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Comment The way of the Dodo (Score 1) 55

Movie theaters are going to become the next video rental shops, as in they are going to die a slow and noisy death.
With home theater systems getting cheaper and better and better every day, it's practically inevitable.
They may not fade away completely (just yet at least) but location and pricing is going to become paramount, just like books shops are now.
I mean, I still browse through the occasional book shop, but I can't remember the last time I bought a physical book. Erm, nevermind, just remembered, the last couple books of Wheel of Time to finish off my collection, although I read the book on my kindle anyways, I wanted to finish off the series on my book shelf.

Comment Re:If you can't say anything good about Vista... (Score 1) 167

I think the change in driver model was a good move, it's just that it caused a lot of hardware to no longer work. That unfortunately could not be helped, since the onus was on third party vendors to make new drivers available (which a lot didn't do for legacy hardware). I disagree with your assessment of Vista's speed. I was running XP and / or Win 2000 (depending) at the time and Vista was more responsive than either.

Comment Re:If you can't say anything good about Vista... (Score 2) 167

I liked Vista *ducks*
Seriously, I liked it, where MS shot themselves in the foot was changing the driver model, most peoples biggest gripe about Vista was performance, and bad driver support. I was running it on a gaming rig, so I did not notice the performance issues, and I could understand about the lack of drivers due to the change in driver model, so I kept a VM with XP installed for the odd occasion I needed it, otherwise I made sure that any new hardware that I bought had Vista support BEFORE buying it. Actually now that I think about it, it's the only Windows OS I ever actually paid for. That being said, Windows 7 was/is much better and I doubt there are many Vista boxes around anymore (I'm sure there are some, but there can't be that many). People just like bashing shit that changes, I mean look at poor Windows 8.1, never had a chance once they changed the start menu.

Comment Re:psych (Score 1) 274

Agreed, in any organization of sufficient size there is going to be back stabbing and stuffs.
If you can't be an asshole, you are going to get back stabbed a LOT.
I worked at a smallish company (as a lowly peon, thank god) but they gave REALLY good bonuses, the amount of back stabbing going on in middle to upper management was astounding.

Comment Re:Nonsense (Score 1) 297

They don't get "sick" because they went out till dawn, their parents may die, but they don't give a shit. They don't strike for more pay or because their boss is a dick. They don't get maternity leave or compassionate leave. They don't get weekends or public holidays off. You can work them till they break and no one (other than perhaps your supervisor) will give a shit. Damn straight it's inevitable. My sister works for a LARGE chain store (in the I.T. department) and they are busy with a trial of automating 90% of the picking in the distribution centers. No more theft (or shrinkage) no more go slows. Humans suck for manual labor, now that we have the technology to replace them (at a reasonable price) a LOT of companies are going to start doing it. It doesn't help that where I am striking for more wages (and getting violent whilst doing it) is a VERY common theme in our newspapers. There are going to be a lot more unskilled and unemployed people here shortly.

Comment Re:Can they now convict the U.S.? (Score 1) 57

Someone mod the above comment up.

I couldn't agree more, the US and all their TLA organizations are running around hacking everything in sight, they should get sued shitless. But it's OK for the US to do it, just no one else is allowed. I would point out the double standards here, but that's pretty much standard operating procedure for the US.

Comment Re:I don't get why they are bothering to do this (Score 1) 65

What a lot of people on /. seem to forget, is that most people are not that computer literate. Hell, my brother in law is an IT manager and he prefers gaming on consoles, because after a tough day at work he doesn't want to come home and fight with yet another PC. It's vastly simpler to just switch on the console and start playing, which is what makes them so attractive to the great masses.

Comment Re:AMD Ryzen 7 1800X Linux Benchmarks (Score -1, Troll) 175

Sure, I'm a programmer

And therein lies the problem. Linux is a technical OS, for technical people who can solve technical problems. When my mother can use it without me walking her through changing her monitor resolution, it will be on par with windows as far as usability goes. That's the problem with Linux, only technical people (in general) use it, so the ease of use is not getting fixed, because everyone using it doesn't see the problem.

Comment Re:Strict liability for writing code? It's coming (Score 3, Interesting) 64

Heh, while not exactly security related, I worked for a company who dealt in millions of transactions totaling billions in value. All this shoveled back and forth through IBM MQ.... with no transactions. Every now and then the server would up and die, and since it was multi threaded messages would get lost. I suggested switching on transactions to at least stop losing messages while we hunted down the reason for the server croaking, and was told NO. It would be too expensive (it was like 6 lines of code to actually implement) but the TESTING with all the clients would have cost them millions. So as far as I know they are still losing messages. Managements call, I left shortly after.

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