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Comment Re: And the other end of the deal? (Score 1) 92

Actually giving men 5 sets makes it easier for the favorites, and limits the number of upsets that can happen.

Also the reason that they reduced the Grand Slam tournaments from 5 to 3 is because women's matches last much longer than men's. So if we're talking on a time basis, women should be paid more even though they play less sets.

Comment Re:And the other end of the deal? (Score 1) 92

I have never understood this argument, and I hear it a lot (never from women, btw).

Let's take a job that has some inherent danger, like lion-taming. It's also highly exclusive, there are only 2000 lion-tamers in the world, and they all happen to be men. There's no gender bias among ring-masters, women simply "don't like to tame lions", even though the average salary is around $100,000. So, what is the gender pay-gap among lion-tamers? Is it 100%, since "all" the women lion-tamers are earning an average of $0 while the men are earning $100,000? Of course not.

So I don't understand how women not working in a particular industry has any affect on the pay gap at all. We all know how risky and physically demanding jobs at Microsoft, Facebook, Apple, Amazon, GoDaddy, etc., are. Not a week goes by where another life isn't tragically cut short by a sudden bitcoin mine collapse. (A male life, of course, no woman is stupid enough to enter those deathtraps.)

Seriously though, the actual comparison that should be made is simple: two people with the same qualifications, workload, and responsibility should be paid the same. You seem to assert that this comparison can't be made between a man and a woman because there are no women who meet these standards. That, my friend, is why the pay-gap exists. Not because the assertion is true, but because people like you believe that it's true, and you use that belief to justify why you can pay women less than men.

Comment Re:Ok (Score 3, Insightful) 92

If you really think you're underpaid compared to your co-workers, then yes, you should ask for a raise (not simply "expect" one). Whether they are women or not, the "correct" answer doesn't change.

However, you've probably never asked because you're afraid that the answer will be that they are actually more qualified and/or better at their jobs than you are.

Comment Re:Pokemon Go killed more people than Tesla Autopi (Score 1) 139

When you release something into the world, you should really understand people.

You should, but "some idiot might try to change batteries while driving" is not a kind of thing you can reasonably protect against.

More generally, at some point safety features will actually make things less safe. For example, forklifts have to sound alarm while backing. Good idea if there were always just one, but if you have many of them working in the same warehouse the resulting cacophony masks other sounds - such as the tire noise of the forklift that's about to drive over you.

Comment Re:Apples and oranges (Score 1) 55

A single atheist can exist. A group of atheists, will argue theology until the cows come home.

Same with any other fundamentalist.

"Dude, aren't religious rules derived from the holy book/word of god?"

Somebody had to write that book. Long before it was in a book, it was oral tradition. Long before it was oral tradition, it was bedtime stories for kids by parents trying to impart wisdom to the next generation.

Most religions existed long before their scriptures were written. Scriptures are only necessary if you get more than four generations from the founder without the cult collapsing.

"Hunter/gatherers also needed a surplus before some voodoo priest can claim that his magically connection to God helped them find food."

Few hunter/gatherer societies ever achieved a surplus of food- every single day was spent hunting/gathering- and yet they still had priests (who were also hunters/gatherers, you're right as far as a priestly class goes, but the professional priest is a rather recent addition and even today isn't entirely true, every priest I know has side interests and side jobs).

We were better off then because we had the three noble virtues:

We were happier back then.

Slavery to lust is still slavery.

Comment Re:Pierson's Puppeteers (Score 2) 667

Technology solves everything. Teach your children to think outside the box- and not only will they build a safer world for their kids and grandkids, they'll also make a ton of money off of fearful people in full panic trying to survive.

Myself, I'm thinking that if we start to see sea rise in feet rather than inches, it's time to invest in houseboats.

Comment Re:Apples and oranges (Score 1) 55

Haven't been back to the moon in over a generation. We've recently found out that horseman is back from the dead, in the form of antibiotic resistant disease, because you can't defeat evolutiohn. The internet is no different than the pony express, only faster, and could have just as easily been done with semaphore towers as routers.

"Free free to do so. As I said to MH42, the great thing about freedom is that you are free to do what you want, including nurturing your own spirit."

Tell that to the Democrats- they've been rather busy suing the pants off of people nurturing their own spirits lately.

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