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Comment Re:What Backdoor? (Score 1) 123

The clever ones are not criminals, they get away with it. There are some scary smart people working on the trojans etc. out there. Some of the stuff is hand coded in assembler, which they structure in such a way that the usual debuggers get confused and either crash or start following the wrong path, all just to make it more difficult for the white hats to figure out how to shut down the botnet.

Comment Re:What Backdoor? (Score 1) 123

I doubt he did any of this on a major FOSS projects main trunk, it would definitely have been picked up there. He could have modified a WordPress site to add the functionality / backdoor and deployed that directly onto the server. No one would think to check that the code was not standard. I doubt he did that though, since they have an update function which would have wiped out his backdoor. I suspect this was all custom code, probably some cookie cutter website he used with a lot of his clients.

Comment Re:What Backdoor? (Score 1) 123

Clearly you are not a developer. All you would have to do is create webpage which when you pass it a certain variable pops up a form to upload something and run it on the server. The webpage does a legitimate task (registration for instance) but if you access it with webpage.php?action=registers instead of webpage.php?action=register it jumps to a separate section and allows you to upload a file etc. Even if someone were to give the site a once over it would be hard to pick up. To make it even more secure you can have it check for a cookie or originating IP address so that if someone else tries it, it will ignore it.

Developers have access to very sensitive stuffs, there is a very high level of trust that the developer is not going to do what this guy did. Firstly they are expensive to hire, what they produce can only be understood by another developer, so just having the code double checked (properly, not just a quick look) will almost double your costs, so it's rarely going to happen.

I'm not sure about other countries, although I imagine it's pretty much the same everywhere, but any financial institution here does a full background check before they will hire you. Any criminal record and you won't even get an interview. Bad debt is almost as bad, if you are black listed don't even bother applying. Sometimes they will make an exception for black listing, depends on the situation, but in all my years I have only heard of one.

Comment Re:How many DVDs do you own? (Score 1) 312

I would imagine that the number of posts to an article may be used as some sort of performance benchmark for the editors, so posting "why is this on slashdot" is actually helping the editors, rather say nothing and move along. After a while they will shift to topics that DO get a lot of posts and hopefully it won't involve Trump.

Comment Re:Child labor law (Score 1) 498

When I was growing up I didn't get pocket money, I had to work for it. I'm also not talking about mowing the lawn around the house or doing dishes, I had to do that regardless. I'm talking about helping my father with the contract work he used to do on weekends, wiring houses, fixing fridges etc. By the time I left school even that dried up (still had to do the work though) to help pay for college. But hey I finished college with no debt and I can rewire a house, a surprisingly handy skill I never thought I would need again.

Comment Re:The article is mostly right. (Score 1) 498

You might be right there, but the fact that it was such a high cost to send patches meant that they (management) were willing to wait for full testing to be completed. Nowadays they rush shit out the door because it can be so easily patch when the bug turns up.
Don't get me wrong, it's fucken frustrating to buy a game, install it from disk, and then it has to download a 12gb "patch". Which is why I don't bother buying physical games anymore, was also running out of physical space for the games.
IIRC when Starcraft 2 came out they released a patch for it before the game was released, so they must have sent the image to be burnt (or pressed at those volumes) and found a bug before the game was ready for release.

Still annoying though.

Comment Re:fuck this (Score 2) 115

Medupi power station
Kusile power station
Both still under construction (and running behind schedule and over budget)

I grew up next to this monstrosity
Hendrina power station
When you woke up in the morning you had to wash the coal dust off the car, it would eat the galvanizing off fences because of the high sulpher content.
Sure it's a bit better now, but not by much. ZA has a fvckton of coal, it will be burning it for some time.

Comment Re:Death of Uber (Score 2) 139

Clearly you have never caught an Uber, or if you have you have never bothered to actually speak to the driver(s). I usually use my motorbike to get to work and back, but when the weather is really crappy I catch an Uber, and I chat with the drivers. Of all the Ubers I have caught I have only encountered one disgruntled driver, ironically he didn't like meeting all the different people and wanted to go back to driving long distance trucks. All the other drivers have been happy driving for Uber, sure the metered taxis charge twice what Uber charges and so get more out of driving, but no one uses them anymore (because they are so expensive).

Comment Re:Why "I" shouldn't trust Geek Squad? (Score 4, Interesting) 389

I went to a LAN once and as usual there is a bunch of file copying going on at the start, so I grabbed a bunch of stuff, games, movies and yes some pron. Months later I was running out of space and started clearing stuff out. Buried deep in the dump folder was a whole bunch of bestiality pron, shift deleted that, but to this day I cannot remember which friend I copied it from, always wondered if they were also unaware of it, or if they had a darker side I was not aware of.

Comment Re:People don't like being threatened (Score 1) 189

Perhaps not, but that has clearly been irritating a lot of people. I started a blue ray collection of all my favourite movies, till I realised that I would rather watch the same movie from my media server than pop the disk in and sit through all the drek. Much easier and faster to simply watch it from the server, even if at times it was of a lower quality. So I stopped, I was just wasting money. Also a pet peeve is the bloody menu, you fall asleep watching a movie and you wake up with the menu music stuck in your head for hours.

Comment Why I don't go to the movies (much) (Score 1) 189

It has to be something I can't wait to watch, and that only happens about once every 5 years or so.
At home I have a big ass TV, surround sound and I can pause and get up and get a beer from the fridge, and maybe make some more popcorn without missing anything. No queues, assholes on their cellphones or giggling teenagers either. Then there is the cost factor, the last time I went to watch a movie the popcorn and drinks cost more than the movie tickets (and it was a 3D movie). To be honest cost is not that big a deal, I earn more than enough money to absorb it, but I don't like being ripped off. Where I live the streaming available is limited, so I still end up having to pirate, I wouldn't if I didn't have to, but since it's the only way to watch certain things...

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