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Comment: Re:WTF? (Score 1) 399

by globaljustin (#47512895) Attached to: MIT's Ted Postol Presents More Evidence On Iron Dome Failures

ok, fine, let's agree to mostly agree

And what's with the threat? If you feel you really are being trolled then just do it instead of threatening to do so.

it''s about 'dblll' or is it 'dbIII'....trollers use screen names with lots of capital 'i' and lowercase 'L' so they can post from multiple accounts...*that* would necessitate an email to the moderators (it's happened before, but another /.'er emailed and reported them before I did...also, i've had people insert 'i's for 'L's to mimic my account)

i thought you were doing that...i checked a few variations when you replied and it appears you only use the one screenname (i wasn't going to check this if you didn't respond)

also, IMHO you definitely seemed to be trolling with your comment

but look, you have at least tried to defend yourself, which is a sign you're not, at heart, just trolling

+ - A new form of tracking->

Submitted by bnortman
bnortman (922608) writes "The article at https://securehomes.esat.kuleu... discusses a new form of user fingerprinting and tracking for the internet using HTML 5 Canvas features. I'm assuming this need to draw and image and then send that image back to the source site. Can an added in for a browser detect this logic in the java scripts and stop it from sending?"
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Remember Patriot Missiles from the 1st Iraq war?

Saddam was lobbing SCUDS at Israel & the US lent IDF a bunch of our trailer mounted ABM interceptors

We've got to assume the Israelis have the state of the art this as good as it gets? Seems like it should be better, given what we had in 1991...I know Hamas isn't launching big fat slow SCUDS, but even so, technology has just gotten so much more precise & fast. I wonder if the intercept rate would be higher if Hamas didn't use DIY rockets among others.

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by globaljustin (#47505321) Attached to: MIT's Ted Postol Presents More Evidence On Iron Dome Failures

TFA is very interesting & I'm smarter for having read it...

I'm glad people are looking at this kind of is *one* way to get some unbiased information

So, "5% effective"...

As TFA description reads, the number of Israeli casualties is mostly due to a combination of factors, including bomb shelters and early warnings...

I think the "Iron Dome" people would respond to TFA thusly:

"Yes, but **the program** is effective. "Iron Dome" is our missile defense system, which is one part of our civil defense, which is an entire program of things to keep people safe...if you look at the program in its entirity it's a success"

+ - "Canvas Fingerprinting" Online Tracking Difficult To Block->

Submitted by globaljustin
globaljustin (574257) writes "First documented in a forthcoming paper by researchers at Princeton University and KU Leuven University in Belgium, this type of tracking, called canvas fingerprinting, works by instructing the visitor’s Web browser to draw a hidden image. Because each computer draws the image slightly differently, the images can be used to assign each user’s device a number that uniquely identifies it.

[The] fingerprints are unusually hard to block: They can’t be prevented by using standard Web browser privacy settings or using anti-tracking tools such as AdBlock Plus.

The researchers found canvas fingerprinting computer code, primarily written by a company called AddThis, on 5 percent of the top 100,000 websites."

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Comment: protesting downmods (Score 1, Funny) 191

by globaljustin (#47492795) Attached to: Amazon Isn't Killing Writing, the Market Is

some crooked fsker went and downmodded all my responses

***i protest these downmods b/c they are not deserved***

my posts have always been on topic, IMHO interesting, and at least involves direct clash of ideas


cowards show yourselves, and explain as an AC or GTFO

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Wal-Mart is a know exploiter of labor & is roundly hated for their business practices

the fact that you somehow idealize their outsourcing of small town America indicates further discussion with you will be unfruitful

Watch this documentary to start educating yourself: Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price (2005)

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my original comment, and the point of this thread is not to explain every shitty film/book franchise out there

there's taste, personal preference, etc...

but what I *can* explain is why the idea that "print is dead" and TFA's assertions about why are dumb and wrong.

it's bad business decisions made from the managers who think their job is to hit abstract "numbers" instead of facilitate their talent

*that's what i can explain*

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by globaljustin (#47492283) Attached to: Amazon Isn't Killing Writing, the Market Is

There ARE 'other' options available that man people say are much better.

tell me, what other Transformers remakes are out there?

but that's parenthetical (you and I both know there isn't one)

my *original main point* was that TFA's diagnosis is just dead wrong

a certain number of people are "sheeple" yes...but that does not prove TFA's assertions ***AT ALL***

just because **some** people will watch "whatever is on" doesn't mean that they wouldn't choose a better option, when put in front of them

Comment: false choice (Score 0) 191

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I responded to another person like you, but since you mentioned TRANSFORMERS...

The first Transformers movie made $700 million. "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" made $830 million, "Transformers: Dark of the Moon" grossed over a billion dollars and "Transformers: Age of Extinction" is 75% there after two weeks. Reality disagrees with you.

that proves my point, actually

Transformers remakes are shit

they grossed alot of money

that ****does not prove you right****

because there is ***NO CHOICE***

moviegoers couldn't choose between different versions of the are taking a false choice and twisting it to prove a non-existent point

if they want to see Transformers with updated special effects, there is only one option...seeing the ones with horrible writing

also, we're several iterations into this now...people have been conditioned to accept lower quality by artificial scarcity

lastly, it doesn't matter that some people will watch anything...YES...I admit that is a true fact

just because people will watch whatever shit gets most marketing doesn't mean that they wouldn't ***choose a better option if they had one***

you logic is your logic, a zoo animal *must* like their food because they eat all of it...forget the fact that *it's all the food they get*

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A problem is that this market isn't especially large nor lucrative.

you are believing the are accepting *their* framing of the situation

it is a false choice...many excellent films are also hugely popular **when they get the marketing push**

producing shitty movies still costs alot of money, ex: ***TRANSFORMERS SERIES***

end of discussion

The big money is in mediocre crap. Always has been.

absolutely hook line and are part of the problem

YES...people often just want to be distracted...busy people working hard dont have time to curate their entertainment like some of us


just because people will accept the best of what is available doesnt mean that ***if they had a choice*** they wouldn't choose the better option

your point is like saying "People go to's hugely popular...that proves that people would rather have a cheap chinese made bicycle rather than a US made one"

Wal-Mart gets all the customers not because of quality, but because of *******ARTIFICIAL SCARCITY IN THE MARKET*********

it's an engineered lack of's obvious and you are a dupe for not seeing it

FORTRAN is a good example of a language which is easier to parse using ad hoc techniques. -- D. Gries [What's good about it? Ed.]