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Submission + - Trump considering MIT grad for head Science position (thelibertyconservative.com)

SonicSpike writes: A confidential source on the Trump transition team has told The Liberty Conservative that Rep. Thomas Massie, an award-winning, MIT-educated engineer, elected to Congress in 2012, is under consideration for the job of Director of the Office of Science and Technology Policy, a role commonly known as Science Advisor to the President. Massie currently serves as Chairman for the Subcommittee on Technology and Innovation in the House of Representatives and is a libertarian-leaning Republican.

Submission + - Too weird, even for fish-loving Japan

AppleHoshi writes: The Japan Times is reporting that a skating rink at Space World, an amusement park in the southern city of Kitakyushu, has been closed following complaints about a new "attraction". In an effort bring in more customers, the park had decided that freezing 5,000 dead fish into the ice would be a lure that couldn't fail, but even in seafood-loving Japan it turned out that this was one step too far over the weirdness line. With both kids and adults complaining that the glassy eyes staring up out of the ice were just too creepy and that direction markers and messages (eg:- "hello") outlined in piscine corpses were in poor taste, the park has closed the rink until the fish (and hopefully the smell) can be removed.

Comment Re:10x more job loss than coal (Score 1) 178

There's still a long way to go. There are myriad tasks truckers take care of besides driving the truck. Small repairs, paperwork at both ends, balancing and certifying weight, changing the route when necessary, refueling, loading and unloading, security, and not least important, monitoring trucks on the road for problems. If an automated long-haul truck breaks down in the middle of nowhere that's going to be an expensive fix.

I'm predicting no more than an initial 30% loss once the driving is fully automated .(because teams will be cut down to one driver) And a lot of truckers own their own trucks, meaning they do all the work involved in subcontracting the loads.

Submission + - Google's DeepMind can now lip read four times better than humans

Artem Tashkinov writes: After training Deepmind on thousands of hours of raw TV footage, Google's AI lip reading algorithm is now able to annotate video footage with 46.8% accuracy. That doesn't sound like a huge feat considering that existing applications can now "hear" with up to 98% accuracy, however when a human lip-reader was subjected to the same footage, his accuracy was just 12.4%. You can only imagine the implications of this new invention in regard to mass surveillance.

Comment Re:k.i.s.s. (Score 1) 143

In my opinion that's a serious mistake. You can reduce manpower without consequence right up until you're in combat. At that point you didn't have enough sailors to check the radar cables, or you didn't send someone to organize the fire locker, or you didn't have an extra pair of eyeballs on lookout, or you're going in to combat with guys that just worked a double shift and that's BEFORE the fur starts to fly. Do your sailors go to an extra firefighting team or to the radar screens? Do they help the loaders or repair a loose line? Do you have an extra electrician if there's a failure in a gun that you haven't fired in the past year? Has someone had the time to learn how to unstick the lifeboats? How many sailors can you lose to a fire and still fight?

If you're short on manpower in combat, you're short on capability.

Comment Re:So sad that SJWs were the reason (Score 3, Insightful) 154

In the real world if a woman gives you enough positive nonverbal cues you go in for a kiss or make a pass. they "let you" (if you had seen the full Trump quote) do it. It's not sexual battery, it's normal human sexuality. Asking at every turn would turn off most women because it shows a lack of confidence. The world where overt verbal consent is given at every step does not exist. Fucking deal with it.

Comment add-in cards for gaming (Score 1) 44

Amazon (where Musk's OPen AI went) and Google already have a huge investment in focusing on video cards. Force them to use a new kind of logic and it will go really slow. Instead focus on the other technology driver. Get ten AAA games to advertise support for this card (with results visible in the game) and you'll kickstart development and sell fifty thousand units, while having the first new "must have" since Phys-X was folded in to graphics cards.

Comment 4425*850=4 million pounds of satellite (Score 4, Interesting) 121

That is an enormous amount of weight to send up. Space-x is aiming for (has not achieved) $1,000 per pound. Their current cost is more realistically $4,000.

4425*850*4000=$150,450,000,000. Then add the cost to send up another 4427/7=630 satellites per year (630*850*2000(because they'll get costs way down if they can send up that much material)=$1 billion dollars per year. They need to spend 150 billion dollars initially and an ongoing 1 billion dollars per year.

In 2014 SpaceX had a "market cap" of (optimistically) 12 billion dollars. Let's assumt that 12 billion dollars have already been justified. Now rumors of an IPO have been heard, so let's assume a massive over-the-top IPO: 13 billion dollars. Then add in a billion dollars. (assuming every penny they can scrape together goes to this plan) 12+13+1=26 billion. Using realistic numbers for launch costs and hyper-optimistic numbers for funding, they're about 125 billion dollars short. And I don't see Trump signing a 125 billion dollar Space-X pork bill. If we're very optimistic about launch costs that hypothetical bill could go as low as a still-highly-unlikely 75 billion dollars.

Submission + - Donald Trump Child Rape Victim's Story Was Completely Fabricated (inquisitr.com) 9

Okian Warrior writes: The Donald Trump child rape victim’s story, as revealed early this morning by Daily Mail, is a work of complete fiction.

Katie Johnson herself spoke with journalists about why she lied and made herself into the Donald Trump child rape victim. “We would have a rapist in the White House. I would feel horrified every single day if I stay in this country,” she said, making it apparent that, although the GOP-running presidential hopeful never sexually assaulted her, she still believes he’s a rapist.

Katie maintains that she was sexually abused on more than one occasion by Jeffrey Epstein during mid-1994. A separate informant told Daily Mail that her story “had been believable and compelling right up until the last minute,” when it was found out “Donald Trump’s name had been inserted into this, [and] he was not involved whatsoever.”

Submission + - Groundbreaking Paper on arXiv derives Gravity from Holographic Principle (arxiv.org)

vikingpower writes: Dutch prodigy and Amsterdam University Professor Erik Verlinde published a paper on arXiv, yesterday November 7, titled "Emergent Gravity and the Dark Universe". In the paper, Verlinde derives gravity from the so-called Holographic Principle, which — simply put — states that gravity emerges from the interplay between and entropy re-arrangement of sub-atomic "strings" that live in a negatively curved space-time. At that level, "...spacetime and gravity are emergent from an underlying microscopic description in which they have no a priori meaning" . Most importantly, Verlinde's paper has as a consequence that Dark Matter, nemesis of many an astronomer, is nothing more than an illusion. Verlinde, who was awarded the Dutch national Spinoza science prize in the recent past, already completed the tour de force of deriving Newtonian gravity from the same principles in a 2010 paper, also on arXiv. We are probably looking at Nobel-prize material here, as Verlinde is acknowledged by his peers to "go one better than Einstein's General Theory of Relativity".

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