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Comment Re:Not gonna work (Score 1) 110

They would need a massive battery to store all that power to make this work. They clearly haven't thought it through.

See, factories and cars are exactly the same, so they have thought it through very well... and are definitely not doing it to create a completely inefficient system with a PF of 0.21 just to make the future prospective buyers of their products want them more. Hey, there are solar panels there! That means they work! /sarcasm :)

Comment Re:But what if the sun isn't shining? (Score 1) 110

Baseload is one of those talking points which get repeated and repeated again, but no one actually enumerates the baseload. How much energy do we have to provide constantly at a minimum?

The Dutch Railways are now completely wind powered as of Jan 1 2017. Apparently they don't need baseload power plants.

I've yet to read about PF correction in a non-grid electrical setup. Not to mention 3 phase. I'd love to see that stuff.

Comment Re: Bought and Paid for (Score 1) 160

does the general public enable developer mode and then disable caching? the test is "fictitious" in the sense that they need a reproducible way to measure battery life across hardware platforms. the numbers they produce are not applicable to real world conditions, but give a sense of how various laptops compare to each other.

Good point. CR should say that, "Because Apple fixed the bug for us that only appeared because of the way we do our testing, we approve of the test results - here they are..." CR's response is highly inappropriate for the situation at hand. Happy now?

Comment Re:Aww! (Score 1) 160

Can you please provide evidence that Apple provided anything other than a fixed product that was previously broken, in exchange for an updated review?

I don't need to because you missed the point - the comment ended with /sarcasm. Historically and based on numbers and Human behavior, it would be expected to have a company pay to shut people up or have an opinion changed because it's faster and easier, or because they just want to. In this case, they actually fixed a bug and got a better review as a result. I'm not used to seeing that.

Comment Re:WOW (Score 1) 196

Have you found a compelling way, though, to use your phone with tethering to provide broader network access, though?

I made a half-assed attempt, thinking it would be reasonable on a short-term basis to use it as failover interface with pfsense. The challenge I have is getting the tethering network accessible to my LAN. I rummaged through my collection of access points and couldn't get one that would attach as a bridging peer to the phone's internal access point.

Phone would show a connected hotspot device, but the APs would never gain an IP address.

Sorry for the delay - These work. I've done it and it works, but I stopped because, you know, I have no economical or social reason to do it. Just tested. I now just use wired internet->wireless->repeater with said repeater.

Comment At my company... (Score 1) 128

At my company, IT sends out an email or phone paging message when there's something people really need to know about. The person who originally found or reported it is given a mention for helping the company out. It makes them feel VERY special and well-pet.

It's sad but just a mention of a person's name to a large group of people for having done something that was smiled upon is enough to make most feel like a god/goddess. Human nature, I guess. It works. More people report suspicious things because they're hoping to get a mention.

It's a lot like moderation on /. - I expect no moderation because I'm answering a question, but if I discovered the latest malware that's easy to identify but only if you know what to look for, I would hope for an up-mod. Same with people in the office; they l-hu-uuuuuuuuuve the up-mod if they've helped and everyone sees/hears their name.

Comment Re:An old theory, revitalized! (Score 1) 90

I should go find old theories and republish them as new ideas, then I can brag I was published in scientific journals.

"The researchers conducted nearly 1,000 computer simulations and estimate about 20 impacts could do the job."

this is what modern science is reduced to, old theories joined to faddish techs that can be easily trailered to fit the theory.

:) News flash: Upon conducting 3,000 more computer simulations, the models indicate that the moon could have been formed from quadrillions of smaller moons. Wait, more runs have shown that it could be in the septillion smaller moon range. Wait..."

Comment Re:Congratulations - you invented the WWW (Score 1) 69

>> app...without needing to install anything

Congratulations - you invented the World Wide Web

JavaScript was so cool that one of the creators of the company has had a hard-on for years with this dream - come up with a way to chat that uses lots of scripting and inclusions of scripts to make it behave in weird ways..... you know.... like the old IRC script days... but new!

Sorry.. Just had to.

Comment Re:Verizon is gradually coming clean (Score 1) 196

If they intended it to be 100 GB/month, why did they sell it as unlimited?

Roping in customers and competing with sales words that other companies were using.

Long-term fallout is that they have customers leaving and their bandwidth availability decreasing because of increased utilization. Wait, the other companies are the same!

I imaging the model like breathing - Verizon can suck up a bunch of customers but eventually will have to accommodate for the saturation; customers get pissed and leave to go to another company. Other companies then breathe them in with sales tactics and short-term goals (1 year minimum term is the goal). Then, Verizon does something to please the pissed and the other companies do something to piss their customers off. Customers leave those companies and switch to Verizon. Repeat process.

I see this as nothing but (pardon the pun but it fits perfectly) giving themselves breathing room to suck up the next wave of customers with something "Newest/first/best/fastest/blahblahblah". It'll only last a year before those customers see they're getting screwed or the other companies have made a really awesome place for those customers to transition over to. Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale. Repeat and avoid doing that ONE BAD THING that will ruin you forever (I'm thinking of Sprint/Nextel right now. Such bad smokers they can't afford to put up more towers/obtain space, so they breathe very lightly and get worse every year with more and more customers leaving). ;)

"5G" is the next big thing that everyone is going to sell like hotcakes only to start the breathing process in motion again.

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