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Comment Re: Make America Great (Score 1) 618

This is the key. If green cards were based on international law enforcement, mental health, and international terrorism investigation database lookups instead of quotas and interviews, there'd be no need for the rest of this crap. And I bet you could reduce that decade and a half wait time down to Domino's rules- 30 minutes or less- for first and 2nd world countries, thereby creating incentives for 3rd world governments to modernize.

Comment Re:I find this thoroughly unsurprising (Score 1) 343

One thing all cars in the near future need is semi-transparent HDMI compatible windshield heads up displays.

That alone would reduce accidents due to distracted driving by half- because you could see the semi you're about to rear end through your semi-transparent e-mail.

Add voice recognition and you've got a full computing solution to help you out when you put your Tesla on autopilot.

Comment Re:Hate to State the obvious but... (Score 1) 139

And besides, if you're going to do this to your citizens anyway, it's easier just to put the whole country on a 10.x.x.x subnet and allow access to the greater internet only through approved proxies. That way you only need ONE IP4 address for each 16 million citizens or so; a greater population than many of these countries actually have.

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