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Comment Re:whew. (Score 1) 75

Well, in my opinion, Trump is an ignorant git. He probably thought he was calling mainland China.

However, the fact that China gets their bloomers in a twist over a phone call to an island they do not yet own shows just how far the West has slid to accommodate China and its alleged leaders. Last we heard, their alleged leaders weren't elected, they lead nothing except their own dreams of conquest. To have a free island of free Chinese shows them up for the bullies they are, and their Party-Government as illegitimate.

Comment Re:He's right. (and has been for hundreds of years (Score 2) 443

Yes, but the farmers that got automated out mostly just went poor, they were not the ones that got the new whizzy jobs building washing machines, it being too far out of their comfort zone. People don't automatically find other ways to spend their time profitably when their job gets automated away.

Suppose long haul trucking gets automated away as seems likely to happen. There's very little chance those drivers are going become programmers. The truck stop waitresses won't either.

Another effect is that in the past when jobs got automated away, there were still many low skilled jobs for the majority of the people. That's not happening with the middle tier jobs that are going bye-bye. That and the scale of automation is much greater today than in the past.

Put quickly, just because that tree over your house hasn't yet punched a hole in your roof is no guarantee it won't tomorrow.

Comment Re:Wow, really? (Score 1) 38

It's sort of the lingua franca of DoD. Once I saw a brief by David Patraeus (sp?) on CSPAN. He goes through the usual mindnumbing collection of mindnumbing slides (novocaine by direct injection, nerve cells all lined up for their death march to oblivion), and he hits one very complicated slide. Arrows pointing at arrows, arrows pointing off screen, arrows pointing at indescribable objects, arrows pointing at nothing at all, etc. Then he thanks Microsoft for helping him with that slide. Well, I guess that explains the arrows.

Comment Re:At least Trump may actually do some good (Score 0) 351

Really? Can Grandma come and live with you? Her meds are a bit expensive, so start saving. While you are at it, start in on that medical research the government won't be doing or funding. We'd all hate to see you die before it's necessary. And please take the unregulated airplanes from now on, if you are lucky you get to see the right wing off the left side of the plane. Come to it, please remove all that damn safety equipment in your car, especially the airbags since you won't be needing them to protect you from that drunk driver aiming his vehicle at your head.

Maybe you'd like to take those pills from Joe's Bean Works and Pharmacology, Inc. You don't need no stinking government regulation and enforcement to keep them pills from destroying your kidneys. Pacemaker, sheesh, you'll never be needing one, and if you do, then any old EE can whack one together in an hour that won't have electrical glitches.

You won't be needing the military to protect you either. Why with Trump being Putin's bitch, you'll be safe...from the Chinese after the next trade war when goods down at Wally World start costing twice as much.

And forget your own social security and medicare, we'll just whack you off at the neck when you reach retirement age...we cannot be supportin' any freeloaders on the government dime. Which will be convenient since it won't have any.

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