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Comment Re:plus interest? (Score 1) 167

Then the court may throw his case out because Comcast, at the time, could easily come up with a reason why the guy hadn't received the check yet.

The promise to write a check in the future does not prevent a case from going forward.

You still have a claim for the hardship and losses caused by their error.

If anything the "promise to pay in 90 days" can be used as an admission of wrongdoing, and can probably get a judge to sign off on an order to pay immediately the portion of the claim not under dispute.

Comment Re:Why the Hell didn't Let's Encrypt register it?! (Score 1) 118

What's even more bizarre is seeing executives of Comodo claiming LetsEncrypt Stole their business model.

Apparently Comodo was the first to issue 90-day Free SSL Certificates, So any future CA who does that is stealing Comodo's business model.

Doesn't make sense to me. a Key difference with LetsEncrypt, is the 90-Day certificates can be Renewed Indefinitely.

With Comodo, the 90-Day issuance is an Evaluation/Trial per Domain name, and you cannot renew after the 90 days without paying.

Comment Re:Let's Stop Trusting Comodo (Score 1) 118

I was thinking more along the lines of requesting that Browsers drop their CAs' from the Trust store for reasons along the line of Bad Faith behavior / Attempting to fraudulently or deceptively appropriate the names of other organizations in a manner unbecoming of a Trusted Authority or ID certification agency.

Comment Re:Why the Hell didn't Let's Encrypt register it?! (Score 1) 118

Any party who is harmed can potentially file a Lanham Act Opposition

The problem is, You probably have to appear in person, or pay somebody to appear in person.

Because the next step after filing opposition is a Proceeding at USPTO to resolve the Dispute between parties

I don't know about you..... but for me travelling all the way to the USPTO in Washington D.C. would be quite a hardship.

Not to mention all the time I couldn't be working in my job or working on improving my business or service.......

Comment Re:Can't trademark if the mark is already used (Score 1) 118

They can't exclude LetsEncrypt from Using it, BUT They might be able to stop LestEncrypt from trademarking it.

Their planned disruption could be not to get the Trademark, but to start using the name for something disreputable.

Stop LE from getting their mark AND dilute the name by intentionally abusing it.

Comment Re:Shills, Shills Everywhere... (Score 1) 133

All in all I would say selling eBay is a losing proposition. You will extremely frequently lose your item, get no money, and your consolation prize of having paid eBay fees and shipping fees which increase the loss.

In my experience reselling things on eBay.... 60% to 70% of time, after I package up and sent the item to the buyer, the buyer files a claim with PayPal or demands a return and refund saying the item doesn't work.

Then they ship me "my item" back...... Except, when I open the package they returned it's a totally different unit than the one I sent the buyer, So they kept the working item I sent and mailed me back a dud, claiming that is a return.

Also, if item gets tied up for delay in customs, often the buyer will file a claim and be awarded a refund by eBay, even when the item is still shipping to them, So they will keep both the money and the item.....

Comment Re:Shills, Shills Everywhere... (Score 1) 133

30% if PCs ships with dedicated graphics cards. The market is > $1 billion.

These do not count as video card purchases.

These are mostly sales of laptops and desktops that happen to contain integrated video functionality; most of the time, the buyer won't even learn what kind of GPU hardware has been included

It's kind of like pointing to the exploding sales of Google Android devices and attempting to argue from that it's the year of the Linux desktop, because these are all sales of the Linux kernel.

Comment Re:Shills, Shills Everywhere... (Score 4, Insightful) 133

They've been discreetly buying the stuff they test — including cars — for decades now.

I like consumer reports, but they concentrate on products that appeal to the masses, not highly-technical products like computer video cards that the average consumer is not interested in.
It's amazing what you can do, when you have 7 million subscribers, each paying $30 a year, isn't it?

The market for consumer computer hardware component reviews, does not have this kind of reach, however.

Think there might be a lot more consumers looking for reviews on products in the $100 billion+ per Year market for Cars, Versus the $50 mllion+ per Year market for video cards?

It has not always been like that, but In fact.... I would dare say that discrete video cards are becoming a niche market for hobbyists. There's no way 7 million people are going to subscribe to a publication that reviews computer components; not going to happen.
That is going to be one hell of an expensive subscription (which people will therefore not buy), Or, it's going to by necessity wind up subsidized by manufacturers anyways.....

I'm sure there's no way they could get that, if they weren't concentrating on things of interest to their subscribers. Also, the fact they are buying Cars means that's money they aren't spending on other types of products for review....
A heck of a large amount of money, also, by the way: cars are expensive.
Video cards have a small market and are expensive enough that a significant commitment is necessary.

Also, I see Consumer reports would more likely be reviewing something such as Smartphones that would bring in interest by subscribers and potential subscribers.

Comment Re:Shills, Shills Everywhere... (Score 4, Insightful) 133

Shouldn't some blame be placed on the review sites, for not purchasing cards at retail

I think the public would be better served by that.
But where is the money going to come from to purchase all these cards at retail?

Many of the review sites are not exactly raking in many dollars, or their current source of revenue might actually be sponsorship dollars from the very companies whose products they are reviewing (Which seems even worse to me than getting review samples).

I agree they should disclose if review samples were given by the manufacturer...... They are subject to possible cheating.

Comment Not the only user-hostile thing (Score 1) 590

Apple is Surface-mount SOLDERING the RAM on new Imacs and Mac Minis.

If your ram stick goes bad, then it's Replace the whole logic board, Because Apple-authorized repair centers are essentially prohibited from doing component-level replacements.

Also, upgrading is almost impossible now..... And if you do it, according to Apple your computer is now a PC, and you voided the license to run MacOS on it.

Comment Re:Microsoft, like their Microsoft NBC... (Score 1) 260

Wait, wha? Just because you personally haven't seen them doesn't mean they failed.

I've seen them, and I have personally been around, and seen the places where I once saw them have removed them.

Even CVS has removed theirs.
Studies are showing that the self-checkouts are actually less-efficient (slower) for customers, and still require much attention by store employees.

Perhaps your local CVS and Lowes' just have not taken them out yet for some reason.

I assume them to be a marginal case: the vast majority of checkouts will be with a human checker....

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