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Comment Re:The view fails to account getting &*#@ed (Score 1) 366

If you paid for college, especially with student loans, it was a bad investment, because you didn't learn squat about history.

This is a tech oriented site. Most of us who went to University did not learn about history there and instead picked up what we know in our own time - so it's a pretty strange insult to use.

Comment Re:Unrealistic for you, maybe (Score 1) 366

Now Germany and Japan are economic powerhouses that contribute greatly to the world economy because humanity realized that its better to build the defeated enemies back up instead of leaving hatred to fester.

It was more to have a buffer against Stalin but the side effect was as you wrote.

Comment Re:Save 30%, retire early (Score 1) 366

Or even better, zero family or friends.

You know, I think this might be key, especially the family thing.

The 2 people I know who are in their 40s with paid-for houses, good investments (above and beyond 401k, etc) and lots of savings are REALLY cheap people. Relentless coupon clippers. Buy a huge cut of meat at Costco, cook a giant stew and eat it for every meal for a week. Vacation is staying home from work 5 days to paint the house. Can do everything short of an engine rebuild on their car (which they have owned outright for 7+ years). Only watch movies they buy used from the pawn shop. Clothes all bought at discount stores.

And neither one has much of a social life and no spouse or girlfriend.

I don't think living that way would be that hard, but getting other people to put up with it would be. I think women kind of generally look at spending behavior as a kind of signaling -- how well will you take care of me -- and if they see a guy who won't spend on himself, they figure no way, he won't take care of me or will be unpleasantly cheap.

The only *families* I've ever run into that cheap are super religious, scrimping so mom doesn't work or some other kind of lifestyle goal. And I don't think they really are accumulating anything, they just don't have anything because of one income.

Comment Re:Post-Apocalypse Shelter (Score 1) 116

Rich folks like this guy have the funds to build nice post-apocalyptic shelters; Mr Brin appears to think having an aerial shelter would be best, and I think it's a clever way to get away from the zombie hordes, nuclear mutants, etc.

I'll only be worried if he also acquires a fluffy white cat.

Though the opening cinematic of Starcraft: Broodwar comes to mind...

Comment Re:Add "engineering" to the list (Score 1) 664

Oregon prohibits drivers from pumping their own gas as only state licensed Gas Station Engineers have received the proper education and certification to properly perform such a complex task. You can only imagine the carnage that would result if lay people would refill their own vehicles.

Obviously only properly qualified and certified persons should be handling fluids with extremely flammable vapors that can cause massive explosions if mixed with sufficient air, fluids known to the state of California to cause cancer. The carnage were it otherwise is indeed unthinkable.

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