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Comment Re:Doesn't really matter who fired the shot (Score 1) 326

Those things all work because the internet is open. An 'IoT' device is still a computer that has a right to be on the net like any other. Look, you cant grow anything good without getting some weeds, its the NATURE OF FERTILE GROUND. You have to be very careful how you deal with the weeds or you risk making the ground worthless.

Comment Re:Doesn't really matter who fired the shot (Score 1) 326

"the only way I can see to stop it is to permanently dismantle the IoT"

How do you do that without breaking the internet? How do you do that without onerous registration or whitelisted hardware? How do you get your way without destroying the network?

There is nothing special about 'the IoT', they are computers on the internet, like any others. Why dont we start with educating people on how to administer and secure their networks before you start taking out your ass again.

Comment Re:Clever design (Score 1) 269

"Would Mario be any more fun if you can see each and every pore and pimple on his face?"

More power doesnt have to mean more realism. More power means that you have more options on tap, and have to make less compromises. More particles, more dynamic lighting, larger maps, more enemies are all what comes with more power, not just more detail. Until we can simulate reality down the particle, more power will continue to add fidelity and depth to the experience. Saying its 'good enough' only shows that you have stopped trying to imagine more.

Comment Re:What part of this is hard to understand? (Score 1) 181

"your downloads are not realtime-sensitive"

How in the hell do you know what my network is doing? More than anything else i take exception with the idea that only defined realtime services are given priority. What is to stop everyone from making their traffic look like VOIP? Again, your bits are no more important than my bits.

Comment Called it in 2010 (Score 2) 85 $10 vouchers in 2015
by spire3661 ( 1038968 ) on Sunday March 28, 2010 @10:22PM (#31653572)
"Even if a class action suit is filed and they are found guilty or w/e ill receive a coupon in the mail for something i didnt want and have to pay real money to get
anyways. Thanks alot Sony. I dont use my Linux on my PS3 whole lot, but i didnt give up 10 GB of precious HDD space for nothing".

Sony has my PS3 login proof, and this post should serve as proof i had Linux installed. --

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