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Submission + - The emotional side of the H-1B visa program explained (

An anonymous reader writes: The vast majority of people who work in IT did everything right: They invested in their education, studied difficult subjects, kept their skills updated. They own homes, raise families and look to the future. But no job is safe, no future entirely secure — something IT workers know more than most. Given their role, they are most often the change agents, the people who deploy technologies and bring in automation that can turn workplaces upside down. To survive, they count on being smart, self-reliant and one step ahead. Over the years, Computerworld reporter Patrick Thibodeau has interviewed scores of IT workers who trained their visa-holding replacements. Though details each time may differ, they all tell the same basic story. There are many issues around high-skilled immigration, but to grasp the issue fully you need to understand how the H-1B program can affect American workers.

Submission + - $529 Million in Federal Loans Produces a 20 MPG El (

thecarchik writes: The 2012 Fisker Karma was partially funded by $529 million in low-interest loans granted in 2009 by the U.S. Department of Energy's advanced technology vehicle manufacturing program.

With EPA certification, all Fisker Karmas will now have a window sticker affixed, showing the car's efficiency both on electric power and in range-sustaining mode when its gasoline engine runs to generate the electricity that powers the car's motors.

The sticker will display: 20 MPG On Gasoline with a range of 32-Miles on Electric power only. In comparison, the Chevy Volt gets 37 MPG in gasoline only mode and has a range of 40 miles on electric power only.


Submission + - Reverse DNS: Standard? Spam fighter? (

drmartin66 writes: Last weekend I installed a new spam filter server for a client and enable connection rejection if the sending server did not have a Reverse DNS record. Since then I have had a number of emails rejected from regulator bodies that do not have a Reverse DNS record and are refusing to have one created for their email server. What is the Slashdot communities opinion regarding Reverse DNS records, are they (should they) a standard and required or are they useless for spam fighting.

Submission + - Microsoft continues to profit off Android (

zacharye writes: Microsoft on Thursday confirmed that it has reached licensing agreements with California-based ViewSonic and Taiwan-based Acer. Though the specific terms of the agreements were not disclosed, the deals will see ViewSonic and Acer pay Microsoft royalties on sales of their Android or Chrome-powered smartphones and tablets.

Comment Re:Rednecks? (Score 3, Insightful) 614

I don't want to be a parent before I am in a place to become one.

I was the same as you -- I wanted to wait until I could afford to be a parent, but guess what? You never can. I wound up realizing that, and was 33 before I became a dad. You think it's hard to get up at 3:00 AM to feed the baby at age 20, try it when you're over 30! I'm 57 and still not a grandparent. If there's one thing about my life I'd change, it would be waiting.

Comment Local monopolies (Score 1) 439

I don't recall who. I do recall they annoyed me and I didn't care for their product; I'd buy from their competitors if I did.

Patronizing an advertiser's competitors isn't always practical because not every market is competitive. For example, if an energy company advertises in such an annoying manner, and that company provides electricity or natural gas to your city, where will you get your energy? If both the local cable company and the local phone company advertise in such an annoying manner, how do you plan to get Internet access?

Comment Re:So... where's the object? (Score 2, Interesting) 177

But you have to give full points for the sheer industriousness of the joke. Digging a pit 10m+ across is not an easy task. Back in my drunken-pranking days, I guarantee that me and my buddies would have said "fuck this idea, let's go find something easier to do" when that crater was maybe a couple meters across at best.

Comment Re:What a Troll! (Score 1) 395

Well, you make profits here in America? Pay taxes in America. Take the factories anywhere you want. But pay tariff when you bring your goodies here.

Yeah, let's have a strong opinion on corporations vs. the government! I mean, it's not you who has to buy more expensive goods if the taxes are high, is it?

And you know the government spends all the taxes on roads and hospitals!

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