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Comment: 'weed out' classes ruin tech (Score 1) 514

when I was cramming to learn the pointless shit that had nothing to do with my job while in college, so I'm not quite sure what that kind of caffeine and beer-induced learning haze is supposed to teach you about the real world.


the whole idea that having some random, abstractly "difficult" class that is difficult b/c it is full of pointless busy work, and that class will test who will be a good engineer...the whole notion is foolish and ruining tech

the idea of "weeding out" is fine...but making a class antagonistic expressly for that purpose just **wastes students time** 'weed out' by the admissions process

i really believe this 'weeding out' error has made a mark on the tech has significantly contributed to the hostile, alienating environment of tech work

Comment: reclaiming Hayek & the Austrians (Score 1) 81

by globaljustin (#47701001) Attached to: Is Remote Instruction the Future of College?

hey thanks for having a look

so that post, which was written long ago but I still hold to i figure, was did indeed mention Hayek (what did you think of my graphic?)

I mentioned Hayek because I felt that it would be a good way to find common ground between self-professed "libertarians" and the more liberal types I know.

I believe people are **too tied to quoting economics philosophers** when discussing economics in a context of a policy. I felt that I could write a post that would bridge an unnecessary and divisive ideological gap between two groups who, by policy, are virtually in lockstep..."libertarians" and progressive democrats

not all democrats, progressive democrats...and the other liberal groups...I like "libertarians" and indeed had my own "libertarian" phase

so that's why I mentioned the Austrian an Occupy protester trying to break false ideological distinctions by "reclaiming" an influential philosopher

again thanks for reading and any feedback is appreciated...maybe post on my page or contact me another way?

Comment: reading chicken entrails (Score 1) 74

A human's thought process would go something like this:

yeah...I see now...

so I run looks like this:

1 eye of newt
1 heart of chicken (fresh)
4 feet of black cat born under full moon
1 gallon pig blood

the position of the elements of the code determines the future of the person who I am reading

like your idea, VooDooCode explains human behavior simply, and proves that humans are "just machines"

Comment: throw another shrimp on the barbie (Score 1) 81

by globaljustin (#47698103) Attached to: Is Remote Instruction the Future of College?

maintaining your self-identification of Austrian.

i never claimed that I followed the Austrian School or the writings of Ludwig Von all

does this mean you're trolling is successful? that I keep responding to you? good lord...

just in case you're being real underneath all this trolling...if you want to keep conversing, let's do it in another format...we are waaaaaaay off-topic and i feel bad /. has to process this text...

also...i'm still have a lot to learn...maybe you are too dependent on philosophers to do your thinking for you?

Comment: "program" = cattle prod (Score 1) 74

humans are not "just machines" because we can **choose to program ourselves and formulate/test hypothesis that we communicate/share/compare with others**

humans **can be** programmed...yes...

ways you can "program" a human:

> control information they receive
> physical/emotional abuse
> chemicals (alchohol, 'roofies', etc)
> the Frey Effect
> cattle prod

note: all of the above are **abuse** and illegal without informed consent

so you're wrong...humans cannont "be programmed"....the can surely "be abused" however

understand this forever and change your way of thinking or you are **just a slave**

Comment: not like a suburban family's finances (Score 1) 81

by globaljustin (#47696695) Attached to: Is Remote Instruction the Future of College?

just to be clear for you, so you can learn, here is your problem:

you're taking the economics of a **suburban family** and applying them to a post-specie, fiat currency anachic economic system with one hegemon (USA)

sovereign debt is not equivalent to personal finance debt...learn it

Comment: China: **crosses fingers** (Score 1) 81

by globaljustin (#47696669) Attached to: Is Remote Instruction the Future of College?

China had better hope we pay them huh? And they better hope our money is worth something too...which makes ***China dependent on our stability*** China isn't a threat...they're a non-voting shareholder crossing their fingers that their investment makes money

I have proven your reductionist, trolling ideas about macroeconomics wrong every way that this comment thread would demand.

I could do without trolls like you on slashdot forever.

Just stop commenting. Slashdot will not suffer at all from the absence of your trolling.

You really are totally wrong and you'll either realize it and change or you wont. Either way stop commenting here.

Comment: Re:What trolls (Score 3, Insightful) 381

by globaljustin (#47696321) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Would You Pay For Websites Without Trolls?

Kotaku & Gawker's other sites are definitely hit or miss in the comments, but some of them are get a diversity of voices you don't see on /. ever

it's about the 'noise' filter for me...i can scroll down through a Kotaku comment thread and it's pretty easy to scan for the relevant threads

a good rule is that good comments usually follow good comments or contradict well written but bad comments....quality discussion is not *only* to be found in controversy...sometimes 4 people all agreeing is very insightful

i try to browse /. at -1 just to see what AC's newbies are saying...i was an AC noob once...

Comment: artists program the computer (Score 1, Insightful) 74

the whole "man vs machine" conversation has gotten hopelessly muddled by "AI" hype from Kurzweil types & pop science news...

is if we replace artists with computers.

impossible...computers are complex machines that follow instructions

what you mean is, "if we continue programming computers to generate art"

the "artist" is whatever monkey programs the machine to make the art....UNDERSTAND THIS FOREVER AND INTEGRATE IT INTO YOU PERSONAL PHILOSOPHY

the researchers in TFA are doing some interesting work, but they are fully choosing the parameters to compare...which means the accuracy of the research is *dependent on the researcher's ability to pick salient visual factors*, the researchers would have to learn alot about how artists work AND have a good understanding of visual design

each artist works differently, and no researcher can ever confirm if the artist has ever seen the art they are supposed to have been influenced by

there are so many holes in this research you could drive 6 trucks into it simultaneously at 6 different it an "MC Escher error"

Comment: academia & not like a suburban family's financ (Score 1) 81

by globaljustin (#47692217) Attached to: Is Remote Instruction the Future of College?

all debt involves a borrower and one or more lenders

not true...not in macroeconomics

did you learn nothing from the financial crisis?

debt can be a commodity...the US is not "in debt" to China b/c they bought our T-bills

you're taking the economics of a **suburban family** and applying them to a post-specie, fiat currency anachic economic system with one hegemon (USA)

academia needs funding...***funding to educate idiots like you past 10th grade social-studies level understandings of economics***

you're trolling (ignoring the TFA aspect of the convo), being facile, reductionist, and wholly factually inaccurate

Comment: perception switch (Score 1) 267

by globaljustin (#47692163) Attached to: Are Altcoins Undermining Bitcoin's Credibility?

This is /. please fall in line troll

so now a BTC thread has a majority of anti-BTC comments, esp AC's...I'm wondering what caused this change...or if it's always been viewed with skepticism but hype warped our perception

i'm telling you, ever since we started seeing BTC on /., and especially after it got big, i tried to provide a counterpoint to the BTC modded troll every time

i was cool about it, not trollface...especially not at first, maybe after a months I'd get aggro in a deepthread but really i went out of my way to be fair minded

got hammered by the mods!

now the AC's are some of the most hilarious anti-BTC comments (someone above asked for a BTC to Pog to Beanie Baby conversion table)

i don't know what this all means...I know htere are paid commentors and hype/fanbois but i'm just wondering if people have come to their senses about BTC or if it's always been this way and the hype/comment bots warped our perception

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