin", to protect them from hostile environments. Many micro organisms wall off and go dormant until the coast is clear and then come back. So fuck off with that theory, please.

Bleach doesn't work every time. Not even fire does. However, I suspect what happened here was a simple case of places not being cleaned properly (or at all) because the building owners / maintenance people were cheap / lazy.

Comment Re:what's the problem? (Score 4, Insightful) 143

Actual numbers indicate that typical usage (not cherry-picked, theoretical 'typical' usage) puts average storage use at ~7GB on the iPhone, meaning that roughly half of people use roughly half or less of the available space on a 16GB model, but people still claim that having the entry-level iPhone start with 16GB is a huge error.

Could it be that people are forced to modify their habits because of the limited storage space?
I like to store my blu ray rips on my phone. If I had a phone that didn't have external storage, I wouldn't be able to, and the storage usage on that phone would be really low.
Change blu ray rips to videos of any sort, music, apps, photos, whatever. People won't keep in on their device if they feel restricted by the storage space.

I'm not going to keep SOME of my shit on my phone and ALL of it somewhere else. I'm going to keep ALL of it on my phone or NONE of it on my phone (and all of it somewhere else).
The fact that lots of people use 50% instead of 100% doesn't mean they don't need more space, it may mean that they don't have enough space to do what they want so they don't do it.

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