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Comment Need not be good at math to learn counting either (Score 1) 584

That does not mean you will ever be any good at it or master more "advanced" things like addition. Really, "coding" is not putting basic building blocks together in obvious ways, because that is something any halfway smart and educated person can do.

Also, WTF has writing HTML to do with coding? Are we now so cretinized that people do not even have a basic understanding of what coding means?

Comment Re:And the monster is growing (Score 1) 744

I disagree. Most of the opposition to systemd is completely factual and based on technical arguments. There are a few loud-mouths, sure, but the actual majority of people using invalid emotional arguments, direct insults and "hate" are the systemd proponents. It is really quite fascinating to see how these people do not "mesh" at all with Unix culture, but rather seem to be a hostile invading force. There are rather strong suspicions that many of these people are paid-for PR shills, and not actual users. Their script is just too similar every time they start to put everybody down that does not profess love to systemd. And they almost universally go for the emotional approach, which means they do not have any strong tech arguments.

Comment Re:Is this even legal? (Score 1) 184

Very likely. And "creepy" is not the right word. Having files on everybody and laws that allow you to get everybody (and the US certainly has both) is necessary to establish and firm up a police-state and eventually full fascism.

As the average US citizen just does not seem to care, I guess it is time for the US to get its own hands-on taste of national fascism. Unfortunately, the rest of the world will not be able to bust them out, so it will be of the slow-decline form that takes a century or so to total economic collapse and the survivors will have to build up again from ruins.

Comment Re:And the monster is growing (Score 1) 744

You are certainly right about hate not being helpful at all.

It would also be good if the systemd-proponents would stop accusing anybody that does not like their gadget of "hate". It is just a transparent attempt to discredit
them and actually spreads hate as it produces a counter-reaction. Not good at all.

Comment Re:Massive and stupid (Score 1) 214

It was a knee-jerk panic-reaction that played into the terrorist's hands by massively amplifying the damage. If that is not utterly stupid, I do not know what is. Of course, governments must always appear to "be in control", so they cannot admit any error. And of course, if the FBI had not screwed up so massively before, nothing noteworthy would have happened on 9/11. But again, that cannot really be admitted, and the very agency that made 9/11 possible is still in charge of fighting a repeat, when it should have been disbanded for utter incompetence.

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