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Comment Re:Why? (Score 2) 403

Why the fuck would any Linux developer want to do this?

The quote in the original posting is incomplete:

"Fire up a Windows 10 Insiders' build instance and run your code, run your tools, host your website on Apache, access your MySQL database from your Java code"

...send telemetry data about what you're developing to Microsoft so that they can bring a competing product to market before you, making it look as if you're just copying Microsoft.

Comment Re:Change the law (Score 1) 1424

Those were both from the 19th century when voters didn't have the kind of access to the candidates and the candidates views that they have in the 21st century.

Not to mention being another compromise between the 'every state should have an equal say in electing the next president' premise, which gives voters in low-population states a disproportionate amount of power in selecting a president, and the 'each voter should have an equal say in electing the next president' premise, which gives high-population states a disproportionate amount of power in selecting a president. The same compromise that resulted in the different representation between the Senate and the House.

And as you say, Trump played the game better than Hillary did; he approached the state elections as business transactions, putting his effort into the places where he would get the best payoff for his money. And it worked for him. Hillary got a huge margin of victory in California, which didn't help her any more than winning by 50 votes would have, and she ignored or only half-heartedly campaigned in states that she thought she had locks on... and was wrong in too many of them.

Comment Re:This isn't even the first Republican (Score 2) 313

If you prosecute everyone who breaks the rules, they'll get more creative at writing loopholes into their rules for them to wiggle through.

It's not necessary to prosecute them; they've been discovered to have violated the provisions of their signed statement agreeing to the provisions regarding electronic security. Revoke their clearances. At which point they're no longer eligible for any government post that requires a security clearance... or any position with a civilian government contractor that requires a security clearance.

Comment Re:Popcorn time! (Score 1) 1321

You may not like apples or oranges, but you're going to have to choose one. If more choose apples over oranges, then fewer people disliked apples compared to oranges.

Except that there are kumquats and persimmons available to choose, as well; fewer people like either of those, so the most popular fruit is going to be either apples or oranges, but there is nothing forcing you to choose either of them. Remember that there's no way to nuance your vote. If you dislike both apples and oranges, but you dislike oranges more, you can't cast a vote that says "I don't like either of these two, but between the two of them, I dislike apples less"; all your vote says, regardless of how you intend it to mean, is "I like apples". The only way to make it clear that you dislike both apples and oranges is to pick a different fruit, even if you know that one isn't going to be the most popular fruit.

Comment Re: Popcorn time! (Score 1) 1321

The FBI said that she'd done nothing criminal; She violated federal regulations regarding maintenance of a private email server. Violation of federal regulations can get your security clearance revoked and get you terminated from your position, but it is not a criminal violation of the law.

Comment Re:AS missiles are risky (Score 5, Interesting) 432

Now picture this scenario in a cramped space like the Persian Gulf where hundreds of ships and their gigantic overlapping AOU's make targeting anything a downright pita.

Some years ago, I was sitting in on an exercise a group of TAO students were running on the ENWGS (Enhanced Navy War Gaming System); each side had a small collection of patrol craft and/or frigates, and they were in an area that had a number of merchies sailing around. The blue side had sent up a helicopter to search, the orange group had sent a Petya forward. Both sides discovered the other at about the same time, and there was a brief flurry of anti-ship missile launches. When the smoke had cleared, the sole casualty from both sides was the Petya, which was an 'own goal' from a missile fired down its bearing that activated its seeker head a couple miles too soon... but the missile exchange cleared out 3/4 of the merchant ships that had been in the area.

Comment Re:Interesting use of the word "indiscreet" (Score 2) 182

hurt my eyes to see discrete and discreet mixed up so freely

When I still read netnews, I would periodically process the alt.personals groups to see what the homonym quotient was for that word, to see how many people were looking for a "discrete" partner. It was depressing to see how bad it was.

Comment Re:Constitutional rights (Score 1) 345

But I think you could reasonably say the emission of any substance that causes harm to the environment is a "pollutant," even if a nominal amount already existing is harmless.

When we get the first defense in a murder trial on the grounds that the defendant was acting to reduce the victim's carbon footprint, we'll know it's gone over the deep end to where the "Twinkie defense" lives.

Comment Re:Life, liberty, or waterfront rea) property (Score 1) 345

So if a judge rules as you suggest, the next step is to find owners of waterfront real property and show in court the overwhelming evidence that climate change has shifted the coastline, which in turn reduces the usable area of said property.

Good luck in proving that this nebulous "climate change" has affected the weather to cause, say, erosion which would not otherwise occur naturally, and distinguish clearly between erosion caused by "climate change" and erosion caused by other environmental effects.

Comment Re:Many new tech posts (Score 2) 382

...and the only supply issues appear to be shipping costs, as they appear to be shitting bricks up in Silicon Valley.

Rufo told me that every human race tries every political form and that democracy is used in many primitive societies ... but he didn’t know of any civilized planet using it, as Vox Populi, Vox Dei translates as: “My God! How did we get in this mess!”
-- Robert Heinlein, Glory Road

Comment Re:I'm going to make my vote count (Score 1) 857 least it sends the message that we're getting tired of the Republicrat and Democan party, and that they most definitely do not have a mandate.

Exactly. What a lot of people seem to miss is that there is no nuance attached to a vote; you can't cast a vote for Hillary Clinton and have anyone but you understand that you intend it to mean "I dislike both Clinton and Trump, but I'm more opposed to Trump winning, so I'm voting for Clinton"; all anyone can see in a vote for Clinton is "I want Hillary Clinton to be President". The only way you can send the message "I don't want either of them to be President" is to vote for someone other than the two of them, even if you don't really agree with the platform of the person you're voting for (although you should at least pick the third-party candidate whose platform comes closest to what you want).

Comment Re:The evidence is wrong... (Score -1, Troll) 258

I guess the line-of-dominos "[Month] was the hottest [month] in recorded history" headlines they've been pumping out having been flogging enough climate-change fear and panic from the populace to get the buy-in that the administration needs to get support for the Paris accords, which will cost trillions of dollars for a net temperature reduction of 0.3C if fully implemented.

Comment Re:BIG ROCK CANDY MOUNTAIN (Score 1) 348

Every outgoing presimadent since the Reagan, blessings upon him, makes the same grandiose claims that we'll put a Man on Mars real soon now.

Except that, with his wording, Obama is making a much heavier-handed attempt at tying his legacy back to Kennedy and his “this nation should commit itself to achieving the goal, before this decade is out, of landing a man on the Moon and returning him safely to the Earth.” declaration.

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