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Comment We've known this for years (Score 4, Insightful) 352

We've known for a long time, at least in my recollection since the '70s, that daylight savings time didn't do much other than cause problems. Since our Nation really isn't based on agricultural production anymore maybe it's time we just give it up. I'm sure the farmers, chickens and local schools can get it sorted out okay.

Comment Re:Need more up to date statistics (Score 1) 295

My point was, that the companies screaming the loudest are Facebook, Google and Microsoft. I agree that H1-Bs drives down the costs by introducing unqualified diploma mill replacements. I make a pretty good living un-fucking projects where a team of unqualified H1-Bs and their counterparts in Asia have done the million monkey march to developing a system. Contrary to popular belief the works of Shakespeare are not produced by this model and you wind up paying more in the end.

Comment Need more up to date statistics (Score 2) 295

But when the majority of H1-Bs requests in 2015 coming from Infosys, Tata, Wipro, Accenture, IBM & Deloitte I fail to see how any company like Google and Microsoft are benefiting from H1-Bs which still seems strange since they're leadership is the one lobbying loudest in congress for them. Especially since they've all been yelling for Coding Schools and STEM education at the same time.

Import the cheapest labor possible, it's 80%+ from India, and they're disposable. The American Dream.

Comment Re:Google is AAF (Score 1) 103

And everybody agrees JPEG is old, tired and long in the tooth the old patent issues. Then there was JPEG-2000 but again patent issues. Again, why would Google push this on top of what's essentially something that collectively we've been told is dying and encumbered by *possible* patent issues? I can see from the press info and details that they've come up with a way to use ML in a new way, great. But again, why not on top of WEBP they're own great new way of doing this and not JPEG? you can convert JPEGs to WEBP why not? Oh the browsers don't support WEBP but do JPEG?

This is all the wrong way round. First Google and the other 800lb gorillas out there agree on a standard & make sure it's royalty and patent free. Then the 800lb gorillas all agree and you too digital camera mfgs and cell phone mfgs, all agree and then JPEG is dead and long live BPG. Google tried it, Mozilla, Facebook and others held their noses even though WEBP is great. Sure it takes awhile to convert but guess what, it does pretty much what this new standard does. WEBP isn't dead either but now because of no consensus there's BPG. That's why they're AAF, rather than working with Mozilla, MSFT, Facebook et al and getting to consensus on a standard they all can agree upon we have multiple, fragmented streams of standards and Google here won't really eat its own dog food.

Comment Google is AAF (Score 1, Insightful) 103

Shit, first it was vp8/WEBM but momentum seems to have died on that but now there's vp9 and it's better than vp8 and now images. Google you're annoying as fuck with the moving targets on your open standards, and while I think it's great that we now have another way to store images but we still have GIF, PNG, SVG, JPEG and even your own )(*@)(*! WEBP which is based on VP8 which you don't like anymore. So now with RAISR what do we all do start buying dart boards to figure out what standards we as ISVs should be targeting? None of the other formats are going away anytime soon but since vp8, vp8, WEBP and RAISR are all under your roof, can we ask that you make up your damn minds, please?!?!

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