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Comment Natioonal security gravely impacted you say? (Score 1) 278

WW3 still hasn't happened..

Haven't heard of any terrorism other than the usual random crazies, certainly nothing organized.

The worse thing that might have happened as I gather... is a few ops may have been compromised and scuttled (we never should have been doing these ops) and a few politicians and diplomats have been severely embarrassed which is just great.

I'm sitting here typing this ... it seems to me national security is just fine.

Comment Re: 10.0L engine in your Toyota? Moar? Add turbos. (Score 1) 133

Your are right about that speed doesn't inherently increase memory density. However nothing is stopping anyone from reading multiple bits of information from single atoms...so yes higher densities are possible it's a somehwat separate problem from processor speed though....

Comment 10.0L engine in your Toyota? Moar? Add turbos... (Score 1) 133

Super conducting processors are a thing... they run at Thz cycle frequencies in the lab.

Sure their on the level of complexity of the original IBM PC or so... but that can be remedied. More transistors isn't the only way to go faster... faster transistors is also an equally valid method. Implementing wave pipelines in more components is also valid (they've been used in varying degrees since the early 2000's) being able to go into 3 dimensions may help the practicality of wave pipelines which rely on constant time propagation though all circuits in the pipeline... to optimize both throughput and latency.

Comment Re:Why add this to the kernel? (Score 1) 38

Somehow I doubt this is true... certainly pro.ko has lots and lots of dependencies in the kernel that you wouldn't have to build in if you never intended to load it.

If you have ever built a kernel yourself you'd know that everything affects kernel size and complex drivers are the worst offenders along with protocols and filesytems.

Comment Re:Why add this to the kernel? (Score 1) 38

Actually this is what udev does automatically ... all the distribution has to do is build the module.

It's not like Linux doesn't Plug and Play... However, on many of the recent computers I have used it gets the default sound card wrong still (note this is stock alsa not pulseaudio which may fair better at the cost of bloat and having to run "evil" Lennart Poettering's code)

Comment Re:Dear Browser Manufaturers. (Score 1) 95

This exactly... I loaded up the last version of opera that would run on my Sparcstation recently..a pair of 60 and 80Mhz SuperSparcs in there were browsing faster than I've seen firefox load some pages on a netbook with 4x the ram.... sure there is stuff that doesn't work since opera 9.27 or so lacks the features but still... every full featured browser out there is dog slow right now.

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