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Comment Re: planned for AFTER hillary's election (Score 1) 69

OK, here's me dealing with it. The actual word "boo hoo" has very little to do with your lack of civility, and it doesn't indicate a lack of civility on my part.

So that would be, of course, the thing you use as an example.

When you said "boo hoo," you implied that my complaint against you was based on the notion that I support efforts to foster faithless electors

You want to put words in my mouth, and you're being civil? No, sorry. I said "boo hoo" because you said it, and you were accusing me of being uncivil. I implied no such thing.

My perspective has nothing to do with which candidate will become president,

Other than supporting the changes to the rules that would allow the losing candidate to become the winner, no. It doesn't matter which one won or lost, changing the rules after the fact so the loser wins is wrong. It is a bad thing. I don't care whether it was Trump people challenging Hillary had she won or the other way around. It is interesting that all of these issues weren't issues when Obama won, but they are now because Trump won. That does lead to interesting conclusions.

If you hadn't already demonstrated your meddle when you dragged this discussion into the gutter with your political bent,

Saying that we need to follow the rules as they exist is not a "political bent", it is a simple statement of fact. I've followed the rules so many times when my favored candidate didn't win that it is simply ridiculous to claim that trying to follow the rules is some political thing.

Changing a law and challenging the constitutionality of a law are not the same thing.

They are both means to changing the results of an election after it is over, done by people who just don't want to accept the result. If the laws were unconstitutional two weeks ago, they were unconstitutional four years ago, and yet the people who are in court now weren't in court four years ago. They are in court today ONLY because their candidate lost and they think they can get the results changed. THERE is the political bent you accuse me of.

any hope of civil discourse went out the window when you flatly denied your obvious lack of civility after treating me like the political enemy

I didn't treat you like a political enemy. You replied to a comment to someone else, and you're unhappy that it made you are a part of that discussion?

you'd identified by checking the other guy's post history.

I didn't "check the other guy's post history". I've lived through it.

You've inferred what you want to read, and don't know what has been said. Why do you post?

Comment Re:We can afford to give away $30 Million (Score 2) 137

Dear employee:

As a way of thanking you for working hard for our company all year to help us be a success in our marketplace, we are giving other people a buttload of stuff on your behalf.

Hope you saved enough money so you could donate to a charity that you want to donate to, because, well, screw them.


The ABC Grinch

Comment Re:Obama has no right to do this (Score 0) 291

I find it hilarious that you think that "vote fraud" and "hacking" are some how not the same in regards to corrupting the outcome of an election. Does it matter if electing staffers are stuffing ballots or using electronic means to do so?

Vote Fraud it Vote Fraud. It is either "mythical" or it is real. There is plenty of hypocrisy by both (R) and (D) here. Its just that the Hypocrsy of the (D) is really clear this time. You're just pissed that they were caught.

Comment Re:Obama has no right to do this (Score -1) 291

"Ousted"could mean "lame duck" and with just over one month to go, he's really lame duck. The Obama legacy is going to be pretty staggering. Double the (unpatriotic) debt. That's it. ObamaCare will be repealed, the court will not reflect his presidency, all those "Pen and Phone" executive orders rescinded ...

He's just pissed that "elections have consequences"

Comment Re:"Years" (Score 4, Insightful) 97

Pretty impressive to be "years" behind schedule, 2 years after you founded the company. They should declare "time bankruptcy" and start from scratch.

Not that I'm defending them, but Magic leap gave their first technology demo in 2011, so it wasn't just 2 years ago the started...

It was 2 years ago they closed their "A" round of financing ($50M) which was technically when they started their "clock"
Google lead their "B" round of financing ($542M)
And earlier this year, Alibaba lead their "C" round of financing (~$800M at a $4.5B valuation),

So they've raised ~$1.4B to date, but I'm guessing the"C" round financiers are shortly about to take a bath...

FWIW, Magic Leap doesn't seem to be organized like a tech venture, but more like a entertainment studio. From all reports, the tech that they seem like they are developing is adapted from medical tech: a single fiber scanning endoscope technology worked on at University of Washington by Eric Seibel. The chief technical officer of Magic Leap is Brian Schowengerdt who was Mr. Seibel's research partner. Apparently, the idea is to reverse the endoscope from being a camera to being a projector. Of course there are issues involved in adapting any technology, so it's not unexpected that they have run into a boat load of trouble and are years behind. Such is the nature of high tech.

Comment Re:How is this different from arbitrage on the NYS (Score 1) 211

I am a libertarian.

While you are correct, some conservatives game the system with government. And you are correct, everyone will game the system. Draw a line, and everyone dances all around that line. The line is arbitrary and means nothing, but we pretend it is some sort of sacred place.

Comment Re:Obama has no right to do this (Score -1, Flamebait) 291

he has ever right to order such a review.

Before you state something as a fact, you might want to check to see if it is so. A "Right" isn't the correct term, even if it was the correct term, it would require some sort of previous example or court case to outline, neither of which has happened here.

Further this is 100% contrary to what Obama said here:

Funny how something "mythical" became "real" simply because the Democrats lost an election.

Comment Re:Finally! (Score 0) 97

Remember back in the late nineties, when people (mostly stupid liberals) convinced Congress and Clinton to pass a "Luxury Tax" on things like ... yachts? Remember what happened to all those industries that were building those things? Do you remember the fanfare when they repealed that tax?

Yeah, nobody remembers shit like that.

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