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Comment: Re:Are they LEOs (Score 1) 82

What probably can be generalized is that only a minority refuses clearly unethical (some may say evil) orders from authority, as long as there is at least some, with Milgram not very large, force behind these orders.

Probably one of the reasons totalitarianism raises its ugly head time and again (and it is well on its way in the west this time): There are just too many participants that can be recruited with minimal effort and they tend to pile up. Humans are mostly still cavemen.

Comment: Re:And in other news (Score 1) 288

by gweihir (#49768603) Attached to: Study: Science Still Seen As a Male Profession

Your fact happens to be bunk because it ignores necessary details. Sure, Biology, Sociology, Gender Studies, Architecture and such often have more women, but that does not make a real-world "50% in the sciences". For example in architecture, I just recently talked to a PhD Construction Engineer (female, and not bad looking either) and she said that her reason to switch over from Architecture after a few weeks were all the very "special" women in there. (She did not say "stupid", but it was strongly implied.) What you find when you actually look is that the "50% women in sciences" (where they exist) are in soft subjects or subjects where a soft path exists and mostly/completely nonscientific subjects (gender studies, education "sciences", etc.) and really, that does not count. Show me some country where female EEs, computer scientists, Physicists, Mathematicians, etc. make 50% of the students, and we can talk again. (Yes, I know some women in all of these disciplines, several of them with PhDs. They do exist. But they are a minority and will remain so.)

Comment: And in other news (Score 4, Insightful) 288

by gweihir (#49761289) Attached to: Study: Science Still Seen As a Male Profession

Far more men than women are interested in joining the sciences as a career.

So really, Science is predominantly male and that is by choice of the women. The good thing is that any woman that wants to be a scientist and has the talents and skills can be one in the western world. The reality is that most do not want to. Deal with it.

Comment: Re:0 terminated strings are the root of all exploi (Score 1) 70

I disagree. We do _not_ need the "cheap" programmers as what they write has negative worth. The reason C persists is simple: It is the best tool for quite a few jobs and it is a good tool in the hands of an expert. The damage caused is indeed unnecessary, but it is never a tool's fault when it is wielded incompetently.

Comment: And? Are people buying more digital content? (Score 1) 220

Because that is the real kicker: The copyright industry believes every infringed copy is a lost sale. Quite a bit of research found that it is actually the other way round: Copyright infringement increases legitimate sales. Hence these more effective practices to reduce copyright infringement should also reduce legitimate business.

Will be interesting to see, especially if this turns out to be happening and the content mafia cannot believe it.

Comment: Re:...unless you rule Australia (Score 1) 71

by gweihir (#49738069) Attached to: 'Logjam' Vulnerability Threatens Encrypted Connections

The Australians will either come to their senses of find themselves squarely in the second world in the long run. Some researchers already left the country and a lot more will be thinking about it. It will be interesting to see what will happen.

However, if recent history is any indication, Australians like to get screwed over by their government, hence they keep voting for anti-citizen politicians. Must be some kind of collective masochism going on down under.

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