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Comment Re:Sadly, there should be no lack of talent. (Score 1, Informative) 41

Your view of the U.S. military is about 30 years old. That's not how they work these days, and their attitude towards security is not all that different than your basic hairy FSF guys.

And their view of Trump is that he's a walking disaster just waiting to happen. I agree with your assessment that they aren't attracting the A-list talent. His cabinet sycophants are proof of that. When asked about guns in schools, Ms. DeVos opined about grizzlies in Montana invading schools.

His Treasury nominee does a first class backstroke. When questioned about el Presidente Tweety's remarks about having U.S. debt holders accept less than face value of the debt in repayment, he trotted out the usual Republican b.s. about an expanding economy curing the debt and deficit problem, the latter to be made worse by Tweety's plans to piss off infrastructure money on his construction buddies. When it was pointed out that even their most optimistic projections of GDP growth wouldn't cover the new deficit spending much less pay down existing debt, he whined about the senator using old figures. It was pointed out that the figures were more current than the nominee's. He then proceeded to explain that using dynamic scoring, the figures were in line. The senator told him he was full of shit. Too bad the senator's time ran out then.

In case you were wondering, static scoring is what used to be used to judge the cost of a government program. Then the Republican figured they could make the figures look so much better if they calculated the expansion of the GDP with the new government program. That's about as honest claiming I'll be rich if only I'd win the lottery. It isn't wrong, just highly unlikely.

Comment Re:Interstate commerce? (Score 1) 476

I did a brief check, there's about 5,000 mine jobs in Wyoming and about 15,000 others in the associated businesses. Wyoming's pop. is roughly 600,000 which puts it behind Alaska (about 750,00) and Montana (about 1,000,000). My guess is that the mining industry is so entrenched that other options that should have been pursued years ago on diversifying their economy were never considered. As coal started being eaten by natural gas, the coal industry doubled down.

The result was the people got screwed yet one more time by industry and government who couldn't get out of their ruts to diversify Wyoming's economy. Now the choices are much harder and more expensive. The state never did seem to consider education a valued notion. So their choices are very much constrained to manual labor intensive industries.

Comment Re:Thank you, Pres. Trump, for putting America fir (Score 1) 221

Well, Trump is a "baby Christian" now according to the Prosperity Evangelicals. This baby Christian has decided that America no longer needs to be accommodating to refugees. Jesus said give up all you have an follow him. So we'll be seeing Trump dump his dough any moment now and offer Trump Tower to refugees...Muslim refugees, we'll be wanting to know he is sincere.

Comment Re:Trump honest? (Score 1) 282

Get it straight, Trump is not dishonest. To be dishonest he'd have to ascertain what is the truth. In Trump's case, he cannot lie because of three other personality traits, (1) he cannot recall what he said before, (2) what comes out of his mouth isn't something he's thought about, it merely exists ephemerally for the moment while he figures it can get him attention, (3) he picks up scraps of data (not information) like a dirty snowball rolling down a muddy hill. This is a man who thinks Championship Wrestling is a sport.

David Brooks nailed it in a column a few weeks ago, most presidents have policy analysis behind what they say because they do not want to walk it back later, and more importantly, it fits into a cohesive and coherent policy agenda they are very interested in pursuing. In Trump's case, he has no problem saying the exact opposite of what he said prior and no thought in what he says current. There is no policy agenda in the sense of a uniting collection of principles to achieve some end. His cabinet choices show that clearly. He's a perpetual adolescent in need of parental approval (substitute societal institutions) but constantly kicking them in the shins because he needs the attention he gets by doing it.

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