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Comment Re:Science coverage with AD (Score 1) 134

yes, let's just take the tactic of the young earth creationists and the intelligent design proponents for our own.

you throw out the tenets of an entire field of scientific study, because they're not in keeping with your world view, you are doing the same thing as those you look down on.

how much first hand evidence would you expect for a jewish carpenter living on the fringes of the roman empire? one cult among many cults, that only rose to prominence because it got lucky?

it's a damn miracle that it got the two mentions it did.

Comment Re:Science coverage with AD (Score 1) 134

i'm not an expert, neither are you, but

for those that are, apparently, the probability is that it is more likely that there was a historical jesus than not.

perused a bit, seems like you could liken the "christ myth theory" as a splinter theory that the majority of scholars of the subject dismiss. and that the two points widely accepted as being historic in jesus' life are the crucifixion, and baptism by john the baptist. everything else is argued over. the first because some roman scholar mentioned that the "christus" was executed by pontius pilate, and spoke dismissively about christianity. - later scholarship would probably remove that part, etc etc it was confirmed by some jewish scholar too. and the john the baptist baptism wouldn't stay in if they made it up for some purpose later on. because it implies that jesus had sins to wash away, and it positioned john the baptist as someone capable of washing away the sins of christ.

"If we apply to the New Testament, as we should, the same sort of criteria as we should apply to other ancient writings containing historical material, we can no more reject Jesus' existence than we can reject the existence of a mass of pagan personages whose reality as historical figures is never questioned."

apparently, study of ancient history falls apart if we require the kind of proof that you're looking for for a historical jesus.

Comment Re:It's slowing down, and not spinning faster (Score 1) 134

poles, the arctic and antarctic ice receded, and the earth got less pumpkin shaped and more billiard shaped. the ice at the poles was compressing the earth's volume to the equator, once the ice melted, the poles sprung back and the equator circumference got slightly smaller.

Comment Re:Science coverage with AD (Score 1) 134

... revisionism at its best. was christ born in that vicinity of years? yes, the man later to be known as christ was born in a 30 year window of that time. was he a jew yes. was he the son of god? debatable. saying christ's existence in relation to the year 0 is mythological, is not historically accurate.

there was a dude, later people worshipped him as the son of god. we use his putative birthday as the 0 point of our calendar.
that's all acceptable to me, as one so made that I cannot believe, yet living in a christian dominated society, living in an era that has been fundamentally shaped and defined by christian nations and their various wars.

I will not deny that christ existed, as I will not deny that muhammad existed, or that moses, ramses ii or joseph smith existed.

religions surrounding messianic figures do not spring ex nihilo.

Comment Re:EU is not Democracy (Score 1) 373

well, that had more to do with prior restraint and censorship. prohibitions on what to say.

it is perhaps, not ideal, but acceptable, to assess and penalize the consequences of speech. but I'd rather see them taken case by case, with judge and jury erring on the side of less restraint rather than more.

the EU has erred on the side of more restraint.

blasphemy laws for example.

EU not really that much, though germany and austria have some fine... and ireland it looks. anyway...

Comment Re:EU is not Democracy (Score 2) 373

as christopher hitches was wont to point out. the case in which oliver wendall holmes made the "fire" analogy, was decided against the person, who in this case, was distributing pamplets, which encouraged young men to resist the draft for world war 1.

by our present standard, the pampleteers were convicted and imprisoned for political speech.
no calls to violence. no calls for violent acts. no mass panic.

Resist entanglement in foreign wars, that's all they were saying.

Comment Re:Wrong (Score 1) 590

"Sometimes I wonder if Lincoln didn't make a massive mistake in going to war with the South. Sure he forced them back into the union where the emancipation proclamation could be enforced - but what did that actually achieve ? The South sure didn't become any less racist. Jim Crow still happened, and Trump still got elected (and the South were pretty critical to that process)."

that's literally your first paragraph. suggesting that perhaps the civil war wasn't worth it because even though slavery was ended, racism was not.

i meant equating them morally when calling your comparison hyperbolic,apologies, dropped a word in there and changed the accusation, that's on me.

they are not equally morally evil. making a person property, is nowhere close to be as morally benign as simply hating a person irrationally.

Comment Re:Day 4 executive order. (Score 1) 1057

:) and it's his right as an American to say, "those fuckers should be stripped of their US citizenship and thrown in jail." as a true-blooded american, he can want it as much as he wants. doesn't mean he'll try to do something about it. "they should be" isn't the same as "i'm going to try to". probably because there are definitely distasteful things that people do that you wish you could throw them in jail for.

Comment Re:Twitter, aka @Jack, doesn't care about hate spe (Score 1) 1057

"...working towards a fairer and better society, are things to be proud of."

i think that is the disconnect between what they think of SJW's and what you think of them.

If you want a better world, I hope you're donating to charities, money or time, or volunteering with habitat or something. you know actual work that actually helps people. walk for cancer, march of dimes etc. etc.

ranting on twitter doesn't count as "working towards a fairer and better society."

those protests after the election were hilarious. some people treated them as cry-ins... which is, adorbs? and other people chanted "not my president." which... yes he is. and still others walking around trying to flip cars.

meanwhile, I'm just sitting there, wondering what goal they're trying to achieve, how they think they'll achieve it, and why i find it all so hilarious?

Comment Re:Wrong (Score 1) 590

this is why we can't have nice things.

the difference between saying the n-word, and a lynching, is one very dead black person.

hate one another, be vile to one another, but be cordial. Life is not without friction, and the moment we try and dictate what people think, that's the moment we overstep ourselves.

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