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Comment Re:It's A Bargain (Score 1) 456

we've established what you are, now we're just haggling over how much.

that story about that gent that asked a lady if she'd sleep with him for a million dollars, after she agreed she would he asked if she'd do it for 5. she was outraged at the low price and refused asking, 'what kind of woman do you take me for?'

the response was they'd already established what kind of woman she was with the first question, now they were just negotiating the price.

cheating a friend, and killing a man, once you know they're willing to do it, it's just matter of what circumstances would make them cross that line with you.

Comment Re:Sign the petittion... (Score 1) 801

well, people are fallible.

and yams are nutritious.

i'm not that worried about it, the president is not a king. the wild excesses of ron paul, bernie sanders or even donald trump would be pretty tamped down by congress.

unless we vote in a supermajority in senate... in which case there might be a problem.

Comment Re:Sign the petittion... (Score 1) 801

just read through the press-release by the fbi director.

he's saying he's not recommending charges be brought, and my reading of that is because they are not sure what charges might apply, because it was deemed unintentional and not willfully malicious.

and that people had hacked people she was talking to, but they hadn't seen evidence of them hacking her, but that she did access her email from countries that would be capable of it etc... unless the russia or the chinese weren't doing their jobs, they have more of her emails than we do essentially.

on the other point. yes, i've heard about the boy that cried wolf. and yes i question their motives, but the benghazi thing was more partisan and more about obama i think. initially at least.

also, the broken clock is right twice a day... disregarding an argument because of the source is the height of laziness.

and that story ends with the boy getting eaten... by a wolf.

Comment Re:Sign the petittion... (Score 1) 801

from what i gather, people are saying she redirected all state department correspondence through her private email server. effectively. she instructed her subordinates to redact parts of classified documents and send them to her unsecured server... the parts of the classified documents that said they were classified.

I also question the motives of the people saying she should not be indicted. the DOJ of a friendly administration and an FBI director that doesn't necessarily want to rock the boat before a presidential election.

that's also a concern, but part of me feels that if she'd be indicted if she weren't the presumptive democratic nominee for the presidential election, she should be indicted if she is.

caesars wife must be above suspicion.

Comment Re:Sign the petittion... (Score 1) 801

i've been following tangentially on slashdot and NPR. and fuck her, if she was doing what people are saying she did, yeah, she should get charged for it.

no fox news necessary. if she did what people say she did, then she said "fuck you" to national security ostensibly to hide what she was doing from the american people.

Comment Re:Cute (Score 1) 634

no, in all cases a local government is better at dealing with those things than a far-away government.

you're trying to conflate far-away with big, not the same thing.

the best way to make sure your representative has your best interests in mind, is if you eat at the same restaurants as he does, you live a few in on the same street as he does, and your daughter goes to the same school his does.

you want him to be as fucking anxious to save your town as you are. that's the goal of having government extremely local.

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