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Comment: network security -101 (Score 1) 345

The objective of any firewall is to prevent traffic on all unused ports in order to limit potential attack vectors. This is a given and no specific threat needs to be stated.

honestly you could not be more wrong/trolling...

you completely avoided the question

**of course** the objective of any firewall is to do as you say, but stating that fact is not an answer to GP's question

I really want to hear a good answer to GP's question....I used to have my CCNA, but mostly did database and research query stuff...I'd really like to see a specific answer to the question

You really are trolling more than just're trolling all of us, everyone on here who is an industry professional should have a decent ***specific*** answer to GP's question.

To top it off, you accuse GP of acting like a typical "bureaucrat"

It sounds like you're some bureaucrat trying to justify the costs of standard security practices.


Just dead wrong.

bureaucratic functionaries don't ask analytical questions that demand real world, specific answers...and they use manipulative language to justify **getting a bigger budget** as well

Comment: wrong bro (Score 1) 311

by globaljustin (#47561955) Attached to: Programming Languages You'll Need Next Year (and Beyond)

we can get pedantic about the difference between "coding" and "programming" languages...but others have gone down that road & it's never-ending

we need a consistent paradigm

HTML & CSS are coding languages...they are a defined set of symbols that contain commands run on a computer (specifically by a browser)...yes they are not "original gangster" coding languages that you can brag about..but they are a unique set of code that commands a's "code"

not all people who use HTML/CSS are "coders"

it's like back before came online, one of the only options was would get into the HTML & CSS via an interface and just randomly change color numbers and hack it up

**that's not coding**

whoever made the CSS for a site like...well surely a coder

keep your bragging rights,'re more of a 'real' coder...but it's reductive and pedantic to say "CSS is not a programming language"

Comment: whoosh! (Score 1) 311

by globaljustin (#47561905) Attached to: Programming Languages You'll Need Next Year (and Beyond)

it's a semantic argument, IMHO...but you totally missed the joke

if the defining criteria is your code language can do something another cannot, then have C++ render a hypertext document with linked photos & text into a browser

still it's *semantics*'s all machines following code pounded by a monkey

Comment: not a violation (Score 1) 152

by globaljustin (#47541677) Attached to: What percentage of your media consumption is streamed?

I'm seeing some trolling (someone took the time to copy some law they found)...might as well just say parent is right

Furthermore, any individual can record music (from the radio or from a CD from the library or purchased at a yard sale or anywhere) onto any format, then make a compilation of songs onto any format, and give that to any person they want.

The federal government has not defined what a 'friend' is...anyone can give any music to any 'friend' as per the DCMA

You don't have to agree with what I said above to know that parent is right as well...the downloading isn't the problem, it's uploading in how most cases that make it to trial go as I've seen as well.

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