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Comment Re:Because everyone driving has a license. (Score 1) 62

Because no one has ever driven without a license. Especially those 'high risk drivers'.

Probably in the next few decades car manufacturers will have to implement a new standard, where to drive your car, there's a "slot" you have to insert your driver's license in, and a computer in your vehicle will verify the status of your license and your facial ID before allowing you to take the vehicle out of park.

Comment Re:RAID is not backup (Score 1) 153

RAID is not a backup, unless it has a snapshot feature. 2 TB is a pittance. I've got 7 TB on a 4x4 TB ZFS raid-z volume (12 TB usable), and my setup is not really that big. It's set up with FreeNAS, which supports ZFS (redundancy like RAID, plus file integrity checks, plus snapshots). The snapshots allow you to roll back to previous version of files, thus covering the weakness of RAID which makes it not-a-backup.

If most of the 2 TB is photos, you've got two cheap cloud storage options as a second backup (in case your house burns down taking your NAS with it). Google Photos is free and allows unlimited storage of photos up to 2048x2048 resolution (and 1080p videos up to 15 min, might have been reduced to 5 min). Amazon Prime comes with unlimited cloud storage of photos of any resolution.

Comment Re:As usual, if its a (D) senator, no mention is m (Score 1) 341

of the party affiliation.....

Don't be a Republican memeist. Every article I have read so far says specifically that she is the daughter of the Democrat Senator from West Virginia.

Tell me is that supposed to mean that she is a Democrat? And everyone from West Virgian is a Democrat, And BENGHAZI! And just to burst another bubble, I'll be that he is a big fan of Coal mining.

Aww hell, I might as well expose that you are lying From the link to the article:

One Democratic senator whose daughter has allergies has called for action and another Democratic senator's daughter is CEO of the company responsible for the price hike.

O hell, lookie here Right here in River city from the Slashdot summary!

One Democratic senator whose daughter has allergies has called for action and another Democratic senator's daughter is CEO of the company responsible for the price hike. And just to make certain you see it - I know some of you folks need a lot of repetition for the hard stuff to sink in.....One Democratic senator whose daughter has allergies has called for action and another Democratic senator's daughter is CEO of the company responsible for the price hike.

Any questions?

Comment Re:No Fools' Cry (Score 1) 250

Why not tell them to grow up instead of indulging their ongoing foolishness?

Because lying marketers are a bigger problem to me than tantruming netizens, both because the latter are easier to filter out and because economy can't really work without the former because nobody can buy your product if they don't know it exists, no matter how useful it might be for them, thus logic dictates I side with the latter.

Also, having to keep your guard up at all times least some predatory asshole takes advantage of you is a miserable and wasteful way to live. Humanity has a habit of driving anything that preys on us into extinction or as close as possible where ever we go; why break with that tradition with those of us who choose to prey on their own species?

Comment Re:Feminist/SJW Echo Chamber Circling The Bowl (Score 1) 142

Twitter could have been the proverbial "marketplace of ideas", where people can offer their point of view and by approval and disapproval

It sounds like you had an interesting and considered point to make. Sadly, since you're limited to 140 characters, it got cut off. Better have simpler ideas, ones easily reducible to soundbytes, if you want to market them on Twitter.

Twitter is awful as a marketplace of ideas, is what I'm saying. Forums like Slashdot itself are far better alternatives.

the true opinions of people visiting, unblemished and unencumbered by peer pressure, due to the general anonymity of the medium

A pseudonymous platform isn't immune to peer pressure because it allows karma whoring. Not even truly anonymous platforms like the *chans are immune, because there's an instinctual need to conform and thus peer pressure exists even without any consequences to anything you say or do.

Yes, that does mean that you get to see the radical and even the mean side of society, but if that is what you see, this is what we are.

And it turns out being mean has consequences, such as being shunned or even thrown out. This, too, is what we are. The important question is whether we should be either mean or censorship-happy.

Comment Re:If you are so sure (Score 1) 271

Now I'm not saying that you're exaggerating the amount of work you did in comparison to others (especially those tricksy women, amirite?), but it would be consistent with what we know about human nature and the actual data from the workplace of people who claim to work long hours.

My hours tended to be quite variable. We had 2 meetings a year that were brutal, and I had documented 100 hour weeks. Other times random meetings and experiments might add 10-15 hours. Support functions were really variable, and by nature random. And some times I worked a 40 hour week.

So any claims I might have made to the number of hours I worked, would be brute forced averaging.

note1: might there be a non-genderized clue in there? I thrive on chaos in a positive way. Some others probably hate it with a passion - my better half has next weeks meals and chores planned already.

So someone with children might not do so well with that - even though I would leave work at 5 to pick up the kid from daycare, then come back in. Flexibility. But still, a lot of people crave structure like plants crave Brawndo.

Might women as a group prefer more structure? Maybe - I'll probably catch shit from some quarters for asking the question. Do some lifestyle choices make a difference? Hell, a single mother has a lot less flexibility.

In a forum like this, we can often get slammed into one camp or another. For some, my questions above put me squarely in the patriarchy camp.

It also ignores that I put in a good bit of time in recruiting young women into STEM fields, I put off three promotions in order that a woman get one. A silly HR quota system, and since it didn't affect pay, I was okay with it.

And in the end, when faced with the dilemma that the Ledbetter act places upon employers, I suspect that I would have been moved to an entirely different position, apart from the regular folks. Why they didn't do that in the first place is beyond me. It would have eliminated some folks from being pissed at me, and avoided other issues as well.

Comment Re:Oh yawn... (Score 1) 209

So if he says I prefer BSD license because I don't care about my code

You have a big problem with comprehension. He's not saying it's THE reason why YOU prefer it. He's saying it's a good match IF you don't care what others do with the code. He's talking about what the licence is good for, not about the people who use it.

No, really. I was talking to Linus just the other day over latte's and scones, (such an eclectic fellow our lad is) and he was telling me, "There's this fucking programmer that goes by QuietLagoon, and I can't stand that damned idiot. Always fucking disagreeing with me, and piss on that" (oh, our salty tongued lad, that Linus is)

But he closed with saying "I know this fucking QuietLagoon and his ways. I'll be watching that bastard, because this is personal between me and the him."

Comment Re:Ban drug ad's like most developed nations do! (Score -1) 341

'Most nations' do all sorts of crazy shit (and so does the USA) however drug ads to me are not different from shoe or car or food ads, drugs are a business, the only problem is government involvement, be it fda or medicare or medicaid or any form of government taxation and spending on anything related to healthcare or any form of business regulation beyond fraud. Ads are fine.

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