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Comment Great, we're turning back into old Slashdot. (Score 1) 659

After 8 years of how Bush was Hitler 1000x and he was definitely going to cause the Apocalypse at least during the Obama years this place got a little more bearable. Still left of center but somewhat rational. Now it looks like its back to 24/7 Buzzfeedesque hysteria, OMG the President is Satan incarnate, and jumping on every meaningless misconstrued nonstory as the end of the world. Goodbye sane Slashdot, we hardly knew you.

Comment *Sigh* (Score 1) 736

During the election Slashdot was one of the few level headed places about Trump, not outright trusting him but at least not becoming deranged with wild apocalyptic theories or fawning praise like everywhere else. Now he's won and all of a sudden he's the author of all evil despite haven't really done anything except doing half of what he said he was going to do and walk back on some of the things people here hated him the most on. It feels we're backsliding into the bad old days when the crowd that eventually moved to Digg and Reddit was still here and every Republican candidate took their turn being the Great Satan who was going to end the world. And lets not forget that evil 'alt-right' and 'fake news' that didn't exist until the election and now is behind every tree and under every rock. ..

Comment Sounds like BS. How can you reliably measure this? (Score 1) 180

What did they do? Travel to Noah's Ark every year and do a census? If they took studies out of ecology journals obviously they're going to be biased toward animals that are going extinct, not much money in studying species doing just fine. Did they include roaches or pigeons? Seems like they're more of them around then ever? If not, why not? So you're telling me 58% of ALL animals on earth died off over a couple decades and we're still here having barely noticed. Hmmm...that would make a rational person think they were less important and not more, than we previously thought.

Comment The logical solution is to stop all SJW whining (Score 1) 647

We're whining and spending a ton more money on ' correcting' gender imbalance because it is inherently wrong for some reason and supposedly the problem is only worsening according to these studies from the mouths of progressives themselves so it looks like its just making the problem worse so why bother? If anything, doing nothing will improve gender balance if you buy all the logic.

Comment You Mean Different Groups are Different?! (Score 2) 149

So g00gle found out that different groups really are different in a number of relevant factors and their conclusion was that evil cisgendered bigots when seeing inferior relevant attributes are going to automatically figure out an applicant is a protected minority and in their mind are somehow going to skip over the relevant reasons to discriminate and solely discriminate against based on them being a minority and the effect will somehow be distinguishable and worse than if they had just stuck with discriminating with the relevant reasons they already have.

Comment Needs more mobile focus (Score 2) 47

I would be happier if the Raspbian/Pi team or whoever could concentrate more on mobile/touch and/or improving Android support. Things are starting to move in the right direction; fairly recently Raspbian simply had touch hacked on top of it and Pi could only run Android terribly if at all, but not fast enough for my tastes. Broaden support for homebrew/embedded mobile applications which is what the pi as a tiny computer inherently appeals to rather than continue to focus on the rather limited idea of it as simply a smaller replacement for a desktop computer.

Comment Re:MOAH POPCORN (Score 1) 581

Given how they've already been exposed for their freespeech comments I wouldn't trust their word on Pao being some stalwart defender of the controversial subreddits given how all her actions gave no indication of it. More likely this is just a way to tweak the users who got rid of her and get some revenge by doubling down even harder on them.

Comment Businesses Have A Right to be Jerks (Score 3, Interesting) 1168

I can't believe how many people are can't wrap their heads around businesses being able to choose their own customers. Being a 'jerk' is a moral offense and should not a legal one on par with robbery or murder. People already are allowed to be jerks for a million other reasons, why is orientation so special? If the government needs to go after bakers not baking a cake for someone why not also jail and fines for adultery or cutting in line?

Comment As if women are all saints (Score 1) 1198

Not only is he unfairly dissing nerds, he's also being unfair to men. Whats with this idea that women on the whole are the more virtuous sex? Seems sort of an oldfashioned notion to me. Women can and are just as dirty, underhanded, and evil as men. Its just that they tend to exercise their power more through social and psychological means and not through bruteforce as much.

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