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Comment: Re:workshop (Score 1) 206

Look you ignorant cunt I've already fucking told you how she acquired the games on her account.

Do you need to borrow $5 so you can buy a game on Steam for your "niece"?

Let me know and I'll transfer $5 into your Steam wallet so you (I mean your "niece") can design hats for your (I mean, "her") TF2 character.

Comment: Re:should be higher (Score 1) 206

Bethesda then has the ability to take the $60 per copy they made on release day and subsequent months and use accounting to allot so much $$$$ per copy sold to cover the cost of services that THEY PROMISED ON THE BOX as part of the features of the game. In paying good money for the game on release, by extension,

It sounds like your beef is with Bethesda and not Steam.

You know they're two different companies, right?

Do you need to borrow $5 so you can play with Mod Workshop on Steam? If that's the problem, just say so. I'm willing to help.

Comment: Re:workshop (Score 1) 206

But until/unless someone is generous on her behalf she can not fully enjoy the platform or the games she owns on it.

You mean to say she could afford the platform and the games, but not a one-time purchase of $5?

Or are you saying that some parent or relative bought her the platform and the games, but refuses to purchase a single $5 game on Steam for her?

Come on. If there is a computer gamer in the world for whom a single $5 purchase is impossible, I want to hear from them, not from someone making up a hypothetical niece who can't afford a $5 game for their watercooled i7-4550 with twin Titans.

And remember, this new threshold doesn't bar this hypothetical niece from playing her games, only from using Steam's Mod Workshop and social media services. Steam will still work just fine for playing her games.

Comment: Re:should be higher (Score 1) 206

Because these people put down on a AAA title in a retail outlet that isn't counted towards the Steam ecosystem, they have lost the ability to take part in the Mod discussion for the game they just put a good chunk of change on. They've also lost the ability to post Mods they've created to the Workshop. Valve just made the declaration: " want to use the features of the game you just paid for? You need to pay us at least an additional $5 for that privilege.

So, you believe Valve should provide those services, the servers, the Mod Workshop to you for free?

Because of this small...minor..."harmless" move to reduce spammers, they've now guaranteed that they get none of my money

Since you already said you expect Steam to give you its service for free, I don't think Valve really cares if they don't get your money.

Comment: Re:workshop (Score 1) 206

Also Steam sells Origin games and EA games with their always on line requirement

But if there's an online requirement for those games, and you don't have a persistent internet connection you're not going to be buying those games right? Even if you buy them at Wal-Mart, you won't be able to play them.

It's not Steam's fault that EA and Origin have those always online requirements.

Comment: Re:workshop (Score 1) 206

OK. My friend's daughter. She has 3-4 games on her Steam account, one gifted by her father and the others gifted by me.

Five dollars. You can deposit five dollars into her Steam wallet right now and let her buy an indie game.

She's too young for a credit card, but not too young to build things for the Steam workshop

No credit card needed.

Comment: Re:workshop (Score 1) 206

I prefer games with off-line/stand-alone play as my internet isn't reliable during the summer, when I have the time to play.

You don't need to be online to play games you bought on Steam, unless they are online games, in which case, guess what? you need to be online to play anyway.

Comment: Re:workshop (Score 1) 206

Because the game bought in Wal-Mart includes features such as "Access to community updates" and "play with your friends".

The Steam version has exactly the same features. And you don't have to support Wal-Mart.

The people who are being shut out of Steam Workshop are not people who are buying games at Wal-Mart, and if you don't want to use Steam, then why would you complain about not being able to access Steam Workshop?

I want to hear from one single person who is being legitimately put out because of this $5 purchase requirement.

Comment: Re:should be higher (Score 1) 206

If you set the threshold that high, new users will probably be turned off by the price of entry.

It doesn't prevent them from playing their games, it just prevents them from hassling other users.

If you want to spend $4.25 on a game on Steam, you can play that game to your heart's content. You just can't start spamming other users.

So no, new users will NOT be probably turned off by the price of entry into the community, even if the threshold is $50. Personally, I think the threshold should be $25 and three months of use.

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