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Comment: hackers oligarchs & thugs (Score 3, Interesting) 265

by globaljustin (#49131461) Attached to: It's Official: NSA Spying Is Hurting the US Tech Economy

I'm 100% in favor of strict NSA accountability, but it's wrong to blame the NSA as if they aren't at least partially working for the right reasons.

Blame hackers, oligarchs, and wannabe international gangsters first and foremost. The NSA must be held accountable with hardcore oversight, but we need law enforcement and defense.

Also, the tone of this article is weird, it seems to put China as some kind of arbiter of global trade ethics:

Cisco, Apple, Intel, and McAfee -- among others -- have been dropped from the Chinese government's list of authorized brands,

China's government is a totalitarian, freedom depriving monolith. The people of China are victims.

I see the angle, when we put spyware in tech like this there are consequences and it's probably overreach by the NSA, but TFA is criticizing from the wrong angle.

China is not a threat to us. That's the core misunderstanding. How many books, blog posts, articles by Thomas Friedman have there been about the "China Rising" nonsense? We don't owe China like a bank...they ***invested in the US*** by buying our don't invest in something you are trying to destroy.

China's financial sovlency depends on the US's ability to honor our bonds. They hitched their wagons to our economy.

Also, China is a pollution wasteland. Human and chemical. Their disasterous one child policy has ruined the population balance of a generation and they have to run their city marathons in smog so thick it's visible at ground level.

I want the US to be a good influence on China. I want our policies to promote them making the right decisions for their people.

Comment: Re:armchair evolutionary biologist (Score 1) 531

by globaljustin (#49102137) Attached to: Stephen Hawking: Biggest Human Failing Is Aggression

I also did a research study on the effectiveness of a "Abstinence Only" sex-ed message in high schools in Indiana for the Indiana Department of Health.

I wrote the study and devised the research design.

Guess what the results were???

The info was presented to the IN Dept of Health who replicated the survey in schools all over the state. I used it as my Master's thesis. Published only in conference proceedings, but we presented it several times for rooms full of doctors and public health experts.

Not as good as Hawking, eh?

I think we should be able to criticize theories and that criticism can be based on logic more than courtroom-style evidence.

I reject the "Appeal to Authority" fallacy at the core of many criticisms, including yours.

Comment: Cybernetics theory (Score 1) 531

by globaljustin (#49102115) Attached to: Stephen Hawking: Biggest Human Failing Is Aggression

my main contribution, in my wildest dreams, is to put out a new theory of Cybernetics which reconciles both 1st Order (Weiner) and 2nd Order Cybernetics

3rd order Cybernetics

Cybernetics is typically defined as 'the study of control in biological life and machines" and a new theory could revitalize Computer Science (which is bogged down by the Church-Turing model of computation) and also has applications in virtually all areas of design.

Cybernetics also involves Information Theory, especially Claude Shannon's contributions.

I'd really like to get a clear statement of Cybernetic theory that can apply consistently across all the disciplines that Cybernetics touches. From interaction design to information theory cosmology.

I think it would be a breath of fresh air and provide a point of departure to try many new theories.

Comment: misrepresenting my comment (Score 1) 531

by globaljustin (#49102063) Attached to: Stephen Hawking: Biggest Human Failing Is Aggression

we can't all put our resumes atop every comment

you're using a double standard (i have to link to a peer reviewed research journal to support every sentence I type, where you give Hawking a pass completely) and also committing the 'appeal to authority' logical fallacy

my comment was about science and the misuse thereof...Hawking can be a 'genius' and still have incorrect notions of both computers and human behavior

Comment: armchair evolutionary biologist (Score 0, Flamebait) 531

by globaljustin (#49096177) Attached to: Stephen Hawking: Biggest Human Failing Is Aggression

Stephen Hawking needs to stick to cosmology...he doesn't know *shit* about computing and human behavior.

"aggression" is such a ridiculously ill-defined term, it means virtually nothing scientifically

just like all traits of human behavior, evolutionary biologists (esp. psych) drastically oversimplify the most complex behavior we observe in the known universe

the **real problem** is listening to people like Hawking....they pontificate to feel important and get all the research dollars chasing their tails

this is just like Hawking warning of 'ai'....neither 'ai' nor 'aggression' are a threat to humanity....people listening to Hawking on this is the only threat

Comment: 20/80 fiction/non (Score 1) 164

by globaljustin (#49092409) Attached to: How is your book reading divided between fiction and non-fiction?

i don't read much fiction anymore...last book i read was Signal and Noise by nate silver

last good fiction i recall right now was Mars Trilogy a few years ago

i thought about reading Gravity's Rainbow, but instead i just went to a nice bookstore and grabbed a copy off the shelf and read over it w/ a reader's guide open on my was nice actually

scifi needs to step up it's literary game imho...we're living the future now...we're practically in a Phillip K. Dick to be some good stories to tell

Comment: Re:Interesting angle (Score 1) 44

by globaljustin (#49061623) Attached to: Time-Lapse of Pluto and Charon Produced By New Horizons

You could tie their closest points together with a rope and that rope will never stretch or slacken.

it would be cool to actually do this

imho, it wouldn't "never stretch or slacken"....

relatively speaking, yes

but if you actually did this, you'd need at least...idk...1000 km of slack...just a guess

Comment: ambassador to the outer solar system (Score 2) 44

by globaljustin (#49061613) Attached to: Time-Lapse of Pluto and Charon Produced By New Horizons

the IAU should grant Pluto a once-in-the-universe exception to the definition of 'planet'

it's perfect for kids...


because Pluto technically isn't a planet even though historically it is known as one of the planets

why isn't it a planet?'s just a big excuse to talk about astronomy

put an asterisk by it in the textbooks

the IAU could bolster its reputation by doing this as well

Comment: Red Mars (Score 1) 131

Mars colonization in book form.

After reading KS Robinson's Mars Trilogy (Red Mars, Green Mars, Blue Mars) I just don't know if anything except the real thing will be worth reading

The appendices of Mars Trilogy have actual fictional research's pretty detailed.

The science hasn't changed that much, and he explores all different kinds of colonization approaches and technical solutions.

From a practical standpoint, i guess a technical description of actual robots we could make and use with existing technology would be an interesting read, but it's still just science fiction're actually going to do it

Comment: hope not... (Score 1) 294

by globaljustin (#48995699) Attached to: Radioshack Declares Bankruptcy

Goodbye old friend.

Man, me too...

I *love* Radio Shack.

I love going in and rummaging through the parts to see what kind of stuff I could make. it's different. When I was a kid it was with my dad for fun, now I'm making hand-crafted electronics and it's more immediate.

I just can't help but think that with the right merchandising Radio Shack can be a hit.

A deal with Apple makes total sense...b/c Radio Shack is so many places where Apple stores are not.

Ah well...

I hope the current locations can stay open where I live at least when the Sprint changeover comes.

Comment: Re:not either/or (Score 1) 244

by globaljustin (#48995163) Attached to: Over the past 10 years, my TV-watching has..

my most proud moment was my research as an was publishable and way beyond what many of my prof's had done as far as original research

I surveyed my campus about their media use, their perceptions of how useful it is, and correlated that to whether they voted.

It was great...sparked a lifelong interest in what people do and why and how it affects their behavior.

The "I don't own a television" snobbishness has also really interested me for fun.

I saw the internet develop in as a HS & college student in the 90s and the whole "I don't watch/own TV" thing is always fun

all media has low useless trash and amazing, life-changing stuff has reality television vs documentaries (and Taratino films) has Country top 40 vs indie stuff of all genres...books have 50 Shades of Grey vs J.R.R. get the idea...

what is interesting to me is that, because how the tech developed and was implemented video in the form of ****television**** has taken the lion's share of bad reputation, among other media types

wow...sorry for the long can tell i enjoy this stuff

The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness. -- John Muir