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Comment Doubt it (Score 0) 63

Alphabet's just upset that they've been messing around with self-driving cars for the better part of a decade and it still doesn't look any closer to a product, and Uber has stolen a march on them by actually _using_ them. If you can't make your product succeed, tearing down the competition is almost as good.

Comment Third-party exception (Score 4, Informative) 112

In most cases, evidence held by a third party is not protected by the Fourth Amendment. (This is bullshit but it is precedent). I imagine Amazon is going for a novel First Amendment argument here because the Fourth Amendment argument is a loser. I doubt it will get anywhere. I could hope it would make people think twice about bugging their own houses, but they won't.

Comment Re:Leaving a bit out (Score 1) 191

While I do agree the fact that he was fired is significant, you have to wonder what kind of culture is at the company where he thought this was something he could get away with.

Since this was at a "company retreat in Las Vegas", I'm going to guess it had less to do with company culture and more to do with Mr. Grabby drinking too much to worry about consequences.

Comment Leaving a bit out (Score 4, Informative) 191

The boob-grabber got fired, as CNBC fails to note (but BusinessInsider does)

The baseball bat thing is probably a reference to Scarface. Whether a manager actually was referencing the movie when making the "threat" or the person talking to the reporter was using it for inspiration for making shit up, I couldn't say.

Comment Re:ICE Devices? (Score 2) 613

Back in the day most applications with some sort of copy protection would load everything at once into memory. If your computer had a memory expansion port you could attach an ICE device to the memory expansion port, do a memory dump to it, write out the memory dump to disk and voila! you have a broken copy of that application. Is there an analog to this today?

Firewire DMA, which can be used to snag the encryption key for various DRM schemes (though you usually don't have to go to such lengths). There are also similar devices intended for forensic use.

Comment Re:This has been going on since the early 90s. (Score 1) 318

BS CS from State? Learn this: "Have you tried turning it on and off?" or "Would you like room for cream?"

I have a BSCS from State which I got when the current 20-somethings were gleams in their father's eyes and just got a software development job after a couple months of being unemployed.

There's a lot of problems with H-1B jobs; for one, low-level and mid-level American programmers, the people who used to do business programming, have been pushed out of the market in favor of H-1B body shops and offshoring firms. But it's more than a bit of an exaggeration that you need to be a 20-something from a top school to get a job.

Comment Re:Here's a start to regain trust (Score 2) 59

Sure, but you have to realize that institutional cultures do not change overnight.

They can change in one direction slowly -- that's the direction towards maximum decay and corruption. Any other change has to be "overnight" or the institutional forces pushing the other way will defeat it.

Comment Re:Okay, so they've been spying (Score 5, Interesting) 99

What the majority of people complaining about a spy agency that actually spies need to do is realize no one really gives a shit about them or their mundane lives.

That was before they started funneling information to law enforcement for the purposes of criminal investigations. So far it seems to be mostly drugs (but there's a lot of mundane people using illegal drugs), but in the future it could as easily be copyright violation, nanny tax evasion, underaged drinking (think your kids are smart enough to never mention it on the phone? If they are, what about their friends?), or zoning violations.

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