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Comment Re:Unlikely...maybe (Score 1) 410

Their implementation was so bad. I was playing GTA IV on my PC via GFWL and it would kick my wife off of Netflix on the Xbox360 because of Xbox Live. Ii was shocking display of incompetence and greed. I dumped my MS consoles after that. It was bad enough having to have Live to watch Netflix when MS was literally the only company charging for that.

Comment Re:Gaben Ain't Dumb (Score 2) 410

"(specifically, library support is small compared to winblows). "

No, the biggest problem with SteamOS is that it does not perform as fast as Windows. My GPU becomes less valuable in Linux. The games thing is dumb, SteamOS has more games than either console. If you look at it solely as a console with all their limitations, it has a hell of a library.

Comment Re:Forcing you to aid in a search (Score 1) 231

The difference is your fingerprints are physical items that exist in the real world. The entire point of the 5th Amendment is protection for whats in your head, nothing else. Its a check on the State's power to compel you to provide something it cannot prove is real. Your fingerprints are real, thus they can compel you. The simplest solution is to not rely on biometrics, they suck as security devices.

Comment Re:They should fix their user schema first (Score 1) 57

This is one of the major reasons i stopped buying digital games from Sony or investing any money on my PSN account. I simply dont trust them to properly run a network. The inability to change the names at all is a HUGE red-flag. On top of that the 'primary console' nonsense where you can lose access to your stuff because you changed hardware too often or in the wrong way.

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