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Comment Re:The U.S. ain't perfect, but... (Score 2) 527

The Harper government that wanted to invoke hate speech for talking about boycotting Israel? The Harper government that passed laws to log every ones internet access, which of course chills speech. The Harper government that wouldn't let public servants talk to the taxpayers who pay their salary? The Harper government that invoked Crown Copyright to keep tax payer paid research away from the taxpayers because he didn't like what it said? The Harper government that spent $1 billion to repress speech at the G8 summit?
I guess letting the KKK burn a cross in front of a black occupied home is more important, I mean the horror that they had to have their cross burning in front of an empty lot.

Comment Re:Technology is a tool (Score 1) 537

Communications is instantaneous around the world. In the 1950's if you were lucky you could make a long distance phone call. Anything else was by post (days or months).

Never heard of the telegraph? It has been argued that the telegraph made more of a difference then the internet as it allowed close to instant communication for the first time in history. By the 1950's it was mature technology that combined with phones made same day communication normal though not cheap.

Travel is cheap, plentiful and you can go almost anywhere in the world within 24 hour. In the 50's cars were just becoming a household tool. Overseas travel was long and expensive (and by ship).

While travel has become faster and cheaper, the train was not that slow and was usually a pleasant experience and crossing the Atlantic was only a week and if traveling 3rd class, not that expensive or unpleasant.

Many of the other technologies haven't been game changers but incremental improvements. Paper and pen worked well for many things, Moon rockets were designed with slide rules and mechanical computers. Having a phone booth on almost every corner made fast communication common. Libraries were common and the Dewey decimal system allowed easy searching, in a broad sense.

Comment Re:out side of the us jobs don't control your heal (Score 1) 539

out side of the us jobs don't control your health insurance

That's not true. In Canada as an example, your job can include insurance for dental work, glasses, and so on. Basically stuff that isn't covered by the universal healthcare or where the healthcare only covers the minimum.

Comment Re:Another way to look at this is.. (Score 1) 400

Has any technology ever had any long term unemployment increasing effect throughout human history?

Sure, the 2nd phase of the industrial revolution. We used to have close to 100% of the population working. Most entered the labour force at about 5 years old and worked till death. The workweek was also close to twice as long as well.
Whole groups of the population has been removed from the labour pool. The young, the old, the disabled, with all groups expanding. What percentage of the total population is currently employed full time?

Comment Re: Another way to look at this is.. (Score 2) 400

Well we can't ship them to the colonies to farm newly stolen land any more. It's considered immoral to hang people for stealing a loaf of bread. I guess the prisons could be expanded again but they need to make money so that means more cheap labour.
What do you suggest we do with the people who are unemployable?

Comment Re:Another way to look at this is.. (Score 1) 400

Read some history and look at what percentage of the population is now employed.
In the time of the Luddites, it took 70 odd years for employment to come back. 3 generations of unemployment before the majority could get shitty sweatshop jobs.
Since about the turn of the last century, automation has been pushing people out of the workplace. Whole groups invented that are unemployable, sometimes by law.
Children, people used to go to work at about 5 years of age, then industry allowed child labour laws as there was no longer any work for them. Then society started public education to keep them of the streets and to socialize an educated workforce. The length of that education has been expanding ever since and the latter part is getting more expensive and even Starbucks likes you to have a degree.
The stay at home housewife was another reaction to the over abundance of labour. Close to half the population taken out of the workforce for some generations.
The disabled, an ever expanding group, along with various others on the government roles.
The idea that we have the same close to 100% employment as pre-Luddite is pure propaganda echoed by people who don't realize how little of the population is actually doing constructive work (things like banking, if too much, actually are detrimental to the economy) and how long it took the industrial revolution to reach peak labour and how long ago that peak was.

Comment Re:Cut the bullshit, facebook. (Score 1) 196

The 1st amendment is very simple. It does not say that you should have endless free speech, it just said that Congress can't pass any laws limiting speech. Nothing about a town passing a noise by-law (something that seems fine as long as it treats everyone the same). Nothing about the courts not being able to limit speech, at a time when many things were illegal even without statutes being passed. Serious threats, slander, libel, fraud, perjury were all illegal under the common law and didn't need Congress to pass a law to be illegal, just a Judge and maybe a jury to be convinced that they were harming someone. Here contempt is still a common law crime, say something a Judge doesn't like and go to jail and stay at the Judges pleasure.
My country's constitution does say that freedom of expression is a fundamental right and companies and other private entities can get into trouble for denying speech but the courts don't like to trample on private entities unless there is measurable harm. Getting fired for something you said on your own free time might get overturned if it was said respectfully and was none of the companies business but Facebook would still be allowed to publish what they want.

Comment Re:Not that profitable, Windows has 12% market sha (Score 1) 177

Yes, Microsoft engaged in illegal anti-competitive behavior. And that's about the time their market share started to fall.

You think that their market share started to fall back in the early to mid '90's? That's when they really started the anti-competitive behaviour, with the OS wars against OS/2, the DOS isn't done until Lotus won't run and then the browser wars once MS realized that the Internet was real and people weren't going to sign up to MSN.

Comment Re:"Conspiracy theory" (Score 1) 251

If there was a conspiracy, it was like Pearl Harbor, where intelligence reported an imminent attack, which some higher ups mostly ignored besides making sure the Aircraft carriers were not in the the harbour when the attack happened. (By 1942 it was obvious that the airplane had made battleships obsolete).
The attack was real, but conveniently ignored, which only took a few conspirators.
There's also the possibility of multiple conspiracies. The Americans wanting to get rid of the World Trade Center and have a convenient excuse to go to war and the Saudi's conspiring to take out Saddam by pressuring America, including planting the passport. It was interesting that the first flights allowed were all Saudi's (especially the Bin Laden family members) escaping America. The Bush's and Bin Laden's were very friendly with G.W. growing up playing with the Bin Laden's

Comment Re:Goodbye, World Wide Web. (Score 3, Informative) 282

Here in Canada, there was this law suite, , the kind of thing that would put the average person in prison for a long time. The slap on the wrist,
Must be nice to infringe for $6 billion and only have to pay $45 million, one hell of a good profit margin.

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