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Comment Re:IN SOVIET RUSSIA (Score 1, Insightful) 529

So the guy that recommended against indicting Hillary, because she "lacked intent" to violate a statute *with no intent requirement*, was actually trying to hurt her? Everyone working in intelligence all agree that if they did what she did, they'd 100% be charged. Never understood that one. What, did he change his mind? What's worse, whenever I try to discuss this point, I'm labeled a Trump supporter and the conversation is shut down, despite the fact that even if all the worse claims against her were true, I'd still rather have her in office than comrade cheeto. The downmods will flow before people even get to that sentence.

Comment Re:Excellent (Score 2) 281

Well hopefully this is just a step along the way. IMO, parents who refuse to get their kids vaccinated for anything other than a legitimate medical reason should be treated no differently than parents who try to treat their kid's meningitis with prayer beads and homeopathic "remedies"... it's neglect and therefore child services should step in and force the issue. Your right to hold ridiculous views ends where it puts your child and others at a serious risk of easily preventable harm. And "religious" exemptions? I wonder if these "but it's my religious freedom" people would also support those nutty extremist sects where it's their "prophet"'s God Given Right to marry and rape their 10 year old? God commands it, after all. So sorry, your religion doesn't confer upon you unlimited power to jeopardize your kids' health and safety.

Comment Re:USPS Investigation? (Score 1) 155

To be fair, this has happened to me before with international packages. I had a package sent express from Canada to the US, and instead of a few days it turned up 4 weeks later with tracking saying it left one US facility but never arrived anywhere else, without me even bothering to contact them since it wasn't expensive enough to not just re-order. There were no problems with the address either.

Comment Re:Nice Job HTC (Score 2) 205

Hey come on now, they're not JUST pretending to be Apple, they're outright copying LG's really neat 2nd screen from the V10/V20 too, right down to the size and location. Can't recommend the v20 enough... not just the 2nd screen, but 3.5mm headphone jack, micro sd, removable battery, and excellent repairability rating... and rootable, though not easily yet. So sad that's a rare combo now.

Comment Re:It's been months, give it up (Score 3, Insightful) 96

First off, the danger is known and given the odds of having a fire hazard device and the fact the cause has been established and can be prevented with care, the risk falls within the levels of many other products we're allowed to own.

Second, and more important, I hope they get sued into the ground for this. It is absolutely unacceptable that a product you purchased can be force bricked at the manufacturer's whim. They're intentionally destroying your property. It's like not taking your car in due to a recall notice then the car company shows up and you wake up to a crushed cube in your driveway.
They absolutely have the right to, and probably should, ban the devices from connecting to the cellular network by blacklisting the IMEI like a stolen phone, but the right to just destroy it completely is an extremely dangerous precedent.

Nobody SHOULD want to continue to use that phone, but that shouldn't give the company that made it free reign to destroy your paid-for private property at will.

Comment Re:Stop randomly searching minorities. (Score 2) 59

If you think that's a problem, combine it with this: while ignorance of the law is no excuse for a citizen, it absolutely *is* thanks to our courts an excuse for the police. They can detain and search you even if what you're doing is legal but they believe otherwise. There's no consequences for the cop; just an innocent mistake, and you're entitled to no compensation, and anything they find as a consequence of their search is fair game. All thanks to our wonderful enlightened SCOTUS in Heien v. North Carolina where both sides once again joined together to piss on the 4th amendment.

Comment Re:Fire BeauHD (Score 1) 294

Is this what you want? Yet another site posting Democrat propaganda 24/7 with a sprinkling of technology news on slow politics-news days?

Judging by the numbers of comments on the articles like this versus the number of comments on articles actually about software and hardware topics, yes, that's precisely what the vast majority of /. wants.

And yes that sucks... join me in the puppy and coloring book filled safe space?

Comment Re:Lol (Score 1) 140

You expect wrong. You're forgetting that it's New York City. It's not even the looking that's the problem, mentally ill homeless openly masturbating while watching porn on these kiosks is happening all the time, usually (but not always) at night, and the police keep getting calls... that's why it's being shut down, not because someone loaded a nudie pic and ran. Heck, men obviously masturbating doesn't even require porn here, not a week goes by where the police don't put out a flyer asking for help locating the latest guy to masturbate in front of a bunch of people on the subway while staring at some poor woman.

Comment "Pass" (Score 1) 44

Summary of the problem:

NYC: "Ok, we agree then, you'll pass every house."
Verizon: "Yup, we'll 'pass' every house. Every address shall be 'passed', you got it." ::snickers in background::
...contract term elapses
NYC: "What's the deal Verizon, not every address can get service!"
Verizon: "Yeah and? That's not what pass means. We passed everywhere, that doesn't actually mean we have to offer service where we passed."
NYC: "But that *is* what pass means, that they can get service."
Verizon: "That's not our definition, and your definition wasn't in the contract, so we met our contract."
NYC: "Hey, nobody screws our citizens over that bad at the level of bribes you offered, cya in court whenever you stop bribing for more time!"

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