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Comment Re:Compare Uhura, Chekhov, and Sulu to Stormtroope (Score 1) 359

According to Wookipedia, You've got your clone troopers, (clones of Jango Fett), you've got your Imperial Stormtroopers (described as "the ultimate evolution of clone troopers") , and you've got your First Order Stormtroopers.

Imperial Stormtroopers were originally clone troopers, but their accelerated aging process caused their physical skills and abilities to deteriorate so they were replaced by non-clone volunteers and conscripts.

First Order Stormtroopers composed the army of the junta that arose out of the fallen empire, and were comprised of individuals taken from their parents at birth.

Long story short, it depends on where you are in the storyline as to the level of diversity in the Stormtrooper ranks.

Comment Compare Uhura, Chekhov, and Sulu to Stormtroopers (Score 1) 359

I can't - the Stormtroopers are all wearing helmets, so I can't tell their gender/ethnicity. But I'm sure Lucas put a representative sample of humanity in there. I bet he even has some transgendered Stormtroopers and you won't find that in Star Trek no siree. Man, that George Lucas thought of everything!

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