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Comment Re:ah (Score 1) 35

Better to be a consumable than a have a company want an intimate and long lasting relationship with me.

Very few companies are set up for the loving care of their customers. Even Ben and Jerry's is distributing artery clogging fat globules and intent on separating you from your money, all the while shining their halos.

Comment Re:Great news everyone (Score 2) 122

No, it is more than that. Astrophysicists give the attribute of "gravity" to dark matter. In fact, that was the reason they promulgated the idea, i.e., galaxies would fly apart otherwise so there must be something we cannot see which supplies the extra gravity.

They do not entertain the idea that maybe their laws are wrong, or that some other phenomenon might be affecting gravity.

Comment Re:Verizon is the devil (Score 2, Insightful) 70

You are giving the Republican party too much credit. Most of the money people hate Bam-Bam Trump and realize he's not worth the hairspray he uses. The Republican Party no longer exists. There is some decaying skeleton that Bam-Bam has picked up for a high-pitched dog whistle.

The House Republicans are split among the Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition sector and the Cut Taxes and We'll All Be Rich Sector. The Senate Republicans are split between the same groups. Neither gives a flying rat's ass about Wall Street given that they wanted to screw them by denying any them any bailout funds. They also wanted to deny GM and Ford any as well, so you couldn't call them crony capitalists. And that moron from Alabama Richard Shelby, between bouts of Alzheimer's dementia, has holed up any funds for the Export-Import Bank on the grounds it might help American business compete in a world awash with state owned companies.

The Golfer-in-Chief is no better, the TTCP allows that state owned companies are viable capitalist entities and allows foreign companies access to the American court system way beyond any access they currently have.

By the way, most of the wealthy are not corrupt, get your head out of your 60's ass.

Comment Re:Nonsense (Score 1) 279

G-d visits Adam in the Garden of Eden:

G-d: Adam, where’s my (&*%^^%# apple?

Adam: Jesus, keep yer voice down. Eve and that snake got into an argument over the apple. She thinks You and I put him up to it and she’s pissed. She bit the head off the snake and ate the apple.

G-d: Ouch, that’s going to leave a mark. Well Adam, time’s a’wasting, gotta run.Lucifer, you’re up, Satan’s taken one in the neck.

Comment Re:Strange Move (Score 2) 153

They are hoping to hit another homerun like they did with Ali Baba in China. Softbank figures they will own the IoT world. I expect what will happen is they will get greedy, hike licensing fees, treat the intellectual capital as labor that can be done anywhere and destroy their investment. Their noise about doubling the British workforce is just that, noise. They make that noise to get idiot Brit lawmakers thinking they should not throw up roadblocks to selling out one of Britain's best tech companies. I am not optimistic this will end well for ARM.

Comment Re:Who? (Score 1) 153

Owning ARM would do nothing for Apple. The licensing deals ARM has with other companies would go bye-bye so ARM would lose its revenue stream. Apple would be left designing its chips as it currently does, just not needing a license. The license itself is pocket change for Apple, so very little savings there.

Comment Re:Yeah... Tried to stop the ads... (Score 2) 93

Well, seeing as it is Ron Johnson, it is probably due to ineptitude. He's right up there with Jeff Sessions from Alabama as being the lowest wattage senator in Congress.

Ron Johnson decided he knew something about stock markets because he has an on-line brokerage account and buys and sells stock. So he invites some whizzes from Wall Street to interrogate about Administration policy. One whiz fellow explained that brokerages were stealing a pence here and pence there by delaying buy and sell orders and coming out millions ahead. Ron, who's light was particularly dim that day, explained that he used to pay lots to buy and sell stocks but now he could do it for $19.95, so what's the problem?

As Ron White said, stupid is forever.

Comment Re:What "discredited notion"? (Score 2) 236

Yeah, sending a meatbag to Pluto would have been a real thrill for the meatbag. That last craft took 9 years. And that's only because we were able to chose the optimum orbital positions for Earth and Pluto. So, what, we gonna send Mr. Bag out for 9 years, assume he's not lost his mind on the journey and able to perform experiments for several months, then return Mr. Bag. Of course, with that kind of investment, we couldn't be sure Mr. Bag might not develop a sudden death along the way what with the radiation that tends to permeate space, we might consider sending more than one Bag.

Let's assume we choose 3 bags. Now we'll be wanting to feed them for 18+ years otherwise they'll get cranky due to low blood sugar. We'll also need a bigger ship than the small thing-a-bob we did send. That will require more fuel for speeding up and slowing down because whizzing by Pluto probably won't leave a lot of time for experiments.

There is also the problem that lack of gravity will tend to make muscles like the heart atrophy, so we'll be wanting to pack Mr. Gym-in-a-Box into the spacecraft.

There are the space rocks in the asteroid belt to consider. Admittedly, the probability of being hit is small. Then again only a small pebble will doom the craft.

We'll need to advertise for "subjects" to go on the mission: Wanted - three suicidally insane hearty individuals to go on a roughly 20 year mission to Pluto, be sure to see a lawyer to get a Last Will and Testament BEFORE you leave.

Comment Re:Carter was a great President! (Score 3, Interesting) 236

Well, possibly. I tend to think they were frightened about Reagan would do. After he'd been elected and before inauguration, I believe in January, he was getting into a vehicle and a reporter shouted a question: would the Iranians be better off waiting until you are president before dealing on the hostages. Reagan, without missing a beat, looked over his shoulder and said in a rather icy tone, "I wouldn't if I were them."

Reagan scared the crap out of a lot of the rest of the world. Carter's canoe was attacked by a swimming rabbit. That summed up the election right there, Americans didn't want another 4 more years of someone who could be attacked by a rabbit.

Comment Re: so THAT'S the reason (Score 1) 202

Wow, you really have no understanding of sexual attraction. You sound like a typical male wearing waving his male-approved checklist so no one could suspect him of playing for the other team: got hooters, got nice butt, face okay....let's screw. Sexual interest is tied up with a lot more than physical characteristics. The tie up does mean men are more physically in tune during sex, but the initial attraction involves far more.

Comment Re:Candidate not for sale (Score 1) 360

Trump's relationship with money is just like the Breshnev Doctrine: What's mine is mine and what's yours is open to discussion. He doesn't mind stiffing over investors, how is that different from stiffing over voters?

Truth be told, cats live by the Breshnev Doctrine as well, yet you don't see them insulting household members with tweets.

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