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Comment Re:Fire BeauHD (Score 1) 294

Is this what you want? Yet another site posting Democrat propaganda 24/7 with a sprinkling of technology news on slow politics-news days?

Judging by the numbers of comments on the articles like this versus the number of comments on articles actually about software and hardware topics, yes, that's precisely what the vast majority of /. wants.

And yes that sucks... join me in the puppy and coloring book filled safe space?

Comment Re:Lol (Score 1) 140

You expect wrong. You're forgetting that it's New York City. It's not even the looking that's the problem, mentally ill homeless openly masturbating while watching porn on these kiosks is happening all the time, usually (but not always) at night, and the police keep getting calls... that's why it's being shut down, not because someone loaded a nudie pic and ran. Heck, men obviously masturbating doesn't even require porn here, not a week goes by where the police don't put out a flyer asking for help locating the latest guy to masturbate in front of a bunch of people on the subway while staring at some poor woman.

Comment "Pass" (Score 1) 44

Summary of the problem:

NYC: "Ok, we agree then, you'll pass every house."
Verizon: "Yup, we'll 'pass' every house. Every address shall be 'passed', you got it." ::snickers in background::
...contract term elapses
NYC: "What's the deal Verizon, not every address can get service!"
Verizon: "Yeah and? That's not what pass means. We passed everywhere, that doesn't actually mean we have to offer service where we passed."
NYC: "But that *is* what pass means, that they can get service."
Verizon: "That's not our definition, and your definition wasn't in the contract, so we met our contract."
NYC: "Hey, nobody screws our citizens over that bad at the level of bribes you offered, cya in court whenever you stop bribing for more time!"

Comment Re:The actual cause of ALL of this (Score 1) 95

I don't know who you asked, but it sure couldn't have been an actual postal inspector. It's mainly a question of resources; they absolutely do use drug dogs, and x-rays look for signs of drugs too. But it's mainly focused on packages arriving from overseas. That level of inspection of domestic mail is well beyond current funding because of the volume. According to, um, people, maybe 5% of packages from overseas get intercepted in the US? Vacuum sealed or not. Postal inspectors on occasion will intercept domestic drug shipments too. There's a long list of techniques they use, which you'd have found if instead of asking someone with no particular knowledge of this topic, you actually researched it. If they don't find anything, they typically re-seal so well you don't even know it was opened. If they do find something, you get a funny letter basically saying "uh, we've got your drugs, come down here and claim them if you're somehow not breaking a law, otherwise we're keeping them".

Comment Re:EU should act over forced upgrades via deceptio (Score 4, Insightful) 501

That alone isn't enough. They needed to be fined enough that they get the message. There's no way their legal department didn't inform the higher ups that this kind of abuse would leave them open to liability, but the past has proved to them any resulting fines are a minor fraction of the money they made doing it. The only way to actually discourage this kind of behavior is to make the fine so severe that their shareholders take notice. I'm thinking a whole quarters profit should get that message across, which Google tells me was $5bn in Q1 2015.

Comment (Score 1) 331

These days, most of those folks have moved on to Python.

And the flip side of that is many of the people still coding in VB6 write excellent code. Most samples being posted today have full sanity checks and error handling, are very easy to follow, support Unicode, have documentation and commenting... just what do you think makes 'good code' that VB6 programmers aren't generally doing these days? Sure there's still lots of people very new to it and writing terrible code (lots of new users coming from non-english speaking countries actually)... but I have a hard time believing good code is as rare as you're making it out to be these days.

Comment (Score 1) 331

I'm a "people". I'm very passionate about VB6. And I only work with it as a hobby, it's unrelated to my job. Here the thing: For standard Windows GUI-focused apps, there's nothing better. VB.NET might as well be something entirely different and basic tasks are far more complex. VB is still relevant not only because of the business case, but because there's all the benefits it originally had and it's still capably of making modern apps.
The power of VB6 is always understated. People think of ugly, old GUIs but it also lets you make GUIs with the latest Common Controls version and also lets you access all the modern shell features. There's plenty of room to be passionate about a language where all basic functionality is fast and easy, yet it provides virtually no upper limit to how complex you can get if you need to: I don't use the Win3.1-ish drive list and dropdown, I use the introduced-in-Vista IFileDialog. Why heck, VB6 will even allow you to use in-line assembly if you need to. Multi-threading? An actively developing frontier, just in the past year making true multithreaded apps has been made much easier.
Modernizing VB6 is in fact my biggest programming passion. There's a special joy that certainly inspires passion in bringing all the shell goodies that have been introduced in XP, Vista, 7, etc into a language from the 90s. My latest project was making the full suite of Core Audio (introduced in Vista) interfaces usable in VB6. Other people have brought in long-missing support for modern alpha-blended graphics/icons.
Have a look see on a site like, there's huge amounts of passion from real people, and huge amounts of quality code. The applications being made today can't even be visually distinguished from VB.NET.

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