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Comment Re:nothing to do with the environment (Score 1) 85

However, solar will alter the weather and climate on the planet after a certain threshold is reached.


Simple logic if you understand thermodynamics. Find a parking lot and a building with a white roof. Observe which one releases the most latent heat. That would be the blacktop. Panels are not reflective; they absorb the breadth of visible light frequencies and emit IR after the sub is removed. Hence latent.


Does that suffice?

Comment Re:Can we just put her in now? (Score 1) 61

I didn't say "unless she doesn't". I said, " unless she's found to have broken more laws that make it impossible, or health issues."

Read: things that make it absolutely impossible for someone to make it into office based on law, even if they receive the majority vote count.

If she doesn't have a health problem that prevents her from making it in, and she doesn't have a criminal offense that can't be covered up, she'll make it in. I don't even know why I'm responding to a troller. Because I don't, unless I do.

Comment Re:Can we just put her in now? (Score 1) 61

You think Hillary can save us? The laws don't apply to her, so we already know where this will go. Tyranny for every American, except the Clinton Crime Family.

Worse, American public is mostly impulse-driven, which leads to familiarity and inner-thoughts of popularity. Read to the end of this comment before getting pissed, because single sentences don't explain the entire picture, please, people. In other words, Clinton has a bonus with so many people because they're biased in her direction because they've seen and heard of her before, and saw her as a past political figure. Plus, many women will vote just to see a woman in office next. NO NO NO, don't flamebait mod this because I said that; I am fine with a woman making it into office, but not one that did what she did - the gender is irrelevant when it comes to her behavior.
Secondly, Trump had at least one "reality show", which directly ties minds of the audience that watched the show in his direction.

People are more driven by television than reality, hence the reason advertising is structured the way it is. That taken into account, come on. Unless you're completely ADD or have bias against bias being real, it's pretty easy to predict who will make it into office next. There are people who are into reality TV and it caught their attention. A percentage of viewers were female (I don't have exact numbers but it's not that hard to figure out). Since they see Trump as a show that keeps their eyes tied to the TV, and observing the way he treats people, it adds additional weight (or totally swings it) for females to vote someone into office who is both female and, in the back of their mind, a victim of people like Trump.

She'll make it in next unless she's found to have broken more laws that make it impossible, or health issues. Bookmark this comment and reply on election day ;)

BTW, Michael, I'm not picking on you. Making more of a generalized comment based on your thought train. Good one, BTW!

Comment Others (Score 1) 154

"Well, then there are those kids that start with modding and actually get a degree and come to work for us, to find the snot-nosed little...I mean growing modders who are becoming a problem. Clearly, the ones who are becoming fighters against the problem have no sway in the statistics that most are the problem."

Comment Re: What about English? (Score 1) 395

Ah ha ha ha. Surely the bible was written to inform. Human language Is so spectacularly imprecise that the debates rage on. Define you terms, use a formal grammar; profit.

...and the language behind the bible's language is still being debugged and modified to this day. Did you mean to have 'profit' in the same post as bible, or 'prophet'?

Comment Re: So basically ... the attack wins? (Score 1) 208

Even a session wouldn't help. Many communications over the net are machine to machine. Also there's the whole solve the CAPTCHA by mechanical Turk (paid for with copied porn).

I wouldn't be surprised if within a year of setting up such a scheme, CAPTCHAs for certain websites would develop a very high failure rate.

How would a search engine spider the web?

I get it. It's beyond my scope of presentable knowledge.

Just one thing still bothers me - there has to be something that malware written to act as a DDoS attacker is lacking in its TCP transactions... Something. I give up in discussing it publicly, but there has to be something.

Comment Re: So basically ... the attack wins? (Score 1) 208

Sorry, I didn't say that the CAPTCHA would cover a session, not an individual request. But, that would mean the whole concept of IP blocking after failure and all of the fallout would have to be tolerated or simplified. We know that's not going to happen. :(

Comment Re:Exotic Locales (Score 1) 85

What's interesting is the seemingly unlikely locations where projects are actually in place or being planned. So much for the argument that profitable wind locations would be rare or hard to reach.

Amazon@ Fowler Ridge Indiana
Amazon@ Paulding County Ohio
Amazon@ Perquimans and Pasquotank Counties, North Carolina
Amazon@ Scurry County, Texas

The ignorance astounds me. Good info to back up the point of waste of materials for self-image enhancement!

Comment Re:Clearing the way for drone delivery (Score 1) 85

They just want to kill a bunch of birds to reduce the chances of bird-strike drone-delivery failures.

There are a LOT of turbines where I come from - Orkney 59N. Not only is it windy here but we have a lot of birds too.

There are not mountains of dead birds under them. There are not people complaining about them either. The big ones belong to the electricity company and the smaller (4-8m blades) to individual farms. They can't be bad for farm animals either.

Orkney may be small (pop about 20,000) but it is self sufficient in electricity. If Tesla opened a shop there, we could cut down on another fossil fuel too.


Could you be cut from the HT power grid and have power 24/7/365?

Comment Re:nothing to do with the environment (Score 1) 85

Who cares why they do it? Companies do things for profit. (Which is not a bad word and not a bad thing.)

They're doing it now because it's economical. And that's a good thing. We want this trend to continue.

Even though the amount of energy used to create these solutions is taking energy from other sources that can't be replaced? The only viable option other than the evil nuclear energy one is solar. However, solar will alter the weather and climate on the planet after a certain threshold is reached. I'm not completely aware of the sources of ALL of the metals needed for panel manufacturing, but I do know that there is only so much metal for conductivity to destinations, and energy needed for the manufacturing of them (and transportation to dest.).

Law of Conservation of Energy. You can't have what you want unless you diminish or damage something else. Period.

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