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Comment Re:What a Troll! (Score 4, Insightful) 395

Do you go out of your way to find the way in which you can legally give the government the most possible tax revenue?

No... I don't make much money, and I've got a couple dependents... So I'm not really trying very hard to pay more than they ask me to... But I also don't put much time and effort into paying less than they ask me to either. I know most people try to find as many loopholes and deductions as they can, which is maybe what you're aiming for... But I don't think most people report their income in an entirely different state to avoid paying taxes.

It is absurd to suggest that any public company not do the maximum they can to minimize their tax liability.

Ehhh... I guess it is true that a public company's first responsibility is to maximize the investment of its stockholders... Which minimizing tax liability will help accomplish... But you really think it is absurd to be surprised that a company would go this far?

The court system is funded by tax dollars. Microsoft uses the court system in Washington. But they don't like the prices that Washington courts charge (their taxes) so they decide to pay the courts in Nevada instead. Fine, maybe you can find enough loopholes and technicalities to make that legal... But how does that make sense?

You know, I like Apple's OS upgrade pricing much better than Microsoft's... When I upgrade to Windows 7 I'm going to pay Apple instead.

You obviously have an ax to grind with MS, and that's fine, but digging up this kind of garbage is ridiculous.

I don't personally have an axe to grind with Microsoft. I use their products every day and am reasonably happy with them. They get the job done, at least. And their products keep me employed. So, no, no axe to grind.

The same statements that you have made about MS can probably be made about 95% of the Fortune 500.

And if your friends jumped off a bridge, would you jump too?

Since when is everybody else does it an acceptable argument?

The problem is that the system is being abused - not that Microsoft is committing the abuse. Of course if Fisher Price were dodging taxes we probably wouldn't see the story here on Slashdot, but that wouldn't make it a non-story or an ok thing to do.

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