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Comment Re:That explains a lot (Score 1) 156

Well the only reason I signed up for Netflix in the first place was because the wife wanted to watch one of their exclusives and I was having trouble finding it in "ahem" unofficial places. Also I live in an area with crappy internet so having a copy on a hard drive is great for when the internet is down.

Comment Re:That explains a lot (Score 1) 156

Exactly! Last night the wife and I ended up starting and stopping more movies / series than actually watching anything. Yeah there is shit there to watch, but it's exactly that SHIT! All the good stuff I have watched already - and I haven't had Netflix for long. At this rate I can see me signing up for NetFlix for about 3 months out of the year, if I'm watching crap because it's something to watch I very quickly start wondering why the fuck I am bothering, and do something else instead.

Comment Re:Whoa! 1 second! (Score 1) 58

Bug lists ARE a pain to deal with, enhancements only bit better. The most fun is creating stuffs from scratch, and then having to debug that :-(
Worked at one company where they gave all the new development to juniors and only seniors were allowed to fix the code base, stupid bloody idea, should be the other way around. Suffice to say they have a high staff turnover and code that makes an abortion seem neat and tidy (OK, for all I know abortions are neat and tidy, have no clue).

Comment Re:Dare to be different! (Score 3, Insightful) 128

And make it durable, and keep supporting upgrades regardless of how old the phone gets. I'm tired of buying a phone because the previous one just stopped working, or buying a new phone because stuff no longer runs on it since the OS is out of date. I would buy a phone that would last more than 5 years on that strength alone.

Comment Re:Realization... (Score 2) 280

Yeah, been there done that. Rewrote a system that needed a lot of manual intervention (checks and such) because it was so... crap. The look on some of the peoples faces when we were giving a demo, when they realized that their jobs had been fully automated, was really painful. But that's unfortunately a big part of what we do, we automate stuffs, and at the rate of AI growth it's not going to be long before we automate ourselves out of a job, which is like a big ass karma thing I'm sure.

Comment Re:Wow 10nm... almost at the theoretical limit of (Score 1) 70

The first computer my parents bought had a 4.7Mhz processor (single core of course) and a whopping 20mb hard drive, display had a max of 4 colours, I forget the resolution. And no it was an 8088, not a zx etc.
Compared to that I have a super computer in my pocket, lets not even bother comparing it to my gaming rig at home.

Comment Re:Moratorium (Score 1) 382

Heck at this point I don't event think I'd be surprised if someone offed him before January.

My thoughts exactly, another grassy knoll.
The powers behind the scenes cannot be happy with this turn of events, hell, all the corporations backing Clinton can't be very happy either.
If I was Trump I would be VERY worried right now.

Comment Yawn (Score 1) 49

Big Yawn, yet another flavour of Linux rolled out by people with too much time on their hands.
At least they could have given it a better name..
"Ubuntu Ball Buster!"
"Ubuntu Killing Spree!"
Any fucken thing would have been better than "budgie".

Comment Re:All speculation (Score 1) 711

I think the first use should be to put it onto satellites so that they don't need to use fuel to keep themselves in the correct position, then eventually run out of fuel and go into end of life by pushing themselves into a higher orbit to make room for their replacement. Instead they would be able to continue working until a better replacement was needed, then instead of littering upper orbit with useless crap they can be brought out of orbit to burn up in atmosphere.

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