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Comment Re:Here's an idea (Score 1) 204

Well let me tell you how I discovered my favorite band. I have had a love for powermetal for a long time, which began with Manowar back in the early aughts.

One day, I had some friends over and wanted some background music without effort - so I typed "powermetal collection" into youtube and left it playing. At some point a song came on which stopped me in mid-sentence to turn around and go turn it up... because it blew my mind. It was the first time I ever heard Powerwolf. Who is signed with a fairly small indie label in Europe that only does powermetal and is where most powermetal bands go to get signed because they get a good deal from a company that won't fuck with their sound.

I've had powerwolf dominating my playlists ever since. They are just unbelievably good.

Comment Re:Here's an idea (Score 1) 204

Mind you- the US music industry does seem to have gotten a lot less conservative about sex anyway (odd shift). I saw one of those 'kids watch' a while ago where a bunch of young teenagers were shown some Nirvanna videos, most had never heard of them (one had and was apparently a fan), a few had some vague idea of Kurt Cobain having killed himself. You know the drill.

But one thing was interesting: more than half the kids expressed astonishment at the fact that the people in the videos were fully dressed.

There's nothing wrong about sex and sexuality in music - it's part of life and should be part of music, but it isn't *all* of life and shouldn't be *all* of music.

Comment Re:Here's an idea (Score 1) 204

The metal scene is actually still mostly like that. Perhaps less so in America but there metal was basically killed by the hair-metal movement anyway and became extremely small ever since. Ignore the Nu-metal stuff - since mostly they are of the sausage-factory variety, but you did also have Slayer, Death and Manowar who wrote their own stuff, experimented with new ideas (Manowar basically invented the combination of choral and metal music), produce their own stuff, play their own instruments and push boundaries. Even metallica has had periods where they created real art and their the most commercial metal band America ever had (and the best-selling world-wide of all time).

This is a LOT bigger in Europe - the best metal for two generations have come out of the Slavic countries - Norway, Germany and Finnland in particular and the generation before it was Britain. Priest and Maiden were fantastic and Maiden is still fantastic, still touring, still innovative - they may have grown old but they never grew stale (I saw them live a few months ago and it was one of the best shows I've ever been at). The German scene started out with bands like Accept, which was a one-hit-wonder in the US but had a long and illustrious career back home, and moved into legends like Hammerfall and Blind Guardian. Later they and their neighbours would birth bands like Amon Amarth, Children of Bodom, Korpiklaani, Nightwish - all of which had their own unique approaches to a very wide genre which had already significantly innovated from other metal subgenres (a focus on singable lyrics, low-use of bass but heavy use of rhythm guitars, extremely rapid double-bass-drum patterns, elements of opera, choral and classicalmusic mixed). And most of them are unknown outside their home countries. Meanwhile Norway gave birth to black-metal which is one-part music one part polical protest against the dominance of the state-church, and then Armenian/German band Powerwolf took the stylistics of black metal, mixed it with the musical stylings of powermetal and based their lyrics on the mythology of the Holy Roman Empire for a completely unique sound and style.

There are still great bands out there pushing boundaries, combining absurdly different influences into truly unique music - they just aren't in the USA anymore. In many ways the country is just too conservative. Every time you have an artist actually pushing boundaries, trying different things, exploring a different approach to theatrics - there's a million protesters blaming them for every ill in society. In the 1980's they burned Maiden's records (though the band didn't mind because, in their words: 'before they could burn the record - they had to buy it first'), in the 1990s they blamed Manson for Columbine (even though neither of the shooters listened to the band), a few months ago buzzfeed blamed Slipknot for the racism of Trump supporters (so it's not just the rightwingers who do that), and a judge had to tell law enforcement that listening to Insane Clown Posse does not automatically make you a gangster (so it's not just metal bands either).

That's why it doesn't happen anymore - because in America any band that doesn't toe the line very carefully will never get airplay, never get on radio - just face a constant barrage of harassment and horror. So while bands and musicians may be brave - the record companies aren't, they will have one or two controversial acts (because controversy also sells) but they won't risk anything more.

Back in the mid-1990s Oasis was planning a tour in the US which was struggling to sell, Bon Jovi at the time said "Oasis will never be very successful here, because America is too conservative"
And that's coming from the least controversial, least metal, musician to ever play hair-metal about a band that, honestly, was just a fairly average British pop-rock band who did nothing particularly original or special memorable in their music and whose sole claim to notoriety was once outselling the Bible and calling themselves "Greater than god" - which they stole from the Beatles anyway.

Comment Re:IMO this is the first hint (Score 1) 52

There's another possibility, They actually agree on some common standards - and make it so every piece of VR software runs on every device, and you compete by making your device run it better.
So sticking my phone in a cardboard will run it weakly, but spending on one of the big boys it runs very well - but they all run the same stuff.

That is what the market needs right now. As it stands the fragmented gaming market hurts consumers, you have 3 major console makers none of whom are compatible with each other - so only AAA titles appear on more than one, you got PC which is not compatible with any of them - and you got valve trying to create PC-compatible consoles at three times the price of a PC or a console. You got linux gaming growing rapidly but you still get AAA-titles that can't run on wine - even ones that used to work (the new SkyrimSpecialEdition is entirely impossible to run on wine - at least if you got it via steam because steam is a 32-bit only app and the new skyrim is 64-bit only and wine doesn't support running 32-bit and 64-bit programs in the same engine).

But that sort of works because everybody who wants to game buys *something*.

VR is trying to build on top of that market - but it's new, the tech is expensive and the content supply much smaller. It isn't likely to work. The best thing they can do is to maximize the content by agreeing on a common standard so every device runs every piece of content- preferably on every platform.

Comment Re: Trump is already a uniter (Score 1) 583

Giving people a ride on a bus to help them vote is not an act of fraud. Voter fraud does not exist. Massive voter defamation does.

Right now in NC the governor's election is still up in the air. The republicans won every election in the state overwhelmingly except the governor: mostly because the current republican governor is hugely unpopular. His bathroom bill has cost thousands of people their jobs.
Now there is huge charges of fraud being flung around with no evidence. Voter ID is a law there but student ID is not acceptable... wtf. The GOP there published a list of some 300 individuals names who 'voted in multiple states'. Just one problem: every single person on the list is innocent. No evidence was given against any of them. Many can actually prove their innocense and several are now suing the party for defamation.

Now why the hell would any party do that? Hell why complain of fraud when you overwhelmingly won every race except the one where you had a terrible candidate ?
Only one possible explanation: to convince useful idiot like you that massive voter fraud is a thing so you would support laws that prevent people excercising their legitimate votes.
These laws do not, nor are they intended to, prevent electoral fraud. These laws ARE electoral fraud.

Comment Re: Those who something, something (Score 1) 588

That pre-US anti-immigrant hysteria, as was prevalent in several native tribes, has the distinction if being the only example in all of human history that was true.
You said nothing to disprove my point though bevause I spoke if tradition. I said nothing about the law.

Comment Re: Those who something, something (Score 1) 588

Firstly it's 1.6 Billion - not 2.08 nice bit of exaggeration there.

Secondly if your contention is that the desire for theocracy makes Muslims unsuitable to be Americans - do you also extend that to the vast number of Americans who want a theocracy ? The dominionists as they refer to themselves? How do you feel about the fact that the senator from Texas is one ? And the new vice-president elect ?

Comment Re: Those who something, something (Score 1) 588

Actually, many churches simply take it literally: that it's a christian duty to pay your damn taxes without grumbling about it.

I know that's how the church of my youth taught it. Government has a right to charge taxes regardless of whether they share your faith, you have a duty to pay those taxes and complaining about it is an act of rebellion which is specifically prohibited by numerous other passages in the new testament. The bible is pretty clear that the ONLY time a christian can disobey any law is if that law would demand they violate one of god's commands.

That by the way rules out supporting the Trump approach to immigration - since the bible gives very clear orders about how to treat immigrants (and makes no distinction between 'legal' or 'illegal') once the 'stranger' is 'in your land' your duty is to treat him as a brother. You don't get to kick him out because you don't like how he got there.
You don't get to help government do so either - that violates the order to treat the stranger in your land as a brother.

Building a wall doesn't violate any clauses I can think off... except all the ones in proverbs against being bloody foolish.

Comment Re: Those who something, something (Score 1) 588

>The ACLU does act against Christianity, Judaism and Hinduism, but I've never read of them daring to lift a finger against Islam

Because absolutely nobody has ever suggested erecting a quran on a plaque outside a state court.

It's ONLY unconstitutional if
1) Tax dollars fund it or
2) It's on public land (which includes government buildings).

If somebody DID try to declare the Quran their state book (as three red states tried to do with the bible last year) you BET the ACLU would get on that.

The rest of your post is filled with even more bullshit than that part.

Sorry, but if you get to judge the Qu'ran by any particular passage you grab out of context, I get to assume all Christians are in favor of slavery, believe in killing people by stoning if they work on a Sunday, will force their daughters to marry their rapists, maintain the right to sell said daughters into slavery - and believe that eradicating all people of different faiths is their religious duty, as was given to Israel before they arrived in the promised land (a duty they took very seriously as they set out on a path of destruction, war and genocide against all the many peoples who once lived there).

All THOSE things are called for in the Bible as well. Hell go read the story of Dinah in Genesis - nice ending that. Let's slaughter an entire tribe, man women and child... at a fucking peace summit !

Comment Re: Those who something, something (Score 1) 588

In a nation made up of 100% immigrants it's imposssible to be a 'traditional' member of that nation and not also support 100% open borders (which, contrary to Trump's claims, means basically no politician in the USA at all meets the criteria for 'traditional' American, but then very few citizens do).

To support the OPPOSITE - to want hugely restricted immigration (even on religious grounds), to turn away refugees fleeing for their lives, to want to deport millions of people - even when that means tearing appart families because some members are citizens... that is as far removed from 'traditional' as any American can ever be.
It's an anti-American as you could possibly become.

Comment Re:Bad Headline (Score 1) 588

>Tracking religion is not so much evil as stupid
These are not mutually exclusive things - it is not one or the other, it's both, and it's not less evil for being stupid. It's of course a flagrant violation of the constitution but Trump has proven over and over that he neither knows nor cares about that document and clearly has never read it. Hell he doesn't even know how many articles it has - because when he was trying to brag about how seriously he take the constitution he claimed the wrong number he was wrong by 90%.

> if religious works promote criminal activity, they should be banned or at the very least be made illegal to distribute to minors.

That is every religious book ... ever.

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