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Comment Re:Greedy Fuck. (Score 1) 175

No, no, FU is the "type" of money a billionaire has. Incidentally, most of money billionaires have is not money in the sense you are thinking of it. It is tied up in investments and such. Think Bam-Bam Trump when asked about his net worth...enormous...he cannot tell you how enormous it is, it is that big...unless he was forced into translating it into actual cash, then it would be quite small, unlike for real billionaires.

Comment Re:Turkey is due for some DEMOCRACY (Score 1) 96

WWI my ass, the Middle East has been a cluster-f since forever. Read ancient history sometime, 6000 years ago the same groups that are pissing on each other back then are doing the same thing now. Any modern political theories are lost on the Mid-East, they have a tribal mindset that has resisted change for 6000 years. As long as they believe political power stems from gods, magic, whatever, they will never advance and be relegated to a backwater of human civilization, gnawing at each other and nursing centuries old slights.

Any group gaining power in the Middle East peacefully will not satisfy its adherents. In order to feel in control, the group must vanquish an enemy, any old strawman will do, just as long as they can claim a blood-soaked revenge. Erdogan is no different. He's a whore who will prostitute any and all civil liberties for his own ego...sort of a Turkish Trump.

Comment Re: Linux. (Score 1) 400

Maybe, but I saw a TV science program on the big collider at CERN with many (most that I could tell) of the geeky scientists toting Mac lappies around. Errr....just from their appearance, they weren't into "hipster status symbol". I'm not sure they'd even know what the term meant or give a flying rat's ass what anyone else was using, only what they were doing.

Comment Re:Mobile! (Score 1) 81

I am not sure the concept of "emerging market" has much relevance any longer...mainly due to "time". Manufacturing has gotten so fast and mimicry so entrenched as a business plan that anything emerging this year won't be emerging next year. It will either be fully emerged or, worse, stale. Companies look at what Apple did to some markets and are now determined not get Appled by Apple or anyone else. There is an article on NYT about how companies are evading anti-trust laws by buying any startup that looks like it might become a competitor.

Every smart phone looks like an iPhone to me, there's no differentiation that regular customers could care about. Self-driving cars seems like a hot new area. Except no car company of any reasonable size is not working on them. There will be no emerging market for these, it will be created fully merged. Robotic assembly lines make it relatively easy and quick to switch on production of just about anything requiring mass quantities. Scaling up is easier with robotics.

Comment Re:And when do they start training their replaceme (Score 1) 239

Because it is better for company morale to at least offer re-training to those interested? Companies scream to the press about how their people are sooooo valuable, yet they do stupid things like not having a game plan for the future. If CISCO had such a game plan, they should have been re-training starting a few years ago. If they had one and didn't offer retraining, I think that says just about everything an employee there needs to know about how management feels about them. If they didn't have such a gameplan, the management should get the axe.

Comment Re:Really? You need to ask this? (Score 1) 102

"Good on them I say, pushing the limits further, real science..

Compare that with the reaction of the DNC to their hacked emails, by creating a board of lawyers
and politicos to fix their security problems."

Apples and oranges. One is a political-technical set of problems, the other is a purely technical problem. Although your level of thinking might be one reason why the Chinese would supplant the Americans.

China is anything but a Renaissance state. When they return Tibet to the Tibetans, when they stop their ridiculous claims to the S. China Sea, when they institute actual rule of law instead of rule by the Politburo, when they reform their system to a democracy or republic instead of a kleptocracy, when they respect copyrights,, etc., then we might consider them a candidate for being a Renaissance state.

"Sad really, but inevitable with a western population that has become too focused on maximising their own
personal comfort, and running in fear at anything that is unfamiliar or uncomfortable - basically ceding total
control to a state that is more than happy to grab it and run. Those in power will be laughing all the way
to the collapse, with little thought to what happens after."

Why, thank you for recognizing the Chinese state as it actually exists rather than the one you allege further up.

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