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Comment Re:Another day in paradise... SNAFU (Score 1) 181

The bottled water industry will be pleased as drinkable tap becomes more scarce all over the US. This is just part of the process. Maintaining a clean water supply is too difficult and expensive. So instead of raising the price, which is totally unjustifiable anyway, it's far easier to let the quality slip.

Wow. That was fast. Thanks for giving me campaign funding and laundered money sources to look for on him!


Comment Re:Netflix v. Cable? How about Netflix v. HBO (Score 1) 174

Netflix has pretty cheap hook up costs. Most people already own some kind of device that streams Netflix. If you don't already have something, you can easily get a Roku for $60. Compare that with cable.

It cost me $200 to get internet access installed, you insensitive clod! Because I am in the sticks and have to use a WISP. (There's both cable and DSL within a mile or so, but neither one reaches out to my street, which has exceptionally low population density.) And I am now paying $99/mo for 6Mbps with a 300GB cap and with degradation to 512kbps from 7:30 to 11:30 after the cap is used, because they are even more oversubscribed than cable companies. They're also liars, because they will swear up and down that they are not oversubscribed, when all ISPs are. Shitbags. ("Digital Path")

You're a satellite person. If you want to not fit into the architecture you're in, it's gonna cost money. That's unfortunate! I would hate to be in that situation. :(

Comment Re:Value for money (Score 1) 174

What do you watch, may I ask? I just posted the opposite so I'm curious. I don't want new bambambamswitchflopbam ADD shows or shows dumbed down for the brains of average people who watch just to satisfy their life status (e.g. their life is great because they don't have to deal with what those people on "Survivor" do).

Care to share?

Comment Re:..doesnt factor in connection cost. (Score 1) 174

I feel left out so I don't believe their statistical sampling works!

In reality I do believe that their method of taking the samples is very likely to be biased and produce inaccurate results. Talking about this in the USA where they go to great lengths to, eg, ensure that black and hispanic voters have a hard time getting a drivers license to reduce their likelyhood of voting. I can't believe that the media corps are any better than the government in this kind of demographic shaping.

Agreed. There's a company called Lexis Nexis. Look 'em up. They are one of the largest data mines operating in a normal business model today. By normal, I mean they will provide you with whatever data you want, in any model you want, any form, any context. If all a network or business trying to compete has to do is make ratings look weird or bad, there's always a $ for that. If you have money, you can have whatever you want, and in most cases, however you want it. The most you have (offer), the more perfect what you "purchased" will be. I put quotes around purchased to account (ha) for data that proves a point that a corporation wants to prove, even though there was "never any special money laundered and delivered" for such data. Oh, and never, EVER any glad-handing or reciprocation.

Welcome to a capitalist economy. Gag.

Comment Re:..doesnt factor in connection cost. (Score 1) 174

This also doesnt factor in connection cost. Thats 20 cents per hour for people that somehow have internet costs counted on a different ledger.

If I watched 24 hours per day in a 30 day month, my bandwidth cost is $0.08/hr. Only counting it in my watch time is not even worth calculating.

Comment Re:Cable content is worth more (Score 1) 174

Most Netflix content has been off the air for years. It's cheaper content. Other than their original shows, which is admittedly increasingly growing in size and value, generally cable offers more valuable access than Netflix does.

I ditched my cable because it... repeats! Watch show 1 on TLC, show 2 on Discovery, show 3 on TFAC.

Show ends on all three (but not at the same time.. just when they're done).

TLC buys rights and starts showing show 3 like it's a "NEW SERIES YAAAAY YIPPEE" situation. No too long after that, I see Discovery showing show 1. TLC starts showing show 2. I know this doesn't seem like a HUGE deal.. annoying for those without constant ADD, but eh...

Then I start noticing that it's happening on almost every network. The new stuff I'm looking for isn't there. I keep seeing NEW SERIES about the Universe! YAAY! Ah, son of a... it's just a repeat of the entire series I finished less than 6 months ago! I see it happening on channels I'm not interested in. I started keeping a little "fun log" of all of the swapping that goes on between the networks/channels, and I'm wondering what in the hell I'm paying for...?

Then I find out that the "big networks" (FOX, NBC, ABC, CBS, Showtime, HBO, etc) come out with new stuff, but I can just wait and buy the cool series on DVD/online watching later to avoid commercials when it comes to Showtime/HBO, and just tune into the freaking RF waves in the air around me to watch the ABC/NBC/etc shows... BUT WAIT, I have no interest in the garbage that the networks keep coming out with. The teenage/early 20s age group shows that are slammed with ADD flashing from scene to scene just to keep the watchers watching and hype after suspense hype...

I said Fuck it! I'll just watch this there Netflix thing and Hulu. Hulu lost my business because they're basically showing all of the new-age crap that the ABC/NBC/etc networks are showing, but in little segments that you have to wait for, and then can only watch for so long... and then they throw in advertising. CLOSE MY ACCOUNT, HULU!

Netflix has stuff I can keep watching and looking around for new material in. If I get done with 10 series shows, maybe I want to watch one I've already seen. That's cool because it's my choice and I can do it if I want to, not because it's just 'what's on'. They allowed for the removal of ads which I think is slimy after so many successful years turning a profit, but fine.. I haven't had a problem since. Knocking on wood now.

Cable to me now is some of the most dense RF noise I have no interest in that it's shocking (no pun intended). Air RF TV is crap I don't WANT to watch.

Eh, I've said what I'm gonna say.

Comment Re:74 at time of crash (Score 1) 603

Does the Tesla have these transmitters and receivers? Clearly, there is technology that could be used but if it is not in a Tesla at the moment, the computer can't use it. I think LIDAR is the way to go, especially if solid state LIDARs become reality.

I can't answer to the specifics, but multiple accidents (including this one w/ death) indicate that the directed RF isn't narrow enough AND being directed at the correct heights to cover all situations. More coverage needed with more xmits/detects. A bitmap, if you will.

I agree with you on LIDAR, but there's a catch. Lower frequency directed RF is easier to measure doppler with. LIDAR would require very high precision electronics. Well, actually, the cars are so expensive already; how's another $10K/safety going to make a difference? ;)

Deja Vu. This is sort of like the older days of products like lead paint having to cause many injuries/deaths before action is taken to prevent it. Aw, hell, there is no good way. The alternate is have every kind of warning you can possibly imagine (even the insane "Do not drive this vehicle over a cliff or mountain; do not drive in the direction of bands of 2+ packs of wolves at twilight; do not drive this vehicle while peeing coffee into a cup, bottle, glass, hose, cooler, or any other type of retaining or collection device or object while in AutoDriveIt(r)(c)(sm)(tm) mode; do not pass "Go" unless "Go" is an alternate form of communicating the definition of a traffic device's indication of safe procession.........You will never collect $200 from us because you've already accepted the Arbitration Agreement if you've made it this far into the warning readings.")

Comment Re:74 at time of crash (Score 1) 603

That does explain the nasty looks I get because I stick to the posted speed limit.

I get way more than nasty looks. I've been in so many 'accidents' that were not my fault (even the police reports and insurance companies say so) that I started lowering my speed to speed limit, and have installed recording cameras in my car that cover all angles. If you (read anyone reading this) haven't heard of a company called Lexis Nexis that pools data of your driving history that insurance companies use against you, read up on it. Insurance companies don't care "how many accidents have you been in that were your fault" - they care "how many accidents have you been in - period". Apparently driving the speed limit and having assholes plow into you because you were turning in to work, there was fine gravel on the side of the road that even a large pickup truck can't maintain traction on, they wanted you to go faster and were pointing their headlights into your mirror on the RIGHT SIDE, in said gravel, and plowing into you, driving you sideways into a utility pole, is "high risk" to insurance carriers. Not like that ever happened to me or anything *whistles*.. You're supposed to (I'm guessing here) drive over the speed limit, jam on the accelerator and brakes without taking physics into consideration....EVER (even if there's a freshly wet road after a month of dryness and exhaust/dirt accumulation.... and buy a car that will drive over the speed limit for you while you play on your tablet/phone to be considered a "low-risk" driver. Note snark, please.

Side note: Kierthos, you should see all of the idiots that come up on me 20+MPH faster than the speed I'm driving in the right lane and ride my ass, swerving side to side in the "get outta my testosterone/epinephrine-juiced way" maneuver... When there's a left lane wide open....
When they see the camera there's a 90/10 behavioral model: 90%-Stay on ass to show control and superiority, even if you've almost hit me several times and it's recorded before casually backing off at about an inch per minute, and 10%-back WAY OFF and stay in the right lane like I'm recording to show you to your employer and all of your friends on the Internet or some jazz...? Guilt, much? LOL

Comment Re:74 at time of crash (Score 1) 603

How would the car have been able to do this? The radar used does not have any vertical resolution, you only get a certain proportion of the radar that is returned, similar to what you get from a overhead sign. The camera would have been able to see the size of the gap but it did not detect the truck either as it was the same colour as the sky.

Directed low-power transmitters and non-POS directional receivers. Not the same antenna, not the same parabolic/whatever design they choose for a reflector dish/etc... Separate. ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/... )

- Ham radio guy

Comment Re:74 at time of crash (Score 1) 603

I think obstacles that are empty below 3 ft confuse the car.


I have also heard of the car running into 1/2 open garage doors.

OMG, no. Please don't tell me that the NTSB is going to require that all companies with trailers / high COG vehicles are going to be required to install reflective plates to near ground all around said vehicles as a result of this -vs- Tesla and all others finding their own solution. I see it coming now.

Comment Re: 74 at time of crash (Score 1) 603

"Waiting for a tesla to drive through a large pane of glass...."

As opposed to human drivers, who are known to masterfully avoid all those frequent large panes of glass that suddenly appear on your way while you are driving on the highway.

Hey, it happens in the cartoons and slap comedy shows/movies. It must happen all of the time in real life, right? Right? Psh.

Comment Re:74 at time of crash (Score 1) 603

So... it was going 74 mph at the time of the crash... was this after any kind of braking? What was the speed before any braking was applied?

(I'm going to take a guess it was a LOT over 74mph)

I see it now. Basic feature of future auto-anything cars will be a plane-type black box w/ audio and video recording.

Comment Re:One less idiot on the road (Score 2) 603

This is a forseeable consequence of a bad design and Tesla have enjoyed the bad press that goes with it. And yes "autopilot" is a misleading term that only compounds the risk.

A previous article on /. indicated that the driver was reading/goofing/whatever on a phone/tablet and not paying attention. Eyes off road completely. Tesla doesn't deserve bad press for something if that is indeed the case.

I guess that means autopilot will require monitoring of the driver by video and audio, as well as a jet-style black box for data recovery in future autopilot cars.

Plus, we all know that this is only the beginning. When an auto-drive (autopilot) system is perfected years from now, there will be experiments / hacks on a daily basis to attempt to override/fail it. History repeats itself. History repeats itself. Histo...

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