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Comment Re:Survey brought to you by (Score 1) 117

"The future is already here, it is just unevenly distributed" Cheaper space flight is both a market revolution and a technological one. Ubiquity and cheaper costs are just as important as raw innovation (not saying rocket flight will be ubiquitous or cheap, most humans will die in the gravity well they are born on). You can still do a ton of Information Age stuff with cheap(er) rockets.

Comment Sorry but no. (Score 1) 81

My KODI box is independent and only streams local stuff. Its a vault of stability and security in an ever changing software landscape. No logins, it just works. No thanks Plex. Full disclaimer: I have a lifetime sub to Plex, still dont want my Plex players to co-mingle with my KODI players.

Comment Re: Although I would never trust them.. (Score 1) 175

You cant even write to a TEXT FILE on Android without downloading an app from the store, with all its could features and telemetry...Android still doesnt have a file manager that Google is willing to show to users (its hidden). They tried removing the ability to read/write ext3/4 on Chrome...Google is the new MS.

Comment Why arent they cheaper? (Score 1) 478

Doing this saves them a pretty large sum of cash. Now all repairs are full mainboard or nothing. Diagnostics is a simple pass/fail. So the question is why isnt all this integration saving the consumer any money? I could understand these moves if it made their computers much cheaper due to the much lower repair and warranty tail this brings.

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