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Comment Re: And the "unexpected" consequence is... (Score 1) 148

While Japan may seem less diverse... its more like just a slower melting pot with a few highly recognizable dominate genes.

Everyone gets thrown together in the USA, while the melting occurs more around the edges of Japan... but that doesn't mean it is low diverity... just that we don't recognize it because all we see is "Japanse Person". Even a Japanse-American is going to get labeled a "Japanse Person" even though their heritage is highly diverse. A friend of mine in Brazil is 1/2 or quarter Japanese... but most people would recognize her as Japanese off the cuff even though she is Brazilian.

Comment Re:Shop. Shop shop (Score 1) 148

Eh, I tend go hit Walmart on the weekends, grab a sub at subway there and fill up on gas as well (not the best but the one in my town is often good depending on who's running the counter... and at least the southern gals around here recognize ya after awhile and just about remember your order). So, all things considered it is an economical place to go because it saves be from going 3 others places to do the same thing if it didn't exist.

It costs me more like a $1-2 in gas to vist walmart.. lets say $3 if you want to factor in wear and tear and oil changes and I'm being generous. Most people live within 10-20 min of a walmart... $9 to visit Walmart is silly. Although I am leaving a bit out... I hit a deer tonight on the way back from Walmart... I haven't factored that in yet but I expect it will not make the numbers any better :/

Comment Re:I'm a really worried longtime Linux user (Score 1) 191

Wine has very little to do with Ubuntu...

I'm not sure why you are using 4DOS instead of DOSBOX to run Dos programs?

Consider, taking your ~/.wine prefix and just copying it to your new installation... I realize this suggestion isn't full instructions but it should point you in the right direction to keep you from having to reinstall everything.

Comment Re:No kidding (Score 1) 113

The fact is if politics weren't a circus, with everone in it for the under the table money... getting people to agree on 3/5th votes would be *easy*.

Gorsuch is a case in point... a judged cherry picked by the democrats who happens to be conservative enough for republicans to vote for but everyone is voting party lines less they break their piggy banks, all the while the rest of the country is falling apart.

Comment Re:Way overdue (Score 5, Informative) 113

Because commercial internet is artificially bad... just so it looks likey they are trying really hard to make it better but in fact are just milking the customer and government for subsidies.

Municipal interent isn't necessarily "public".... in the sense of free, in fact it almost certainly isn't... but is is cheaper just based on the fact that you are getting what you are paying for rather than than just feeding billions into some guy's pocket.

Comment Bad statistics are bad... (Score 5, Insightful) 136

"interviewed four Microsoft customers" if that is 4 people .... that is statistically invalid especially if you are going to extrapolate to 24k users.

If that is 4 bussinesses (which tend to use the same hardware across everyone).. it is still invalid as that only means that it works for a certain small subset of hardware.

In short, the intentionally, skewed the data using known happy customers.

Comment Re:The law is written. You can read it not imagine (Score 1) 107

What does it matter... just about every model toy "drone" law on the books in unenforceable, certainly nobody is going to do anything unless you harm someone or break something, or someone with enough money to sue you gets pissed off.

So, fly with common sense, and don't piss people off. 'Murca...

Comment Re:Can they innovate into not being Walmart? (Score 1) 66

$39 online... at JCP.... stores like that work of sales and coupons so you can probably get them for the same price as Walmart if you watch. Annoying but yeah.. there are pros and cons. And frankly I don't support JCPenny's recent liberal agenda... JCP used to be the Chik-Fil-A of department stores... until Mr Penny died years ago, and shareholders turned it into a race for the buck instead of actually standing for something.

You can do more business in 5 or 6 days with a visionary and all around good guy at the the wheel... rather than "businessmen" half intent on ramming the company into the ground.

Comment Re: Morons are running the USA (Score 1) 649

It is stupid if you are going in endless debt to do it... paying for college... implies getting out of debt by working it off. The same goes for other expenditures as well and often education does have a good return on investment... but it goes without saying that there are literal megatons of pork in every aspect of government at the moment.

If good research gets cut and pork research left in it's place... then I'll gripe.

Comment Re:Translation (Score 1) 203

Vendors use what their software is built on... in many cases we don't upgrade untill the job site gets upgraded...etc.. new jobs are running on 2015 it just happens that I do more with KiCad and embedded C/C++ than Visual Studio but we all tend to get our hands in everything where I work.

Frankly the only reason I haven't been upgraded is I havent' worked on one of the newer jobs where I needed to be upgraded yet (we've been on 2015 for around a year I think but I've been working on other projects).

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