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Comment some random Canadian woman (Score 1) 747

a feminist friend from the North American culture-sphere

so this dude asked his Canadian friend

i don't see a problem with a ".bro" file extention any more than having a street address that is 666

if you ask a Canadian 'feminist' about whether *anything* could be offensive they will answer in the affirmative

Comment Google Cardboard shows why (Score 1) 174

VR is "Dead on Arrival"

It is DOA because the demand is mostly hype.

Also, the technology is at a level where things are either too easy to copy (every other company could bring one to market quickly, most have VR prototypes now) -or- it is too expensive and requires too much adaptation to get anyone interested.

Part of the hype comes from the sheer number of hobbyist/techies out there now willing to throw down on a Kickstarter for something like this. That's not good or bad that's just a fact...there are just more potential "early adopters" who will use things like Occulus on just a few games/applications after much tinkering and be happy.

Google's Cardboard is good example at the zero sum economic forces making this whole "VR revolution" thing essentially 'DOA': https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/...

Comment Mexican Drug Cartels are pattern for future "war" (Score 1) 241

“You might try to eliminate war by eliminating the conditions that cause it, like poverty and racial hatred and religious animosity. This is kind of la-la land, but it really may be the only stable long-term solution.” It’s what Haldeman calls “the inescapable tautology.”

“When war is unthinkable, it will stop.”

I think war, in a broader sense is capable of being practically eliminated.

Depending on what definition you use, I think in our lifetimes we might see the reduction of armed conflict to what might be considered today "really bad gang war."

The Mexican drug gangs are a good example. They are the future of warfare in that the facets of their conflicts will be the most we will get to "war" in the future.

So it depends on how you look at it, but I think war of the future will be closer to what we consider law enforcement.

Comment single multi-function menu button (Score 1) 270

TFA is a good article, but The "Start Button" was really a non-innovative, pedestrian multi-function, customizable menu button.

I always marvel that people write thinkpieces about "The Start Button" like it was some big tech innovation.

The "Start Button" was, essentially, just like any other "Menu" option in computing every used, it just used a different word. And to that end, ontologically speaking, "Start" was one of the most patronizing, over-simplified, dumbed down choices they could have made and still made it to production.

Comment Q4 2016 is really fast dev time (Score 2) 111

their deal with Microsoft prevents them from getting back into the phone business until Q4 2016, so we won't be seeing Nokia phones soon either way.

New phones typically take years to develop and bring to market. I don't think Q4 2016 is prohibitive at all.

That's about a year...even if Nokia started today designing a new phone it would be kind of amazing if they had it ready to go to market by Q4 2016.

They say "You have to go away to come back" and Nokia definitely went away so....

Comment fully half baked (Score 1) 171

the idea might be a bit half-baked

imho, it's not a bit half-baked, it's all the way...*this idea is awful*

my first thought was, in order to detect on females you have to have intercourse first, which kind of defeats the purpose...also, checking the color (i can just see the antics w/ attempting to use a cell phone light...) is also going to be more awkward than any of the alternatives

these ideas never leave the concept stage

if something like a condom can indicate this, just make a test swab or something...it's already awkward having to stop and turn on the light to check the color...

Comment terrible OS (Score 0, Troll) 289

But Microsoft is the one who dictates what technology Samsung must play nice with...

The difficulty is first with Microsoft, and Samsung's 'fix' wouldn't be necessary without it.

This isn't the first time an OEM has compromised the security of its users.

Blame has to go to Microsoft *first*...it's illogical to blame the cart for something the horse chose to do.

Comment defining "computer security" for your clients (Score 1) 53

Mr. Krebs, thank you for the time.

My question is about defining "computer security" in relation to public perceptions vs technical facts.

It was reported in 2006 that the NSA was keeping massive databases of American's phone calls and metadata: http://yahoo.usatoday.com/news...

Obviously, Snowden's revelations were much more heavily reported, and contained more info, but the public was shocked at information that was already public.

When it comes to cyber security customers, how do you explain and contextualize what service you are providing given the vast differences in perception of "security"?

Comment who previously had the position? (Score 1) 147

It would help to know who was the previous Chief Design Officer.

It's possible they created a new 'C' position specifically to suit the role Ive plays and part of that includes a more flexible schedule.

It's equally as possible Ive didn't want a C-level position because internal red tape would keep him from being with the engineers and designers.

Really all kinds of explanations, but I want to know. It's really interesting to observe how large companies like Apple make personnel decisions.

Comment Re:revealing south poles (Score 1) 496

the *most logical* answer is near *both north or south pole* at w/e point the math says to be

i said *near* the south pole

again, a linguistic semantic distinction only

many people answered "north or south pole" and meant "near the north or south pole"

this my whole point, so much of this arguing is over semantics instead of the actual solution...which is a very revealing question, IMHO

in a competition of high-skilled almost-equals, the ability to think past semantic differences and communicate the one best answer clearly is a great way to set apart otherwise good candidates

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