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Comment Re:Wait a minute... (Score 1) 76

American companies swiftly followed, even after Google promised Tuesday to work harder to block ads on "hateful, offensive and derogatory" videos.

So let me get this straight -- racists, misogynists, and terrorists are going to benefit from an ad-free experience, and yet my 6 year old daughter has to put up with ads for mortgages and makeup and other adult stuff when she wants to watch kids videos? WTF did we ever do to you Google that dirtbags get an out from Youtube ads, but the rest of us have to suffer?


Daddy? What's erectile dysfunction and should we ask the perdiatrician if cialis is right for me?

Pretty creepy crap for kids to be watching.

Comment Re:Flaw of the Android Ecosystem (Score 1) 84

The problem is what you're asking for is mutually exclusive.
  • If it's open source, the carriers (the "users" of the open source code) can (and do) do whatever the hell they want - that is the whole point of open source. Extensions won't work because the carriers will simply modify the AOSP release to remove the extensions which allow Google to update Android without their consent.
  • If you want Google to be able to force carriers to update Android with the latest security patches, then it by definition is no longer "open" source.

What probably needs to happen is for the carriers to be sued for problems caused by them not passing on Google-released security updates in a timely manner.

Comment Re:chip on your shoulder (Score 1) 76

...said the main living in the glorious country where the simple apparition of a nipple is considered a major mediatic catastrophe, where breast feeding is a public offense, and where anything remotely sexual is sure to traumatise the next few generations of youth. (and where nude bodies are probably terrorism-level material).

To each country and culture its own taboos. For Germany, it might be hate speech, for France it might be "right to be forgotten", and for the USA it's anything which isn't missionary position with the sole purpose to procreate.

Beware of the nude-nipple-terrorists, America !

Cool story Bro!

You really don't know much about us. But you have a nice far right wing level of pre-judgement.

Comment Totally abandoning their core userbase (Score 1) 25

There are two primary reasons graphics professionals love Macs.
  • Support for color profiles. Profiles are important not just for accurate screen colors, but for previewing how something will look when printed. Like newspaper and magazine editors need to do. Like poster and billboard advertisers need to do. Like packaging artists need to do. Windows' support for color profiles is half-hearted. It still dumps your loaded color profile if the damn UAC elevation prompt pops up (their method of darkening the screen outside the dialog seems to do it). It's done this since Win 7 and Microsoft still hasn't bothered fixing it. The companies which make color profiling equipment have had to make software work-arounds for it. On the Macs it just works.
  • Resolution-agnostic fonts. This has been a part of Macs since their inception, and Apple developed Postscript based on the same concept. When you plug a monitor into a Mac, the Mac queries it for its model and dimensions. Then based on the screen size and resolution, it automatically scales fonts so that e.g. a 11 point font is the correct size. This is why layout artists love the Macs - what they see on the screen is exactly what it'll look like when printed, not just in terms of layout but also size. Postscript does the same thing except for fonts on printers. Windows doesn't even try to do this. You get that silly 100%-200% scaling option, where 100% is based entirely on resolution without any regard for screen size. This is why OS X had no problems switching to high-PPI "Retina" screens, while Windows still has problems with it. On the Macs it just works.

1) iOS doesn't support color profiles. While Apple does calibrate the screens, there's no way for users to add their own color profile. No way to add a printer profile. No way to switch to AdobeRGB if/when the iOS devices get OLED screens and you want to edit the full color information captured by your DSLR.

2) iOS relies on a fixed resolution. That's why when they increased resolution on the iPhone and iPad, they had to do it by doubling the resolution. It was the only way to insure that apps written with the old resolution would still display properly. Basically they have the same problem with old apps on high-PPI screens as Windows does. (Ironically, Android does support arbitrary scaling based on PPI. So Android is more more like MacOS and OS X in this respect than iOS is.)

An iOS-based laptop may suit the needs of the casual user (browser, facebook, office apps). But it's totally unsuitable for graphics/photo/video professionals.

Comment Well ain't that nice... (Score 1) 142

DC Police have been going though all the available tape, identifying the protesters that broke the law then pressing felony charges.

My guess is they are going to grab all the pictures and video off their phones to see if they can ID a few more folks to charge and amass more evidence for the cases they have already charged..

My advice is.... If you intend to go protest, don't break the law.... If you choose to ignore my advice, I suggest you not take photos and videos of the proceedings and leave your electronic devices (Cell phones, tablets, cameras...) at home. Remember, if you get arrested and they think they have probable cause, they are going to be given a warrant to search your stuff and there won't be much you can do about it.

Comment Re:Misleading and false (Score 1) 119

The easiest way to get up around 32% efficiency is to stop using semiconductors and use concentrated sunlight to drive a turbine instead. Glass mirrors are fairly cheap per square meter.

Solar concentrators don't work for residential solar, because of the need to track the Sun. But utility-scale solar panel farms beat residential by 2.5x on cost anyway. The panels cost the same in both cases, but all the other costs are much lower for a solar farm when you install them at ground level by the hundred thousand, than on a home rooftop by the dozen. Rooftop solar is nice to have, but not really cost-effective.

Comment Re:Hahahahaha (Score 2) 116

While your math adds up, I still can't get past the logic. Is the movie somehow worse if it's viewed two months later? $2

Worse, no, but it's also not topical. Part of the experience of seeing a movie when it premieres is being part of the buzz surrounding the discussion of the film. Humans are a social animal (realizing this is slashdot, I feel this must be pointed out), and sharing experiences - such as books or entertainment - is part of the enjoyment of the entertainment.

So, no, the movie is no worse, but the overall experience is diminished. For a second weekend showing, I'd be in for $30, maybe even $50, for a blockbuster. For a third to fifth weekend - most of the social shine is off of it so, no. Granted, I have a 125" screen and a nice sound system so I lose very little watching movies at home but it's still fun to go "out" with the family to see something brand new.

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