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Comment: Re:I would hate to be snowden right now (Score 1) 546 546

you're very confused, the traitor against We the People is the United States Government. Snowden did a great job of waking people up to that truth. The agents and actions of the United States in other countries are not honorable, but only those of a bully, power and wealth grubber, thief, murderer.

Comment: Re:They did the right thing (Score 4, Funny) 535 535

The red shirts would be immune to the missing stormtrooper fire but would nevertheless be killed by other incidents and accidents. I would send in Ewoks to handle the storm troopers, hopefully there are many useful trees in the neighborhood. Ewoks are a budget friendly resource, instead of pay one just tells them to "do it for the trees".

OS/2 must die!