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Comment Yawn (Score 1) 102

Yet more garbage, released in a race to the bottom.

Samsung, you'll never see another dime from me or those like me until you stop gluing batteries into your phones. It's not okay.

BTW. You're not Apple. You do not have a mesmerized, captive audience. Removing the headphone jack will cost you a noticeable number of sales. Grow up.

Comment Too many flaws on Android smartwatches (Score 3, Interesting) 111

I bought the Huawei watch the day it came out. I was hoping to use it in bars/restaurants to allow me to keep my phone in my pocket, but still get a buzz if an important message (or pagerduty alert) comes in.

It does do this, more or less. But over the past year and a bit, I really hoped some of the shortcomings would be addressed, and they haven't.

The reality is it's laggy, "ok google" doesn't work more than 10-15% of the time, and even when it does, half the time it ignores the query. The speaker isn't used as it should be. It constantly loses bluetooth connection to my device. Wifi handoff is sloppy. There is no brightness control when in ambient mode. No on-watch app control; I do not want every single phone app with a watch counterpart installed!

My dad as the iWatch, and it just works. It's great. It's how it should be.

I've been an Android dev and user since Cupcake, and have no love for Apple, but I have to hand this one to them. They did it correctly, and everyone else failed (either due to hardware issues or Android Wear itself).

If Google doesn't abandon AndroidWear before releasing 2.0, let's hope things get better.

Comment Bad for the UK, but good for the world (Score 5, Insightful) 394

I think this is something that will ultimately hurt a lot of innocent people in the UK over the coming years.

However, it will also help the Internet mature with new encryption and canary protocols, and more ubiquitous deployment of them, to ensure privacy and protection from all threats.

Comment Re:Here's a thought (Score 1) 161

People buy expensive cars for the same reason people have perfect lawns and fancy driveways: to compensate for a lack of self esteem.

That's a little unfair.

Power (20-way adjustable) seats, heated steering wheel, tight, well tuned suspension, advanced safety and control systems, low road noise... there are plenty of reasons people buy expensive cars that have nothing to do with vanity.

Similarly, a nice lawn/driveway may well raise the perceived value of a home.

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