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Comment Re:Logic Says It Should Be Legal (Score 1) 316

If you give the FDA more money, they will spend it on things like enforcing rules against importation of epi-pens rather than going through the backlog of generics. They will then claim they need more money to go through the backlog of generics. Basically the last thing a government agency will spend money on are the things people want, because not doing those things is the best way for it to get additional funding. (This is a generalization of the famous Washington Monument strategy)

Comment Re: And the other end of the deal? (Score 1) 266

Do you realize that the US women took home more medals in this olympics than the men?

Sure. Katie Ledecki got gold for swimming 800m about 15s slower than Connor Jaeger did for swimming 800m on the way to 1500m for mere silver. Still think there isn't something inherently different about women, or was Ledecki just sandbagging the way to the world record?

Comment Re:Streisand effect (Score 2) 350

This is all because republicans refuse to pass a bill that would stop people on the no fly list from buying guns.

I must have missed that part of the Constitution or the House Rules which says that if other members don't vote your way, you can coerce them into doing so by staging a sit-in until they change their mind.

Personally I would have had the Sergeant-at-Arms remove them, but I suppose that would have been bad PR.

Comment Re:makes no sense (Score 5, Interesting) 176

Several reasons, here's two:

1) They want to run correlations to see if they can find people abusing prescription medicines and bust them.

2) If they want to put pressure on someone for any reason, they want to dig up their prescription records. Aha, you've had several prescriptions for Percocet, does your professional review board know about your drug habit? Does your boss know you've been prescribed SSRIs? Do you want them to? No? Better play ball.

Comment Re:Why not press the switch (Score 1) 170

They could most certainly turn off civilian GPS on select parts of the planet, like a over a continent. A GPS satellite only serves a given cone below its current position, by turning a satellite off when the cone enters an area you want to block it in, and on again if it leaves it you can block the whole area. It of course only works on bigger "resolutions" like per-continent, but it works.

Not sure about the current satellites, but the earlier satellites didn't have this capability (or at least the government claimed they didn't)

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