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Comment Re:SD and battery (Score 1) 205

Show me a phone that cant have its battery replaced with tools, they are rare. My moto G4 has a replaceable battery, even if its not instantly removable. What exactly is your argument? In-the-field replaceable batteries arent coming back any time soon.

At the end of the day i plug my phone into a battery (one of a set of two specifically for my phone), not the wall. I keep a bank of USB batteries for my devices. That way i dont have to have a wire running next to my bed. The power comes to the phone/device, not the other way around, nor is the device left in some random corner. USB batteries are STUPID cheap now, think of them as wireless power accessories.

Comment Re:Welcome to the machine. (Score 1) 62

Tron called this 30 years ago.

Dr. Walter Gibbs: [laughs] "You've got to expect some static. After all, computers are just machines; they can't think."

Alan Bradley: "Some programs will be thinking soon."

Dr. Walter Gibbs: "Won't that be grand? Computers and the programs will start thinking and the people will stop."

Also this gem that is branded onto my heart


Comment Re:Why do you dorks dislike technology so much? (Score 1) 84

In the end, Kirk controls the *U.S.S. Enterprise*, fully. He has ultimate root of the computer and can order it to destroy itself. Scotty has full authority to override all safety interlocks. We want that part of it too, and we arent getting it at all. Choice has been reduced to deferment. They simply dont take no for an answer anymore.

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