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Comment Re:Linkedin took the bird in hand (Score 1) 52

Then bad news comes out from either the acquirer or acquiree's latest earnings, key people leaving, etc and the stock falls some more.

So specify some extra requirements:

  • The price of the deal will be a dollar amount; the stock portion of the debt will be settled through payment to the shareholders of the acquired company by paying them shares worth 2 even dollar installments over the next 2 quarters, and a final payment of the remainder in cash, with the number of shares for each installment determined according to the average value at the date of the actual payment.
  • The previous installment will be adjusted by credit or debit against the next payment in 90 days to match the average stock price over all trading days in that period, and the next installment's dollar amount will be supplemented by or decreased by the adjustment, assure alignment with the agreed acquisition price.
  • The shares transferred to make the installments have to be shares with an issue date before the deal was agreed.
  • No additional stock shares can be written until after the deal is completely settled and paid, and shareholders of the acquired company have had 30 days of additional time to sell their shares, in case they wanted to do so.

Comment "Rarely find a card?" What are they smoking? (Score 1) 325

You rarely find a card that does not contain such a star. It is associated with Judaism, ...."

Pokemon is a video game.... there are no cards....

Also, what is the deal with countries passing Anti-Semitic laws targeting to ban the practice of Judaism?

There should be a global embargo against such countries, which have no respect for human rights....

Comment Re:kinda sad (Score 1) 130

People are not going to spend thousands of dollars on a VHS where alternatives are much cheaper.

If they are selling 750,000 units a year, there is OBVIOUSLY still demand for them.

The only question is.... how strong will that demand be in the case of increasing prices?

I don't know the answer to the question. It would be helpful to know why people still want to buy VCRs.

If they have priceless home videos on VHS, then people may be willing to spend more than $1000 on a VCR, by the way, just to be able to play their tapes back and convert them to MP4s.....

Comment Re:I will support them (Score 1) 637

See my Comment RE the Magnuson–Moss Warranty Act, above.

The act prevents manufacturers voiding the warranty, But it doesn't require manufacturers to make the technical information and diagnostic tools available, so you can use your own engineering knowhow, or hire your own engineer to diagnose and repair.

The manufacturers leverage copyright and the DMCA, along with Potting/sealing components and using special "Genuine/Counterfeit part detection" logic in software to prevent people from replacing simple components, such as analog sensors.

These days they also started keeping their schematics secret, and if you share technical information, the big company will use their lawyers and sue or threat of a suit to chill any dissemination of repair details

Apple, John Deere, alike, and other electronics manufacturers are increasingly becoming savvy as to how to use these kinds of methods to make sure users of their product have to buy a new one when it breaks, Or go to the manufacturer for repair, which provides a revenue stream for the manufacturer (So it's in manufacturers' interest to make the repair as expensive as possible, after the initial 1 or 2 year warranty on equipment that would be expected to last 20s of years otherwise).....

Comment Wtf? (Score 1) 180

Our federal government has One Job. Defend the public, and adhering to the constitution ensure the sacred institution of government for the people by the people remains as such.

Elections are fraught with voter fraud attempts.....

How is it that there are BILLIONS to throw away on the most absurd things..... and yet not a single Million$ or two to spare to make sure there are eyes on every single polling place: and abuses or interferences are not occurring that could undermine election processes?

Comment Re:Time and place (Score 2) 283

McDonald's may choose to start blocking VPNs

And just like trying to block websites, there will be a wide berth of false positives frustrating thousands of patrons who weren't even trying to look at porn, but a website they wanted is blocked spuriously by the tool.

Meanwhile.... the people who were targeting McDonalds for their porn-watching needs, can just continue to watch porn by popping a DVD in their laptop, or playing the file they pre-downloaded while they were at home.

The 1% of folks who are McDonalds porn aficionados can also still view porn at McDonalds by accessing the sites through your cellular data.

Also, if the restaurant tried to block cellular data or Personal WiFi hotspots, that would actually be illegal, and they could be fined billions of $$$ by the FCC.

Comment Re: Stop with the nannystate warnings! (Score 1) 141

I can and am allowed to drive 35MPH when there are pedestrians on a sidewalk. But, I can't predict that one of them will just step out

Hold it right there, there is no legal right to drive a particular speed. Are you allowed? Did you check the law? What tells you that you are allowed? Note that officials approving of an activity or not enforcing 100% of the rules does not make an action legal or safe.

If an action you take (Such as driving 35) might have consequences, then that action was Not really allowed.

Prohibiting you from crashing into pedestrians, means that you are forbidden from taking any series of actions which are likely to have that consequence.

That means you may NOT be allowed to drive 35, even if it is not a specific traffic rule that is directly prohibiting it. There are things called Actions prohibited through indirect means. You are required to Drive Safely, and this means you are legally prohibited from doing certain things and legally required to do certain other things which are not explicitly spelled out in the text of the law.

So this game is inconveniencing drivers who are no longer allowed to drive 35, I understand that..... But it's not true that you're "Allowed to drive 35", if there is a likelihood that a pedestrian will go out in front of you too quickly for you to avoid hitting them.

The law certainly does not say you have the right to drive 35MPH when there are pedestrians on the sidewalk. If the sidewalk is close to the road, then you may be legally required to slow down, when you see someone on the sidewalk.

In general: you are allowed to drive the speed limit subject to conditions; conditions include not just the weather, but everything about the environment.

If the sidewalk is so close to the road that somebody can step out quickly, And, someone is there, then it might not be safe or legal for you to drive that full speed.

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