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Comment Re:Scotland just announced a post-Brexit independe (Score 1) 278

Of COURSE the Scots want another swing at independence, they weren't happy at the first result and only grudgingly accepted it in the first place.

The fact is that Scotland is a proto-Socialist state with exceedingly generous programs and benefits NOT supported by their own industry or tax base. Their fanciful extrapolations of a post-Scotcession world are sheer fiction, pre-supposing every possible advantage (Scotland gets to keep every drop the North Seas oil at no cost to themselves; Scotland gets to keep using the GBP; more or less free access to the EU) and hand-waving the rest. In fact, the economic picture now is even MORE bleak than it was then with oil at half the price it was. Their golden goose is laying eggs distinctly non-golden today.

OF COURSE they want to stay in the EU. They need to make sure whatever udder they're latched onto is on the healthiest possible cow.

But be clear:NOBODY will accept them into the EU. There are so many nascent disaffected minorities from the Basques to the Bretons to the Flemish that NO major state will want to validate the quixotic secessionist movement by granting it the recognition of admission to the EU.
cf https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/...

Comment Re:Incoming (Score 1) 273

You did in fact say "drones". It was the very first few words of your post - "If you use drones/"

What I said was "drones/robots/self-driving cars or some combination" - clearly indicating any and all. Not "drones" per se.

But even military drones can't cope with all (or even most) weather.

Today's tech is not the end game by any means. So using today's capabilities to make claims about tomorrow's likely circumstance needs to extend the progress curve before it can be taken seriously. IOW, the fact that a military drone can't cope with some weather at this time is in no way an indication that the same type of drone won't be able to in the near future (and the progress being made in LDNLS systems is a very strong indication they probably will.) Same for everything else. What it boils down to: Yes, today there still are lots of delivery jobs. But in a not-too-distant tomorrow, there won't be. Same for many other sectors.

Prepare or be blindsided. It's just that simple.

Comment Re:Well, perhaps you *should* be worried (Score 1) 365

It sounds like you haven't used any actual software development/engineering skills in a long time

Heh heh. Yes, well, I suppose I can see how you might get that impression. However, no. It's just that a lot of the make work is gone, and so I can concentrate on the meat of the problem instead of having to write menu systems, widget systems, threading, etc. Here is an example of the stuff I write. That software is pretty much state of the art for the sector it addresses. It offers some things that nothing else in the market segment does, and it's very high performance. None of the core functionality comes from anywhere but my head. But having said that, there's a shitload of stuff I didn't have to write to make the app work, and I have the source code to all of it too, so generally speaking, nothing is "going away" such that it would get all up in my face.

As for my career, I'm retired. Already made my nest; I do this for fun now.

Comment Re:Reality DIstortion Field: CHECK! (Score 1) 166

In developed countries, iOS has a much higher market share than 10% - 20%. I doubt marketers and app developers care that a there are a lot of $50 Android devices in developing countries. Even in developed countries, the iaverage income of iOS users is higher than Android users.

I'm not sure if it's still the case, but years after Android had a much higher market share, Google was making more money off of IOS users than Android users.

Comment Re:Scottish independence (Score 2) 278

Would it still be "Great" Britain if it was just England and Wales?

That would require some massive civil engineering.

Let me break it down for you:

1. Great Britain is an island. There are three countrylets (nobody has a better word for them) on the island: England, Wales, and Scotland.

2. It's part of a group of islands known as the "British Isles" that also includes Ireland, the Isle of Man, Great Britain, and some other smaller islands.

3. The island of Ireland has two countries on it: Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

4. The United Kingdom consists of the three countrylets on Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

See here:


If you're "British", you're from that area. Nobody knows. If you're Welsh, you're from Wales. They're really particular about that. They're not "English" - those folks are from England. The Scottish are from Scotland, the Irish are from Ireland. And note that many of the Irish are "Scots-Irish" having moved there from Scotland.

If you digested all of that, look up "City of London" sometime. Yes, it's different than "London". Well, it's *part* of London.

Comment Interesting (Score 1) 85

Ya have to wonder what this speculative subrosa funding operation would do when presented with a bill for the five billion dollar hit Samsung took with their stupid non-replicable battery, though. "Sure, no problem"?

At that point, assuming remuneration was not forthcoming, might be best to part ways with said public agency.

Comment Re:It's all about the battery (Score 1) 85

We know they want to create disposable phones, because then they get to sell you a new one.

However, this issue shows that this particular reduction in function can cost them billions in immediate costs, plus loss of reputation. If this doesn't change the approach, then we know they're stupid, and some people will make decisions on that basis.

Not that I'm surprised Samsung continues to act stupidly. After all, they can only see 1/4 down the financial road, because they have allowed themselves to be captured by a diseased financial system. Same for everyone else that copies the thin-over-all mindset.

Comment Re:Several things (Score 1) 166

Designers quickly realized that it was unusable for anything more than annoying ads and spyware anyway. It breaks back/forward navigation, takes ages to load, not everyone has it, doesn't work well/at all on mobile... And the HTML 5 got better and there was less need for it anyway.

Ad blockers probably had a lot to do with it as well, as developers found a lot of their Flash apps were not even loading anyway. To get through they needed to base64 encode images into the HTML or at least not make it quite so obvious they were loading up some Flash crapware.

Comment Re:You live in a big leftist city, right? (Score 1) 237

Yes. And you will notice that all of them without fail are companies where "the boss" is either the founder of the company, the direct heir of the founder or he actually IS the company, plus maybe a worker or two, but he himself is very much hands-on with the actual product and not some C-Level-title floating aloof above the peasants working for him.

That's why I try to do business with smaller companies rather than corporations when I can. They DO usually care about their name and reputation.

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