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Comment Re:Though I completely support the idea in princip (Score 1) 317

Plenty of people will have moral or philosophical or religious objection to other kinds of products/services/careers advertised in theatre ads. For example, the armed forces advertise. products that cause the massive increase in diabetes in the US advertise. bankruptcy mill lawyers advertise. etc. etc.

tough shit, suck it up and endure, then enjoy your movie.

Comment Re:accomplished what? (Score 1) 320

You are so funny. They have and can recruit in person, on radio, on tv, via newspaper, to the neighboring towns as they expand. you can't remove their ability to communicate. they don't need facebook, twitter nor anything else.

you can kill them, then they will die whether they wither or not.

but imagining taking away some social media accounts will matter is just a delusion by ignorant kids

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