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Comment Re:liar (Score 1) 499

Saw a weasel at the bird feeder yesterday, probably a lesser weasel rather then a slimeball one, cute little thing. It's interesting, do something nice like feeding the birds (it has been a cold winter here) and soon the rats show up, then the weasel shows up and no more rats. Shame that it doesn't work that way with Assange.

Comment Re:thanks Monsanto ! (Score 1) 130

It's been along time (1981) since I wrote my pesticide ticket but it was pretty simple which weeds got on the noxious weed list. Invasive plants that interfered with industry. Things like Siberian Knapweed that devastated the ranchers range land and things like buttercups that fuck with haying and general farming.
Now they've been adding plants like Japanese Knotweed that are very invasive and majorly damage property and then there's that one I can't think of the name of that makes you very photosensitive if you get some sap on your skin.
As for the environmentalists, they've always been pushing for less pesticides, to the point where now most cosmetic pesticides are next to impossible to even find. Previously they'd push for things like banning DDT and would only meet with success when industry agreed, due to the insects having evolved to enjoy a DDT snack instead of dieing. I do know that there are a lot more eagles and such around then when I was young.

Comment Re: Breadth & Accuracy 120 years ago (Score 1) 436

Christ, gas prices are only $1.115 compared to the Canadian average of $1.1375 or the $1.35+ that we're paying here on the west coast where we have to depend on Canadian oil refined by the Americans.
Electricity prices don't look bad either if you ignore the peak price from 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM, only 8.7 cents a kW/hr during off-peak, it's 8.29 cents for the first 1350 kW/hrs here and then 12.43 cents compared to 13.5 cents mid peak there. Off course BC Hydro has gone $5 billion (soon to be $10 billion) in debt to keep our prices so low without any alternative energy sources coming on-line, most of the cost increases has been to subsidize the natural gas industry so I guess that is a good reason to have high prices.
Of course most other stuff is also cheaper in Ontario, I understand you can buy a small house for less then $2 million and the minimum wage is also higher.
At least you're not as much as cry babies as the Albertans, who almost have to pay slightly over $1.10 a litre for gas while they pass on costs to us. (too lazy to look at their electricity prices on my dial-up internet connection)


Comment Re:Not even a debate (Score 1) 502

Environmentalists also get quite a bit of money from industry. For example, once global warming became obviously true about 40 yrs back, Exxon funneled tons of money to the anti-nuclear environmentalists as the obvious response to global warming is to build more nuclear plants, which is bad for the fossil fuel industry. They were pretty successful as well. If we had gone o a nuke building binge 40 years back, especially with lots of research into alternate methods of building reactors, things would be a lot better now.

Comment Re:Failure of imagination (Score 1) 370

I'm sure that there was a lot of force involved previously with the studies, along with a government that seemed more inclined to go after big business, being lubricant that helped. Seems that the people are more divided today then ever with too many saying "my team is always right even when wrong"
The other difference was even big business used to be more local rather then international as now.

Comment Re:Failure of imagination (Score 2) 370

Read some history. The solution to the automation aprox. at the beginning of the 20th century which removed the buggy whip market was political. The government legislated the workforce smaller. Child labour laws reduced the workforce by from 10%-20% (not sure of the exact numbers but call it 10%, all those 5-15 yr olds taken out of the workforce). The they legislated shorter work weeks, from 60 hours a week to 40 hours, another 1/3rd reduction in the work force. They also legislated a minimum wage, which at the time was just barely a living wage, a man could raise a small family and buy a small house working minimum wage. Their was also pensions to remove the oldest workers.
By close to halving the work force, socializing looking after the kids and old people, employment stayed high. We could do the same now. Shrink the work week, socialize keeping kids in school till 25 or so and have close to full employment but the political will is not there. Actually the only reason it worked earlier was businesses realized that the work force needed shrinking. Child labour laws were resisted until automation made it practical and there were lots of studies that showed productivity went up when people worked less.

Comment Re:That's great news (Score 1) 295

Don't forget pirating music, hacking, possessing an unlicensed debugger or suggesting that people be killed for their organs.
Shit with enough capital crimes, we can finally have the perfect society, especially when the other team gets elected and changes the list of capital crimes. The left will execute you for saying a bad word and the right will execute you for saying a bad word

Comment Re:Rape by fraud? (Score 1) 215

Rape is probably the wrong word and isn't even in my jurisdictions legal code. As the other post says, if consent was fraudulently acquired, it negates the consent and having sex with someone who hasn't consented to sex is usually considered a no-no and often punishable by law. It's a lesser offence then using violence to force sex but it is still an offence.

Comment Re:Competing with city hall (Score 1) 157

The water line here was put in over 30 years ago and the only maintenance I've seen done is the addition of an ammonia plant to combat bacteria.
As for cell phones and TV's not needing regulating, for a starts they are regulated, see that UL in a circle where the electrical components have to meet certain regulations as to not electrocute people or burn down their houses. I guess we could just check a web site for whether such and such model has killed many people. Better example is automobiles where the manufacturers have been caught selling substandard shit and deciding it is cheaper to pay of the dead people then to fix their broken shit. Or for totally unregulated, the drug trade, which has killed well over 800 people here this year by substituting cheaper stuff for heroin. Small businesses that just close up shop and reopen.
Perhaps you're happy with the idea of what should be easily preventable deaths happening as long as eventually the company gets a bad reputation, but I'm not and probably any people who only have the one choice for a water provider wouldn't be either. Or do you think that there would be competition in every neighbourhood, whether profitable or not? I'd guess that the unprofitable neighbourhoods would be lucky to have any service, much like I'm lucky to have any internet even if it is only at 26.4kb/s over the privatized phone line.
Anyways, I doubt that there is any company that would be willing to invest the amount of money that it would take to lay new pipes everywhere for the price that people have been used to paying. That's why they always get the government to guarantee loans and profits such as the private roads that have been built around here.

Comment Re:We are back to square one (Score 1) 212

The difference was that MS was actively working to make sure that no other OS or Browser could succeed, intentionally breaking stuff, "DOS ain't done until Lotus won't run", using contract law (Gate's family were lawyers and he got their monopoly through lawyering rather then having the best product) to stop manufacturers from carrying any other OS, using undocumented API to make sure their offerings worked way better then the competition and forcing IE down the throats of users as well as breaking standards left, right and centre.
While Google has grown too big and since going public, are much more evil then they were, they're still easy to avoid. No paying Google every time you upgrade your hardware like I found myself doing with MS. Fairly easy to switch. My phone is easy to get the boot loader unlocked by going to the manufacturers website, clicking a bunch of warnings and getting the unlock code. I remember installing Win95 on a computer with OS/2 on it. Happily installed with no activation code and at the end informed you that all the stuff on your OS/2 partition was now gone along with your work, rather then saying to go to fdisk and make Bootmanager the active partition.
It was due to MS putting so much effort into leveraging their desktop monopoly to monopolize the web that they deserved to be broken up. When Google starts the same shit, then they should be broken up. Right now I use them for some stuff because they have a better product, just like why I started using them in the beginning. I've tried Bing for search and it's crap for what I was searching.

Comment Re:Competing with city hall (Score 1) 157

Are you seriously suggesting that the cost of ripping up 15 miles of road (the only road for about half the distance), dynamiting the bedrock, to lay another pipe is minor? All to add another outlet to the lake that supplies the water? Then there is all the roads in town that would need to ripped up for the last mile part. We haven't even mentioned the need for the government to enforce the regulations involved in delivering clean water and leaving the road capable of handling traffic without collapsing
To compare to grocery stores is just daft as they're basically self contained. Buy a plot of land and build your store and use the socialized infrastructure to stock your store and route your customers to it. The people do have control on which areas the store can be built as well as a community plan about where the new housing developments are taking place.

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