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Comment Re:A bit of honesty.. (Score 1) 143

Actually there's a recent spate of articles indicating that the Navy won't proceed with the ammo, which jumped to $800,000/round.
While I agree with R&D being necessary, even cutting back to only three ships this seems like a tremendous sink hole of money.

So, Extremely expensive R&D, Avg. Cost/Ship $7.5B which is more than nuclear powered Nimitz Ronald Regan ($6.5B) it leaks, uses ammo that is 10x more than projected in terms of cost. This needs to be scrapped. I think that's what's missing really in Defense Spending, the ability to honestly start looking at red flags early on in a project so we don't develop these sink holes of one off (or three off) technology.

I have to also think that maintenance costs will be extremely high as well. I'd love to know what the lifetime costs of the three proposed ships would be.

Comment Re:TPP in its present form was bad (Score 1) 600

Well I was talking the treaty itself, not the parties/personalities involved in it. Fundamentally the parties in the US are so far apart on things I doubt consensus is possible whereas I believe there are more common things that can be agreed upon in terms of national interests. Maybe I'm an optimist but considering Clinton flip flopped on it and depending on what side of the issue you were on and in what country there's pro and con positions. Trump has been against it, Republicans wouldn't consider it for a vote so it's a poison pill in its current form regardless of anything beneficial in it.

I think it was handled incorrectly from the start and especially considering how bad NAFTA has been for the US and the secrecy around its negotiations made it a non-starter. We also shouldn't have to rely on Wikileaks to actually find out what's going on regarding something that fundamentally intruded into so many aspects that I wouldn't consider "Trade." It's now a dead horse in the US, let it die. For the next 4 years it'll be interesting to see if it or some form of it is reworked to focus on Trade issues.

Comment TPP in its present form was bad (Score 1) 600

TPP I think we can all agree was a horrible piece of work. Negotiated in secret, lots of provisions that only big business would like etc. Obama has given up on it, Trump ran against, The Senate won't consider it so it's dead in its current form. That doesn't mean it can't be renegotiated and reworked and I think that'll be the tactic moving forward which may result in multiple agreements. This huge conglomeration of things that made it into TPP to me at least made it seem like a shadow government and from a sovereignty perspective I don't agree with that at all. I also think companies like Disney don't need any help protecting their IP/Content to the extents that TPP allowed.

Take for example Kim DotCom, under TPP he'd be doing time in Club Fed under TPP; he almost did without it and just for running a service where he wasn't violating copyright, the users of the service were.

Comment Re:Is the US a democracy or a dictatorship? (Score 1) 600

Congress through its leadership can block any legislation from even getting considered. It's not in the constitution that way, but it's the way the procedural processes have evolved. Like the filibuster. Last year, McConnell told the WH TPP won't even be considered, just like the SCOTUS nominee. If it doesn't get to the floor for a vote, it never happened. The new administration can then merely come in, say we're withdrawing it and it's gone from any agenda consideration.

Unfortunately for all of us, left or right, there's no bilateral consensus anymore unless it's against a real or perceived threat. In those rare cases, of which we've seen a couple this year it'll get right through and voted on, often with veto proof votes.

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