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Comment Re:Can they innovate into not being Walmart? (Score 1) 66

$39 online... at JCP.... stores like that work of sales and coupons so you can probably get them for the same price as Walmart if you watch. Annoying but yeah.. there are pros and cons. And frankly I don't support JCPenny's recent liberal agenda... JCP used to be the Chik-Fil-A of department stores... until Mr Penny died years ago, and shareholders turned it into a race for the buck instead of actually standing for something.

You can do more business in 5 or 6 days with a visionary and all around good guy at the the wheel... rather than "businessmen" half intent on ramming the company into the ground.

Comment Re: Morons are running the USA (Score 1) 649

It is stupid if you are going in endless debt to do it... paying for college... implies getting out of debt by working it off. The same goes for other expenditures as well and often education does have a good return on investment... but it goes without saying that there are literal megatons of pork in every aspect of government at the moment.

If good research gets cut and pork research left in it's place... then I'll gripe.

Comment Re:Translation (Score 1) 203

Vendors use what their software is built on... in many cases we don't upgrade untill the job site gets upgraded...etc.. new jobs are running on 2015 it just happens that I do more with KiCad and embedded C/C++ than Visual Studio but we all tend to get our hands in everything where I work.

Frankly the only reason I haven't been upgraded is I havent' worked on one of the newer jobs where I needed to be upgraded yet (we've been on 2015 for around a year I think but I've been working on other projects).

Comment Re: Translation (Score 1) 203

Somewhere between half a day and over a day in my case... since That would be SQL server , VS 2012 etc.. Indusoft (Like Wonderware lite) , Vmware Player, Office 353, KiCad , 7zip, Thankfully not the PLC software we already run that in a VM since it tries to screw up the network configuration... various VPN software as well to access systems on site remotely.

I'm looking foward to having an SSD sometime in the future... and usb 3.1..

Comment Re:Batteries from Nevada to Australia? (Score 4, Informative) 274

Not a large inverter... at least 50-100 giant inverters, or many more smaller ones.

While there may be a larger one now back in 2012 the largest was 1.4MW. Thankfully, you don't need a single inverter.. you can just operate a bunch of inverters in parallel because that is how a power grid works anyway.

Also, I imagine each battery bank has it's own inverter... just to cut losses and cost of that much DC power having to travel any distance at all.

Comment Re:One word (Score 1) 474

I was just referring to the architectural complexity they have demonstrated... I don't think anyone is going to make 8086 compatibles.

IF they were going to make a CISC chip though... the 68k wouldn't be too bad... about twice as many transistors as a 8086 and much nicer. The 68010 with included MMU would even run Unix back in the day... and was fast enough to self host essentially even at 10Mhz. One of those running at 20Ghz wouldn't actually be all that bad.

Personally I think a compressed instruction set + risc backend is the best bet for speed. Basically take what x86 currently does and run with it... designing an instruction set to explicitly be dense... then keep a decoded cache of the actual program.

Comment Re:One word (Score 1) 474

Yep, and one way to get around this is superconducting computers.... which DARPA is investigating. You can get circuits operaiting in the tens of GHz easily however, getting ALUS + RAM + Mass storage and IO all working together at those speeds and temperatures is an enormous challenge.

But once they do get there... it will be a matter of scaling it up from the approximately 8086 design complexity level it is at now. It might be a bit funny waiting on your CPU to reach running temp before it can boot up as well...

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