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Comment Re:All the worlds's a stage (Score 2) 121

Really? We have to take our shoes off because of Richard Reid, why our belts? When underwear boy lit his crotch ablaze, that justified now suddenly spending billions on scanners some of which to this day haven't had a conclusive radiation health study about their effects. No fluids brought through because of supposed threat by terrorists in Britain. Shit, all these terror morons have to do is come up with a viable scheme and millions of air traveling passengers have to be subjected extra security for the sake of feeling safe. We need to look at how the Israelis handle Airport security because let's be honest they have a much more effective and pragmatic way of screening passengers. I'm all for trying to make sure a terrorist never gets on another flight but lets be honest here the knee jerk stupidity of the DHS overwhelms logic and reason. Let's also not forget that when their budget gets cut there's a sudden lack of screening staff even though that wasn't part of the targeted budget reductions. When Texas threatened to get rid of the TSA in lieu of another state agency handling screening, suddenly DHS says "we won't allow flights into the US from Texas." Coercion, Brow beating and a huge budget with more than it's fair share of criminal activity they sound more like the IRS than a Homeland Security agency. The DHS is now another piggy at the trough in DC coming up with new and innovative ways to make us all hate air travel even more.

Comment Re:I agree with Linus. (Score 1) 523

i tend to have mixed reactions on both sides of it. If it's a method of say 25 lines and it's not too obscure why put comments in there? Then again if somebody wants do to some lambda expressions with multiple streams going in parallel, then yeah comments at least leave some breadcrumbs. I just to believe in shooting the messenger if there are comments there, regardless of style. There's utilities that can clean up comments so it the developer doesn't need to fuss much about style, line spacing etc.

Comment If your dumb enough.. (Score 1) 95

Unfortunately Facebook et al. take too many liberties and ultimately the only solution is root / jailbreak and remove. The disturbing trend is that any app now seems to believe they have the right to your location data, your contacts and whatever they see fit. Installation permissions usually get clicked with "Hell Yes" and they'll change how they use it when they see fit is buried in the T's and C's of their user agreement which usually says "we can change this whenever we want"

There's a big line being crossed when "targeted advertising" becomes privacy invasion but then again we have the "oooh lookie new iPhone or Android."

I didn't sign up, opt-in or didn't agree to anybody doing this but that doesn't matter does it?

Comment Re:The recurring problem (Score 2) 123

which is why we need to simplify legislation in general to say 50 pages max. No more 2000+ page pieces of shit that nobody can understand with buried crap that slips by without review. These fucking idiots in Congress don't read legislation anyway but if it's at least small enough they can't sneak shit like this onto a bill.

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