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Comment This one's easy (Score 1) 194

"Net neutrality laws are here to protect everyone, and will not be weakened. If your organizations can't keep up with technology, the wireless spectrum community resource that has been temporarily leased to you be revoked and assigned to more capable enterprises. Any attempt to interfere with the handover (or degradation of service) will be answered with an eminent domain seizure of telecom equipment to support critical infrastructure and communication services until the handover is complete."

Comment Re:Probably the Amazon Video model (Score 1) 83

It's mind boggling that it took them so long. I guess Amazon Video must be eating into their market share.

I cancelled my Netflix subscription about a year ago over the issue. The answer I got back was "offline mode will confuse users," so I said "you've lost a customer. I'll come back once you implement offline mode."

All of the music streaming services got it right: Add to library (downloads for offline playback). Stream it, and it stays cached until some expiry is triggered.

Not rocket science. Looks like they're getting me back!

Comment Re:Battery life not mentioned in the article (Score 1) 31

I disagree 100%.

I am only interested in a powerful computing device, not making huge compromises for battery life. I do not purchase products with insufficient battery capacity for its intended use, and hold a fair amount of disdain for those who do (especially when they make me suffer with shit like non-disableable doze and bizarre GPS behavior).

My Huawei watch gets about 36 hours of battery life, which is too much. I'd prefer 20-24 hours, with more performance (and an easy way to suspend it). I have precisely zero issue with charging my devices nightly.

Comment Telegram (Score 1) 166

Telegram is superior to Whatsapp in every way - open API, GPL'd clients, multiple simultaneous connections, better security, etc. Run by a nonprofit.

It's less popular (probably around 100M users at the moment), but if you can convince those you communicate with most frequently to give it a shot, it's worth it.

Comment Re:Energy storage is expensive (Score 1) 149

3300 cycles to 50%?

That seems unlikely. The 50% DoD cycle life indicated in the Rolls 12V 8D 275AH@20h battery is somewhere between 1250 and 1500, which seems pretty consistent with most quality flooded lead acid batteries.

They may have some longer lifespan batteries, but 3300 is pretty optimistic, and firmly in lithium chemistry territory.

Comment Re:Maybe not peak, but a plateau (Score 1) 197

Pretty much this, 100%.

Rugged waterproof phone with a lanyard and replaceable glass screen protector, lots of ram, 5-10aH replaceable battery, dual-sim, good device speakers, no onboard storage but rather two microSD slots (raid1) with a dedicated 512mb battery-backed RAM buffer, proper firmware management, and a publicly accessible git repository.

Build this and you'll have all my money.

Comment Re:How to create a problem (Score 1) 92

For example in Germany it can be classified as "child porn" to have an actor act childish and LOOK like they theoretically COULD be under 18 - even if the actor proves to be an adult in front if the camera, for example by providing legal documents.

Honestly not sure how that isn't considered an international human rights violation. You can't, in the eyes of the international court, arbitrarily discriminate like that - these men and women have the same legal rights as those also within the same jurisdiction.

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