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Comment Re:But is Wayland better? (Score 1) 224

"On top of that they're doing the #1 thing you're not supposed to do in development: completely rewriting a working system."

Where did you ever learn a stupid rule like that? Some systems cannot be extended or modified beyond their current state without a massive effort. At that point, rebuilding it for future mods should certainly be considered. Just about any Agile project will shortly reach a point where the dirty snowball needs to be pissed upon until melted and rebuilt anew from scratch.

Comment Re:There are only four programs that matter (Score 2, Insightful) 249

"Believing that cutting taxes will magically increase government revenues through growth makes the people saying either idiots or charlatans or both."

Example: Brownback-is-stan, a.k.a. Kansas. It was to be the Conservative Experiment to show the other states how it's done. Now it is the Conservative BasketCase to show the other states how not to do it.

Comment Re:Dangerous oversimplification (Score 2) 249

Nice to see you have little understanding of SS. It is a pay as you go system. Lately, it has been paying a bit more than what's going in. And in the near term future, it will be paying a lot more than what's going in. This has nothing to do with overhead, and if you checked, overhead on government programs is generally minimal. SS will go bankrupt because the Blue Haired are demanding more than they ever could possibly have paid in, and there isn't enough youngins to make up the difference. And now with el Presidente Tweetie wanting to crack down on immigration, there won't be any of those lovely hard working immigrants to make up the difference either.

Comment Re:Here's how to Secure the Blessing of Liberty (Score 1) 249

You betcha. Let's let grandma come and live with you. Those meds of hers are expensive so it would be better if you fronted her the money. Come to think of it, let's get rid of NTSB, you can check those transportation vehicles you use by yourself before you get on...just to ascertain whether you'll still be alive at journey's end. Damn that government for keeping you safe! And where does the NiH get off doing all that research on diseases you'd love to have rather than the cures they are producing, the nerve of those people. You'll be perfectly safe drinking the water runoff from the chemical plants, damn that government for watching over it!

Comment Re:The problem is not where, it is how much (Score 1) 249

Yeah, the U.S.'s wealth isn't connected to keeping the shipping lanes open, defending Korea and Japan so they won't decide to develop their own nukes, keeping W. Europe from becoming Putin's pig sty, keeping the oil from the Mid-East greasing the world economy that buys American goods, etc. Screw it all, the U.S. doesn't need all that to be fat and rich, yes?

Comment Re:Revolution (Score 1) 127

So in other words, your job hasn't yet been automated or made redundant because one of your competitors found that replacing the company president with a bot made the other company more efficient. Ermmm....why exactly should you be allowed to keep your job? Would a bot that says silly things on Slashdot and makes AI-infused company decisions be more efficient. You should look into this, I'm sure with some effort you can find a bot replacement.

Comment Re:''Difficult to track'' (Score 1) 85

No, more like they are up to their ears in all the other things governments require of them that they do not have the resources or the time. Also, many of the scams span countries. Try going to India and claim some of their citizens are scamming Americans. (1) why should they give a flying rat's ass, (2) it means assigning resources to an investigation, (3) it involves bringing prosecution. What's in it for India?

It's almost like you have no touch with reality.

Comment Re:Congressman F. James Sensenbrenner Jr. is a mor (Score 5, Insightful) 302

Nah, there's are legions of Republicans and a few Democrats that will still get voted in because their constituents are just as backward as they are. Texas is a prime example. Science? They've heard of it but figure is it a colossal dodge by liberals to prevent them from having dominion over the earth and giving it a good fucking.

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