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Comment Re:good start whipslash (Score 1) 1829

hey one last thing,

a piece of advice...

women are the secret to success in tech...you want the women in tech who can actually do tech work to come to slashdot first...

*I don't know how* but if the new wave of techie women come to slashdot and find a thriving, positive community they will participate and more importantly promote it to their friends

women in tech want no bullshit news and stuff that matters just as much as the rest of us

slashdot isn't reddit...it's not the worst MRA-nest by far, and i think it's actually a fairly open place, and I don't know how to advise specifically how to to it, but when techie women see a place of respect they will add value to the community like absolutely no other thing in the universe can add

Comment good start whipslash (Score 5, Insightful) 1829

whipslash, you are doing yeoman's work...

I know absolutely nothing about the company that just bought slashdot, nothing, but judging by your comments on this post you understand the slashdot system and are trying to fix it by tweaking things like firehose weighting...I'm glad you're not trying to re-invent the site.

I've relied on slashdot for *no bullshit* and "see-it-here-first" techie news...what they call "stuff that matters"

More than anything, slashdot for me has been educational. I learn about the issue reading through the comments. Haha, yeah lol, there are trolls and idiots but I just ignored that...the good comments here can be from phd's researching the topic or the engineers who actually code the AI gadget in the article under discussion!

I've been reading since 2001, but didn't even log in to comment until 2006, because I honestly didn't think I had anything to contribute because the level of discussion was so high and relevant. True story!

As long as slashdot has the user-base and maximizes the capabilities of the slashdot CMS to foster productive discussion this will be one of the best techie news sites anywhere!

Comment backdoors everywhere (Score 0) 345

from an IT and telecommunications perspective it's nothing but network of nodes where the information can be intercepted

the question is not, "Do we want a network inaccessible to criminal or military investigators/spies?"

that's a good question, but it is a moot point...the data *is* accessable by *someone*

how many here on /. really host their own email server in a faraday cage with tor, proxies, etc for all IP traffic with all devices individually encrypted using all the best linux-based secure software?

break one link in the chain and it's done...our digital communications are not secure

now, there is a difference when it comes to a personal device...I don't think a court can force someone to, say, give a password to unlock an iphone...but if the court has proper reason to think it is needed, then I think apple should help the government unlock it

that's different than digital communications

either way it is encrypted

Comment really, really slow and/or dangerous (Score 1) 43

in TFA the car has to be taken off auto-drive because it comes to a construction area and slows down so much it was barely moving

these things are not going to work in this form, and pushing them into the market will be a disaster

car AI is much, much improved, and I can see groups of electric semi-trucks following one lead driver on an interstate, but that's about it

Comment time duration (Score 1) 22

I thought it was interesting that they were using time division *between* pulses instead of binary.

The brain does process on a continual basis so it makes sense. I don't know if time-division multiplexing neurons is something every neuroscientist knows about but I thought it was at least noteworthy.

Comment illiterate human behavior + complexity (Score 1) 748

I think the biggest thing we humans will learn from this foray into self-driving cars is that human behavior is much more complex than we have the ability to replicate artificially.

Autonomous vehicles definitely have a place on the roads, in commercial trucking. It's not as sexy and those Cali billionaires funding self-driving car research won't like it, but that's the real usable value in the tech. In 20 years, I can definitely see US highways teeming with caravans of self-driving, electric powered semi-trucks barrelling down a designated lane of the interstate.

Many aren't going to like it, but the simple fact is, driving a car around town is something illiterate humans can do, but programing a car to do it is not possible practically

Comment "startup" = app idea (Score 4, Insightful) 220

"Tech entrepreneurs" of whatever gender are mostly just rich/connected people with an idea for an app and either are personal friends with or hire someone to actually make the beast.

90% of "tech startups" are "apps" of some time or have them as a major part of what they do.

It was different back in the day.

In the US, typically the person with the money wanted to be the "investor" and the "entrepreneur" was the same as the inventor or coder.

Old-school rich people showed off by being able to choose the right person to invest in, nowadays the new-school rich show off by *being* the person at the top of the investment, at least publicly.

Comment China market (Score 1) 366

I'd happily live down the street from a Thorium reactor.

I think that US companies should be clamoring to open the Chinese market for these things.

imho, personally, the idea of China with nuclear reactors everywhere is a bit disconcerting, but they are the perfect target market

They are the world's worst polluter and only getting worse...nuclear is the best option by far, but it's just not been marketed for their needs.

A company could make trillions.

Comment Why not both (Score 0) 366

Wind and solar are ... Nuclear is...

Why not both?

At best a major city like Chicago or Berlin could get probably 10% of it's power from renewables.

Until we make up that 90% (which will be awhile even with the best R&D) nuclear is clearly the best choice.

Comment I agree in general (Score 5, Insightful) 366

I don't usually flatly agree w/ something Thiel says (he never has grown out of his Ayn Rand phase), but this time I do.

Wind, solar, all the others...they are awesome and let's keep dumping cash into R&D for those...all of it.

But also do nuclear.

We have a long, long way to go before we can power our cities with renewables 100%. Nuclear has been retarded by 4 decades of fear-mongering...nuclear is safe when done correctly. The 3 Mile Island disaster killed no one and displaced only a small ammount of people...it wasn't anything like Chyrnoble.

It's 40 years later and we can make reactors that are safer by orders of magnitude than the 100s we've been using for decades that have been working perfectly.

Comment China, N. Korea are the target market (Score 2) 137

somehow the US and UK will outlaw all phones that don't have back doors, and Blackberry will become the only legal smartphone and... PROFIT!!!!

Interesting comment, made me think...

So, thinking of this as a phone specifically enabled with spying capabilities as a feature you're right, the logical customer for such a phone is an oppressive government.

I can think of several totalitarian governments that would love a phone with baked-in spyware!

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