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Submission + - "Man" is no longer a good idea. 2

poofmeisterp writes: In a news story from Fox, "Princeton begins to remove 'man' from official school material" has been released about Princeton University (and as endorsed by the Institutional Equity Planning Group) releasing a memo to staff, entitled Guidelines for Using Gender Inclusive Language (PDF).

For example, it's not okay to refer to our predecessors as "forefathers" anymore. We should call them "ancestors".

A lookup on indicates that "Mankind" has two definitions:
1. the human race; human beings collectively without reference to sex; humankind.
2. men, as distinguished from women.

Are we supposed to assist all uneducated, sensitive, or those lacking in basic self-worth by changing more forms of word classes than this in the future? The HR PDF from Princeton also includes examples of job posting edits to comply with the new (mandate?).

I do remember a quote from the late George Carlin that sums most of it up: Soft Language "Sometime during my life toilet paper became bathroom tissue. . . . Sneakers became running shoes. False teeth became dental appliances. Medicine became medication. Information became directory assistance. The dump became the landfill. Car crashes became automobile accidents....."

When do we stop and expect that people be educated on the origins and meanings of words and phrases, before being offended or having Universities issue staff notices to be sensitive to everyone's internal feelings? I was told to "grow up" when I was younger, not "I understand your feelings and think it's wrong to speak to you in the manner I am. I should be sensitive to all of your feeling and needs before opening my mouth."

Submission + - The Start Menu AND Boot-to-Desktop Will Be Back

poofmeisterp writes: It's about time. Windows 8.1 will be released to end users in October, and RTM is being released now.

Windows 8.1, codenamed "Blue," is introducing a number of changes designed to make the new operating system more palatable to current Windows users. Windows 8.1 is adding a Start Button, a boot-straight-to-desktop option; the ability to unpin all Metro apps; built-in tutorials; an improved Windows Store and a host of other consumer- and business-focused features. Microsoft launched its one and only Windows 8.1 consumer preview test build in late June.

Microsoft may have opted against announcing Windows 8.1's RTM on Friday so that the news wouldn't be overshadowed by the announcement that CEO Steve Ballmer is retiring some time within the next 12 months. As I blogged previously, my sources said Microsoft was targeting Monday August 26 as the day it would RTM Windows 8.1.

Of course, it needs to look like a big secret so I won't say any more.


Submission + - Thousands of Natural Gas Leaks Found in Boston

poofmeisterp writes: Due to old cast iron underground pipelines, natural gas leaks run amok in Boson, MA.

"While our study was not intended to assess explosion risks, we came across six locations in Boston where gas concentrations exceeded the threshold above which explosions can occur," Nathan Phillips, associate professor at BU, said in a statement.

With "a device to measure methane" in a vehicle equipped with GPS, Duke and Boston University researchers created a nice little map showing the methane levels in parts per million at different points in the city.

"Repairing these leaks will improve air quality, increase consumer health and safety, and save money," study researcher Robert B. Jackson, of Duke, said in a statement. "We just have to put the right financial incentives into place."

It looks like money is an issue (imagine that)...

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