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Comment Re:good (Score 0) 188

You mean it seems specific enough NOW. Just wait a year, it will become a new directive by el Presidente Tweetie claiming Extreme Social Awareness is necessary to protect Americans. 94 Americans have been killed since 9/11 by terrorists in the U.S. Roughly 33,000 deaths each year are attributed to Americans killing Americans with guns. Clearly the threat to Americans is other Americans.

Comment Re:In other "protest" news... (Score 1) 223

Nah, I don't think the Republicans will show up, they don't believe in Science.

G-d visits Mitch McConnell in the Garden of Eden

G-d: Mitch, how come my apple is still on the Tree of Knowledge?
Mitch: No Republican wants to be like Einstein, we heard he’s not like us.
G-d: What? Jewish?
Mitch: No, a scientist.

Comment Re:100% of landline customers affected by strike (Score 1) 166

How come Trump isn't riding to the rescue of these workers and setting the company on the righteous path of ensuring their employment at AT&T? Surely this should qualify for his alleged deal making skills. He's been telling us about them for years. He's also been telling us how smart he is, and this is a no-brainer kind of deal he could make.

Comment Re:Just two (of many) problems ... (Score 0) 130

The issues with the F-35 were caused by the Pentagon. They decided to cram it full of everything they could think of. The Marines just had to have a plane that went up and down instead of being satisfied with one that goes forward. And if they really need a ground attack plane, they should take control of the Air Force's A-10 and restart the production lines for it.

Comment Re:Nukes (Score 1) 130

They won't make nukes obsolete. And the reason we don't have really big wars is that no big country sees much to gain after the last big one. Russian was decimated and then lost the cold war. China was a basket case until Mao went round the bend. Japan was defanged. The U.S. never really cared much for imperial conquest after country solidified following the Civil War (and no it wasn't the fucking War Between the States).

The next nasty war will either (1) start with Pakistan losing control of the nukes and doing something stupid against India. India will retaliate but get a blast of radiation back in the face due to the wind direction, or (2) the little fucker in N. Korea doing a first strike against U.S. bases and allies in Asia.

Comment Re:Might Just Be Trump Propaganda (Score 1) 187

Trump doesn't feel the need to prove his wiretapping claims. He's already trotted out his alibi, it was those naughty people at Fox, shame on them for reporting something that would be picked up and amplified by Trump and his poodles.

Actually, Trump doesn't feel the need to prove anything. His entire life is a lie, it's all he knows. By now, his staff is realizing he's been lying to them as well, it is who he is.

Comment Re:This is why the travel ban is needed (Score 1) 187

Yep, let's keep America selling guns to everyone and anyone. They killed roughly 33,000 Americans per year. Now them thar terrorists, you must be a real loser to get killed by one of them terrorists. Stand yer ground, kill that neighborhood teenager who trespasses on your sacred ground.

Comment Re:Relax... (Score 1) 187

Nah, by now the foreign countries realize that Trump is a one shtick pony. He has no nuance, no behind the scenes strategy and very little above the scenes. He's got the attention span of a gnat so there can be no behind the scenes strategy. In that environment, bugging his communications is pointless. He'll just respond immediately to crises or issues that develop. And his responses will have little to do with what he's said in the past and are likely to contradict any previous decisions.

Oh, and to get on his good side, just butter him up, he's too dim to realize when he's being played.

Comment Re:Professionalize computer science (Score 2) 84

The scale of new bridges, road, buildings, power systems, etc. are dwarfed by computer science applications (those that do not involve new bridges, etc.) To expect the same level of standards is silly. That said, I wouldn't mind better legal ramifications for building something flawed.

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